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  1. ionian

    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    Is this the kind of stuff that goes on here? Hell, people here get free products and post crazy review videos saying it's the greatest thing ever regardless of quality because they got it free. Libraries are released with all kinds of sloppiness or phase issues and half of you members...
  2. ionian

    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    From Gigasampler - Larry Seyer's Acoustic Bass. I still listen to some jazz stuff I did with it and in my opinion, there's still not a single Acoustic jazz bass VSTi or sample library that can touch it. Lol I feel old...does anyone even remember that library?'s been ages since I...
  3. ionian

    Your NI Komplete (Ultimate) gems

    Actually I think a lot of the effects in Komplete get glossed over because everyone's into the VSTi that come with it, but a lot of the effects, including both the RC48 and RC24, are very good. The compressors and EQs as well.
  4. ionian

    I have no idea what I'm doing

    You'll be fine. Junkie XL built a successful career like this. :rofl:
  5. ionian

    Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?

    The thing is, to me, even Noire still gets "plinky" in the highs and a bit flat. Garritan CFX is the only sampled piano I've heard that gets the highs right and there's a certain dimensionality in there as well that I haven't heard in any other sampled pianos. I agree that it's a pain to fight...
  6. ionian

    Chernobyl composer Hildur Guðnadóttir interview

    Wow...I've been watching this series and I didn't even realize there was a score! I mean I guess you can say it's successful because it never brings attention to itself. But if you would have asked me, I would have told you there was no score. The story is really engaging so I guess I'm...
  7. ionian

    Kontakt multiprocessor support, preload buffer?

    It's a test it and see situation. I've had bad results in Sonar because sonar handles the multi-core, and good results in studio one because studio one doesn't. I've disabled it on purpose in Sonar because things went pear shaped when multi core was active in kontakt. Try it and see what the...
  8. ionian

    Kontakt multiprocessor support, preload buffer?

    You gotta think of it as, if the host isn't managing the multiple cores, then the app can. But you have the app trying to manage the cores AND your host trying to manage the cores for the same thing at the same time, well, the end result isn't gonna be pretty no matter how you slice it lol...
  9. ionian

    Kontakt multiprocessor support, preload buffer?

    Depends on the host. If your host has multi-core support, then leave it off and let the host handle it. If your host does not, then enable it. For example, Sonar has excellent multi-core support so I leave it off. Presonus Studio One has no multi-core support and even a half-way decent...
  10. ionian

    POLL: Do Cory's YouTube reviews help your purchasing decisions?

    This site is an interesting place. This isn't directed solely at Cory as it seems to be a problem overall here but it seems like people who do the reviews don't have the ears to be doing them. There's obvious problems with libraries that they miss or seem oblivious to. Chops are all over the...
  11. ionian

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    A while ago, There was a great interview with some of his ghostwriters about how he used to be out playing golf all day long while they did all the writing. I wish I could find it now. But technically Mike Post's Ghostwriters rule!
  12. ionian

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    It's very telling that Kontakt already has a built in facility for you to demo libraries but pretty much no developers take advantage of it. Because if you could demo most of the libraries, you'd never buy them. It's a much better business plan to sell you libraries with tons of problems...
  13. ionian

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    It's kind of telling that Paul came here and tried to shift this around to how they're the victims because people are mean to them and criticize the work people there do, instead of trying to fix the problem and tightening up QC and policing the ideas there more to be on the level of their past...
  14. ionian

    Slate SSD5 Verdict?

    I have SSD 4 but once I tried BFD, I haven't touched SSD 4 and I haven't updated to SSD 5. I do own almost every FXPansion expansion for BFD and a few 3rd party ones. To me, it's the holy grail - the punchiest, most natural, with the best dynamic range. Out of all those expansions, I only...
  15. ionian

    Is it legal?

    So where does someone like this developer fall? He outright samples sounds off of synth Roland's sound cards, he uses artists' likenesses, in both his ads and the gui for his plugs to which I'm sure they were most likely neither asked, nor...
  16. ionian

    Orange Tree?

    I had bought Strawberry and Stratosphere and both sounded excellent but then Orange Tree totally screwed up the GUI. They used to have the whole guitar so you could see the pick direction and then decided to cut that out and just focus on the fretboard which was really an odd choice since the...
  17. ionian

    95% OFF: Rigid Audio Bundle

    You forgot that when it was unanimously agreed that Hans Zimmer Piano is garbage and was nothing more but a cash grab by Hans Zimmer and Spitfire, and they started getting a ton of criticism on the youtube video for it, they just disabled comments on that specific video. Very classy. I...
  18. ionian

    Exponential Audio acquired by Izotope

    Sometimes a nice spring reverb hits the spot, tho...
  19. ionian

    Bollywood-Style strings

    Every Bollywood soundtrack I've ever heard, whether it's in a bollywood film, or on the overhead speakers in an Indian restaurant sounds like it was recorded to cassette, blasted in mono until the speaker distorts, played through a megaphone, then re-recorded on cassette and blasted out loud...
  20. ionian

    Only 3 Days Left! - VSTBuzz: 75% off “Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir” by Soundiron - Now Only €89!

    I've been waiting for something like this! I got venus in that crazy Soundiron 5 pack black friday deal and have been waiting for Mars to pop up. I was wondering if I'd have to wait for black friday again. I'm jumping on this one right away. Now I just have to wait for mercury to go on sale...
  21. ionian

    Extended for 24hrs: Drum Fury - Apocalyptic Drums - 50% off Intro Pricing

    They were very cool and responded super fast and provided direct links for me. Four thumbs up - two for the library and two for their customer service.
  22. ionian

    Extended for 24hrs: Drum Fury - Apocalyptic Drums - 50% off Intro Pricing

    I appreciate the advice. I never ran up against it - nevertheless I never use third party downloaders. If they can't provide a direct download link, I'll just get a refund. No biggie.
  23. ionian

    Extended for 24hrs: Drum Fury - Apocalyptic Drums - 50% off Intro Pricing

    Just bought this but I can't seem to find download links to download it directly. Does anyone know where you can find those? It wants me to download some third party downloader called "Continuata" to be able to download the links. I don't use third party downloaders to download products, I...
  24. ionian

    I got rejected. Now what?

    That's rich coming from Lady Gaga considering her father pretty much bought her way into the industry.
  25. ionian

    91. Academy Awards Best Original Score

    Of course it's political - it's hollyweird. They're all too petrified not to throw black panther some kind of bone lest they have to deal with some kind of massive outcry today.
  26. ionian

    Maestro special font

    1999 would be the right time lol. Depending on how long you've used engraving programs, it's only been the past few years that they've started to really be able to function at the level they should have been functioning at! Back in the late 90s to the late 2000s modifying fonts and custom...
  27. ionian

    Maestro special font

    Same here. I've seen a gazillion music fonts in my time and "Maestro special" was not one of them. You should check with the guy who sent it to see if it's a custom or modified version.
  28. ionian

    Does the VI community considered themselves commercial composers rather than artists?

    I make music professionally so I can buy art.
  29. ionian

    Dreampop Guitar Sound

    Clean guitar, possibly even ran direct and not though an amp, but if run through an amp use something very clean like a JC120. There's delay and a lot of reverb on the guitar. The reverb has chorusing on the tail so it's most likely a Lexicon or Eventide reverb since they excel at that...
  30. ionian

    Composing a game soundtrack before art is done.

    Happens even with the bigger houses. I was part of a game from TDK back in the late 90s and the programmers hadn't even started working with the artists yet and I was already hired to score it. They pretty much gave me what the writer gave them - the story and the list of characters and how...
  31. ionian

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    Sonar is multi-core. Studio One is not. Projects that run at 6% in Sonar run at almost 30% in Studio One. Once some of you guys use a DAW that's actually multi-core, you'll understand.
  32. ionian

    New Johann Johannsson Box-Set to have "Unissued Soundtrack"

    Disk 3 looks like Blade Runner just from the song titles. I hope it is. I'd love to hear what the soundtrack was supposed to be before HZ took a giant sh!t on it.
  33. ionian

    Only 3 Days Left! VSTBuzz: 71% off “Drums & Percussion Bundle” by Impact Soundworks - Now Only €99!

    Some of the links posted here have some weird stuff in the address -people be on the safe side and make sure to only use the web address that links directly to the sale. Here it is below:
  34. ionian

    Impact Soundworks - Momentum

    There's some weird "ref=4" line in the link. Not sure if it got corrupted. Anyway - if anyone wants it, here's the link below without any weird stuff in the address.
  35. ionian

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds?

    You know how the saying goes, "If you can remember the 80s, you weren't there"
  36. ionian

    RESOLVED - Soundcloud is Removing my Mockup of a Public Domain Song

    There's a reason he suffered from such bad paranoia.
  37. ionian

    RESOLVED - Soundcloud is Removing my Mockup of a Public Domain Song

    How very Demolition Man... In fact Demolition Man has predicted quite a few things accurately now that I think about it.
  38. ionian

    RESOLVED - Soundcloud is Removing my Mockup of a Public Domain Song

    It's no different than trying to call a company to resolve a problem and you have to deal with that automated bullcrap. "Hi! Please state your problem!" "My bill is wrong." "It looks like you have a problem with billing! I can help you with that!" "No! I want a representative!" "Can you...
  39. ionian

    RESOLVED - Soundcloud is Removing my Mockup of a Public Domain Song

    I'm sure the fingerprinting tech is far from infallible. It's like when I hear an interesting but strange song and I shazam it and get a result that's clearly not what I'm listening to. Then I keep shazamming it and every single time I get a radically different answer until I have 7 or 8...
  40. ionian

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    Also, if you use Kontakt in Studio One, make sure to turn on the Multi-core support in the Kontakt settings! If you check the warnings in Kontakt, it says to not turn it on if your DAW uses Multi cores because it'll cause conflictions. Because I used Sonar which was excellent with multi-cores...
  41. ionian

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    Autosaves are annoying but they saved my bacon once. Studio One has a really weird bug where once in a blue moon when you open a project, it will actually open your project TWICE and keep one hidden. I learned this the hard way, with clients in the room. (It took forever to sort this bug...
  42. ionian

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    As a studio one user, for the most part it's pretty good but yes, it is seriously far behind the competition when it comes to CPU usage. I was a very long time Sonar user and honestly Sonar is most likely one of, if not the top when it comes to CPU optimization. It's one of the few things...
  43. ionian

    Pace anti-piracy announces Eden 5.0 for iLok protected software

    Actually I'm not going to get sucked into some moronic political fight here since we shouldn't be doing this to begin with. So here, you get an award...
  44. ionian

    Pace anti-piracy announces Eden 5.0 for iLok protected software

    I've played games when I've lost my internet connection. All STEAM has ever done has told me that there's no internet connection and ask if I want to play offline. I've never had a problem playing offline. I've never thought of it as CP. I always considered it more that it connects to the...
  45. ionian

    Pace anti-piracy announces Eden 5.0 for iLok protected software

    Even worse, that a lot of people seem to forget is that time PACE screwed up and created duplicate licenses in people's accounts and some unscrupulous people decided to sell the duplicate licenses on ebay. And people bought them because why not? I mean, isn't the point of iLok to make sure...
  46. ionian

    Pace anti-piracy announces Eden 5.0 for iLok protected software

    This is far from conspiracy. It's been well documented over the years that when a lot of software is cracked and the CP removed, the program showed a marked improvement in performance and less issues and crashing.
  47. ionian

    Pace anti-piracy announces Eden 5.0 for iLok protected software

    It's like that vibe I get when I shop at Micro center. I pay for my stuff, walk 5 feet from the register to the front door, then the security guard has to look in my bag and check my receipt. Then I ask them, "Really? Are you trying to say I shoplifted something in the 5 feet I walked from...
  48. ionian

    Introducing SAWStudio and Bob Lentini

    I had tried Reaper and tried a lot of the skins, including that one, and the big problem I had with it was most of the skins have this glaring inconsistency from one to the other. There's weird spacing differences. A lot of them behave differently - some of them would allow track colors, while...
  49. ionian

    Introducing SAWStudio and Bob Lentini

    Someone should tell Reaper. I'm allergic to how amateurish that program looks.
  50. ionian

    Cinematic Studio Brass vs.Cinebrass

    The thing that kind of bothers me with CB is that on this particular example, every single note played by CB has this kind of "Bwah" on every single attack. It happens literally right at the beginning of every note and it's very fast. It kills the sound for me because it almost makes it sound...
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