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  1. quantum7

    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    Only a $10 price discount for people who already own Spaces 1? Wow! You would think a loyalty discount would be a bit more, but oh well, I guess it's better than nothing.
  2. quantum7

    New O.T. Harpsichords

    I love the sound of the Harpsichord and always thought it should be used more in modern music....but the sound is so synonymous with Baroque music that I guess it will always sound dated to most ears, hence not be used much. Too bad!
  3. quantum7

    Looking for someone to transcribe this song, or how to go about it.

    He said, “everything”. I told him that might be difficult, but promised him I would ask. The guy is in his 80’s, and a hell of a pianist. Personally, I would just have the band listen to it over and over until they learned its by ear as best they could, but that’s just me.
  4. quantum7

    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    This is what I've wished for many years now. I've spent between $30k and $40k on music software/samples/synths since around the early 2000's. Sadly, nearly half of my purchases have been long-term disappointments in which I never ended up using the software. $15k - $20k of wasted money! I...
  5. quantum7

    Looking for someone to transcribe this song, or how to go about it.

    I know a gentleman who is trying to find someone who can transcribe the piece in this video for his band to perform. He asked me if I would ask around, so I thought I would try here and pass on any information on how to go about this back to him. Thanks!
  6. quantum7

    J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on the Baloran The River synthesizer

    This is dedicated to my father who passed away this last weekend. My father was the one who introduced me to Bach, as well as other classical music when I was growing up.
  7. quantum7

    Game of Thrones theme on the Baloran the River synthesizer

    Winter is coming! :eek:
  8. quantum7

    Valhalla Delay vs Best of the Past /Best?

    I use Waves H-Delay all the time, but am considering buying a new delay. How does Valhalla compare to H-Delay?
  9. quantum7

    If you had to choose 3 synths amongst these.

    I realize it's not on the list, but ever since I bought my Baloran The River synth, I've been a VERY happy camper! :2thumbs: I still love my OB-6, Deckard's Dream, and Modal 002, but haven't touched them in over a month now with The River occupying my synth time.
  10. quantum7

    Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries on the Baloran The River synth

    Richard Wagner's epic Ride of the Valkyries on the Baloran The River synth.
  11. quantum7

    Trailer for New Spitfire Library

    I heard through the grapevine that it is supposed to be the ultimate Circus organ! The Circus organ to end all Circus organ libraries, they said! I'm pretty stoked! :faint:
  12. quantum7

    Bricasti M7 reverb

    Seventh Heaven is a VERY good convo reverb IMO.
  13. quantum7

    Tape Plugins?

    My 2 favs are from Slate and U-he.
  14. quantum7

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    You are right. I should have said, "concerned". :)
  15. quantum7

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    Why complain that Waves has constant sales? I find it a very good thing for my bank account actually. Waves has clearly lost its dominance in the plug-in FX market and needs to survive, thus the constant sales....which is a win win for everyone IMO.
  16. quantum7

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    There are plenty of subpar libraries, but I honestly believe if you really know what you are doing, you can coax a great performance out of nearly any's just a bit more work and frustration, but it can be done! Some of my best work over the years was using very basic libraries...
  17. quantum7

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    I did a recreation of the 60's synth hit, Popcorn. I even made the recording sound old with record hiss and all. The CW owner thought that I was posting their recording of it. I had to prove to them that it was done with a Moog One synth and Cubase. D'oh! :eek:
  18. quantum7

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    Wow! Very interesting how this could be challenged. I have had my stuff challenged when I recreated it obviously too close the original myself. I've decided now that I'm always going to change the tempo slightly....and perhaps even the key, as to not have the YT algorithms think that my...
  19. quantum7

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    I was told that I should take it as a compliment that the YT algorithms think my stuff is the original stuff. I guess! LOL Now I have purposely used material that I absolutely know would get flagged, such as Freddie Mercury's vocals on a Radio Ga Ga cover I did, but it was worth it because...
  20. quantum7

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    My Tron (1982) End Credits that I did with a Modal Electronics 002 synthesizer was challenged, and also my Celestial Soda Pop video, also done with the 002 synth. Another strange one is my Gayane Ballet Suite (Adagio) by Aram Khachaturian. I'm not sure whey that was has a CW claim against it...
  21. quantum7

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    Yup! I have seen people do absolutely HORRIBLE covers though, but have thousands of subscribers because they started 10 years ago when there wasn't much competition on YT. I know a friend of a friend who has NEVER had one of his covers challenged, but his videos were created with cheesy...
  22. quantum7

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    I remember the industry trying to create a law that would force cover bands to pay them also. Should a pianist who plays a piano version of AC/DC's Highway To Hell and posts it to Youtube now have to pay AC/DC? I do a lot of covers on YT and have found most to be OK, but this is a real sticky...
  23. quantum7

    "Vengeance" from "The Sorcerer" by Tangerine Dream - vintage synth tones from The River

    I thought I'd see if the Baloran The River was good with vintage sounds, and IMO it definitely delivered! "Vengeance" is a track by Tangerine Dream on the 1977 film, Sorcerer. My father had this on 8-track back in the late 70's and it always memorized me.
  24. quantum7

    Eternal Light - featuring the Baloran The River synthesizer

    I'm really enjoying this new French synth. I feel truly blessed to be only of only 30-something The River owners on the planet. :)
  25. quantum7

    Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity feat. OB6, Modal 002, Prophet X, and Deckard's Dream

    This has to have been by far the most challenging of my classical synth pieces yet. Nearly 90 hours went into this and I'm really happy how it came out. Now that I have both Mars, and now Jupiter finished, I'm planning to do the remaining 5 planets to complete the series. I hope you enjoy this.
  26. quantum7

    Fanfare for the Common Man on the Deckard's Dream synthesizer

    The music of great Aaron Copland and synthesizers go quite well together IMO. :2thumbs:
  27. quantum7

    Tony's Theme from Scarface

    Thanks Ned! Yeah, in hindsight I could have probably taken the snare down a dB or two. I feel very blessed to have the synths I have. They all compliment one another very well. I am hoping to add a Baloran The River to the flock. The River demos are some of the best I’ve ever heard on a...
  28. quantum7

    Tony's Theme from Scarface

  29. quantum7

    Tony's Theme from Scarface

    As a HUGHE fan of Giorgio Moroder I just had to do this! The 4 synths I used for Tony's Theme were the Modal Electronics 002, the Deckard's Dream by Black Corporation, and the OB6 and Prophet X by DSI Sequential. The vocal "Ahs" were provided by a small Catholic church choir, and the...
  30. quantum7

    Anyone Else Think 8dio Adagio Violas Kick Ass?

    Indeed! :2thumbs:
  31. quantum7

    Anyone Else Think 8dio Adagio Violas Kick Ass?

    Thank you! This one has always been one of my favorites on that album. :)
  32. quantum7

    Anyone Else Think 8dio Adagio Violas Kick Ass?

    Here is a piece that the cello begins around 2:40, but it's pretty simple and the beautiful live violinist gets all the ear attention. :)
  33. quantum7

    Anyone Else Think 8dio Adagio Violas Kick Ass?

    I used Adagio cellos on my last New Age album alongside my real violinist. Most people thought I had also used a real cellist. :2thumbs:
  34. quantum7

    Bohemian violin & Emotional violin: dislikes?

    Unfortunately this seems to be the case with most sample libs IMO. If you can afford it, you really need at least 2 or 3 libraries to be covered with just about every type of instrument.
  35. quantum7

    Which Harp library for EXPOSED solo harp music?

    One of the best sampled harps available IMO. :2thumbs:
  36. quantum7

    Anyone interested in (waiting for) Sampletank 4 ?

    Me to! ST is really bad in comparison to... let’s say the likes of Omnishere, for example.
  37. quantum7

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    EVERY sample company has “hit or miss” products to someone.
  38. quantum7

    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    The demo sure sounds good!
  39. quantum7

    Afflatus Retro Piece

    This piece made me feel sentimental while listening. Many moons ago when I was a kid, my parents would often have music in this genre on in the living room in the evening. Nicely done! :)
  40. quantum7

    What String Libraries for the New-Age Genre?

    As a New Age music composer for nearly 30 years now, IMO you really can use just about ANY string library. It's not really about the particular library, but more importantly, how it is utilized in your compositions.
  41. quantum7

    BF2018: The cigarette after it. How do you feel?

    I bought a 16-voice Moog One and a Prophet X....thus had absolutely no business spending any more money for BF. :shocked:
  42. quantum7

    Cubase 10

    Cubase has certainly come a long way since I first started using in on the Atari ST back in the late 80's. :2thumbs:
  43. quantum7

    So, what is the consensus on 8dio's Intimate Strings?

    With the name, "Intimate Strings" I thought it might be good for my ambient new-age type stuff, but perhaps they were going more after the pop rock intimate angle.
  44. quantum7

    So, what is the consensus on 8dio's Intimate Strings?

    Oops! My bad! Good point!
  45. quantum7

    Cubase 10

    I upgrade mainly because of the GUI improvement......which are REALLY nice IMO. :2thumbs:
  46. quantum7

    So, what is the consensus on 8dio's Intimate Strings?

    No one has bought Intimate Strings and can comment? :faint:
  47. quantum7

    Cubase 10

    Underwhelmed! I was really hoping that 10 would be something extra special, as 9 was a bit underwhelming also. I might, for the first time, skip updating. Hopefully this information is incomplete.
  48. quantum7

    The perfect strings sound ...not quite there but progressing

    With your good attitude regard constructive criticism, you are opening yourself up to a much better chance at becoming very proficient in your craft. I'll look forward to hearing your music growth over the coming years if you choose to present it to us here. :)
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