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    Please bring back the History Button.

    The History Button was added an addon that is no longer supported by this version of Xenforo (forum software). We'll look into an alternative
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    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    You can even customize it with a different background. Personally, I like the dark blue one.
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    CSS. Pro tools vs Cubase

    It's common knowledge these days that Cubase sounds better than Pro Tools
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    Studiologic SL88 Studio

    Dang. That aint what I wanted to hear. I just ordered one of these from Sweetwater, though it's currently out of stock so I could change my order if I want to. Hard to find a better option though at that price... I'd be interested in knowing how you proceed with this.
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    Wife argues with me because I don't like the 'trailer' type music she just got

    nothing worse than a catchy melody in your head while trying to sleep
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    Purchasing a new display

    Yes. I've used a 43" UHD screen with Mac at a scaled resolution of 2560x1440p and thought it looked fantastic. So I would assume a 27" will too.
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    Purchasing a new display

    27" QHD is the perfect match, in my opinion. If you want to utilize UHD (4K) you'll want 32" or bigger.
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    Dedicated subforums for Cubase/Logic/the major DAWs?

    I do also agree with this. But while splitting up the subforums might not be the best approach, I'm hopeful for a cleaner and more user-friendly tagging or filtering system that would essentially achieve the same thing. There is already a relatively under-utilized tagging system in place for new...
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    Dedicated subforums for Cubase/Logic/the major DAWs?

    This suggestion has come up before I think. I've moved the thread to the forum suggestions sub-forum to hopefully get a bit more attention from the other mods. I think it's a valid suggestion, and I believe VI-Control might have a face-lift scheduled for some time this year, so a general...
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    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    I think it depends on how we define a shill. I don't think anybody was accusing Fleer of being a "shill account" operated by APD (I dunno... Maybe some people were thinking it) but I thought the main point of contention was about Fleer being compensated for his forum activity. Effectively being...
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    Cinebrass Bug

    over the years I've come to accept that hanging notes is just one of those annoying things that we all have to deal with at some point. It's also one of those issues where you can pick out a specific library and find a few people have the issue, but many do not. Whether it's Hollywood Brass...
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    Aiva - Artificial Intelligence Composition: beta starting today

    If you watch the way Brad uses AIVA in this video: you see that he's using it as a tool to aid his composing process, in the same way that hundreds of professional composers have been using loop packs and construction kits for many years. AIVA generated several musical ideas for him to work...
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    Selling a full PC or its components?

    RAM is probably the only thing worth selling separately. Just leave 16-32GB in the completed build.
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    Selling a full PC or its components?

    When the components are seen as being a bit outdated, you're better off selling as a full PC, as you won't get many people actually looking for those parts individually. A full PC like that is much more attractive, and although you might not get the money it's worth, you'll have a much easier...
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    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    On that note, I reckon there's at least an extrememusic-album's worth of material in HHC
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    Need help with simple notation

    Chillbot is right. You invert the stem to indicate a 2nd 'voice', which in sibelius is done by assigning the notes as voice 2.
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    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    At this point i don't think it's really necessary for Fleer to "come clean", is it? We've essentially got evidence in this thread to suggest that multiple people have been compensated in some way by SL / APD for whatever reason (bumping threads? leaving favorable reviews? all of the above?). And...
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    Are there any alternatives to Metagrid?

    Liine's Lemur will work on an android device
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    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    If you play a preset as-is out of the box, then yes I might recognize it after I've gotten familiar enough with the instrument. That's kinda how it is with every sample library with presets, no? Even Omnisphere has its giveaways. However, you've got to remember that each individual instrument...
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    Wet libraries

    Sure! Sonokinetic phrases, Spitfire Evos, CineSamples' Hollywoodwinds, Horn/Woodwind rips, recorded triple-tongues, disco falls, pre-recorded woodwind/string runs, EastWest's RA Phrases.... all of these examples are recordings of a performance. And the more recorded performances you can use...
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    Wet libraries

    No. But a demo for a Brass library, could (and does) contain strings and woodwind samples from libraries that are not part of that series. Just as Hollywood Strings demos will contain samples from other brass/woodwind libraries that are not part of the hollywood series.
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    Wet libraries

    I think there's a bunch of custom stuff used in his demos. The old 'bespoke' libs, etc. And after a while you notice that some of the quicker and nimble ornamentations he uses (which would normally be near impossible to pull off with 'wet libraries') pop up in a few different demos and thus...
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    Best bang for your buck: fresh start Orchestral libraries?

    As a complete orchestral package, East West's Hollywood Orchestra is best bang for buck. And I'd be confident it could do what I need it to do.
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    Configurations - a UX misconception?

    Sure, but I have 2 mix consoles open, each with their own mix configuration. Then I have my main project window open, also using its own configuration. So I'm looking at three different configurations when I create a track.... which one should it show in?
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    Configurations - a UX misconception?

    Well, I hide the new tracks where needed, and update configurations. If new tracks were not added to existing configurations, then that would mean they are hidden on ALL configurations by default. Which I think would be worse.
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    Elder Scrolls: Legends DLC trailer custom music.

    Nice job! Cool track and congrats on the gig.Don't take the youtube ratings personally though.. :eek:
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    Cubase Unresponsiveness/Slowness

    How does your performance meter look? If it's quite high you should try increasing ASIO guard to high (or simply turning it on if it's not already). Sometimes plugins can cause the lagginess too, particularly those that use some form of 'look ahead'. Activate the "Constrain Delay Compensation"...
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    Hi from Los Angeles

    Looks like a match!
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    Hi from Los Angeles

    It's a work in progress
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    Spitfire kepler. . .

    Others have reported idematoa and his many pictures in the past, too. And back then, I requested he stop inserting them into his posts and instead just leave them as attachments. He did stop posting images after that for a little while, which was much appreciated. @idematoa, please stop...
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    Hi from Los Angeles

    The site? No, that wasn't me. Though that would have been an easier build! (If you need one, let me know) I merely built The 'design' was a collaborative effort. By the way, make sure to check out the studio pictures (in a desktop browser) and explore around...
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    Free instrument making me happy!

    um..... thanks? i think
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    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    As UnrarX is no longer a supported software, The Unarchiver is the new cool kid in town. - A number of developers have turned to The Unarchiver as their recommended compression-decompression program for Mac.
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    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    Not with the DT880s. I did find my old pair of DT990s to be a bit bass heavy though. The DT880s have a dip around 2-3k, and peaks at 6k and 9k. This makes them sound SO GOOD for orchestral music, as they naturally reduce the harshness in strings and add the top end sparkle. But it can distort...
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    No, please! I'm not sure how much more breaking the ground can take!
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    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    I owned AKG Q701 and still own K702. I don't like either of them. Found them to be harsh, missing too much mid/low information and can get fatiguing/uncomfortable for me. The DT880s are easily my top ranked headphones both in the 'sounds great' and 'feels great' categories, in the sub $500...
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    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    $979.30 is the wishlist discount price. Normal price is $1399.
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    A little help from some fellow composers

    here ya go
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    Library Spotlight - Studio Woodwinds

    Great work with the multis and custom patches Cory! An often overlooked and underutilized approach to using sample libraries
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    Kind of VST related...nano Kontrol 2 question

    They're quite nice actually. Very smooth and easy to push. Probably easier than the nanokontrol.
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    Are @mentions broken?

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    Kind of VST related...nano Kontrol 2 question

    I was using the nanokontrol for a few years up until only recently when I got some palette gear faders. I actually liked how short they were. Felt like I had greater control over it, and was easier to move the sliders while still resting my hand. Unlike something with 100mm faders like the...
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    Are @mentions broken?

    Excellent! What's next on the list...
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    Are @mentions broken?

    @chillbot @tack @whiskers Are they working now?
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    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    True. But in OP's defense, he reportedly did contact support... It just somehow still didn't get cleared up. I think it's fair enough to speak up about unfair practices, (if there are any) which is all FriFlo was intending. We as readers just need to not jump to conclusions too quickly.
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    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    To be fair, we can't tell if the accuser is actually correct before posting.
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    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

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    Kontakt abbreviations

    Oh. In that case I do (k)