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  1. RGT Team

    FREE One-on-One Guitar Playability Feedback

    Dear composers! Remote Guitar Tracking is now offering a free 1-on-1 guitar playability feedback. Let's schedule a video call and go over your piece together, in order to make sure that everything is playable and sounds good on the guitar. Chances are you will save some precious recording or...
  2. RGT Team

    How To Write For Guitar So That Your Guitarist Loves You!

    We have started a series on the RGT blog that will definitely be useful for all the non-guitar-based composers out there: How To Write For Guitar So That Your Guitarist Loves You Check it out and let us know how you like it! Also, if there's anything regarding scoring for guitar that you...
  3. RGT Team

    Need Guitars Recorded For Your Track? Get Your Custom FREE Sample Today!

    REMOTE GUITAR TRACKING We record guitars. At RGT, our mission is to provide composers with easy access to world-class guitarists, so that they create more great music faster. We have a team of top-notch session guitarists across all genres, so we can record anything that you may need. Get...
  4. RGT Team

    V.I Instrument database! What do you play?

    We play and record all kinds of guitars, from classical to metal.
  5. RGT Team

    What guitar sample library is good for making this kind of sound ...?

    As stated above, you will be way better off finding a live guitarist to record the riff for you than trying to program it in. Let me know if we can help! :)
  6. RGT Team

    Looking for instrumentalist's (any instrument)

    Remote guitar recording studio here! We have a team of pro session players in various genres, non-traditional instruments, too. Also based in Zurich, so we can totally meet up as well! :)
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