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    You desert island soft synths?

    Just Zebra, Serum and Omnisphere.
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    Thoughts about going the other way - doing music as hobby / part-time again

    Some twenty five years ago, after 14 years as a fully professional musician/arranger/composer I discovered that my passion for music transitioned seamlessly to an equal passion for business software development. Wow, passion AND income! These days I do my own thing musically and love it. There...
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    Piano Players

    Kawai gets the closest to the real thing for me (compared with Yamaha and Roland anyway).
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    I got rejected. Now what?

    Daryl's comment is SO important I just had to repost it. Thanks Daryl for the reminder - while I know it's true, how easily and how often I forget!
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    Looking for Synth to Compliment Omnisphere

    Serum (and this is a great compliment and contrast to Omni in my experience (I have no affiliation, just a fan).
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    Spitfire LABS ads on this site?!

    Garry, the fact that I'm able to respond means my account is still active for now. Your response itself is a great way to amplify my reasons for deciding this forum is no longer for me. Move this thread to the drama zone? Really? And re SA, have you ever heard of "societal marketing"? Anyway...
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    Spitfire LABS ads on this site?!

    I hope SA are paying s...loads for littering this site with LABS ads, because apart from hitting the site's page loading times it's IMHO completely over the top. Please be aware some of us are not SA fans, no matter how much hype and Internet celebrity they have. In fact, Mike please remove me...
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    Xfer Nerve

    Just to add, I've spent today playing with this thing and it is a BEAST :dancer:
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    Xfer Nerve

    Thanks, as I suspected!
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    Xfer Nerve

    I know Xfer Nerve isn't new but I really like what I hear (and I have Serum and enjoy it immensely). Does anyone here have Nerve and love it, hate it etc? Thanks.
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    ZEBRA 2 : Any advice on which commercial presets are worth it?

    Very true, I have his Serum banks and love those too.
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    ZEBRA 2 : Any advice on which commercial presets are worth it?

    Yep, I have this and love it:
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    Session Strings Pro 2

    I've tried to get enthusiastic about Session Strings/Pro a few times and this new release does seem to be a step up. I settled on a blend of VSL Solo + Dimension Strings for a small studio string section in the end and couldn't be happier.
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    Adding Bottom end to tracks

    A couple of thoughts on this. The key can make a big difference to bottom end (e.g. synth reinforcement v synth lower octave), depending of course on the bass note range in the song. I usually end up with quite brutal valve-style compression on bass to keep it "present" in the mix (Trilian...
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    Wow - Chris Hein Ensemble Strings Looks Great

    I read the clickbait heading and listened to some of it. Not crazy about what I've heard so far (hard to put into words but "mechanical" comes to mind), but certainly not bad. Will follow with interest.
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    VSL Orchestral Strings?

    I agree, though "real strings" to me is a studio string sound rather than a concert hall awash with natural acoustics. Perhaps that's why VSL sounds more "real" to me. Many ambient libraries are so awash with ambience, I have no idea how the strings actually sound.
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    Which library to develop true orchestration skills?

    Yes, not the same but closest to it.
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    An idea to address forum toxicity in VI-C

    I'd just like to add my 2 cents. I suspect like many others, I'm not happy about being "an audience" at VI-C or "a sitting duck for social media sales and marketing, or to help sponsor the building of online celebrities and proclaimed experts". I just come here to get a balanced view of normal...
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    Libraries market

    Does Samplemodeling not do it for you?
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    My point is that every (yes EVERY) ambient library shares the same challenges that Synchron Strings has to some degree. The very concept of joining "ambient notes" effectively due to their troublesome tails has so far been unconvincing in string libraries. I sincerely do hope the Synchron Player...
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    I'm VERY happy that VSL is not ditching its original libraries completely to follow other developers down this ambient library rabbit hole. So far, to my subjective ears this library has just reinforced that while MIR may not be perfect, MIR + dry libraries + a bit of finishing reverb is still...
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    I Think Kirk Hunter Might Have a Winner Here (Front Row Violins)

    I listened to a few seconds and had to turn it off, didn't sound good to me at all. BTW, I'm not a Spitfire fan either.
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    Shots fired!

    Here's a concept - buy stuff you truly like and ignore the bullshit, everyone's bullshit - developers, fanboys, competitors, sponsored commentators alike. I take sample libraries the same way I do people, cars and everything else - the way I find them, not the way they're advertised and hyped to...
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    Piano Hoedown

    If I was a publisher I would have picked it up in a heartbeat, let us know when it gets a big gig :thumbsup:
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    Tempo - song speed

    Yes, agree - the tiniest changes in tempo can often change the musical decisions I make.
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    Piano Hoedown

    This is the genre of music I love, quite "Grusin-esque". Great work and thanks for sharing!
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    Process of composing a song

    Sometimes I force myself to write away from the DAW until I have a complete idea end to end, and sometimes I just improvise into the DAW anything that comes to mind for a few hours using some good patches and then "clean it up". Both give different results, but both seem to work in their own...
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    Pianoteq 6.1 update

    I like it more with each release but, and with great respect to those who like it, still not enough to make me want it.
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    IZotope Music Production. Is this the real deal for mixing and mastering?

    Ozone is excellent as long as you know what it all does, and when not to use things.....:cool:
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    Swang (Jazz Band style)

    Wow, I nearly passed this by, totally loved everything about it!
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    Are we REALLY in the diminishing returns zone now?

    Perhaps we'll reach a point of technical complexity where it is just simpler and cheaper to hire live players ;)
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    You'll Never Be Happy Unless...

    While I get the idea behind "write to the samples and save yourself a lot of heartache", I still prefer to wrestle with the samples until they at least come close to what I want from them (one of the reasons I still enjoy VSL, because there are so many articulations and so much tweakability)
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    Solo Strings, CineStrings Solo, Spitfire Sacconi or?

    I suspect VSL Solo Strings II could get close, but the time involved to achieve it might be off the chart :geek:.
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    To my ears, VSL has now sadly just joined everyone else in the "wet-libraries-struggle-with-legato" contest. For having one main workhorse string library, my conclusion is that their previous dry+MIR approach is still the winning compromise overall. But time and the Synchron player may yet prove...
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    I believe loyalty blindness applies to many libraries, Spitfire included. Sometimes when I hear praise on this forum in regard to "realism" I suspect I must be living on another planet entirely. I like Synchron's sound but I'm not compelled by it. To me, the single biggest issue I hear in every...
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    Very interesting comparison, which of course just leads to more curiosity. I wonder how this sounds with VSL Orchestral Strings (I sadly only have the SE version of this due to $) in MIR Teldex. I only ask as, to be totally honest, I wasn't crazy about the Synchron MIR sound and this perhaps...
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    Given these two great "beta demos" are just an early taste of the library without full use of the new sample set or software, I find this thread is getting...well...a little "weird" to be honest :geek:.
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    How to be emotionally detached from the track you're working on ?

    I've learnt to work in short bursts and then procrastinate furiously (walks and other exercise helps) while my brain works out what to do next. If I spend too much time sitting there going over and over a piece, I get so close and attached to it I lose all perspective.
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    Orchestral piece using Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    Love the arrangement. While I'm not a fan of Spitfire strings in general due to the, IMHO, excessive room ambience, I suspect the issue here might be the inherent consistency in any single string library. They move together, attack together, swell together etc etc. Sometimes the trick of adding...
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    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    My wallet is torn between CSS and Synchron Strings so I'll wait until I hear more demos, even if I have to pay a little more and miss the early bird offer.....
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    All the money you invest in your DAW...

    Ha, well..... there was the Kawai digital piano and Axiom Pro for keyboards, the high end gaming PC as a DAW, the Maton acoustic and more recently Telecaster electric, Pro Tools, some VSL libraries and software/effects, Addictive Drums, Omnisphere/Trilian, Zebra and a sprinkling of 8dio and...
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    DIY studio desk fight !!!!

    Thanks, the 88 is a Kawai ES digital piano sitting on the ground with the smaller one on the pull out shelf above it that slides in and out. There is a small amount of space beside the midi keyboard on the shelf, though used mainly for the computer keyboard. The main desk area is in the...
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    DIY studio desk fight !!!!

    This is mine, the supposedly illegal :rolleyes: corner setup. All home designed and built (the small keyboard slide-out works really well). In the far corner is a mini-live, stereo mic'd area for the acoustic with curtains that pull back in front of an old mirror robe.
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    All the money you invest in your DAW...

    When I left music professionally around 1992, I left with the reality that to own what I wanted, in order to produce the music I wanted to produce, would cost somewhere around $1million in instruments and studio gear (or thousands per week in studio charges). Totally beyond hope. When I came...
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    Lyrical legato strings comparison

    If I can find some time I'll have a crack with 8dio Adagietto, I suspect its beautiful tone might suit this well if I can control it adequately.....
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    Composing, deleting, composing

    If you approach your music as a piece of sonic architecture rather than just a stream of consciousness, then yep, completely normal.
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    String quartet examples

    Yes, without finessing CC11 and using more articulations it is rather brutal in places! Yes, this is the full solo library.
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    String quartet examples

    With VSL Solo Strings, just legato and legato fast attack articulations (automated to switch on playing speed via VI Pro). MIR PRO Vienna ORF Studio 3 (25:75% Wet:Dry). No other processing or MIDI tweaking (except to ignore CC1 Vibrato). Edit: with sincere apologies to the ghost of Debussy, no...
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    Anyone use Landr for mastering?

    I found Landr provided a useful reference and was a great training guide. In that context I was happy to pay the price per track for processing, even if I didn't end up using the end result. Then they changed to a subscription model, so I no longer use it, as my modest output doesn't justify it...
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