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  1. Mike Greene

    New Forum Layout Is Live! Things to know

    It looks like it worked! There are still a few kinks here and there, but all credit to André (CreativeForge) and Claudio (Todo10) for pulling this off so well. (Much as I'd like to take credit for this, almost none of the work was done by me.) André especially has been amazing with this...
  2. Mike Greene

    POLL: Please put back a dark blue theme:)

    Maybe things look different than on my system here, but I'm not getting the impression of "blinding." Isn't black text against a white background pretty common on sites nowadays? I checked NY Times and Gearslutz just now and they seem to have the same black on white pages. I'm not opposed to...
  3. Mike Greene

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    And we go dark in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
  4. Mike Greene

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    I have no idea. Claudio and André (CreativeForge) are the ones doing all the work. My only job is to check out what they do, then ask if we can fit more ads in. :grin:
  5. Mike Greene

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    In theory, all messages and likes will remain intact. In your case, though, you'll lose them all, just because Jayden said it would be funny.
  6. Mike Greene

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    We need to do a switch to Xenforo 2.1. The forum is currently running on Xenforo 1.5, which is pretty old now. The current template (visual layout) won't work with Xenforo 2, so the new look will be significantly different. Better IMO, but we all know how that goes. :grin: The changeover...
  7. Mike Greene

    First Look: Hip Hop Creator by Realitone

    I like this video a lot, mostly because it's a totally different direction than my walkthrough video, so it shows a lot of what I didn't show. In fact, when I started watching this, my first thought was, "Whoa, that tempo is way too fast for hip hop!", but then it reminded me that even though...
  8. Mike Greene

    Is there a worthwhile benefit to 24-bit samples over 16?

    I've asked myself this same question about whether 24 bits is worthwhile for a sample library. For the reasons Charlie stated really well, my opinion is that it isn't. We (Realitone) record at a 24-bit sample rate, but we then normalize all samples, so at that point, my opinion is there's no...
  9. Mike Greene

    What programming language is Kontakt Scripting based on?

    That PASCAL similarity is what got me into this. 10 or 12 years ago, I was reading some thread here and somebody posted some code. Surprisingly, that code snippet made sense to me. I was a Math major in college with an emphasis in Probability/Statistics, but along the way, I had taken a few...
  10. Mike Greene

    What programming language is Kontakt Scripting based on?

    It’s their own language, but it looks a whole lot like PASCAL.
  11. Mike Greene

    Dedicated subforums for Cubase/Logic/the major DAWs?

    Unless I'm mistaken, in that Gearslutz example, you can't look at all the DAW threads at once. You have to select which DAW, and then only see those specific threads until you click back. I could be mistaken, though? If we split the topics, ideally we could also have an option so people can...
  12. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    No, you won't be banned. As I've mentioned before, you may be controversial, but you're a very valuable voice on the forum, plus, even with this, I like chatting with you, so I'd be unlikely to ever ban you. Also, in case anyone is wondering, it was Nick who deleted his own posts, not me.
  13. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    We got around 200 emails after my shameless capitalist ploy, errr, I mean sincere question yesterday morning. Over 90% were in the "Love Grandpa" camp, but interestingly, it's the other 7% or 8% who may have swayed me into rethinking this. Not because I'm wimping out, mind you. I'm from the...
  14. Mike Greene

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    We tried that couple years ago, but I never got a straight answer, so I'm not doing that again. More importantly, this is of concern to the membership here (whether or not their email addresses were used against their wishes) and it's relevant to the topic at hand, so I think they are entitled...
  15. Mike Greene

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    I would be all for making peace and ending the drama here, but I can't let that above quote go unchallenged. So, just to be clear, you're saying it was Frederick who sent out this email?
  16. Mike Greene

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    Maybe not, but let me ask you this - how much time should I be expected to spend on this? I’m already about 7 or 8 hours into this. 7 or 8 hours of my time totally wasted. Does THAT sound fair to you?
  17. Mike Greene

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    Seriously? You decide now is a good time to be a dick? As I've said many times before, learn to read a room. In my earlier post, did I sound like I'm the mood for more drama? I seriously don't have time or patience right now for this, so you're banned. Send me an email in 30 days if you'd...
  18. Mike Greene

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    There are a number of issues I should address: 1. No one (aside from people I'll get to in a minute) should start posting "I have received free products" disclaimers. That's annoying. Also, no one should stop writing complimentary posts. Almost everyone on the forum is genuinely here to...
  19. Mike Greene

    SALE: 77% Off XOSPHERE 2! Use code at checkout: XO77

    In the interest of keeping this discussion on point, I have moved the drama posts to a new thread. Please post there, rather than here. Since it involved complaints about the forum itself, I've put it...
  20. Mike Greene

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    I'm out of town with very bad internet access, so I can't read most of this, and therefore can't do anything definitive at the moment. It may be time for something to be done, though, because things have looked a bit suspicious for a while. It doesn't help that I don't see a response from Joe...
  21. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    My real goal with Realitone ... teaching. Making money from it is just an afterthought. :grin:
  22. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    Yep, just download again from the same links. And regarfing porking .... okay, I’d probably best refrain from going down this path ... ;)
  23. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    Thanks! I totally agree about the solo button. We’ll add one in the update.
  24. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    1, 2 or 4 bars. Any more than that and it ain't hip hop. ;) Ooo, I hope the guy who wrote that doesn't sue me! I tried to get him, but for some reason, he wouldn't return my calls. There are a dozen different vocalists. I got a little (or a lot!) carried away with that, but it was a lot of...
  25. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    You're exactly correct with how that works. The MIDI Drag & Drop changes to whichever part is selected, at whatever complexity setting (and key where applicable) is selected. I intended to explain that (and a bunch of other stuff) in the video, but I wanted to keep it under 20 minutes. These...
  26. Mike Greene

    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    And because you guys are a bunch of tightwads ... it's on sale! For the intro period (I haven't decided how long), it's $149 instead of $249. Hip Hop Creator is by far the most complex project I've ever done, even more so than Realivox Blue. The number of samples is huge, then when you throw...
  27. Mike Greene

    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    Agreed. For anyone wishing to continue this part of the discussion, please go here instead:
  28. Mike Greene

    Why choose Pro Tools over Logic?

    Wrong. If intelligence were essential to success, then how do you explain my success? Easy answer - Incredible good looks!
  29. Mike Greene

    Very nerdy, low-level question about conditions in KSP ...

    You may already know this (or maybe someone mentioned it and I missed it), but you can test this pretty easily using the $KSP_TIMER variable, which tells you the clock position in microseconds. You'd do something like this: $Start_Time := $KSP_TIMER $i := 1 while ($i < 25000) if...
  30. Mike Greene

    Free Kontakt player high CPU when playing one note 30%-99%

    Sure, but having handled a zillion tech support emails with the words "I followed your instructions to the 't' and it still doesn't work!", I've come to learn that what people say they did isn't always what they really did. :grin: In fact, my money is still on TMPro (7% to 12% is crazy high...
  31. Mike Greene

    Free Kontakt player high CPU when playing one note 30%-99%

    My guess is that the instrument is using Time Machine Pro. That takes a lot of CPU.
  32. Mike Greene

    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    After this post from Ben, most of us would assume the next post from FriFlo would be something along the lines of, "Okay, so I contacted Ben and here's what happened ..." Instead, we got this: It's one thing to start a thread that will obviously create drama. (If anyone doesn't see why it's...
  33. Mike Greene

    How to Install Sublime Text with KSP add-on

    This question seems to come up from time to time, so I put together a video showing how to install Sublime, then Package Control, then the KSP add-on. I also added Super Calculator and Increment Selection, which I find handy.
  34. Mike Greene

    Shure Sm7B microphone: is it possible to get close to its quality by using good post production ?

    Since a few people have mentioned the Sennheiser 416, I'll add a couple specifics about it, since although it's a standard for VO work (in L.A., at least), it isn't used in the way people might expect. In VO sessions, it typically gets used almost like a dynamic, where the talent is just inches...
  35. Mike Greene

    Mark Northam: 20 Reasons Composers Fail

    Wow, not exactly what I would have expected. Very sharp guy, though, so I can totally see it. I miss those events at Sportsman's Lodge and the Beverly Garland, sitting in a room with a hundred other composers listening to various talks.
  36. Mike Greene

    $$$Series Fee Range for Composers?

    Depending on the cable network and depending on how many airings your show gets, the upfront fee may be dwarfed by the backend performance royalties. You can call ASCAP or BMI and they can tell you exactly how much each minute per airing will pay. The number of potential reruns will just be a...
  37. Mike Greene


    It's a little under 4 GB (compressed.) I'm biased, obviously, but the library is valid for "final" drums and beats (as opposed to quick sketches) more often than people might think. Admittedly, the drums aren't as "deeply sampled" as some other libraries might be, but 99% of the songs I do...
  38. Mike Greene

    Possible to set multiple array entries in one line?

    We can fill an array in the init callback like this: declare %Array[3] := (1,2,3) I want to do the same thing in the note callback, so I can keep things nice and neat on one line. I've always assumed that's impossible, but in the script I'm working on right now, it would sure be handy...
  39. Mike Greene

    How to start a B3

    On a related note, we sampled my C3 a couple weeks ago, and the B3 last week and this week. (Yes, I really have both. Hello, my name is Mike, and I have gear addiction.) As many people know, except for the cabinets, they're identical organs, so in theory, they should sound the same. They...
  40. Mike Greene

    How to start a B3

    Bill, next time bring a toolbox with you. Offer to take a look, and if you can "fix it," he'll pay you a hundred bucks, and if you can't, then he doesn't owe you anything. Then open up the back panel, clink some wrenches around, then announce that you found "the broken wire." Then (and only...
  41. Mike Greene

    Number of code lines per tab?

    Oh! That's good to know. That 256 limit has been a thorn in my side for several things.
  42. Mike Greene

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    This is getting silly, and on its current path, probably won't end well, so I'm moving this to the Drama Zone.
  43. Mike Greene

    Jacob Shea’s career advice

    Before taking an internship with Hans, Jacob worked as an assistant here. (Before Realitone, back when I was composing full time.) It was a cut in pay to go work for Hans, and the truth is that most interns there do not realize fame and fortune (a lot of "weeding out" occurs), so there was...
  44. Mike Greene

    We Meet The Inventor Of Keysense

    Wow, that studio looks like it's going to really nice, and I really like your idea of making it a single "everybody in the same room" concept. I'm half-tempted to knock out some walls and do something similar here. One funny thing as I was watching the video - I'll bet anyone from L.A. watched...
  45. Mike Greene

    Sounds from the Brisbane school kids 4 climate strike

    Go fuck myself? I'm not even sure how to respond to that, other than to point out that you're proving my point, by getting yourself so worked up over this that now you're lashing out at me and asking to be banned. Seems a little over the top to me, but if that's what you want, then so be it.
  46. Mike Greene

    Sounds from the Brisbane school kids 4 climate strike

    Indeed it does. It means there are a bunch of people who take this way too seriously and really need to stop coming to the Political Topics section. It's not like you're going to change anyone's minds by arguing here, so why come here if it isn't fun? More to the point, though, in this very...
  47. Mike Greene

    Sounds from the Brisbane school kids 4 climate strike

    Just my opinion, but if someone is the type to put other people on ignore, then they probably shouldn’t be in the Poltical Section. Just sayin’. Also, for the record, I like Chimuelo a lot. I often disagree with what he says, but he’s really funny, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. So...
  48. Mike Greene

    Sound-muffling fencing?

    I don't know what the best option is, but here are a few random thoughts: Even a Donald Trump approved concrete wall 20 feet high isn't going to stop all, or maybe not even most of the sound, so I'd be careful about spending too much money, since the results might be really disappointing. I...
  49. Mike Greene

    Idea - Ability to flag/star threads for yourself

    I'm not clear on why Watched Threads wouldn't work for this? As far as I know, your watched threads list isn't public, so I don't see a downside to that. I don't think the Xenforo software has any alternatives, but what I often do is keep a running email to myself (sort of like my running "To...
  50. Mike Greene

    "Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?" by Nate White

    I guess the point of jmvideo's post here was to see how far he could push me? I've tried to be as fair as I can with this, and I honestly don't think my requests for more civility are that unreasonable, but if banning is what it takes to get my requests taken more seriously, then so be it.