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    Ryzen 3000 Vs I9 9900K for music production

    The ASRock X570 motherboards have Thunderbolt 3 headers that work with their own-brand Thunderbolt add-in cards. I think they are the only ones with headers. None come with a port on the board itself from what I can tell.
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    AMD working on a 64/128 Beast for TR4

    Yes, especially for us where a huge part of the work being done involves reading an enormous number of tiny chunks of data out of RAM basically at random in time to fill a buffer. And writing the same to RAM from disk. I'm not liking the memory latency or write speeds we're seeing so far...
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    Best GPU for Real Time Audio - Rethinking Nvidia

    For CPU's that have integrated graphics, I would love to figure out a way to easily/quickly switch between the computer using integrated graphics and a graphics card, as I switch between audio production and other tasks on the same system.
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    Wet libraries

    The differences are largely quantifiable though. Whether anyone does a good job of applying those differences to a mix is debatable (I agree it rarely sounds "right" in the context of sample libraries) but they are still quantifiable. It is easier to have more success coaxing a...
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    Wet libraries

    This can happen when instruments are recorded from a mic position farther back than the "critical distance," which is the distance beyond which the reverberant sound is louder than the direct sound of the instrument reaching the microphone. Beyond that point, the sound of the space dominates...
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    Solo woodwinds for orchestral music?

    From my research so far I think the Berlin expansions are likely the best-sounding solo winds, but be aware (in case you're not already) they don't have any dynamic layers. The dynamics control is just a volume knob.
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    SSD showing WORSE performance than HDD

    Yes it absolutely could. Different USB controller chips are going to have different impacts on system performance and latency. Run some disk benchmarks on both drives.
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    NI Symphony Strings-The small sections

    Does that mean the others in the series are *not* worth it?
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    I need a hammerweight pro MIDI keyboard

    I've heard about that, but... might only happen on the internal soundbank? I have RD-2000's specced out on musical theatre shows I've been working on; it's been months of shows every single night with MIDI into Mainstage without a single issue like that. Probably millions of keypresses.
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    I need a hammerweight pro MIDI keyboard

    If you're on a budget, go play a Roland FP-10 (brand new keyboard - same action as the FP-30 but cheaper) and a Yamaha P45. I think the actions on both beat any MIDI controller. The Roland is considered by most to be the superior action to the Yamaha, but I personally found the opposite. I think...
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    Low-end mics you really like/use(d)?

    Line Audio CM3. About the closest thing to a Schoeps MK21 you can get for less than a Schoeps... and it's a LOT less. Get a pair of them in stereo ORTF or NOS and you're set for recording acoustic soloists, quartets, or chamber groups in any decently-nice sounding space.
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    Steinberg NUENDO sale up to 70% off

    Yes it does, but it's not going to end up in homes. The use-cases are specialized listening facilities (like NHK), live performance spaces for new music with a sound design element, movie theatres, and maybe cars (as weird as that sounds... they're working on it). Junkie XXL is probably not...
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    Steinberg NUENDO sale up to 70% off

    24, actually... don't forget the .2! Normally studios who are actually doing this sort of thing would just be outputting a bunch of AES streams to independent DACs. Not using a USB interface.
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    Steinberg NUENDO sale up to 70% off

    22.2 is a real surround format. Friend of mine did his PhD dissertation on recording for 22.2. It's 3D (has a vertical axis) and is probably most often used in experimental purpose-built facilities like NHK, and/or when used with object-oriented mix tools like Atmos.
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    DIY Studio Desk

    Yeah, that makes sense to me. What do you think is the solution to keyboard and mouse position? I was thinking of having my controller drawer be deep enough that my keyboard and mouse are normally positioned in front of the keyboard in that drawer, then when I want to do some playing I'll bring...
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    VSL instrument licenses vanished from e-licenser

    That is such a garbage policy/response on VSL's part. You bought the licenses, they presumably have (or should have) records of you buying them, they should just help you out if the licenser fails with no fault from you. It's their choice to force their paying users to use this restrictive...
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    FS: Studio Drummer, Emotional Cello, CH Woodwinds

    Added Chris Hein Winds and Emotional Cello.
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    Free instrument making me happy!

    Just what I was looking for; going to put together a Bach symphony using only an ensemble of these for that thick natural sound.
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    Chris Hein Woodwinds disappointment

    That Berlin WW ExpB sounds *exactly* how I want a dry flute to sound. I didn't realize the expansions we so dry! Very well-recorded. There's still a tiny amount of early reflections in there to breathe, as opposed to the Chris Hein samples which sound like they are literally in an anechoic...
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    FS: Studio Drummer, Emotional Cello, CH Woodwinds

    Chris Hein Orchestral Woodwinds Complete - $240 USD (or $320 CAD) Best Service Emotional Cello - $140 USD (or $185 CAD) Native Instruments Studio Drummer - $70 USD (or $90 CAD) Firm prices. Buyer should cover PayPal fees but I will cover the Best Service transfer fees.
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    Chris Hein Woodwinds disappointment

    Thanks everyone for chiming in. Some of the posts here caused me to want to dig a little deeper and see if there's anything I can do to improve my experience with CHW a little more, seeing as there seems to be no other real options for what I'm looking for save VSL, which I agree are a bit...
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    Chris Hein Woodwinds disappointment

    Are they? Crap, my options are narrowing by the minute :) Still, I think they are recorded much better. Even the old VSL stuff in the Kontakt Factory Library sounds vastly superior in detail to the naked Hein samples to me, and those are also very very dry.
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    Chris Hein Woodwinds disappointment

    When blending an instrument into a larger mix, I agree that mono can work quite well. But these are solo instruments. I assume that part of their use-case will be for... solo... work. Standing on their own from time to time. Rarely have I heard exposed cellos or pianos or violins recorded in...
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    Chris Hein Woodwinds disappointment

    I recently purchased the full Orchestra Woodwinds collection from another user here. Was quite excited about it. It's my first jump into Hein products. Unfortunately I think it will be my last Hein product. I wanted to post this not to trash-talk them at all (they have a lot of good points) but...
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    Struggling with mixing: New monitors or AI?

    Don't worry about your interface at all. It may not be the best but in the scheme of things it's going to be the very least of your worries. I'd recommend getting your monitors measured and quite possibly applying some corrective EQ (by someone with a lot of experience in doing so). I've yet to...
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    Cubase 10 Audio Power Scheme

    Just the "Minimum Processor State" setting in the Windows power settings. I guess this is Windows' way of controlling C-State/SpeedStep? But it's controllable in the power settings without having to outright disable it in the BIOS, so you can have throttling sometimes and not other times.
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    Cubase 10 Audio Power Scheme

    It has a few advanced hidden settings that you don't normally see without a registry tweak, but I think those things are minor. I use it, but the main reason I do is to have an easy automatic way of setting minimum CPU state to 100% when Cubase starts up, and automatically go back to a Balanced...
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