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  1. Heledir

    Soniccouture: 50% Off Everything. It's all over now.

    Got Sheng Khaen Sho via you guys' sale last week for €65. Only to find it for €45 on Best Service's site, a few days after... :emoji_upside_down: Ah well. Was looking to get that library at this time, and suddenly there was a sale, so I can't be disatisfied.
  2. Heledir

    Versatile Choir

    While I don't think it's sound is very good without soaking it in reverb, the word-builder does lend Eastwest Hollywood Choir great flexiblity.
  3. Heledir

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Yoshimatsu, Takashi - And Birds Are Still...
  4. Heledir

    Orange Tree?

    I've got their 'Mesawinds', 'Angelic Harp', and 'Angelic Zither' libraries. The former two I use regularly, the latter was more a 'thingy' I bought alongside the other two and have only really used once. Nonetheless, all three are great, and haven't regretted buying them for a moment. The...
  5. Heledir

    Stand alone Glock library

    ... Oh that kind of Glock.
  6. Heledir

    8dio Acoustic Nylon Guitar on sale -- your thoughts?

    A few months back they had a sale on the Bazantar, also for €38. And after playing with it for a while, I liked it... But I was happy I didn't pay full price (€198) for it. I'd have been miffed if I had paid even ½ of the full price. It's much the same here. I like it. I didn't have a decent...
  7. Heledir

    Do you believe in the supposed powers of 432hz tuning?

    Well, all I'll say is that the moment I tuned to 432hz MY ENTIRE LIFE IMPROVED AND THUS THE WORLD! Take that for what its worth.
  8. Heledir

    Asian, Chinese, Arabic Libraries

    Sonica Instruments: A Japanese company making very detailed Japanese instrumental libraries. Premier Sound FActory: Has a Koto and a Shakuhachi library. Impact Soundworks...
  9. Heledir

    Orchestral Tools "groundbreaking" announcements

    I've been wanting companies to do this selling sepperate parts of libraries for so long. Could make a real difference for someone like me.
  10. Heledir

    Orchestral Tools "groundbreaking" announcements

    *cry-laughs in poor*
  11. Heledir

    Solo Vocals

    There's also ERA II's Vocal Codex. Eastwest is coming with a Voices of Opera this winter -- January, Febuary? -- which consists of a solo soprano and solo tenor. Organic Voices vol. 1: Solo Opera by Organic Samples is only €30 right now. Soundiron has a similar library, Voice of Rapture...
  12. Heledir

    Post Your Black Friday Haul Pictures HERE!

    I bought Spitfire's Skalia Harp. Which was problematic because I'd intended to buy Harp Swarm -- had been mulling it over for a few days, went and pulled the trigger, aaand... oops. Went too fast, didn't check properly. So now waiting for my money to be refunded in early december and hoping...
  13. Heledir

    If you could afford it......

    I'd buy Orchestral Tool's whole Berlin series. And go have a nice holiday. Maybe Korea.
  14. Heledir

    New from Strezov Sampling: Afflatus Chapter - Part one: Strings

    Sections Walkthrough: Sounds rather good to me.
  15. Heledir

    What do you guys think of this pad I made?

    I love it! That's exactly the kind of pad I'd use in my own music.
  16. Heledir

    Which one would you recommend: Embertone's Intimate Strings/Spitfire Solo Strings

    Hmm. How did I not know that existed? Seeing how high on my list Cinematic Studio Strings is, I should probably take a look... :)
  17. Heledir

    Which one would you recommend: Embertone's Intimate Strings/Spitfire Solo Strings

    CSSS? *Googles* Computing Science Student Society? Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Sceme? Centre for Science and Security Studies?
  18. Heledir

    Which one would you recommend: Embertone's Intimate Strings/Spitfire Solo Strings

    I've been looking for a great solo strings library, and it's come down to these two for me. Ignoring Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin for a moment (which no one should ever do, really, because oh my god it's gorgeous) as it's €200 vs €375 for a whole section. Right now, I'm leaning heavily to the...
  19. Heledir

    How to make a children's choir as airy as possible

    You could try this free plugin called Roth-AIR. As you may guess from the name it's designed to add air. Even has a big button with 'Air' on it in the middle of the interface. I've used it a fair few times.
  20. Heledir

    Top 5 scores from the last 10 years

    Red Cliffs: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: RIME: Guild Wars 2: The Last Guardian: And a little cheating, a sixth and older than 10 years (within 10 years for me, though) House of Flying Daggers:
  21. Heledir

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Handel's Minuet in G minor.
  22. Heledir

    FILMS: What are you watching ?

    I watched Annihilation. I'm still shook by the "bear".
  23. Heledir

    A New Chapter from Spitfire Audio...

    I mean, I would sell just 1 kidney to own an Orchestral Tools Berlin library, but I think I'd soon run out of organs.
  24. Heledir

    United Strings of Europe?

    I didn't know this. As far back as I can remember, though, I've set the strings up like that. When I load, for example, Eastwest Hollywood Strings, and I hear basses all the way to the right... I absolutely hate it. It irks me so much. It just overwhelms one side. So out of balance. I've always...
  25. Heledir

    Before You Buy...

    4:20 to 4:30 *gets moved to the drama zone*
  26. Heledir

    Spitfire HZ Percussion: Worth the Price?

    You could take a look at Saga (, it's €149, compared to €399 (€599 for the pro) of HZP. See if that floats your boat.
  27. Heledir

    Black Friday 2018 - What's on your Wish List?

    I mean, what isn't on my wishlist...
  28. Heledir

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    A delicacy of delicateness:
  29. Heledir

    Orange Tree Samples 2018 Group Buy - 60% OFF NOW!!

    I got Mesawinds, Angelic Harp through this deal and threw in Angelic Zither for good measure. Angelic Harp might be my favourite harp, now. It's exactly what I've been looking for: a harp that isn't too 'plucky' -- or becomes so at higher velocities. I'm loving it.
  30. Heledir

    Fluffy Audio 30% Sales until August 15th (ALL LIBRARIES)

    I just got 'Simple Flute' and 'My Log Drum' for 30% off! But seriously, I might have to grab 'Rinascimento'. I've been eyeing that one for a while, now.
  31. Heledir

    $200 to spend maybe

    No but seriously does anyone know Caleb's whereabouts? He hasn't been seen in 13 years.
  32. Heledir

    Steinberg Iconica

    It might be a bit pricey for a beginner, but I do think it would be very suited for those only just starting out but looking for a full orchestra.
  33. Heledir

    Any experiences with the EastWest CC Hard drive?

    How do you mean? If I'm going to get it, I would only use it for the Eastwest libraries that are on there (and future Eastwest releases). That what you mean?
  34. Heledir

    Any experiences with the EastWest CC Hard drive?

    I'm thinking of getting it so I can clear a whole bunch of space off my current HDD, and so I don't have to download 83GB libraries like Stormdrum 3, etc. Only thing is, when I googled the specific hard drive they use, it didn't exactly show great user reviews -- lots of it stopping to work...
  35. Heledir

    Melancholic Strings

    How about Ralph Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis:
  36. Heledir

    SPITFIRE - Spitfire Solo Strings NEW Virtuoso Violin Total Performance Patch

    Likes: Detailed sound; shorts sound great and rich; harmonics and flautandos sound really nice. Consistent articulations; no articulations missing on say the viola (poor violas have suffered enough). Full quartet/quintet. I might actually be able to afford it. Dislikes -- or perhaps...
  37. Heledir

    Which sample library is the most important for you?

    Hollywood Orchestra. Mostly because the majority of my music involves an orchestra and I also have no alternative. :emoji_slight_smile:
  38. Heledir

    Children's choirs?

    8Dio's Liberis sounds (I don't own it) fantastic, from what I've heard. It is a bit more expensive that the other two, though (€498).
  39. Heledir

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    For the past week I've been listening to Christopher Tin's wonderful album 'The Drop That Contained The Sea' a lot:
  40. Heledir

    I blame Hans Zimmer

    This is very recognizable! :roflmao: I've had, like, entire roundtable discussion with musician/composers I admire when taking walks or cycling around. I remember having a great conversation with Einar Selvik once. It'd be very odd if he remembers it too, though -- and cause for scientific study.
  41. Heledir

    The Deal: Get 75% off Etherealwinds Harp II by Versilian Studios!

    Anyone else keep getting their download stuck on 0kb/s? (Didn't get an order email from them either, so I can't start over.) EDIT: Nevermind. Always the bloody spam folder.
  42. Heledir

    New Hans Zimmer Strings material being recorded today!

    DISCLAIMER: No shitposting here, just lightheartedness. Not to mention, when I heard them, my first thought was: I'd so use those -- on their own. No bottle-hate here.
  43. Heledir

    New Hans Zimmer Strings material being recorded today!

    Whatever else, bottle mic confirmed. Get hyped.
  44. Heledir

    Looking for good solo vocal libraries

    I have EW Voices of Passion, EW Voices of Empire and @TARI's ERA II Medieval Legends: Vocal Codex. Of the three, I'd recommend the latter. Though obviously it's not classical solo voices, if that's is what you're after.
  45. Heledir

    Hans Zimmer Strings - demos welcome here

    Hans Zimmer: Ashton, want to come work with me, son? Ashton Gleckman: *casually leans back* Yeah, cool. Whatever. Me: *RUNS AROUND HYSTERICALLY*
  46. Heledir

    Hans Zimmer Strings - demos welcome here

    How composed (*ahem*) of a reply. See, I would be running around flipping my absolute shit, screaming and crying. But I have emotional problems. Probably.
  47. Heledir

    SPITFIRE - The Spring Wish List! LAST Chance! Use your codes by 23:59 BST TONIGHT!

    Why did they have to make it expire a few days before my paycheck comes. :'(
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