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  1. Sid Francis

    FluffyAudio - Simple Cello - A lovely lyrical cello for just 49$/€ Intro Price at 39$/39€

    :) And I knew why I loved the reverb. The Burbank big stage is my standart reverb on EVERYTHING. It makes things sound classical... woody and "chamber-y"... if you don´t "pump up the Bank, just pump it up!" :rofl:
  2. Sid Francis

    Con Moto

    and 2000 less people highly interested in his next library because the first one satisfied them so much
  3. Sid Francis

    FluffyAudio - Simple Cello - A lovely lyrical cello for just 49$/€ Intro Price at 39$/39€

    Very nice music, CGR... but why does the cello player sit 60 feet in the back of the gym? :whistling: Joke aside: much too much reverb on him for my taste. The reverb is good though. What is it?
  4. Sid Francis

    FluffyAudio - Simple Cello - A lovely lyrical cello for just 49$/€ Intro Price at 39$/39€

    Hello guys, hello Paolo This one has a wonderfull tone. It has everything I would ever need from a cello. The big disadvantage? Why the heck didn´t you come 5 years EARLIER? ;-) Unfortunately the only instrument that I already got in several great editions is the cello... and I don´t need...
  5. Sid Francis

    The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir - Available Now for €69

    Ah okay, thanks for the info. A pity. There are other gregorian choir libraries on the market but yours has definitly a noble and majestic sound.
  6. Sid Francis

    The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir - Available Now for €69

    Sounds similar to Tropar? Yes..both are voices. Similarity ends.
  7. Sid Francis

    The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir - Available Now for €69

    If the ahs and ohs have a sufficient range I am in. Because the sound is great and I would use them just for chords or gregorian lines.
  8. Sid Francis

    The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir - Available Now for €69

    Thank you Bansi. I am very very disappointed :crying: . Still I want to make music myself, not let other sing prerecorded phrases :-( Though the sound is gorgeous I have to admit. But the concept is just too limiting and not my cup of tea.
  9. Sid Francis

    The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir - Available Now for €69

    George: this sounds so good that I must INSIST that you give some more info VERY soon! :-)
  10. Sid Francis

    Berlin Strings First Chairs vs CSSS?

    Another point: I immediately after download tried to lower the volume of the staccato against the legato in capsule. But seemingly you only can lower the volume of all articulations together? That wouldn´t make much sense....? Or am I just plain blind?
  11. Sid Francis

    Synchron-ized Special Edition

    Hey Daddy-John...ahhh... John-O!! :whistling:;) Hope you are well too! Thank you. Yes I would create new presets as I did in the old player. Generally I like the modern new look and the orchestral IRs are chosen really well. I would have paid for them alone because they really fit and work...
  12. Sid Francis

    Synchron-ized Special Edition

    Thank you guys!
  13. Sid Francis

    Synchron-ized Special Edition

    Can anyone using the Synchron player give a hint how to stack sounds? For example a bassoon with an english horn? In the old Vienna Instrument player it was so easy but here I just don´t see it?
  14. Sid Francis

    How do people deal with CSS delay?

    Manually placing every note with the advanced legato surely is the best method. Choosing the classical legato patches and just playing along is the easiest. So do I and I am totally satisfied with the result.
  15. Sid Francis

    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    Whatever I try in my armada: in 95% of all times I am coming back to Spaces when it is about finding the right orchestral reverb. For solo instruments choices may vary since they sometimes have special needs.
  16. Sid Francis

    NI Symphony Strings-The small sections

    Very kind of you Jake. Would perhaps also kick others on the other side of the fence as long as summer sales are going on. And If I get weak and buy them I´ll tell you :-) But don´t wait : could be in some miuntes or so :cool:
  17. Sid Francis

    NI Symphony Strings-The small sections

    Hi everybody I am interested in upgrading the NI strings from Komplete Ultimate to their full version. The big strings sound great but I got enough libraries for that. I would do it just to have the smaller sections. Unfortunately I only find demos of the divisi strings in polyphonic mode, when...
  18. Sid Francis

    Berlin Woodwinds vibrato

    No, you are not mistaken.
  19. Sid Francis

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 features

    Thanks for reminding me of the last intro sale days: I watched your video and...bought it. And what should I say: last thing I thought I needed was a new comp or limiter, but these are among the best i own. And they are eye candy... I´ll learn more about the update in the next days....
  20. Sid Francis

    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    Same for me. I also find it marketingwise a bit "unlucky" that two quite different sides of musicmaking are mixed and only available as a bundle. In my music I would never ever use something like "Spider strings" which might be paradise on earth for film musicians who don´t find such artics...
  21. Sid Francis

    Legato Strings comparison - one phrase, eight test runs

    Very helpful comparison, thank you. When will the undisclosed be revealed?
  22. Sid Francis

    Smooth jazz/chill out piano.

    I also found the sound to be outstanding. A pity it is not in Ultimate yet...and I just bought Ultimate .-)
  23. Sid Francis

    Looking for Witcheresque/Percival Female Vocal Samples

    Buy 2-3 new sample libraries and afterwards record the performance of your wife! :rofl: Sorry, I don´t know of any similar library, I am working at the other end of the musical palette ....:ninja:
  24. Sid Francis

    Kirk Hunter Diamond confusions

    Since there has not been a newer woodwind librariy since there will be no tvec4 patches.
  25. Sid Francis

    Cinematic Studio Strings - new sample library from the creators of CS2 - out now!

    Jake: listen to the sound differences, I find they are huge. There is no question of "which is better, but "which is closest to my sound ideal". CSS has a very distinct romantic "50ies" charm and CS2 is for the big cinema, broad and hollywood-like. I don´t use the delayed versions of CSS at...
  26. Sid Francis

    Kirk Hunter Diamond confusions

    Please always remember that it is an old outdated lib that you get for a minimum price. I bought Concert Strings II for the same price and got a more modern, sorted library with an interface, which really allows to taylor the lib as I need it. And I use it very often. Alone the possibility to...
  27. Sid Francis

    Kirk Hunter Diamond confusions

    Kirk Hunter and his comrades were masters in hiding their easter eggs behind every possible stone :) 1st Violins with full GUI: Kirk Hunter Diamond Orchestra -> Instruments -> Strings -> Violins -> 1_Combines_Whole_Half_Quarter_Solo_Divisions -> 1st_Violins_TVEC4_Instruments -> a 1st Violins...
  28. Sid Francis

    Japanese Shinobue Flute VST?

    You will get 90% of that sound using a indian bansuri or egyptian ney. Shinobue seems to be the japanese equivalent to the Bansuri and only playing style is more of a shakuhachi. But that´s up to your playing skills to imitate this on the keyboard.
  29. Sid Francis

    Sonex Orchestra - any experience?

    Hi guys... I just found this through an ad in a vst news online magazine. Never heard of it, no snippet of a single instrument to be found. No names, no address, no nothing. fraud? Anyone ever bought from them?
  30. Sid Francis

    Cinematic Studio Strings

    I am working in cubase and even made a midi transform script that cuts the upper 20% of the dynamic and uses the whole modwheel range only for values of 1-95. And I still rarely go far over the mid position... I noticed that the biggest differences between what I hear in romantic films and on...
  31. Sid Francis

    Getting more creative with dynamics of virtual instruments

    Hey you will make a hell of a difference, trust me/us...
  32. Sid Francis

    RIP Dick Dale, the Origins of Surf Music in Middle Eastern Music, and Two Versions of “Misirlou”

    I can´t tell you how much I like the arabic version more... thank you for that link.
  33. Sid Francis

    10 violins legato patches compared (REVISED)

    Thank you for the comparison. I am astonished though: most of them sound the same to me or very very similar. When I test the different libraries parked on my drive though the differences are HUGE..... Note. It is early in the morning and first coffee is in but not yet effective. Ears are on...
  34. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    I found another drawback of piano-like keyboards today: I definitly need octave switches. Often. I noticed it when I was browsing today for midi controllers as you also suggested :-)
  35. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    I tested it today: a worthy hulk of keyboard this is! :) But it got the heaviest action of all keyboards I tested so far :eek: I will not be able to play with this quickly because my hands really are a bit weakish and I play lots of grace notes in my melodies. That would be the right one for...
  36. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    Thank you for the tip with the M-Audio: indeed it gets only great reviews. I will wait till I can test one in our store. And I need to measure the height, it also is quite "thick" and I have to make shure it will fit. But I will definitly give it a closer look.
  37. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    I did not buy the KC88 but could test it in our store. Definitly too heavy. A88 was a great one, but: no wheel :-( There once was a company which offered a single assignable touch controller strip with usb connector. Would have been the perfect match for a clavinova or an Kawai ES 110 (great...
  38. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    Thank you Daryl. But no wheel and i love wheel. And "amazona" test (online magazine in german) says "for piano players, not so for synth soli since weighting is quite hard".So probably too heravy for my small and untrained hands....
  39. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    Thank you Tracy. The mBk 88 from Akai would have been my other choice. Unfortunately both are very high/thick and would not fit where the keyboard has to be placed: halfway under my monitor/hardware shelf which has a attached mini "sub"shelf for the computer keyboard , like a drawer. Monitor...
  40. Sid Francis

    Same old Question : Which Masterkeyboard ?

    Hi guys Since my CME Z-Key 88 translates my velocity very sloppily, and the whole midrange seems to be missing I am on the watch for a working masterkeyboard. I am working in Europes biggest music store but guess? I don´t find anything suitable. The best ones would be some electric pianos we...
  41. Sid Francis

    Engine 2 Version 2.6: virus alert?

    Thank you for the longer explanation, Ben. So it´s just one of those very rare false alarms, No reason to dump Avira for me, just live with the exception :-)
  42. Sid Francis

    Engine 2 Version 2.6: virus alert?

    I already defined an exception in Avira, but I don´t want an active malware on my system either. For this reason I asked for your experiences. Win 7 64 by the way...
  43. Sid Francis

    Engine 2 Version 2.6: virus alert?

    Hello everybody I just installed the latest Version of engine from Best service. Unfortunately it always triggers a virus alert in Avira Anti Virus: adware Gen7 found. What to do? I still want to use my Best service libraries here and there :confused:
  44. Sid Francis

    8dio Acoustic Nylon Guitar on sale -- your thoughts?

    I found the tone of the solo nylon be much too "pop", bright and piercing, and the sound of the strummer seemingly being recorded deep in the church was really awful..
  45. Sid Francis

    Dangerous Music BAX EQ || 30 bucks with voucher || Plugin Alliance

    Just watched the video: really nice smooth highs, hopefully it won´t take as much CPU as my other similar eqs need. Used the vouvcher code: everything fine.
  46. Sid Francis

    50% Off: Emotional Cello by Best Service!

    Everyones download is a bit different depending on how much cello you deserve!
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