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  1. CGR

    Is there a worthwhile benefit to 24-bit samples over 16?

    My analogy is appropriate here. FYI: Definition of Analogy 1a: a comparison of two otherwise unlike things based on resemblance of a particular aspect.
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    Is there a worthwhile benefit to 24-bit samples over 16?

    I often make the comparison of 16bit vs 24bit audio, to 8bit per channel (RGB) vs 16bit per channel image files. I'll always work with 16bit image files (where possible) for colour correction, given I'm working with 281 trillion colours in 16bit per channel mode instead of 16.8 million colors in...
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    Wife argues with me because I don't like the 'trailer' type music she just got

    Although I don't regard music without a distinct melody as forgettable and the work of the untalented (some of my favourite art & music is impressionistic and abstract) this is an interesting video in regards to memorable and forgettable movie themes:
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    EastWest must haves (beyond HO)?

    +1. Having just upgraded from EWQL pianos Gold to Platinum, the close mics bring a clarity & definition which the Player mics alone don't possess. Also, I use a Yamaha CP4 stage 88 key weighted keyboard, which has a triple sensor key action, which matches very well with most sampled pianos.
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    You desert island soft synths?

    Can't call it my desert island soft synth as I've hardly scratched the surface, but AIR Loom looks interesting from the quick play I've had with it. A pretty deep level of control and interesting modulation & morphing options.
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    Garritan CFX Lite vs Embertone Walker Concert D - piano Vsti paralysis

    IMO, you really need the full version of the Garritan CFX, in order to make use of the Abbey Road Studio One space in the Ambient mics. I always use a combination of the close + ambient mics - a fantastic, natural sound (I believe the Lite version only has the close mics). Playability wise (and...
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    Pianoteq sale

    I was a beta-tester and produced a demo for their Ant. Petrof Grand. Their best yet in my opinion - a real joy to play.
  8. CGR

    Soniccouture: 50% Off Everything. It's all over now.

    Love the Hammersmith Pro. Superb sampled piano with real full length sustain-pedal-down samples - makes a huge difference to the realism.
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    Crimson Horizon - Exercise in over-the-top layering

    Certainly a lot going on here, but to me it's too disjointed. Sounds like more of a collection of demo sequences than a full piece or composition. My advice would be to limit your instrument palette and construct a clear melodic & harmonic structure. You can add the bells & whistles if needed...
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    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    Great Sale - one of the year's best. Any info on the update to the wonderful Evolution Rosewood Grand Piano Greg?
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    70% OFF: Pripyat Pianos - Radioactive Pianos from Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    Have to admit - my first thought was "Why?" I do find it rather disturbing and an odd concept.
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    Electrik: Guitar and Bass Collection

    These sound very impresssive. Any users here?
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    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    Here's some recommendations for sampled acoustic pianos (I own all of them) which are extensively sampled, well scripted and offer the flexibility of multi mic options for achieving a wide range of timbre: Grand Pianos 1. Soniccouture's Hammersmith New York Steinway D - 8'11" (50% off sale...
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    Spitfire Audio - Hauschka Composer Toolkit ...

    Is it likely to be the results of the recent multi-mic sampling session at AIR studios of the Yamaha Upright Piano Christian tracked down (the very same piano he sampled years ago for the original Spitfire felt piano)?
  15. CGR

    Chemistry E.P

    Really enjoyed that Howie - I like the distorted string swells in that first track. Great ambience and plenty of interest. Reminds me a little of a darker & more sombre version of some tracks from Luke Howard's album Two and One. Nice work!
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    FINAL 24 HOURS - Save 30% Storewide in our Summer Sale!

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to your future instruments.
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    FINAL 24 HOURS - Save 30% Storewide in our Summer Sale!

    Check out their London Boyd Upright piano. Interesting developers and great customer service. You can hear the piano in this album of mine on the track 'Talua' linked in this thread:
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    An old forgotten sound... Old Black Grand Pleyel

    Here's a recent track of mine with the Old Black Grand:
  19. CGR

    An old forgotten sound... Old Black Grand Pleyel

    Great stuff - very warm & soulful. Lovely track Myron - big fan of your music.
  20. CGR

    An old forgotten sound... Old Black Grand Pleyel

    I also have their Yamaha C7 and Kawai EX Pro in UVI format and don't have a problem with playability under Logic (have never owned the Kontakt versions so can't compare). They are not so subtle at the lower velocities, although I've managed to tame them with the built-in settings & Logic's MIDI...
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    Dry rainstick samples ? (other percusion is wellcome).

    Loops de la Créme have it in this fantastic collection:
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    Fair enough argument - producing IRs is a costly exercise. It's just that having paid $199 for Spaces v1, and then to pay an additional $135 upgrade for Spaces v2, stings a bit ($334 as an existing customer vs first time buyer @ $159). A better deal for an existing customer - that's what I'd...
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    Wet libraries

    Ditto! Been saying this for years regarding sampled pianos.
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    $135 upgrade price for an updated GUI and some extra IRs is a hard pill to swallow. I'll stick with Spaces v1 for now.
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    An old forgotten sound... Old Black Grand Pleyel

    Yes - I agree with you Moja - a piano with a characterful tone & lots of Mojo! It's a 1920's era French Pleyel, a brand which I've had the pleasure of playing when we were fortunate to visit Paris in 2015. I find The Old Black Grand really convincing for solo piano, and it holds up well in a...
  26. CGR

    My first live-orchestra-experience

    What a great experience, and it must have been a thrill to hear your music performed. I'd be interested to hear your mockup as a comparison. How was the recording of the performance mic'd? I've had good results using a binaural dummy head for live recordings.
  27. CGR

    Can’t find out what this funky jazz song is called

    I think this is the track!
  28. CGR

    Atmospheric Dark Tension Underscore - TV Cue

    Great stuff Danny - lots of depth and interest there. What's that percussive hit from 0:52 onwards?
  29. CGR

    VSL Synchron Steinway D is coming...

    Ahh, now I'm interested.
  30. CGR

    Transferring over to Kontakt 6

    Doesn't seem to be a Kontakt 6.0.x version available any more, which was still compatible with Mac OSX 10.11 (Kontakt 6.1 requires OSX 10.12 +) :(
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    Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?

    Exact setup I use, including the edited pedalling script provided by CyberGene.
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    Interesting elements for your productions

    I often search my sample collection for interesting elements/sounds to add to my tracks, and many times turn to my Loops de la Créme collection and find the 'fairy dust' which brings a track to life. These sound really useful: Disclaimer: I have...
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    What makes a mix sound wide if its bad practice to pan orchestral samples?

    ^ This. A big factor I've found in attaining clarity, depth and fullness. Re. panning, I find this plugin invaluable:
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    Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?

    Good point about the Garritan CFX top end. There's a real air, presence and 3D image in it which a close/mid mic'd piano with reverb applied just can't achieve. The treble notes rise up and mingle in the Abbey Road space so naturally with the Garritan CFX, unlike the 2 dimensional 'all...
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    RIP Dr. John

    R.I.P Mr. Night Tripper - a true original.
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    Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?

    Don't underestimate the 'polishing' which is often applied to these demos. EQ, saturation, compression & mastering can have a substantial impact on the fullness and clarity of the piano tone - sampled and acoustic.
  37. CGR

    Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?

    Good to hear another piece with Noire. I keep telling myself I don't need another sampled piano and then hear tracks like this. One thing I notice in many pieces produced with sampled pianos (including some of my own) is that they often sound a little harsh/heavy handed. Maybe because the...
  38. CGR

    Effects used on Max Richter - Horizon Variations?

    And Sampletekk's Black Steinway D (Ambient only mics) with East West Spaces 1 & Valhalla Room's Narcissus preset:
  39. CGR

    Effects used on Max Richter - Horizon Variations?

    Here's the ArtVista Malmsjo through East West Spaces 1 & a touch of Eventide Blackhole. A closer sound than the Youtube clip given the Malmsjo was mic'd fairly close:
  40. CGR

    Embertone Releases: Walker 1955 Steinway 'D'

    Good points. Although communication to their customer base is important - if only to say that it's still a work in progress.
  41. CGR

    My first time with the free 'Labs Soft Piano'- Spitfire

    Nice one. I like the soundstage you've created with the instrumentation. Is that the East West Quantum Leap Bosendorfer 290 or the East West 25th Anniversary PMI Bosendorfer 290? It sits really well with the felt piano.
  42. CGR

    Piano library for this 'bright' but dynamic style

    Ha! Yeah it cuts alright. That demo is pretty much out of the box - No EQ - just a little Valhalla Room reverb & light compression. EQ'ing other sampled pianos I have only gets me so far, and never quite as 'in your face' as the Sampletekk White Grand.
  43. CGR

    Piano library for this 'bright' but dynamic style

    My opinion - Sampletekk's White Grand. Found some testing I did with it:
  44. CGR

    Best DAW - Leaving Ableton Behind

    Good advice - it's basically 'Logic Lite', and a great transitional DAW to Logic X.
  45. CGR

    Available Now: "The LO.VE. Piano" - LOw VElocity piano for soft playing

    I'm liking the sound of the demos. Who is the developer behind The Love Piano?
  46. CGR

    Last Day - Art Vista 50% Off All Products

    I'll check and get back to you. Don't concern yourself too much with velocity layers with this piano though. It's very dynamic (as you can hear in the demos) and very natural to play (I'm a pianist and grew up playing acoustic pianos). It is very important to try the different built in Keyboard...
  47. CGR

    Last Day - Art Vista 50% Off All Products

    Nice demo Jorge!