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    Divisi: write unison when it changes back for just one note?

    That way was my first thought too. As a poor sight reader that way is clearer to me and I would read the notes more easily than reading text above/below the score.
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    Is there a portable controller the ISN'T Micro USB?

    I have an Akai MPK Mini Mk2 which has the USB B connector. I also had an older Mk1 version which had a smaller USB Mini which, you guessed it, failed on me. :( The Mk2's USB B looks more substantial though, so I'm hoping for better things. The Mk2 also has a sustain pedal input, but the weird...
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    Sound Design of Electric Cars

    Indeed - that's pretty much what I was getting at with this:
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    Sound Design of Electric Cars

    In the news here in the UK is that new models of electric cars from tomorrow in the EU must have a sound generator so people can hear them at low speeds: With some possible sounds here: It seems the car manufacturers have got various famous...
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    Revamped JBL 3 Series MkII Powered Monitors

    Ooh I never knew that - up to now I always thought they were 'perks' and didn't know the origin.
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    User experience Neanderthals Everywhere!

    Apparently people of European or Asian ancestry have on average 2% Neanderthal DNA.
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    Spitfire Kelper Thoughts?

    Christian already did a video on his Youtube channel (and I seem to remember released the samples) of the sounds made by standing on the shore and skimming ice across a frozen lake...
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    Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

    From that link: Although I admit I don't understand much more than that. My usual strategy is to initially play with a new release in a VM and maybe on a machine which I don't use to get stuff done. And always have a backup before upgrading, of course.
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    ISW Shreddage 3 GIVEAWAY. Twelve prizes, enter for free!

    Great - thanks for posting! :) Edit: Survey filled in also.
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    ISW Shreddage 3 GIVEAWAY. Twelve prizes, enter for free!

    Hi Impact Soundworks I clicked something in the wrong order and didn't actually get to fill in the customer survey (although it thinks I have). Is there a way to get it back so I can fill it in, please? Thanks
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    Spitfire kepler. . .

    You're now making me feel very dumb for clicking the link without checking first. :blush:
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    Spitfire kepler. . .

    The read-me in the download (at least on the Windows side) includes this: So I guess you could play for 15 minutes at a time to evaluate whether you want to buy the full product, whatever that turns out to be.
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    Microsoft surface pro as second monitor for Cubase?

    Does this allow the touchscreen on the Surface to edit automation on the desktop though? That feels like the tricky part to me. I did wonder if Windows 10's built-in Remote Desktop might work too, although it's not a feature I've ever tried to setup myself.
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    Windows 7 & older -- update patch (warning)

    I'm not sure which file you saved? But if Microsoft ever pull the free upgrade, there's some risk that "saving the file" approach won't work. The way I believe W10 activation works is that it once a computer has valid activation for W10, it saves a hardware signature of the computer on its...
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    Windows 7 & older -- update patch (warning)

    There's some more "mitigations" in this article by the way. The fact that they've issued a patch for XP says something though.
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    Windows 7 & older -- update patch (warning)

    I think you could probably upgrade for free from Pro to Pro, and I certainly did this for free after the official free upgrade finished, although it's a while ago now.
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    5400 vs 7200 for internal drive

    Are they (or equivalents) still being made? When I look at the Seagate website all I've found are the Firecuda disks which have 8GB of cache which I don't think is enough (having got a 2TB one in this laptop). Sadly the 2.5 inch Firecudas are 5400 though, so once you've got past the small...
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    Yet another awesome contribution to the community from Spitfire

    Possibly due to poor spec of computer and/or internet connection, or my not knowing how to configure Twitch better, the picture kept freezing for me, so I gave up. Plus I didn't know how much time it might take (and as it turned out I would have had to leave well before the end.) It's a long...
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    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    @FriFlo in case this helps your discussions with Spitfire support, it looks like you're not getting credit for Alternative Solo Strings in your Bohemian pricing. (I found the Euro prices so think I found a way to get to the figure it's quoting for you.) It looks like the figures its using are...
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    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    Something is off in the maths there. Have you definitely got the Bohemian collection in your wishlist? For me the Bohemian collection, which is in my wishlist, is showing as £419.63 on Spitfire's website (sorry it's a different currency but gives a good idea) and that's because I only own...
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Christian has just said something similar in his latest vlog video (he was talling about Albion One but presumably other products too). Although he did say "don't tell". (Sorry, Christian. :whistling:)
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    I'm lucky that while I do have some tinnitus, it's pretty mild. But I wanted to add that sometimes it seems the pitch of external sounds can be affected when I yawn. Yes I have noticed this one as well. Although like you I don't usually get it from "normal" sleep, if I switch off the alarm and...
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    Love for Windows 10 It looks like people (including home users) will be able to push a button to defer updates for up to 7 days, and you can push the button 5 times before it...
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    Love for Windows 10

    Rumour has it that the coming version will even allow W10 Home users some control over deferring updates.
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    A day of tech hell

    Glad you got it sorted/ sorry to hear how much time it took. My understanding of the Recovery Drive in W10 (and I admit it's 2 or 3 versions since I tried it) is that it includes the drivers and can even include application software depending on how the computer was originally setup. So if you...
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    The end of Albion 2 Loegria?

    They are very different libraries though,and it did seem to me that a good chunk of the kitchenware samples didn't make it into Glass and Steel.
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    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    If the code is the same as the one I was emailed, then it expires at 23:59 today (31 March) so there's not long to decide if you wanted to use it. I'm assuming that's 23:59 UK time, which is less than 5 hours from now but I could be wrong.
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    Computer security. Admin vs separate user account.

    I discovered recently that Izotope products really don't work unless you install them with the same account you're going to use them from. Using "Run As" from another admin account doesn't work, because it puts some of the important stuff in the account which does the installing. It shouldn't be...
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    Bach Google Doodle

    Google have a blog here on how they did it: which also links to this:
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    Bach Google Doodle

    Did Bach ever use a parallel fifth though...? If so then I guess it's there in a database to be copied and emulated.
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    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    As I discovered, one gotcha with Ozone (at least Elements, but I assume other versions too) is that it's tricky to install for a non-Admin account in Windows 10. If this applies to you, the trick seems to be to make the account you want to use temporarily have admin rights, run the installer...
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    Sound-muffling fencing?

    I was going to suggest that too. There's a road near me which has them and the fence panels are stuffed with something which looks like sheep's wool. That said, the fact that I have some idea what they're stuffed with says something about the longevity of the panels, although that could be...
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    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    I did at some point pay for the Elements Suite via PluginBoutique, possible on some similar discount code (but not one of the freebies for things like Ozone Element - I did actually hand over cash). So maybe that's part of the logic on why they sent me a code?
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    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    I'm on PluginBoutique's mailing list, and I've bought Izotope Elements from them before, and I see that in the last hour they've emailed me a code which seems to have the same deal as the one Reuben posted.
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    Non-admin users in Windows - am I the only one? (Izotope)

    Yeah, that's what I did in the end. We shouldn't have to do that sort of thing though.
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    Non-admin users in Windows - am I the only one? (Izotope)

    I spent a lot of time in Windows XP, which was before the days of UAC. I think the risk of malicious software using admin rights (if you were logged in as admin) was somewhat higher in those days. So in those days it was definitely good practice. I still think there might be some security...
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    Non-admin users in Windows - am I the only one? (Izotope)

    I would agree with you - but I fear Izotope perhaps didn't get the memo. I generally use method (1), but this doesn't work with the problem I had, because "Run As" with a different admin user name means it puts the Izotope goodies against the admin user name, not the one I actually want to use.
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    Non-admin users in Windows - am I the only one? (Izotope)

    I think my problem with Izotope is not a UAC issue as such. More than when I try to install it, I have to "Run As" my admin level account, but then it leaves important stuff against the registry and documents folder of my admin account and not the one I want to use. Although in some ways UAC is...
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    Non-admin users in Windows - am I the only one? (Izotope)

    Many years ago, I was told that one should setup Windows with an admin account, but also create a non-admin/ standard account for general use day-to-day. I still do this but (in the world of music software at least) I'm wondering if I'm the only one who still uses a standard account. (Contrast...
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    Windows 10 Home = Awful. Is Pro much better?

    I think it's more about the testers. Microsoft seem to be relying on their "Insider" programme more than employing professionals to test stuff.
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    Windows 10 pro activation after replacing C: w/SSD

    I don't always have 100% faith in what MSFT support say! I've certainly cloned to a different disk before, and I'm pretty sure it just worked both times. But as a precaution you could follow the steps in the first link here, which is to basically setup a Microsoft account on the machine.
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    Windows 10 pro activation after replacing C: w/SSD

    Sorry I forgot that in my post above. If the machine came from new with that edition of windows 10, then probably yes it is. If you upgraded from a different edition or windows 7/8 then no it won't be. Couple of other links might help...
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    Windows 10 pro activation after replacing C: w/SSD

    It's "in the cloud" somewhere. You can't get a helpful product key form the computer any more. When Windows 10 activates, it sends a signature of the hardware to the Microsoft activation servers. When you install Windows 10 again on the same machine, it should check against the hardware...
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    Windows 10 Home = Awful. Is Pro much better?

    Also, by taking control over when the updates happen, it's possible to take a backup before triggering the update. That way you can at least get back to a working setup if the update fails.
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    Something is Coming - Spitfire Thunderbolt

    I'm wondering if that could be Orchestral Swarm? In which case a 2-day flash sale on that?
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    New Sample Relay Challenge...

    It's good to see you back on here, Christian. :) I regularly watch your excellent videos, but the way YouTube's comment system works mean there are now 200 individual sets of comments to look at, with no doubt more to come. Someone may make some really interesting comment today on video 182...
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    Now this to me is a no brainer if you don't have them..... u-he NI NKS sale

    Thanks to zvenx for posting. Been trying to resist "no-brainer" offers lately... but I always liked the sound of eighties synths so Repro at half-price has dragged me in...
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    "You Should Be Listening to Video Game Soundtracks at Work"

    I find music at (non-music-related) work helps me focus and shut out the distractions of an open-plan office. But... it has to be music I've heard so many times it's no longer a distraction - music from the era when I was a teenager for instance. Listening to a station playing new music is...
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    Flat earth "nonsense"

    Not for me - I get cold just listening to this!: Yes that "shadow analogy" is how I understand gravity too. For me the thing about the inverse square gravity law is that you only need that one rule (ignoring modifications for relativity which tweak the answers slightly), and the entire solar...
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    AI as an assistant or a replacement?

    This is on similar lines:
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