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  1. rottoy

    Has anyone successfully gotten a refund from Spitfire

    Pause on the "Reply" a little longer next time :sneaky:, and if not, give yourself a little more time to go through your statement.
  2. rottoy

    Wife argues with me because I don't like the 'trailer' type music she just got

    What's the point of eating a dinky cheeseburger that will make you hungry again 15 minutes later? Because you enjoy that sliver of pleasure.
  3. rottoy

    What strings lib for mocking up this piece?

    I could definitely see Venice Modern Strings pulling it off splendidly. Very similar vibrato, for instance.
  4. rottoy

    What strings lib for mocking up this piece?

    Not to mention that the piece itself is absolutely lovely. I love Korzeniowski.
  5. rottoy

    What strings lib for mocking up this piece?

    I would go with Cinematic Studio Strings + Solo Strings all the way here. Even though I love United Strings of Europe.
  6. rottoy

    Passionate Flute Passages

    I would include some short and long playable articulations to compliment the phrases. It's always nice to have those options.
  7. rottoy

    Spitfire Audio - Hauschka Composer Toolkit ...

    VI Control Forum, where opinions are best kept between two people whose opinions matter. The above comment is sardonic, in case there's any confusion.
  8. rottoy

    Orchestral Tools Completion Days -30%

    Found it here. It's strange that isn't linked it on the product page itself.
  9. rottoy

    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    Speaking of the Larry Seyer bass, isn't it featured in this old TV ditty by the lovely Jeff Beal?
  10. rottoy

    Wet libraries

    When it comes to wet libraries, personally I feel only Cinesamples and Alex Wallbank's efforts has nailed the perfect balance between dry and wet signals. Dry enough to be able to coax nimble passages out of it yet still wet enough to retain a nice image of the space it was recorded in.
  11. rottoy

    Wet libraries

    That's some wildly dramatic inferences there, Jimmy. All I can see is Paul chiming in on how useful and malleable wet samples can be, not acting on behalf of Spitfire to defend any potentially bruised egos.
  12. rottoy

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    True legato, you seek. Many round robins, you will have.
  13. rottoy

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    I'm really curious about the spot mic position, any demos of that?
  14. rottoy

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    When you have it under your fingers, I would love to hear a demonstration of the mic positions! :cool:
  15. rottoy

    14 strings libraries compared

    I was surprised because I was never wowed by any official demos of Iconica.
  16. rottoy

    14 strings libraries compared

    I must say Iconica came off surprisingly well in this comparison. My favourites: 1: CSS 2: Hollywood Strings 3: Soaring Strings / Adventure Strings
  17. rottoy

    Need string library advice

    String library advice 101: Buy more of them.
  18. rottoy

    Spitfire Kelper Thoughts?

  19. rottoy

    Spitfire Kelper Thoughts?

  20. rottoy

    Remote recording by Leos Strings

    Do you have a link to these? Might be good to have them in this thread.
  21. rottoy

    Remote recording by Leos Strings

    I'm curious as to why all of the examples are seemingly in mono.
  22. rottoy

    Cinesamples (Winds) 30% Sale - Worth a Look?

    For some inexplicable reason I left out the bassoon from my CW Core test above, so here's a showcase of the bassoon along with the alto flute & english horn from CW Pro. Close mics, with a ValhallaRoom 2.2 second tail.
  23. rottoy

    Which Celesta?

    Randy's Celeste is a celesta mixed with a custom DX7 sine wave patch, isn't it?
  24. rottoy

    Cinesamples (Winds) 30% Sale - Worth a Look?

    I love CineWinds, Core especially. Here's a showcase of the piccolo, flute, oboe & clarinet from CW Core. Close mics, with a splosh of ValhallaRoom (2.2 second tail).
  25. rottoy

    Hello from Sweden

    Välkommen, frände!
  26. rottoy

    Sonokinetic string-phrases + (insert library) for a "full" string palette

    I think you could match those phrases well with Spitfire's symphonic offerings. Chamber Strings, Symphonic Strings, Winds & Brass etc.
  27. rottoy

    Imaging black hole like listening to broken piano

    That headline broke my brain.
  28. rottoy

    Dulciano by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    That sounds fantastic! Congratulations on the release, guys!
  29. rottoy

    Hans Zimmer on Electric Guitar

    You should have gone for an amplified nylon instead, it's all the rage these days.
  30. rottoy

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Anyone dipping their toes into making orchestral mockups these days, on a section-by-section basis, would be a fool not to look at Alex Wallbank's Cinematic Studio series. Top notch quality control and extremely generous loyalty discounts foster a strong and happy customer base.
  31. rottoy

    Spitfire kepler. . .

    They "accidentally" sent out a WIP patch of Orchestral Swarm way back, as part of viral marketing.
  32. rottoy

    Spitfire kepler. . .

    Tried it. Seems like an orchestra concept built around the Doppler effect, if the demo is anything to go by.
  33. rottoy

    Amazonian pan pipes - best multisampled and phrase library?

    I just recorded a set of Peruvian pan pipes for my latest (free) library. You can hear it in action below. Download link (Requires Kontakt 5.8.1): Strings
  34. rottoy

    Spitfire Bespoke private range libraries

    I think it's still fairly obvious that it's samples, albeit very well put together.
  35. rottoy

    Spitfire Audio - Kepler Orchestra - Available NOW

    Plenty of Air in Lyndhurst Hall!
  36. rottoy

    Orchestral Tools - Berlin Harpsichords Released - Intro Special!

    I thought true sofritto was your department?
  37. rottoy

    Simulating dampening on Timpani samples

    Try going under the hood, duplicating the timpani sample groups, fast forward to the end of the decay and make the groups release triggers?
  38. rottoy

    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Spitfire has made some terrific products in the past that I've found a use for. (Albion Legacy, Andy Findon's Kit Bag Vol 1 & 2) My opinion regarding the management of the company has soured a bit, in the wake of the HZ Strings debacle last year.
  39. rottoy

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    Looks fantastic, Paolo! I'm very much looking forward to the release and the inevitable walkthrough!
  40. rottoy

    Favourite Solo Woodwinds

    I agree about the oboe vibrato not being pronounced enough, so I decided to try and remedy that. You can actually apply SIPS Vibrato to one of the script tabs under the hood in Kontakt. Try it!
  41. rottoy

    Favourite Solo Woodwinds

    I used the flute and oboe from CineWinds Core in my latest piece, which also featured strings and piano. The winds appear at around 1:48. Close mic only with external reverb.
  42. rottoy

    Edit "legato transition" speed in Kontakt?

    Again, select all the groups. And then select any of the Time Machine options in the drop-down menu found in the "Source" area. Then fiddle with the "Speed" knob to your hearts content.
  43. rottoy

    Edit "legato transition" speed in Kontakt?

    I think changing the groups to Time Machine groups would be the only option for you, then. I'm not sure on the efficacy of that measure, though. Why am I still here when Kontakt master EvilDragon can enlighten you? :laugh: Good luck!
  44. rottoy

    Edit "legato transition" speed in Kontakt?

    You are correct, of course. But short of going into every sample and tweaking the start time, or putting Time Machine on the legato group(s) to tweak the length, I think this is a decent way to tweak the sound of the legato transitions.
  45. rottoy

    Edit "legato transition" speed in Kontakt?

    Go into the group editor and select all the folders that contain the legato transitions (sometimes there's only one, depending on how it's scripted). Then: Fiddle around with the ADSR until you've reached a satisfactory result.
  46. rottoy

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    I'm really liking the lush vibrato of those players, the little I could discern from the trailer. Looking forward to the walkthrough and revealing demos! You better have tasty true gelato on this with col legno portamento.
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