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    Cubase 10.0.20 released

    It is not working properly. Check for yourself.
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    Cubase 10.0.20-Forgotten midi ports

    Ok, so it looks like we need another campaign with Steinberg to fix all the bindings to the disabled/enabled tracks...
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    Cubase 10.0.20-Forgotten midi ports

    unfortunately Cubase 10.0.30 still does not recall track quick controls assignments. When you disable a track and save and close the project, the parameters are not recalled when enabling the track after re-loading. Upon re-enabling, the quick controls are empty. If you then disable the track...
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    Top 10 Stooopid Logic Pro Requests in 2019

    Let's face it. Logic Pro development is subservient to Apple business practices. They only updated Logic track count when Mac Pro 2019 was announced, they could have done it for the iMac Pro easily enough? We will see what other new features are there, looks like the performance meter is updated...
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    Cubase 10.0.20 released

    I just tried Cubase 10.0.20 after a looong break. What still doesnt work for me, is Quick controls do not respond after : 1) setting up quick controls for a track, vi instrument for example 2) disabling a track 3) saving and closing 4) on project reload, re enabling the track welcomes us with...
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    BETA AU3 With up to 48 MIDI Ports (= 768 MIDI channels) per instance, Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is the first AU3 plug-in on the market. Not fully functional yet, workaround for testing and a first impression available.
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    maybe they have been testing it with new version of Logic Pro X, and are waiting for the release from Apple.... ;-)
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    It's weird for them to tease us like that
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    VE PRO has supported VST3 since at least version 5.
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    Logic Pro 10.4.4 just released

    Time for Logic 11? :) NAMM is around the corner ;)
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    Recommendations for someone who wants to leave Cubase.

    +1 to all above, but first i'd try to run Cubase under Boot Camp. Since you know it, it could be faster to setup than to change DAWs. Logic has it's own issues like editing mutliple CC data (re-recording CC has to be done after manually deleting the data or on another track) and VSL guys seem to...
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    Recommendations for someone who wants to leave Cubase.

    Re: Bugs and issues. Did you run Cubase under Windows? Seems a lot of folks are happy with it there.
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    Cubase & control surface usage question

    Read up the Cubase manual on Generic Remote. I currently use Digidesign's Command 8 fader control surface, and can control any selected(via mouse or keyboard) channel's volume, solo, mute, and pan. You can even have Midi CC data forwarded back to the surface so you can actually _see_ the CC data...
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    Mac Pro trash can USERS

    They work fine (personally using a Cheesegrater) check out Andy's Gray setup :
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    Help with uad apollo/ cubase 9.5.2 bug...please?

    does this happen on Sierra also? Why do you need the latest OS?
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    Show me your d...esk

    Which model are those?
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    MacMini for EastWest Composer Cloud ? If not, what ?

    The only way of purging sample within Play 6 is to use the manual purge function, which is light years behind Kontakt's unfortunately..... the best setup would be with Ve Pro 6 - you can disable individual instances & unload from memory by sending a midi CC command / automation from any host.
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    BCF2000's faders moving along cc

    Hi, I did get it to work with my command 8, here's how : you have to set up the controller as generic remote (or was it track quick controls? cannot remember now) , using both IN and OUT channels. Then in C9.5, there's the preference for writing CC commands to automation lane. that worked for me.
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    Question For Anyone with HDX on a Mac

    I think you should ask or search at
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    Upgrading vs. Switching to Reaper

    Ok, i know what my "trick" is. I use only my keyboard's midi input on the track, that way there is no way for control data to record there. I use two midi interfaces, one for notes, one for cc messages. But your solution would work the same. So maybe Esencia, try again. It works great with...
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    Upgrading vs. Switching to Reaper

    This does not happen here. I have my Command 8 set sending CC1 to CC11 at channel 1, and after learning the fader inside ReaControlMIDI, i do not get any duplicates from the midi region. In fact, the data only gets recorded into the envelope, and plays back as it supposed to.
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    Logic script, that filter Articulation ID's from CC's messages

    Thank you for the script. Is it possible for it to work when recording live CC's from the fader controller (because the articulations are still glued to the cc's when i tried it ) or it's supposed to filter the data just before sending it to vepro/kontakt?
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    Logic script, that filter Articulation ID's from CC's messages

    Looks like the current articulation is attached to CC while recording with faders. If you write it in with a pencil, the articulation is not attached. You can set all the CC's articulation value to "-", that should get rid of the problem.
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    Smash Mouse: Footpedal Mouse

    there's also this:
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    Efficient RAM purge OSX + Logic X

    you can purge memory by opening Terminal and typing in "sudo purge", then your password. do not have to close the apps.
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    Logic Pro X 10.4 released

    Nothing is broken hardware-wise. It's just the software issue, Sierra does not have a driver for wifi chip used in 2009 mac pros, and the newer macs use different chip. That's all.
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    Any VEPRO/OSX guru around? Please help!

    Leo, glad it is over. Just a thought tho : Would there be a benefit running the VE Pro on Mac Pro slaves under windows 7? Did anyone do that? Does play behave better in Ve Pro slave running windows?
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    OWC 128gb RAM Upgrade Issues, Mac Pro 6.1 Cubase 8.5 Kontakt 5.6.8

    good luck, and just demand a good working one! you paid for it, remember :-)
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    OWC 128gb RAM Upgrade Issues, Mac Pro 6.1 Cubase 8.5 Kontakt 5.6.8

    i think the culprit may be lying there (eg: your mainboard may be defective). I'd test the memory in another mac, and start some communication with /request an exchange with OWC
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    Logic is very slow

    It's worth to try menu item Logic Pro X -> Preferences -> "Initialize all except key commands"
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    Making Logic Pro X MIDI editing more fluid, natural, intuitive (a la Cubase)

    What would be really great : an update that solves (re)recording CC data situation. It could be a setting in the Recording dialog, here: In the replace menu, we would then choose Replace: (only active CC data), and that would be it. No more extra CC tracks! Best if it replaced only detected...
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    Video Slave 3 looks good.
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    What is Reaper bad at?

    Tack, that is amazing. Very well thought out, and totally coherent. Will need a while to digest and test this, as I have some work to do first, but will definately try it first thing in the next week... thank you very much!
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    What is Reaper bad at?

    If i understand correctly, you use 14bit fader information for volume control in Reaper? Do you also use bome for that as an intermediate? Command 8 also can send 14bit information (I think - it has an option for double precision in the settings, and i get the whole 0 -16384 values shebang)...
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    What is Reaper bad at?

    Tack, i'm very interested in your "Syncing midi CC's to a control surface" tutorial on youtube. I managed to get my Avid Command 8 surface working with Reaper and Js CC sync script, and now trying to get my head around the Bome Midi Translator. It's a bit painful to read the script from the...
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    Screen resolution on Mac Pro 6.1

    Maybe you could try SwitchResX ( ?
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    Can you guess which DAW Lorne Balfe is using here ?

    He explicitly says Cubase and SAM here : Edit: yeah, but that was 2013 :)
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    Avid Artist Control & Logic in 2017 - solid?

    How about Mackie Control (formerly known as Logic Control) for Logic? These still work, right? I use Avid's Command 8 for entering CC data in Logic, and it works great in Midi standalone mode, no fader support. But i bought it for Pro Tools so don't complain...
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    Display Multiple CCs in Logic

    I have slightly different but somehow related question: Is there a way to re-record CC automation on the track that already has one without the previous one going haywire? When i try to do that, the data gets merged and looks (and sounds) nasty. Working with hardware fader the only way i found...
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    VE Pro / Logic routing question

    Every section (VI1, VI2, CELLOS, so on) gets it's own vi-frame. you can have a lot of them. Currently Logic can communicate via 16 channels of midi with each of them, but that will change soon with AU3.
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    Can't change sample rate (among other things) in Logic Pro X

    There is an incompatibility issue with helper programs like BetterTouch Tool or some other window managers that lets you snap windows to the edges of the screen,etc. Seems like this is your issue. Disable the additional software, restart OS X and you should be fine.
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    From Windows to Cylinder Mac Pro

    I see you're running Cubase. What is an exact reason you'd like to ditch Windows for OS X? Do you intend to run Windows on the "Trash Can"? My take : Stay with Windows. Upgrade to a better PC, that's my advice. You will get much more "oomph" for your money. Lower latency, too, probably -...
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    Mac Pro + SSD dropouts ===> upgrade to 12 core!

    Vision, what kind of memory are you using in your mac pro for a total of 128gb? doesn't it run hot? i use some 8gb ecc rdimm sticks and they get very hot, i cannot imagine using more than the memory udimm?
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    Stuck notes in VEPro 5 with Logic

    A better solution is to hit the "!" panic button in kontakt, that way you can get rid of hanging notes for all instruments loaded into that instance.
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    Realtime DAW performance still peaking after upgrading CPU on Mac Pro

    try a clean install of el capitan, it made a lot of difference for my realtime performance on my lowly 2 x 2,26 mac pro 2009
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    Mac Pro + SSD dropouts ===> upgrade to 12 core!

    Jordan, the card itself maxes out at 10 Gbits/sec as it is 2 lane pci only. But that's for all 4 drives mounted. I get maximum speed from one samsung at the moment which is about 520-540 MB/s read and write. if i did the math correctly, when you raid the ssd's and run them together you should...
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    Mac Pro + SSD dropouts ===> upgrade to 12 core!

    I just got myself a 1TB Samsung EVO 850 msata drive (used Addonics quad msata pcie card) for my mac pro (2009-2x 2,26 Ghz xeon cpus). Was pretty sad when i saw that realtime performance has not improved much with 10.9.5 mavericks/ve pro/logic pro x combo (various libraries) I was getting a lot...
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