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  1. Paul Grymaud

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    I see all in orange these days
  2. Paul Grymaud

    64% Off: Adventure Brass by MusicalSampling

    Yes You need it. Yes You need it. Yes, You need it. I need it too...
  3. Paul Grymaud

    I buy more than I use, and I forget those I buy

    It's a pure dilemma (for me too...) BUT You can ask (me too...) for medical assistance if needed
  4. Paul Grymaud

    Upgrade from cubase pro 9.5 to cubase pro 10 - is it worth it? Or wait for 10.5?

    I still use Cubase 6. Works better than PRO24 on Atari 1040.
  5. Paul Grymaud

    Why choose Pro Tools over Logic?

    Maybe Logic is not a Pro tool (lolly lol) or Pro tools has a lack of logic... Not the same $$$ anyway
  6. Paul Grymaud

    Why so much hate against USB security dongles (like iLok and Steinberg key)

    Are You an Ilok or an e-Licencer partisan ? None of them !
  7. Paul Grymaud

    How do I become a moderator?

    1. The look 2. The skill 3. Self control
  8. Paul Grymaud

    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    Yep, buddies This course about music theory is really fascinating
  9. Paul Grymaud

    How to get a job as a composer's assistant

    The perfect Composer assistant "Your VST's are ready, Sir".
  10. Paul Grymaud

    I've Bought My Last String Library

    I've Bought My Last String Library
  11. Paul Grymaud

    Looking for Advice on Inexpensive Desk Monitors

    Hmm... Playmobil #5610 Low quality but small and low budget. 4 monitors + synth + guitar + mikes... No problem (noise) with Your neighbours
  12. Paul Grymaud

    Best Libraries for Mickey Mousing?

    No no no...We're on the wrong way ! These strings sound like cat mews !
  13. Paul Grymaud

    Professional Mix Engineer Rates

    How much would it cost me to mix a pop tune on the piano? I mean mixing the left and right hands?
  14. Paul Grymaud

    Hello from Belgium

    I thought I was the only one originated from Belgium. Thanks my friend to supporting me. I feel less alone now.
  15. Paul Grymaud

    Sound Magic announces March End Sale Event

    It was a secret...till now The sound of the waves is included in the price!
  16. Paul Grymaud

    EW Voices of Opera...Opinions?

    I agree with You ! Personally, I had the opportunity to hear a tenor singing the famous aria from 'La fille du régiment". Too many C4, in full voice...awful (personal opinion). I'd rather sing "Lenski aria" from Eugène Oneguyne or even the role of Don José ("La fleur" but also the superb duet...
  17. Paul Grymaud

    EW Voices of Opera...Opinions?

    Hi Sarah! What ! The famous "contre ut" is not sampled ? It's a sacrilege... Del Monaco, Alfredo Kraus, Franco Corelli, please come back ! Do You know my personal opinion ? Human voice is the most complicated instrument and it's quite impossible to transcribe emotions, musicality and...
  18. Paul Grymaud

    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    Thanks for the info. I'm gonna see that right away
  19. Paul Grymaud

    Looking for instrumentalist's (any instrument)

    Hey ! Mainly 5 string banjo (bluegrass). Also acoustic guitar (bossa, flamenco/gypsy and finger picking) + piano. In second choice: drums, bass. And I sing (lead or chorus). As a studio musician I use to play temperatly, unless You want a hell solo ! Generally, they give me a leadsheet. I'll...
  20. Paul Grymaud

    Bye bye Kontakt?

    Man, I'd say "Buy buy Kontakt" ! This is a standard although there is place for other samplers (writing/reading)
  21. Paul Grymaud

    Whats a good sample library for creating a Relaxation / Meditation sound bed under spoken voice ?

    All the pads from Korg M1 (original sounds and other libraries). Synth voices too. After many years of praticing here's the result
  22. Paul Grymaud

    Superior Drummer 3

    I use both. Superior 3, on odd days Superior 2, on even days Both are excellent
  23. Paul Grymaud

    So... who's got the best timpani?

    Certainly not that one
  24. Paul Grymaud

    Greetings from Kuwait!

    Hi ! Thanks to the Web, Kuwait is really close. So, my friend, feel at home here. No need for oil to play VST's. Just a common language: music. So, let's communicate !
  25. Paul Grymaud

    Hello guys by Clara

    Hi Clara, All the charm of Italy, the lyricism of the soul in addition. You could certainly sing the role of Mimi in "La Bohème". Am I right ? Anyway, thank you for sharing. We like great (and delicate) voices
  26. Paul Grymaud

    Does Melody Even Matter??

    Melody = spinal column The arrangements/orchestration is: Structure (Intro, development, etc.) = skeleton, all the bones Instrumentation = all the organs Rythm = all the muscles Riffs, gimmicks = repiratory and blood system Nuances (ppp to FFF) = all the nerves The mixdown and mastering = The...
  27. Paul Grymaud

    New Sample Relay Challenge...

    Yeah ! It feels good to be Bach
  28. Paul Grymaud

    Hello From Kansas City

    Hi !
  29. Paul Grymaud

    Something that ressemble ''Gypsy'' but for Kontakt?

    Hi Valérie, Maybe this can help You. It depends if You need the Gypsy french sound that sounds almost like the spanish flamenco. Five years ago I went to Les Saintes Marie de la Mer (south France) where I spent a whole night with a group of "Gitans". Pure music with a specific guitar rythm...
  30. Paul Grymaud

    Indiginus Samples

    True. Indiginus sounds like Indie genius. I also have some of their products (Renegade acoustic, renegade electric, Renaixxance, Delta blues guitar, Brio percus...) I use them regularly and I've never been deceived. Easy to use, low memory. Thanks to the devs ! :emoji_guitar::emoji_headphones:
  31. Paul Grymaud

    Aiva - Artificial Intelligence Composition: beta starting today

    Future is near ! I see the whole VI control community dancing on a hit artificially generated by AIVA program. I'm definitely IN (fifth row, the third from left, it's me). I signed up for the beta version and would really like to be involved in this project ! And, when I die, I'll bequeath my...
  32. Paul Grymaud

    Mouse vs. Trackpad (and keyboard) questions

    No no no. Mouse is the future ! I don't care about pads, keyboards, or whatsoever
  33. Paul Grymaud

    "Piano One Week" Sale event until January 14th

    Hi ! I'm not endorsed by Sound Magic but some months ago I received three pianos from them so that I could make a test. Personnaly, I think their pianos are very useful and this company do a great job ! So, I've made three tunes with two different pianos. And, it's not obvious to find a piano...
  34. Paul Grymaud

    How well do you know your tools, and how do you learn them?

    Can't answer to this question. I'm so busy with all these VST (and the manuals...) I'm filling up a form to FXpansion because I have problems with re-downloading the data (That's true !!!)
  35. Paul Grymaud

    When to cheese?

    Cheese ?
  36. Paul Grymaud

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    Don't worry, Ludwie, I like your music
  37. Paul Grymaud

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    What the hell are they talking 'bout ? Don't they like the way I play piano ?
  38. Paul Grymaud

    How many Gigabytes/Terabytes do your sample libraries total?

    What ? You certainly mean Yottabytes (1000.000.000.000 terrabytes) ! And with the libs I'm gonna buy in 2019 it probably won't be enough.
  39. Paul Grymaud

    New Amadeus lib user

    Hi ! As promised, here's a tune where I use only sounds from the new Amadeus library BUT the harpsichord (unusable) and a sound coming from my old KORG M1, called "KUBE". From my point of view, the strings are really good (legato, staccato) the horns really great, the flute correct, piano nice...
  40. Paul Grymaud

    Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra Release Info

    Yep ! Sunday. I'll post a link to a tune I'll play with just the instruments available in this library. And another link in order to compare with the original tune. I have to mention that - and this point is particularly true - one cannot use a midi track already played with a specific library...
  41. Paul Grymaud

    Orb Composer - fully automated music composition tool

    Jesus... I know what I'm gonna do: place electrodes all over my head (have a look at Brindisys system or Glass brain project, among others!) and sensors at my fingertips during the night and connect all that stuff to my sweet little daw. Then, in the morning, I'll let Orb Composer organize...
  42. Paul Grymaud

    If you were forced to use vintage libraries...

    My old sampler E-MU and library ! I still have the ESI 4000 + disks. I also used an AKAI CD3000 + many CD's. So, samples and yet samples which we were able to work with especially as one could easily modify the sounds, thanks to the numerous parameters. Sometimes, when I'm hearing what I've...
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