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    Spitfire Alternative Solo Strings Demo

    great track. i have that library but somehow couldn't connect to it - you track is very inspirational :)
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    Greetings from Singapore.

    hi from indonesia. nice to have you here
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    Sonuscore The Orchestra

    sent you a pm
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    Say what you want about NI . . . . .

    ahhhh... four hundred parsecs ago i thought is was a measure of time.
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    Music of Leonardo Da Vinci?

    at full moon people usually flock outside the louvre to hear mona lisa sing leonardos best songs.
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    My FAV guys in vi-control

    Einard? Treuwald? Claudius Amoratus? hm...
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    Vegetarian why not a thread ???

    oeuf poché sur son lit de légato?
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    Size of HZ strings -- any data yet?

    yeah, but 228 mic positions
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    Native Access Bug?

    hi artomatic, i had the same problem with 3 of my maschine sound packs. NI support sorted it out in 24 hours and sent me new registration codes. just contact them via support form and send them a list of the blocked libraries. take care, theo
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    Which sample library did you delete because you replaced it with a new one?

    deleted? all things garritan and early east west libraries.
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    Spitfire Library Updates

    not in mine. my download manager shows me a couple of libraries i should download, but which are already downloaded and in use for a long time?
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    WTB: Soniccouture Glass Works

    if they allow to sell licenses i will sell mine. i am out of town today but will check later tonight. - i love the sounds but never used them in a project, a pity.
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    How about a Jóhann Jóhannsson focused package?

    ...and a max richter package! and arvo part! and philippe glass! and steve reich! andandand... spitfire, stop drinking ale and start working! :)
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    Native Instruments recieves $59 million investment

    they'll develop an electrical automobile and gonna call it KAR! Komplete Kontrol will replace the driver.
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    SPITFIRE - Orchestral Swarm - PROMO ENDS Tomorrow (17th November)

    its probably phobos 2 with samples BT found on a forgotten hd in his garage. hehe :)
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    SPITFIRE - Orchestral Swarm - PROMO ENDS Tomorrow (17th November)

    yeah, i started to get bored too...
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    Cleaning out sample libraires / plugins advice ?

    i trash them too. bass samples not used for five years? bye.... as a rule i have only 2 TB for samples and instruments, that helps
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    Asian sample library developers

    hi, i live in indonesia, in a middle sized student town...nobody has money to buy libraries, they use pirated stuff. i am about the only guy in this country who spends money for samples :) also worth to mention that a average middle income for a pro (lets say working in a bank) is 2 to 6 million...
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    PHOBOS The perfect review

    nice shirt :)
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    Metagrid for IOS (Updated with LE Commands)

    great update, thank you. question: before the update I had the option of a 7 x 6 grid, this seems to have gone? now my smallest option is 7 x 8. I much preferred 7 x 6, is this size coming back? :)
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    Bt phobos update 1.1.4

    seriously? I cannot move phobos from my download pc to my studio pc? and yes, I read the FAQ about missing presets folders are all complete after copying from my download pc.. - I am in Indonesia and I don't want to have my studio pc for 48 hours connected to the internet just to AGAIN...
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    Bt phobos update 1.1.4

    downloading with 62 Mbps...that will take around a year :) (ok, I am in asia, things go a bit slow over here sometimes) edit: it has settled for 22 Mbps :)
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    Xsample - latest releases

    there are a lot of developers here who don't want to hype their product too. You have a unique collection of instruments, built and improved over years, I think your work and your service speak for themselves. I like your samples - and I am sure a lot of people appreciate and use them too. -...
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    Xsample - latest releases

    i don't know if posting your advertisements here is a good idea, dear hans josef, but I DO know that the solo strings., which I bought from you some weeks ago, sound great and have a lot of FX and articulations I love. great library! :)
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