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  1. William Palmer

    Laptop for Finale or Sibelius?

    Noteperformer + Sibelius always ran very happily with orchestral scores on my macbook pro 2012, whilst plugged into a 1080p display. Higher external resolutions made the laptop cry. I'm currently using a 2015 MBP. This time 15", which is always a nice thing when engraving on the go. The...
  2. William Palmer

    How to get a job as a composer's assistant

    It did thank you - I got the job! I can't reveal who the person is yet. It is part-time, so I'm looking for other assisting work around this gig, but I'm super-thrilled to have this as a start. Your advice was on point :)
  3. William Palmer

    I'm about to be an assistant: send me advice/anecdotes...

    Cheers! I might play that to myself on the journey :)
  4. William Palmer

    Assistant Looking To Work With London-Based Logic-Users.

    Judging from your website, I think I should try and copy that workflow, very nice stuff.
  5. William Palmer

    Assistant Looking To Work With London-Based Logic-Users.

    Aww thank you! I would love to have the experience of helping a full-time composer and finding out about their workflow. And practically speaking, I'm not at the stage where I have full-time composing gigs.
  6. William Palmer

    I'm about to be an assistant: send me advice/anecdotes...

    I'm thrilled announce to I have a short term role as composer's assistant, beginning with a trial this Friday! Advice, stories and cautionary tales are all much appreciated... (I think its fair that I don't reveal who the person is, especially as I haven't even started yet.) __ As the role is...
  7. William Palmer

    Assistant Looking To Work With London-Based Logic-Users.

    I'm available to assist a London-based composer. Here's A Little About Me: • Scored two indie-games using virtual instruments alongside live performers; • Designed a portfolio website (; • Trombonist, having passed grade 8 with Distinction and recently joined the...
  8. William Palmer

    How to get a job as a composer's assistant

    I have a skype interview with a still-anonymous London-based composer tomorrow afternoon... Daniel, massive thank you! From what I can tell, this will be a short term gig, but an amazing opportunity nonetheless. I found out about this one literally by chance - friend of two of my lecturers was...
  9. William Palmer

    Ascendit - Orchestral Piece

    Really great piece - very well orchestrated and very convincingly programmed. Lovely mix - all around very impressive!
  10. William Palmer

    Time Macro - Let's see more of this!

    I've got a fair amount of use out of it: + The sounds are super versatile, like I've been able to use this for everything from beautiful textural pads to horror scoring + It's easy to create very playable multis for super fast orchestration + The recordings are full of pleasing little...
  11. William Palmer

    CS2 <> Hollywood Strings

    CS2: +Really pleasing lush sound out the box. +Easy to programme. -Phasing can be a real issue if you adjust the mic mixes*. -Quite noisy releases**. Haven't tried HS. *I'm still learning about using mic mixes - maybe there is a really easy work around if you know your stuff. **It's never...
  12. William Palmer

    Big Spitfire Purchase Feedback

    Sounds sensible - like an orchestra-in-a-box straightaway sounds perfect, but using VIs is rarely quite like that in practice - enjoy the process :)
  13. William Palmer

    Beginner Questions - controlling the bus 1 & 2 with one slider

    Hi All, I managed to get this part of the instrument working! Thanks for the help :)
  14. William Palmer

    Streaming Logic on Twitch

    I'll start there - cheers :)
  15. William Palmer

    Streaming Logic on Twitch

    I'm going to start broadcasting logic sessions on Twitch! I use a macbook with an external monitor for Logic. Which free Broadcasting Applications would people recommend for a beginner? I have an external mic for chat. What kind of set-ups have people used for routing audio? I'm sure this...
  16. William Palmer

    How to get a job as a composer's assistant

    where do I find more ugly gifs like that please Thank you - I'll definitely take you up on that!
  17. William Palmer

    How to get a job as a composer's assistant

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm trying your advice now as a week-old graduate. I'll let you know how it works out :)
  18. William Palmer

    Beginner Questions - controlling the bus 1 & 2 with one slider

    Hi all! I'm new to making stuff in Kontakt... I have an instrument with two sample groups, 'Close' (containing close mic samples) and 'Far' (containing ambient mic samples). 'Close' is sending to bus 1. 'Far' is sending to bus 2. I'd like to control the volume of bus 1 and bus 2 with a single...
  19. William Palmer

    Best Solo Cello?

    it's an instant-cello, hard not to love
  20. William Palmer

    Medieval-movie soundtrack

    Good job! Did you do the sound design too? It's catchy, its medieval, it fits the picture, well done. Only comment, 0.55, I wonder whether a little more reverb would flatter the cymbals and strings once we get the wider shots of the building?
  21. William Palmer

    My first official 8dio Demo! (Intimate Studio Brass)

    Very very gorgeous piece. I'm curious - were you scouted out or did you get in contact with 8dio?
  22. William Palmer

    Hi I am Marco from I don't even know!

    Hi! Can you share what you'll be recording? Do you have a portfolio?
  23. William Palmer

    NightLight (From Alchemist's Compendium)

    That's reasonable! I'm submitting as part of my final undergrad portfolio and need all the minutes I can get for that version. That said, for my showreel/website I'll definitely cut it down as you've suggested.
  24. William Palmer

    NightLight (From Alchemist's Compendium)

    Thank you! The Gentleman Piano, Etherealwinds Harp II (muted plucks), Old Spitfire Labs Dulcimer, a tiny bit of orchestral swarm and lots of live viola takes!
  25. William Palmer

    NightLight (From Alchemist's Compendium)

    Feedback appreciated!
  26. William Palmer

    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    Honestly pretty wet. However I feel the library would suit what you're describing. Like the small size has a brilliantly detailed sound.
  27. William Palmer

    Exporting samples from logic fast (beginner)

    That's really helpful, next time I start an instrument I'll try some of these :)
  28. William Palmer

    Exporting samples from logic fast (beginner)

    That worked well - thank you (as its just for me I can live with numerical names)!
  29. William Palmer

    Exporting samples from logic fast (beginner)

    I'm making my first EXS instrument! I have all my samples lined up and edited: Is there a fast way of exporting and naming them according to the markers (which are chromatically labelled)? Or is this just a by hand thing. Alternatively, is there a quick (and free) way of of renaming files...
  30. William Palmer

    Your Final Judgements: Metropolis Ark 1

    Great value for the great sounds, buy it. I work the library into 'non-trailer-y' music all the time 2nd this, but again there's STILL so much more good stuff in there that this doesn't sour me on the overall purchase.
  31. William Palmer

    Snake Fever - Jazzy Big Band Cover

    Love it, even more anime than the og
  32. William Palmer

    Symphonic Heavy Metal

    Love this! I'm into a lot of prog/death stuff but I'm always overly bothered by badly produced symphonic sounds. But this is a really great mix and orchestration :)
  33. William Palmer

    Extended for 24hrs: Drum Fury - Apocalyptic Drums - 50% off Intro Pricing

    Always been tempted by Spitfire's Zimmer Percussion. How does this compare (besides the much nicer price point!)?
  34. William Palmer

    Masters in England

    A chance to further improve my composing chops and specifically be educated and guided - rather than just learning through doing by myself. My Bmus has been more of a general composition/art music course, I've loved it, but I now want to have more media-scoring techniques to add to my kit bag...
  35. William Palmer

    Masters in England

    Anyone here have experience of the composing for screen Mmus at RCM, UWL or NFTS? I'm about to finish undergrad, I primarily score for games. I think I have a good idea of what a masters will and won't do for me! Any other courses I could consider? THANK YOU
  36. William Palmer

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Saw this production on whim and can't stop listening to the soundtrack. Modular synth and demonic pop, its so good!!! Recently got into Jonathon Harvey: And busy re-obsessing over all things Gojira:
  37. William Palmer

    Ness Project: Brass Synthesis A friend just showed me this today. Rather than music production, can completely see myself using this for creature sounds...
  38. William Palmer

    Something is Coming - Spitfire Thunderbolt

    This is stunning!
  39. William Palmer

    Little Snip of my latest track!

    Really lovely violin writing! I just checked out your reel, completely the kind of stuff I like. Looking forward to more :)
  40. William Palmer

    Little Snip of my latest track!

    This is great! Do you play violin?
  41. William Palmer

    Footage in demo reels - do you need permission?

    Will definitely ask and very clearly label! I've only worked on two games and I've written a track in the style of the warhammer games that I do want to include in my reel.
  42. William Palmer

    Footage in demo reels - do you need permission?

    I'm putting together my first proper game audio demo reel! I have two game's I worked on the reel, however I'd love to include a rescore of either Total War gameplay or a one of the trailers from the series. Should I be asking permission to include either official footage or my own gameplay...
  43. William Palmer

    Female composer: score to an animation movie

    Well it's a brilliant score! Thanks for sharing :)
  44. William Palmer

    Global Game Jam Soundtrack

    We made a game where your new home is bombarded with random furniture by awful delivery people. Really fun way of speed writing music (we wasted the first day so it really was speed writing), I will jam again. Here's our game (courtesy of talented-rest-of-team)...
  45. William Palmer

    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    Caved and bought the #JoeyBurgerPercussion at wishlist price and I'm VERY VERY HAPPY :D Here's an A/B work in progress track: A) OG version: B) With percussion dropped in late last night (Will be making this into a 5 minute track and fixing the resonant frequency in the soprano solo. Please...
  46. William Palmer

    What orchestral percussion library would you recommend ?

    Thanks for the advice everyone! Sounds like I would have been pretty satisfied with either, however I went with Spitfire JB percussion in the end as it seemed a little more versatile with the outstanding tuned percussion + I have the more trailer-y stuff in MA1.
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