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  1. sleepy hollow

    "A-List Composers are Furious about This One Cool Trick..."

    Well-written, John. Always wanted to bring that up, but unfortunately my limited English does not allow for that kinf of essay. Maybe there's a cool trick that would help me learn? :grin: On a more serious note, I do not think "that one cool trick" is so popular nowadays, because everyone out...
  2. sleepy hollow

    Mah Nà Mah Nà!!

    I listen to this classic at least once a week. :grin:
  3. sleepy hollow

    Prepare Song for Mixing

    I wouldn't say it's necessary, but it can be an advantage. Some people like to work with audio tracks and get rid of all MIDI before mixing. Besides obvious technical reasons (bounced audio frees up resources), mixing with audio tracks only can be beneficial for your decision-making process...
  4. sleepy hollow

    Lyle Murphy Books

    I hope we end up with having wst3 as guest speaker on one of the next Farkle Fridays.
  5. sleepy hollow

    Width vs Depth

    Toy around with the width of your reverbs. Sometimes I find that a very narrow reverb or even a plain mono reverb helps me to get that kind of depth I'm looking for. It really depends on the track, but you should definitely give this a try. It's worth it.
  6. sleepy hollow

    Is it possible to be an extroverted music producer/componist?

    Plenty of ways to collaborate with other musicians, writers, producers. You can be part of a duo, but you can also part be part of a much larger group. It all depends on your wants and needs, and of course on the interests of the people you work with. Start small and ask a friend if he'd be...
  7. sleepy hollow

    Spitfire Labs Drums (Ollie Waton) - do I need more?

    I'd say it could work, but then again I'm not exactly sure what kind of sound you're after. I agree with the above post, that kit does sound a bit vintage. Maybe you should go for that sound where the drums are a bit 'buried on purpose', if that makes sense. If I had to use that kit in an...
  8. sleepy hollow

    PRO Q 3 Not EQing as Expected

    Cool, glad you got it sorted out quickly!
  9. sleepy hollow

    Bunker Strings Vol. 1 - summer sale 30% off!

    I'm way digging this library. The sound is pretty cool in general and I also like that fact that I can quickly create a track using only this lib and nothing else. I need to experiment a bit more tough - layering these instruments with other Kontakt stuff is fun. A lot of options. Anyway, you...
  10. sleepy hollow

    PRO Q 3 Not EQing as Expected

    It does. I was thinking the same thing. OPs problem must have to do with some sort of parallel signal flow or partial processing. Moquan, have you tried the Pro Q 3 on a 'normal' audio channel? Maybe you should create a simple stereo audio channel (routed directly to your output), see what...
  11. sleepy hollow

    New Modern Horror Sound design release

    Well done, Danny. It does sound pretty good - that high pitched sound at around 4:06 is very nice. :grin:
  12. sleepy hollow

    Kontakt 5 is too old to load this patch... *SIGH*

    I think @sostenuto is referring to the .nki files. Get in touch with Spitfire. They might send you new .nki files (which are often simply called 'instruments') and they will also explain to you what you have to do with those files (you'll probably just overwrite the old instruments with the new...
  13. sleepy hollow

    New big grand session is been proceed

    I like your playing a lot. Sounds lovely! Maybe you want to check out a phase alignment plugin (and not restrict yourself to time alignment in your DAW). It might get you closer to the desired result. Voxengo's PHA-979 (hey, it's Russian;)) or Betabugs' Phasebug (a freebie) come to mind. Can't...
  14. sleepy hollow

    Hello from Sweden

    Make sure you visit the VI-C Discord from time to time. We have weird discussions, normal discussions, lots of good tips, at least one coffee snob, Scandinavians, and a whole lot of other goodies. In short: we have everything. You can find an invite in this thread...
  15. sleepy hollow

    RME or UAD?

    There's a current thread that might be of interest to you - thought I'd mention it:
  16. sleepy hollow

    Anything else like vynil noise to give the track imperfectness and character?

    You could experiment with a combination of different plugins and sound sources. Do a search for 'room tone' or 'ambient noise' and maybe you'll find something that's to your liking. Here's a nice room tone for starters (a free Kontakt library):
  17. sleepy hollow

    What's the word on clocks?

    9-pin D-SUB cables/connectors were used to sync multiple machines. 'Sync Out' of machine #1 was connected to 'Sync In' of machine #2. From there the sync signal was passed on to machine #3, the unit that ate your tape. Great fun!
  18. sleepy hollow

    How to obtain this deep reverb piano sound from widows soundtrack

    Also, keep in mind that the velocity level will probably have a very strong effect on your sound. A loudly played instrument will always sound loud, even if played back at a very low volume. A softly played instrument will always sounds soft, even if played back at high volume. Most instruments...
  19. sleepy hollow

    PCI audio interfaces improve performance?

    Agreed. The rest of the setup needs to be checked too, software and other hardware. If the plugins/template allow for a reasonable latency, then adding a PCI card will get the desired result. How about a used RME Hammerfall card? Great bang for the buck and rock-solid drivers. Had one for many...
  20. sleepy hollow

    Forum chat room

    Did you hear about the guy who confuses the words Jacuzzi and Yakuza? He's now in hot water with the Japanese mafia.
  21. sleepy hollow

    Century Strings incoming

    Link is working now. :grin:
  22. sleepy hollow

    Century Strings incoming

    No preview, just a login page.
  23. sleepy hollow

    Do you hear music left-to-right or right-to-left or neither

    Look in the upper right corner --> Thread tools --> Add poll
  24. sleepy hollow

    Just bought an Epson 2040! And no, it's not a printer!

    I looked at the thread title and thought "Wow, this guy must love his new printer!" :grin: Didn't think of projectors... Anyway, enjoy your movie nights!
  25. sleepy hollow

    Legality of selling custom instruments that feature commercial synths?

    This thread might be helpful to you:
  26. sleepy hollow

    Tagging other members

    I'd tag you all as 'Pessimist'. :grin:
  27. sleepy hollow

    Fabfilter Pro-R (reverb) coming Nov 15th

    Nice! Something tells me the verb plugin will be just as good as their dynamics and Eq.
  28. sleepy hollow

    The year of Trump

    Will you guys throw a big party once this thread reaches 250/500/1000 pages? Just a quick question from someone who isn't really following this discussion. :grin:
  29. sleepy hollow

    The Haunted Music Box

    Gotta download that one later - I'm a sucker for all things spooky!
  30. sleepy hollow

    Griffin Powermate. Anyone using it?

    Never tested one, but I hear there are driver/software problems with recent versions of Windows. That thing was designed for XP/Vista, no support for Win7 or more recent versions. Too bad, since that knob looks like it's quite a handy tool.
  31. sleepy hollow

    Licensing my music

    You don't have to be American to become a member of BMI and you don't have to be British to join PRS. Some composers prefer to join a foreign PRO, there are various reasons for that. I suggest you google search the forum using specific keywords - you'll find a few good discussions and maybe...
  32. sleepy hollow

    Scenes without score

    You might want to use the thread you started a few weeks ago.
  33. sleepy hollow

    Spitfire Audio - Albion V Tundra - Demos, Walkthroughs & Feedback

    Not sure if you already know about the workaround, you can find it here:
  34. sleepy hollow

    Olympic hubbub

    Incredible, thanks for sharing! :grin: I don't really have favorite. All the comments are so profound.
  35. sleepy hollow

    Youtube royalties?Yes or no?

    Does your PRO have an agreement with Youtube? (if your PRO is AKM, then the answer is yes, btw)
  36. sleepy hollow

    Hello from Kirke Godfrey

    Hey, I'm old too! 2" tape machines are nice. I know a guy from Sydney who happens to know you. He's not old though. :grin: Nice poll, btw. I went with 'shares in a lens company'. Welcome to the forum, it's a good place.
  37. sleepy hollow

    9 Common Mixing Mistakes

    For anyone who's interested, SSL offers a free inter-sample peak meter:
  38. sleepy hollow

    Lawson in the studio today

    You got your speakers back! Is your studio window a magnifying glass? I imagined him smaller, just like in his profile pic.
  39. sleepy hollow

    Profile posts are no private messages

    They're at it again... How about a warning message? The text field for profile posts says "Write something...". Maybe that's a good place for a warning message (in red lettering!)? Or in bigger letters right below that text field?
  40. sleepy hollow

    Free Alpine Violin Ensemble Library

    Demo track sounds promising. Gotta give this one a try soon!
  41. sleepy hollow

    Best libraries for Horror music/FX?

    bigcat features a few horror instruments on his blog. Haven't checked them out yet, but thought I'd put a link here: Scroll down to 'Twisted and Horror Instruments'. I think these are VSTi's, not Kontakt libs.
  42. sleepy hollow

    SampleTekk's BIG Sale - Win $100 worth of samples each week

    From the Singularis product description: "Oh, and it’s in mono, since the 50’s was in mono, (and black & white…)" :grin:
  43. sleepy hollow

    What mouse are you using?

    Deactivate your adblocker and reload the page.
  44. sleepy hollow

    Is there piano tuners here? Capsule felt change quesion.

    Just wanted to point out that we have a subforum dealing with acoustic instruments: Maybe a mod can move this thread? Would be sad if all the good info would get lost in the off-topic section.
  45. sleepy hollow

    How do you motivate yourself?

    We need a new thread: How do you motivate your collaborators? :grin: On a more serious note, collaborations and diversification in general help me quite a bit. So many things to do and see in music land, I'd rather not specialise in something, audio mastering for example, and work in that field...
  46. sleepy hollow

    Well what do we have here...

    The company is called Soundiron. ;)
  47. sleepy hollow

    Hiring Vocalists

    Stumbled across this site the other day: Most offer a per-song rate (probably for simple projects), others charge by the hour. Anyway, thought this might help a bit.
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