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    LPX 10.4.6 Midi Transform gray out under full piano roll window...normal ?

    The only work around I found so fare is: -Open a "Main Window" (command 1) (it seems that Logic needs this one being open to get the Midi Transform menu working (un grayed)) -Open a "Piano Roll" (command 4) and resize it to full screen area. -Lock the Screenset But yes, this is a bit weird...
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    CABAL 8 | Coming Soon

    Thanks for the reply. Anxious about this one!
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    CABAL 8 | Coming Soon

    V'got the feeling we are this 15th of July you were talking about. Aren't we?
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    Fretless Bass...which one ?

    He’s even having a summer sale atm (July, 1-31). Edit: Must be said that OTS is also having his famous summer group buy, so...
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    Do users need snapshots?

    Funny, @pendle's libraries were some I had in mind when writing my post. Yes, had the folder but had also from time to time to create it from the "instrument's option" and copy snapshots into it. For the latter scenario, a "read me" text (I think remembering that some even included a video, but...
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    Do users need snapshots?

    I'm missing something. I'v got some non-Kontakt Player libraries that came with snapshots that didn't need to be (re) saved individually (snapshots), could you elaborate a bit?
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    Massive X is Out!

    I'd personally never ask for something that would add/mean limit to other users. Was thinking about both AVX and none AVX requirement versions. Some devs already provide this alternative (may be not a lot of them though). Anyway, I also can pretty well understand that NI decided not going for...
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    Massive X is Out!

    If you'r on Mac, paste this command line into the Terminal App <sysctl machdep.cpu.features> and press return. If your CPU supports it it'll show one of those: AVX 1.0, AVX 2.0, AVX-512...
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    Bohemian Series Expansions Thread, Violin Expansion 2 Improv Video

    Many thanks for this update!!! You guys did some serious work here. Impressive.
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    Massive X is Out!

    V’got this 5,1 Tower we’r talking about. Few months ago this dev launched this synth, its called Vaporizer 2 <> Bought it without checking properly the system requirement. In fact, I read it rapidly and saw the usual suspects, except for... AVX. Couldn’t install! of...
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    NI Massive X anyone?
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    DAWconnect Problems

    Don't know which OS you'r using but, try to login in/login out from your account. Else, reboot. Hope this help.
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    OS X Catalina and 5,1 macpro

    Here's some info (more coming up later...)
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    Big Band

    Congrats @Saxer ! Cleaver+musical programming. Great work.
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    Any tips on how to put music up for streaming in reasonable quality?

    Not that you'd have to buy any products from them, but here are two links that might be of interest for you. Both have a blog where you can find pretty interesting topics. Hope this help.
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    Mac-based Beta-Testers required

    I see a conversation started May 1st between 2 persons one being you (Lindon)... I may have missing something re: conversations handling though.
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    Mac-based Beta-Testers required

    A simple reply to a PM, whatever the answer, would have been appreciated.
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    Mac-based Beta-Testers required

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    Arturia V Collection 7, now with Synthi, CZ1, Mellotron, and updated B3

    Re: Eric Persing, note that he's the guy who formerly did the samples/programmation of the D50 and that he surely have a privileged relation with Roland. But let’s guest that Arturia surely'v got some "ressources"... Re: Dexed/wrapper, I own Blue Cat Audio's PatchWork and while I never...
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    Toybox blocks for Reaktor 6.3 with front panel patching

    Hi, I bought the Blocks Bundle and really appreciate what you guys doing! Some hints about what’s following/coming-up?
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    Which is Your goto VI for analog synth sounds?

    In the top of my list, with no doubt! V'got a pretty unique character. Sounds huge. Not exactly a simple one to tame though. On the opposite side, this one is pretty simple to program and'v got quite a vibes. Another one I'm always coming back to is...
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    Arturia V Collection 7, now with Synthi, CZ1, Mellotron, and updated B3

    Wiki says "The JD-800 combines sample playback with digital synthesis". To recreate, they would need Roland licensing/permission supposedly? Re: Yamaha TX-816, isn't stacked DX7? Wouldn't be easy to reproduce using, e.g., stacked free Digital Suburban Dexed (or DX7 V of course)? But yes, this...
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    Sensitive/female-sounding scales or chord progressions?

    You really talk like somebody who knows it all anyway. So, just forget about my comment. ... By the way, I was reacting to the the post you’v already...edited. Go figure.
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    Sensitive/female-sounding scales or chord progressions?

    And this thread going on without any trigger warning? Now I’m getting pretty scared!
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    Speakerphone alternative?

    Here’s some alternative. First is free if you own Reaktor from NI. This one from AudioThing isn’t too expensive. Another option on the pricier side...
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    Tape Plugins?

    Here's another one that is worth a mention, its called... Reels and is made by AudioThing. They also'v got other plugs that would complement an "analog mix bus", so to speak. Full disclosure, I beta tested for them.
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    What is bx _ oberhausen ??

    Oberheim SEM
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    Exponential Audio acquired by Izotope

    I had the same interrogation, here's a link that clarifies things. Edit: You beat me up!
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    Exponential Audio acquired by Izotope

    Here's what Exponential Audio's customers v'got when taking "advantage" from Izotope's "special crossgrade pricing". I'll take Nimbus as an exemple. Here's Nimbus's release notes (which applies to them all): Version 3.0 released April 3, 2019 3.0.0 Release iZotope branding for GUI and User...
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    Exponential Audio acquired by Izotope

    Just received the email from Exponential. ... edit: Again, details over here <>.
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    Exponential Audio acquired by Izotope

    Edit: Some info about the whole migration thing...
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    Exponential Audio acquired by Izotope

    Izotope says: "We are excited to announce that we've acquired the Exponential Audio product line!" I think that reactions from Exponential Audio's customers are going to be mitigate... To say the least.
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    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    At least this thread gives a bit of exposure to the guy.
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    What are your favourite Reaktor toys?

    Some more neat Reaktor Blocks/instruments.
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    Logic Pro X Midi and Sample rate problems..Oh My!

    I sometimes experiment some spikes too using certain Kontakt instruments. Some scripts seem to be quite heavy on CPU.
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    Plugin Alliance _ bx_2098 EQ ( 24 hr. member code) @ $29.

    Just wanted to point out that FabFilter Pro Q 3 offers m/s - dynamic - fabulous UI - interactive EQ display etc. Didn’t want to derail the thread (not a $29.00 USD deal...) but it is worth a look at!
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    Logic Pro X Midi and Sample rate problems..Oh My!

    Do you experiment this issue with different plugins? Couldn't be the latter causing the problem?
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    Recommendations for filter plugins with many creative options.

    Really like what this guy is doing. <> He also just released a delay that is worth a look at! <> AudioThing has this formant one "with a twist". <> Kilohearts'v got this...
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    How to convert stereo to split mono tracks in logic?

    If you go to the Browser where your audio files appeared you can: -select them->Audio File menu->Copy/Convert File(s)... Then, there'll be a field untitled Stereo Conversion offering: No change - Split to interleaved - interleaved to Split. Is this what you'r looking for?
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    How to convert stereo to split mono tracks in logic?

    There's surely a slicker way doing it, but here's may be a solution. -Drag the stereo track into your Project. -Duplicate the channel (command-D) just created when dragging the stereo track. -Make an alias of your stereo track onto this just duplicated channel. -Pan one channel hard L and the...
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    Pro-Q 3

    I think you could add this one to the list: <>. Its called Multiplicity, from DMG Audio.
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    Why are all my followers on Soundcloud probably bots?

    All I know is mine have great taste.
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    Building a Kontakt Instrument, any feature requests?

    Ok, my bad, I missed the page at my first visit. Just returned to take some more time listening to all the libraries. Pretty interesting/original material!
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    Building a Kontakt Instrument, any feature requests?

    Hi Stefan, Didn’t know about you till now. Listening to demos on your site made me wonder if you were offering bundles. I’d probably go for more then one kit. Sounds good!
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    Any clue what these intriguing drum samples are or similar libraries?

    You may have a look at this one. <>
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    Writing metadata for the wave files - LogicProX

    To my knowledge, Logic couldn't do that. I'd really like to know how if it does though. Some could chime in with free solution if such thing exist, but in the mean time, here's some payed softwares that do exactly that.
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    Best Wow/Flutter/Broken Tape Effects Plugins?

    Lets go with two more.
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    Help! $25 to person who can solve this tech problem...

    Not that I think this where issue's coming from but, while troubleshooting, better to have a check at everything... -No IAC Driver going on. <EDIT * this applies to Logic X only * -Nothing messing with midi into the Environment.> I also remember struggling with a Reaktor Ensemble to find out...
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