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    Is there a worthwhile benefit to 24-bit samples over 16?

    I figure you could just make a simple kontakt vi where, for instance, C4 is either the 16-or 24-bit version of a well-recorded 24-bit sample and C5 is the other version, and have people report back which they think is which. If you want to make sure they're not cheating by looking at file...
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    InstaChord - Brilliant Little Piece of Software - On Sale $14.90

    Either way would work. When was chordpotion on sale for $10? That’s about the most I would pay for it.
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    Is there a worthwhile benefit to 24-bit samples over 16?

    On the other hand, for most things I prefer 16 bit libraries (assuming they’re done right, as above) for the ram, cpu, and disk space savings. I deleted my 24 bit sonokinetic libraries and just use the 16 bit versions now.
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    InstaChord - Brilliant Little Piece of Software - On Sale $14.90

    Instachord is not really a chord progression generator. It's more of a chord arpeggiator and strummer. You have to program (or play) the chord order and strumming yourself. Then once you've done that you can record the midi output. Here's an example of how you would program it...
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    InstaChord - Brilliant Little Piece of Software - On Sale $14.90

    What are the expansions? Just extra presets?
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    InstaChord - Brilliant Little Piece of Software - On Sale $14.90

    I don't think instachord has drag and drop. You can record its midi output though.
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    Is there a worthwhile benefit to 24-bit samples over 16?

    I would think it would be better to change the mic gain when recording different dynamics, but even if you’re not going to do that, record at 24 bit, and to make the 16 bit version of the library normalize each sample to full volume, render to 16 bit, and apply inverse gain at sample playback...
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    Why is there a difference between the volume within my DAW and the rest (example: Foobar2000)

    My interface driver has a volume trim control, so yes, there very well could be.
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    Why Don't Cymbals Get Their Own Mixer Faders in Addictive Drums 2?

    Yes, this is how superior drummer and probably every other professional drum vst works. Some superior drummer libraries have additional cymbal mics but they’re really just more overhead/room mics. They're giving you the same setup as how live drums are recorded and mixed.
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    Komplete 12 worth it for Kontakt 6? (own Komplete 8)

    Why would it take two years and not one?
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    The Orchestra Strings of Winter: any new owners care to chime in?

    I’d love to see a video of the midi export in action so I can make sure it will work for me.
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    SSD showing WORSE performance than HDD

    It could also be a bad usb port on your machine. Try plugging the drive into a different one...
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    A sample library wiki?

    I’d love to have a database of sample offset times for each patch for grid-based composition. That info is really hard to find most of the time. Performance Samples seems to be the only company that really features that info clearly.
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    A sample library wiki?

    I wouldn’t mind links to tutorials/walkthroughs that focus on the naked sound and the basic workflow.
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    A sample library wiki?

    I think this would be a useful resource.
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    Orchestral music always sounds bad on cell phones?

    How do your tracks sound compared to your reference tracks on your phone?
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    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    Does anyone see a Kontakt 5->Kontakt 6 upgrade sale?
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    Imager plug-ins yay or nay?

    Check for mono compatibility.
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    90% OFF: Sektor by Initial Audio!

    Kvr people are saying it has some nice presets, but its mpe implementation is broken.
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    Making percussion loops "your own"?

    Hey, don't worry about it. I'm a drummer and I can't make most of these electronic loops that people like either. Most of them are nonsensical patterns that no (single) drummer would ever play, smothered in automated fx.
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    Multi Divisi Script v6.24 [Update @ 12 July 2019]

    This script is incredible! I was thinking about writing a script like this the other day and today I saw that it's already been done. Amazing! The only problem is that it only seems to work right for Kontakt instruments. I'm using REAPER and I tried to use it with non-Kontakt instruments by...
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Kirnu can do CC1 and CC2 envelopes.
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    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Why? Like I said I was just basing my opinion on The Orchestra off of demos (which in my case was an hour and a half of youtube videos).
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    Orchestral library for 1000€

    I have Amadeus. After listening to demos I think The Orchestra (for $199) blows Amadeus (at $149) out of the water.
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    EastWest and iLok

    I only have HO. I only got one ilok activation, so at least for that library yes, that’s the policy.
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    Orchestral library for 1000€

    It's already been said but I want to reinforce this idea: Never ever ever pay full price for an instrument (or other plugin). You can get most things for 50-90% off if you're patient.
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    I've Bought My Last String Library

    Regular or Pro?
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    Best Solo Cello?

    It’s got a lot of saturation and reverb on by default.
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    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    Have any of you DT880 fans tried the DT1990's? I have a pair of hd600s and eh, they're ok. I have sonarworks but I'm getting better results with sonarworks off with them.
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    Demo Instruments - Whats Reasonable?

    Perhaps don’t include any round robins in the demo to help save on the download size. Don’t limit the range (or maybe just limit to white keys if you insist on limiting) if you can possibly avoid it - I like being able to hear the low and the high end of the library. You might consider limiting...
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    Performance Samples 2 Year Anniversary Sale - Oceania is $99 through 5/14

    Picked up Oceania. It’s very good.
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    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    For you (or anyone else who uses one track per articulation), how on earth do you ever manage to write anything? I switch back and forth between articulations a lot, and I can’t see myself jumping back and forth between different midi tracks every couple of notes, and if you want to see how...
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    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    So a proper articulation manager would delay the midi for each articulation appropriately? I admit I haven't looked into articulation managers much yet. I'm using Reaper and all we have is reaticulate, which is still in alpha and which I've only done a little bit of reading about.
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    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    One thing I haven’t figured out how to do yet is how to do everything on grid on one midi track (either via keyswitching or different midi channels) when different articulations need different timing offsets. There are tons of libraries where the legato patches need 80 ms of predelay while the...
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    Spitfire Solo Strings: How I learned to stop worrying and love vibrato

    Is the script only for this library, or can it be applied to other libraries as well?
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    Only 3 Days Left! - VSTBuzz: 75% off “Drums Of The Deep Bundle” by Auddict - Now Only €84!

    You can also get either product for 70% off if you use the drop down menu. Dotd 1 is available for €42. Dotd 2 is €60.
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    Is it legal?

    Not true. It's still wrong (and illegal) even if the company hasn't tried to prevent it.
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    Is it legal?

    Yes, absolutely. If the EULA says you can only use the library for x and you go do y with it you are violating the EULA.
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    Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra Release Info

    Any updates/fixes for the out of tune choir patches?
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    Play 6 upgrade free?

    Before I upgrade are there any ways that play 6 is worse than play 5? I only have HO if that matters.
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    Cheap or free library with nice choir shorts?

    Requiem light sounds pretty good too...dang. Does anyone have experience using choir libraries in metal music?
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    Cheap or free library with nice choir shorts?

    Resurrecting this now that Soundiron is having a sale. I've been looking for good choir shorts for a while (think Last Ride of the Day by Nightwish). Would Olympus Micro do it or should I be looking at a different library, either from Soundiron or someone else?
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    Soundiron 33% Off Storewide Spring Sale Starts Now! One Week Only

    Which is weird because if you buy micro first you can apply your purchase price to elements to get both for just the price of elements. I guess you know what to do.
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    Emotional cello: how to get long sustained notes?

    There is a key switch for "add vibrato", specifically to be used with non vibrato articulations. Check the info tab.
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    Windows 10, VEP Standalone, and MIDI over Ethernet

    Dunno. I don't have VEP. It just sounded like you were new to loopmidi so I figured I'd try to help on that end. It might help to post a screenshot of your configurations.
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    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    So the roli itself behaves poorly when you set it to +2/-2 pitchbend? I'm curious because Geoshred works fine with +2/-2 pitchbend vst's. (I don't have a roli or any of the samplemodeling stuff.)
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    Windows 10, VEP Standalone, and MIDI over Ethernet

    In loopmidi you need to create a midi device (+ button if I remember correctly). Name it whatever you want and it should be visible to your software.
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    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    What? Why not? Is there not a viable cc remapping you could do?
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    73% off Soundtoys plugins - GASP!

    Frankly most of the time I just use ReaDelay instead of Echoboy because ReaDelay has no PDC and most of the time Echoboy doesn't bring enough extra to the table to justify the PDC hassle, as small as it might be. That's just my experience. Decapitator is great though.