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  1. Sarah Mancuso

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    New layout and logo look great! I'm glad things no longer scroll around when I mouse over a username, even though I'm sure in time I'll be just as vexed by the popup bubbles that happen instead.
  2. Sarah Mancuso

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    Rock Standard is my usual go-to recommendation because it's such a versatile all-rounder.
  3. Sarah Mancuso

    Ryzen 3000 Vs I9 9900K for music production

    I'm also on an i7-4790k, thinking of upgrading to i9-9900k in the near future. I'm surprised by the comments in this thread from 4790k owners saying they don't expect to see much performance difference from the 9900k. Is the vastly improved multicore performance not relevant to your workflows...
  4. Sarah Mancuso

    Virtual Guitars On Commercial Recordings

    I know there's a Boston Spaceships song where Chris Slusarenko used a similar multi-tracking technique to create a subtle unnatural effect, as the strings are "strummed" in effectively random order as a result. It's funny to think that if such a technique was used on a song known to use a...
  5. Sarah Mancuso

    New from Bunker Samples: "Gongster's Paradise" (FREE) and summer sale!

    Thank you for this, Gongster's Paradise sounds great! (and has an amazing name)
  6. Sarah Mancuso

    [Orchestral & Game Music] Lurking and Mystproj

    I've been working on some new arrangements of songs I composed originally around 2012 for Back to Saturn X, a Doom levelset for which these were originally written as MIDIs. I'd like to eventually put out an EP or album with a bunch of these arrangements, but each of them is a bit of a project...
  7. Sarah Mancuso

    Virtual Guitars On Commercial Recordings

    There's a selection bias at work here regarding sampled guitars 'always sounding unrealistic', because we can only tell if something is a virtual instrument when a flaw has made it sound noticeably unrealistic to us. If a performance seems truly real to us, we won't have recognized it as...
  8. Sarah Mancuso

    Do you use Kontakt's Factory library at all?

    I only check the factory library very rarely, when I can't find what I'm looking for elsewhere. I keep it on an HDD with my other rarely-used libraries, rather than letting it take up space on my SSD.
  9. Sarah Mancuso

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    AcousticSamples' strums do feel pretty realistic out-of-the-box to play around with, but the inability to easily tell it "just strum the actual notes I am holding down" instead of messing with the auto-chord system meant that in practice it was often timeconsuming to get it to not teleport...
  10. Sarah Mancuso

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    After having used both, I'd recommend one of Orange Tree Samples' acoustic guitars over the AcousticSamples guitars. Slightly steeper initial learning curve, but much higher ceiling for potential results, in my experience. I ended up having to replace most of my AcousticSamples usage with Orange...
  11. Sarah Mancuso

    Spitfire Audio Updates

    Interesting, I wonder what's changed.
  12. Sarah Mancuso

    Goodbye Templates... well, almost.

    I did something similar to your setup for my Kontakt and UVI instruments in Reason, it's a huge time-saver. So much easier just grabbing the instruments I want from the browser rather than needing to first create Kontakt instances and then navigate to each instrument from Quick Load.
  13. Sarah Mancuso

    We Meet The Inventor Of Keysense

    Saving them locally to upload to YouTube or elsewhere is a good idea. You can also keep Twitch from auto-deleting your past videos if you remember to save it as a Highlight after finishing the broadcast.
  14. Sarah Mancuso

    Yet another awesome contribution to the community from Spitfire

    Twitch videos can stay online indefinitely if you remember to manually add them to "Highlights" after you finish your broadcast. Otherwise, they disappear pretty quick.
  15. Sarah Mancuso

    So, what Mac are you going to get next? (Poll)

    The Apple tax is just too much for me to buy their actual hardware anymore, so I build my own. My next computer will be another self-built tower, though whether I run macOS on it like my current one or just go for Win10 this time around is an open question. Right now my i7-4790k hack from 2014...
  16. Sarah Mancuso

    Spitfire Strings Comparison (Spitfire Studio Strings)

    SCS and SStS are both pretty great in my experience. One big advantage SCS has is lots of legato articulations (con sord, sul g, tremolo, flautando, sul pont, some of which also have portamento) as well as faster legatos for runs and such, whereas SStS only has legato for the standard artic...
  17. Sarah Mancuso

    Help me choose between Shreddage 3 and Strawberry...

    The Shreddage 3 guitars and the Evolution guitars are both excellent choices, I don't think you can really go wrong with either of them. The tone you get will be dependent moreso on your choices of amp and other effects rather than the underlying dry guitar sound, but both are capable of...
  18. Sarah Mancuso

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    If the pop-up help is mentioning more legato articulations that you're not seeing anywhere, I think that would be an oversight. The same UI and help system are used in a lot of other Spitfire libraries, some of which do have more legato artics that can be switched between.
  19. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    If you're looking at getting an orchestral library and getting full Kontakt, your best bet is probably to get the library first, and then later on get a crossgrade price to full Kontakt from that. The crossgrade generally goes on sale once or a couple times per year, too, which all in all means...
  20. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Rather than Albion, I'd suggest this since you're wanting access to each instrument section (Albion is ensembles only):
  21. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    Their branding and GUIs are adorable, I love them! Nice sounds too :emoji_smiley: I like the exclamation on the Celeste's GUI that it's not really a mallet instrument. edit: I just saw the VN-style narrated guitar tutorial. Life would be brighter if every Kontakt instrument was like this.
  22. Sarah Mancuso

    Pushing EW Symphonic Choirs to the Max

    The syllable singing sounds lovely! I will say, though, that the exposed legato oohs in the intro sound less than convincing to me in the faster parts of the melody.
  23. Sarah Mancuso

    Library Spotlight - Studio Brass

    I find that it helps to sometimes use the expression control (which affects volume directly) in addition to the mod wheel (which has a smaller dynamic range and also affects which recordings are played), for more thorough control over dynamic movement. I've now reached the point where I miss...
  24. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    Outsourcing has been a thing for decades to reduce the labor burden, but as far as animation production goes, Japanese productions are still primarily made in Japan. There are even English-language sites like Sakugablog that get as deep as chronicling the contributions of individual animators...
  25. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    I couldn't disagree more. Nostalgia is a poison.
  26. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    I definitely wouldn’t say the Nier: Automata soundtrack on the whole is much like others I’ve heard... As far as other noteworthy Japanese composers go, Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno are two who immediately come to mind as having pretty distinctive voices. I could recognize Kajiura’s work anywhere.
  27. Sarah Mancuso

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    I'd be curious to know this as well. I know there are Japanese sample library developers like Prominy, so there's probably at least someone there doing orchestral libraries. I think composers over there also use libraries from a lot of developers we're already familiar with, though — I recall a...
  28. Sarah Mancuso

    Spitfire Studio Strings - is it holding up?

    I hope it's not. I like being able to use these without having a massive chunk of my screen occupied by two enormous unlabeled CC sliders and whitespace...
  29. Sarah Mancuso

    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    I picked up OA Chamber Evos, Albion One, Grand Cimbalom, Aluphone, and Hg2O. I got most of them at the start of the sale and wasn't planning on doing any more, but Albion One managed to sneak itself into my shopping cart at the last moment :emoji_upside_down: Between these and my existing...
  30. Sarah Mancuso

    Looking for a retro-synthy-midi orchestral library

    Judging by the demo songs and the list of systems included, the samples in Super Audio Cart PC seem more aimed for the sound of modtracker music than synth-orchestra.
  31. Sarah Mancuso

    Thoughts on 8dio's new Intimate Studio Brass library?

    The demos sound fantastic, yeah! I was extremely tempted until I realized the muted articulation doesn't include legato. Might still end up picking it up at some point, but that was a bit disappointing.
  32. Sarah Mancuso

    Solo Vocals

    Something very strange is going on with the pitch intonation there, like someone keeps putting their finger on the turntable.
  33. Sarah Mancuso

    Does anyone actually like or use phrase based orchestral libraries?

    Rhythm loops are pretty useful to layer with other percussion programming for extra detail, but even then I don't find myself using them all that often. Vocal phrases can be a lot of fun to stretch around and play with in a pitch and timing editor. At that point it's functioning less as a...
  34. Sarah Mancuso

    My first official 8dio Demo! (Intimate Studio Brass)

    Great work on this! The mixing sounds nice as-is, though I wouldn't mind having the brass a bit more upfront in the mix too, since that's what's being showcased here. A lot of 8DIO demo songs I've heard have had a tendency to bury the showcased library among lots of other unrelated sounds.
  35. Sarah Mancuso

    Full orchestral library with split instruments?

    I've had good results with Spitfire Studio Orchestra Core + Rhapsody Percussion with 16gb of RAM, so I can vouch for that combination on a setup similar to yours. I should note, though, that I haven't been using a giant template that pre-loads every articulation of every instrument I own, I...
  36. Sarah Mancuso

    Scoring my first feature film

    This sounds great, congrats on a job well done!
  37. Sarah Mancuso

    Are instrument-separated ensembles out of style?

    There's a place for both. Separated instruments are more useful for going in-depth, but sometimes being able to take a simpler approach is useful too, especially if you're composing on a tight schedule and just need to get something that sounds good fast.
  38. Sarah Mancuso

    Limit yourself with some kind of an all-in-one-box?

    Around 2012 I set aside all my synths and samples and tried my hand at composing MIDI files, using nothing but the basic SoundCanvas-based general MIDI instruments that come standard with any Windows or macOS install. It was intimidating at first, but I pretty quickly found it to be extremely...
  39. Sarah Mancuso

    Reason 10.3 is out - the big VST performance update!

    I'm happy this update is finally out! I do lots of Kontakt-heavy productions in it, and 10.3 has made a world of difference for me.
  40. Sarah Mancuso

    Best solo cello library?

    I don't have a breath controller, but I use a lot of automation for dynamics and vibrato. Those are really crucial for bringing any of the ISS instruments to life. I generally draw a bunch of automation by hand, but I've found TouchOSC useful for automating those controls in real time as a...
  41. Sarah Mancuso

    What to backup in my new Mac, and how?

    On my Mac, I use Carbon Copy Cloner for a local backup to an external drive so I have something I can immediately restore from, and Crashplan Pro for a more thorough remote backup with history.
  42. Sarah Mancuso

    3 Days Left! VSTBuzz: 55% off “Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion” by Red Room Audio - Now Only €59

    A tip for anyone else experiencing surprisingly high CPU usage with these: you can bring it down to normal levels by disabling the group effects’ filter and EQ in Edit All Groups mode.
  43. Sarah Mancuso

    What guitar sample library is good for making this kind of sound ...?

    You can definitely do this with one of the Orange Tree Evolution electrics or one of the Shreddage 3 guitars. They're all recorded clean so you can run them through any amp and other processing you want, meaning pretty much any of them can cover a fairly wide range of tones and styles. Evolution...
  44. Sarah Mancuso

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    That's really odd. I've experienced a very similar problem with Kontakt when closing songs in Reason. I've found as a gross-hack workaround that I can avoid it locking up if I first do a select-all and delete all the instruments, then close the project, making sure not to re-save when I do. I'd...
  45. Sarah Mancuso

    Which one would you recommend: Embertone's Intimate Strings/Spitfire Solo Strings

    I agree that the Blakus' tone can be a bit sharp for certain use cases, but Intimate Strings is a pretty great set overall. I used them both all over the place on my two latest soundtracks, and they were able to fit neatly into a lot of different contexts ranging from atmospheric orchestral...
  46. Sarah Mancuso

    New Spitfire Evolutions plugins

    I'll take that into consideration, thanks! Would you say Olafur Evolutions is more versatile than Olafur Chamber Evolutions for capturing a range of moods?
  47. Sarah Mancuso

    Orange Tree?

    I have all the Orange Tree guitars aside from the two recently-released basses, and they're wonderful. Out-of-the-box sound is quite nice already, and if you explore them deeply enough and are willing to delve into some automation, you can craft extremely detailed and realistic performances with...