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  1. ryans

    Orchestral (CSS...)

    Always a delight to hear your work.. Ryan
  2. ryans

    Mockups vs. Live

    For me, (the few times I've been lucky enough for it to happen) my main reaction has been wow.. this is unexpectedly and pleasantly different to what I imagined... When you do a mockup, it's just you.. no outside influences. Hearing 50 musicians interpreting and performing your work is adding...
  3. ryans

    Treason (Prague Live Strings)

    Somber and beautiful, thanks for sharing! Ryan
  4. ryans

    Atonement - Native Instruments "Noire" Felt Demo

    Perhaps the chordal accompaniment is a bit too abrupt/percussive, or maybe just too loud? Personally I would like to hear softer chords.. which would bring more focus to the melody.. Hope that is helpful :) Ryan
  5. ryans

    Big band & swing - study suggestions

    For listening material gotta recommend my personal fav, Count Basie. Ryan
  6. ryans

    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    My guess is.. you haven't done anything wrong... you just don't like the HD 650. It's a pretty..(relaxed..?) headphone.. Lots of nice low mids but probably less upper mids and highs than what you are used to, and as a result they could sound dull to you. Ryan
  7. ryans

    Black... (CSS sordino)

    Tasty harmonies. Ryan
  8. ryans

    Please have a listen to my composition. "Accomplished"

    The low hit at 1:08 sounds like it is clipping somewhere. Again when the final section starts around 2:16 your low hits sound really distorted/clipped.. overcompressed? The entire mix is suffocating here... This may indicate a deficiency in your monitoring setup. Just reducing the low...
  9. ryans

    John Williams - Leia's Theme - Mockup

    Beautiful mockup. Despite the many shortcomings of using samples, your musicality and obvious love of the source material shines through... Ryan
  10. ryans

    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    Hehe.. No I don't.. maybe I would, if my studio wasn't so small :grin:
  11. ryans

    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    I have dt 880, akg 712, hd800s and hd600.. and a few others, bit of a headphone junkie. My (headphone only) mixes turn out better on the hd600 and akg 712. Hd800s is another league when it comes to listening pleasure.. dt 880 are good for tracking. For me hd600 is still the king of neutrality...
  12. ryans

    One of my best...

    There is a lot potential here.. well done. Just a comment on the overall mix from me: maybe lacking a little in the high lows to low mids (200 to 315 Hz) which is making your upper mids a bit harsh. To my ears could use a bit more air (16+ khz) Also you low end is a little inconsistent (not...
  13. ryans

    Seeking Critiques

    Hello, I like the sound of the brass here.. From a mixing perspective, Your mix is clear.. I can hear all the elements, but I think the strings are a little relentless in a few places.. and rather loud in relation to the percussion. Balance issues like this can give your overall mix a slightly...
  14. ryans

    "A-List Composers are Furious about This One Cool Trick..."

    Thank you for the excellent advice AND.. perhaps even more importantly.. thank you for using paragraghs! Ryan
  15. ryans

    Christopher Siu - Once Upon A Romance (Official Audio)

    Hi Chris, Good work on this. Your mix is very clean, but I think, slightly lacking in low-mids and lows... which is resulting in a thinner overall sound and harsher upper mids... This is a subtle and nitpicky thing.. But it was my initial impression. Thanks for sharing! Ryan :)
  16. ryans

    "Dark Crystal Overture" Mockup ! (aka Soaring Strings Crash Test)

    Great work, and may I say great taste as well... it's a gorgeous score. A major letdown with sampled strings, for me, is the inability to capture that (soaring) quality that high strings in octaves/unison have when performed live... but they sound pretty good in your mockup, soaring strings...
  17. ryans

    Two pianos

    Beautiful! Ryan
  18. ryans

    What do you think about this violins sound?

    Violins sound good.. The cello has an unusually bright buzz and odd resonance to it, the oldschool/orchestral in me hates that tone, but... from a modern sound design perspective I love it. I think the strings work in the context of this track, which captures a great vibe. Nice work, Ryan
  19. ryans

    Feedback Requested - Piano + Orchestra Track

    Great work, really nice overall dynamic arc. The strings have a dark, lush sound that suits this piece well.. From an orchestration standpoint, it would have been nice to hear more exposed woodwinds? Just a thought/preference... the piece works fine as it is. Ryan
  20. ryans

    John Williams - Raiders March mockup (with a tiny template)

    Yes, thank you... sorry if my post came across as annoyed/offended, I wasn't... just attempting to be ironically humorous :) Ryan
  21. ryans

    John Williams - Raiders March mockup (with a tiny template)

    Agreed, the Angry Brass trumpets just screamed "Raiders" to me.. that is what prompted this experiment. Thanks for the kind words, Ryan
  22. ryans

    John Williams - Raiders March mockup (with a tiny template)

    Thank you.. I don't necessarily disagree but.. I'd like to point out that I didn't use a click here.. I played along with a reference track (kingdom of the crystal skull recording) Here's a portion of the mockup and the reference mixed together: I faded out the mockup briefly at around 0:14...
  23. ryans

    John Williams - Raiders March mockup (with a tiny template)

    Quick test with a low resource template. 27 tracks and 5 gb of memory... Not intended as an ultra-realistic mockup, more of a speed test.. just wanted to see how fast I could throw this together and still make it sound somewhat usable. Libraries: Jasper Blunk Angry Brass, Spitfire albion...
  24. ryans

    For the first time with my own vocal

    I can't comment on the lyrics, but from a composition standpoint, this is lovely... excellent work! I agree with bryla on the mix, the vocals do get lost at times. You could also try experimenting with more fx on the vocal, I am hearing a nice long stereo delay.. it might work? Ryan
  25. ryans

    Orchestral High-Pass

    I would think of 'mud' as being somewhere in the 150 - 400 Hz range... That said I typically highpass everything, orchestral or otherwise.. at 50 Hz or higher. Exceptions are bass, low percussion, synths or instruments with low fundamentals (eg. piano). Ryan
  26. ryans

    Are We Still Composers?

    How far are you going back? Music technology has been around for a while... Is a violin not technology? Ryan
  27. ryans

    Woodwind Balance

    Agreed! If I may add some 'technical' clarity... dB (spl) is not a measure of loudness. It's a measure of sound pressure. Loudness is psychoacoustics and difficult or impossible to measure accurately. Ryan
  28. ryans

    Woodwind Balance

    I find most woodwind libraries don't accurately represent the difference power certain instruments have in different ranges.. (I don't blame them for doing this... it makes the samples much easier to work with..) For example a piccolo in its low register has no power.. a piccolo played ff in...
  29. ryans

    I don't properly understand the signal flow (Cubase) as it pertains to groups and sends

    Ah sorry... that should be fine. If you have processing at the group level it will be affecting the reverb as well... which may or may not be desired...
  30. ryans

    I don't properly understand the signal flow (Cubase) as it pertains to groups and sends

    If I'm understanding correctly what you're asking here.. the answer is no. If you route the output of the fx channel back to the sending channel you would create a feedback loop... scary times! I Don't think Cubase lets this happen though. Ryan
  31. ryans

    Brass Quintet (Cinematic Studio Brass)

    Some tasty stuff there, nice. Ryan
  32. ryans

    Stars & moon (orchestral)

    There are some very, very... inspiring moments of beauty in this piece... I found the overall mix a little harsh.. in the 500 Hz to 2 k region.. only in a few places. Really great work, Ryan :)
  33. ryans

    Orchestral and piano (CSS and Ivory Piano)

    Nice unexpected twist at 1:37 :)
  34. ryans

    Use Automation for having more interesting mixes

    Great stuff Beat... Also credit to the maestro Morricone :)
  35. ryans

    Rocker's attempt at swing/big band (music video)

    Love it.. great editing Ryan
  36. ryans


    Thank you for sharing this.. greatly enjoyed. Ryan
  37. ryans

    Short piece for strings and choir

    Strings sound dark and beautiful here.. nice.
  38. ryans

    Counterpoint in Jazz

    What a treat.. the brilliant writing overshadows any lack of nuance in the performance. Thank you for sharing.. Ryan
  39. ryans

    T.J - Last of the Light mockup test

    Hey.. I'm not familiar with the piece.. but your production sounds pretty solid. I especially like the sound of your low strings. When the high brass comes in around 1:23 they sound a bit subdued? I feel like the brass should have a bit more punch there.. minor nitpick. Ryan
  40. ryans

    Pulse (Berlin strings first chairs)

    Beautiful composition... There are a few places where the piano gets buried in the mix a bit, but overall great mix. Bravo :) Ryan
  41. ryans


    Really nice atmosphere and soundscape here.. I can see this working well to picture.. Ryan
  42. ryans

    Shostakovich - The Gadfly Suite_Mock-Up

    It takes some serious balls to attempt virtual mockups of Shostakovich.. respect.. I don't really have any useful feedback, just, well done!... thanks for sharing... Ryan :)
  43. ryans

    Mockup - Heroics (Sinbad) by Harry Gregson-Williams

    Sinbad is a great score.. Your mockup is quite musical.. The overall sound is thin, and hollow... but clean. The horns could use some a little work, they're not sitting very well in the mix to my ears.. Look forward to hearing your next mockup :) Ryan
  44. ryans

    Mystery Tension cue for TV

    Hey Danny, Good production, I can see this working well as underscore.. Perhaps the piano could use some reinforcement.. maybe doubling with some percussion hits or percussive synth stabs? Just a thought.. Ryan
  45. ryans

    Mixing electric guitar with orchestral trailer music??

    I'm going to quote this again :) because even without hearing your mix, I'm fairly sure this is your problem... In my experience, usually when I'm fighting with a mix, it's because the arrangement is bad... this goes for any genre... Ryan
  46. ryans

    Opinions on Vocal Placement in Mix?

    I think you have arrangement issues here... The vocals and the accompaniment are fighting each other for space in the frequency spectrum... From a mix perspective, a mid/side eq/compression could help make more space for the vocals in the center... My preference/opinion: that vocal needs to...
  47. ryans

    Miles Ahead

    Lovely. Brushes sound good, would be nice to hear them even more up front in the mix, but that's just a matter of personal taste. Ryan
  48. ryans

    Night & Day (Orchestral Realistic)

    I really enjoyed this... Many different flavours from Korngold to Don Davis etc. Your overall mix sounds a bit unfocused and distant.. but I am digging the dynamic range. Ryan
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