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  1. KMA

    PA going to Subscription too

    I won't be participating in a subscription model that doesn't include an option to own. Besides, I already own some of the plugins I would like to use from PA. If they discontinue their sales, then I'm happy walking away. Lots of other products out there.
  2. KMA

    Multiband Limiter?

    I use Fabfilter Pro-MB and Pro-Q3 in situations like that. Or, if I can't find a setting that controls the problem without affecting the stuff I want to keep, I just automate an EQ.
  3. KMA

    Mystery CCs Causing me issues in Playback

    I've had similar gremlins when adjusting Kontakt's preload buffer. As yet unsolved.
  4. KMA

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    I would use Omnisphere on everything, were it not for the heavy CPU load. I've been waiting for this MacPro for ages.
  5. KMA

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    I just need to decide if I'm "most people". :grin: I still find myself running up into CPU problems when using too many processor-hungry instruments, and I'd consider paying money to solve that problem. If I had a machine that could run as many instances of Omnisphere as I actually wanted to...
  6. KMA

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    Good LORD that is powerful. Good LORD that is expensive. :laugh:
  7. KMA

    Shure Sm7B microphone: is it possible to get close to its quality by using good post production ?

    The SM7 is the best (imo) dynamic mic in its price range. The Origin is the best (imo) large-diaphragm condenser in its price range. I recently bought an Origin, but the SM7 was a close second for what I needed. I'll probably wind up getting one of those too :)
  8. KMA

    Pro-Q 3 worth the hype?

    Firstly, and most importantly, they have a 30-day trial, so go and install it right now! As for functionality, the Pro-Q3 is hard to beat. The best GUI there is, 24 dynamic bands, brickwall slope, per-band M/S, tilt, spectrum grab, etc. And then there’s the sound of it. I need two kinds of EQ...
  9. KMA

    Blackmagic Multidock or a Thunderbolt 3 docking station?

    Damn, I was wondering when they were gonna release something like this. Given that there are some who would argue that the Thunderbolt 2 interface was more than fast enough already, I'm guessing that the lack of NVMe in the 10g isn't something to worry about.
  10. KMA

    Scheps Omni Channel on Sale $29

    Omni Channel is a genuinely solid plugin with amazing value for money. The preamp and EQ, in particular, sound lovely to my ears.
  11. KMA

    Tape Plugins?

    FabFilter Saturn has a few tape saturation modes that are lovely to my ears.
  12. KMA

    73% off Soundtoys plugins - GASP!

    That's sounds like a good idea. The bundle really is fantastic, if you can wait for a sale. I heartily recommend everything from SoundToys.
  13. KMA

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    If I found enough value in the older plugins (like the Gold bundle I bought years ago), I might consider paying for the WUP. But with the exception of the RenComp, there isn't anything I'd miss. I bought a couple of v10 plugs this year (Scheps Omni and 73) on deep discount. I like them, and if...
  14. KMA

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    On a related note, I think we're watching Plugin Alliance come to the same realization.
  15. KMA

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    It's really difficult waiting that 2 days before something's at $29 again. :grin:
  16. KMA

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    A sale isn't a sale at Waves. The Gold Bundle was "on sale" at approximately 199 USD (down from the still-listed original price of 799 USD) for for the better part of 5 years. Hell, it's now all the way down to 99 USD at AudioDeluxe. I'll admit to being taken in by these Waves sales on a few...
  17. KMA

    A shout out to some companies with awesome customer service.

    All of my recent interactions with Spitfire have been great, and none has directly involved Christian or Paul.
  18. KMA

    New Sample Relay Challenge...

    I don't have a particular favourite setting or preset on Saturn. I just try and think about exactly what I want to hear, and then try to learn how to do it. For distortion "styles", I love Warm Tube, Old Tape, Rectify and Smudge (which is kind of a different beast), but they all sound great...
  19. KMA

    New Sample Relay Challenge...

    You're already using my two faves - Decapitator and Saturn. SoundToys Radiator is nice too, as are SugarBytes Wow2 and my ancient and beloved OhmBoyz. The last two are a filter and delay respectively, but they have lovely distortion capabilities.
  20. KMA

    Favorite Rhodes VST?

    Is that a 73 on a SINGLE x-stand? I'm nervous just looking at that.:eek:
  21. KMA

    A shout out to some companies with awesome customer service.

    Up to you :) To me, three years is different than 6 weeks. And plugins aren't cars. As I've said, they don't owe it to me. But other developers have set the bar higher, so I thought I'd ask. You know how some developers do a sale once a year, and then others (Waves, for example) do a sale that...
  22. KMA

    A shout out to some companies with awesome customer service.

    Here's a quick story on a recent transaction with a well-known plugin developer: I had purchased something on sale a few months back and was surprised to find it further reduced a mere 6 weeks later. I asked if they'd consider discounting the difference back to me, noting that other developers...
  23. KMA

    A shout out to some companies with awesome customer service.

    Spitfire, Hideaway Studio, SoundDust and FabFilter are all top shelf for me.
  24. KMA

    Favorite Rhodes VST?

    My default is still the Scarbee Rhodes that came with my NI Komplete. The Arturia one is nice too, but it's more of a system drag.
  25. KMA

    Favorite Stereo Width Plugin?

    I used to use StereoSavage. These days, I'm using FabFilter Pro-Q3 in MS mode. It's not a one-knob plugin like many stereo width plugins, but it really gets me thinking about what I'm trying to do and why. And it sounds great.
  26. KMA

    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    Just upgraded to SCS Pro at Christmas.:emoji_confused:
  27. KMA

    Most unique libraries?

    SoundDust and Hideaway are my defaults for that special otherness. Omnisphere has a pretty amazing collection of unique patches as well.
  28. KMA

    Bye bye Kontakt?

    I hadn't thought about that. That's definitely some functionality that I would miss.
  29. KMA

    BX RooM/S on sale.

    Haven't tried it, although I'm not sure the MS functionality is as compelling as it might have been when this plugin first came out. It seems to me that you could replicate this functionality by placing an MS-capable plugin right after it (Pro-Q3 or something like that). But I'd also be...
  30. KMA

    Whats a good sample library for creating a Relaxation / Meditation sound bed under spoken voice ?

    It's expensive, but Omnisphere can handle everything. (Also, +1 for Hideaway Blue Zone. It's lovely)
  31. KMA

    Plugindiscounts....has anyone purchased anything via here?

    I've bought from PluginDiscounts and had no troubles. They're one of 5 or 6 sites that I regularly check for deals. And, as @MisteR has already mentioned, they don't send you junk mail.
  32. KMA

    Does the VI community considered themselves commercial composers rather than artists?

    I've learned a great deal from reading these forums, and I don't participate in those argumentative threads. This place has value.
  33. KMA

    Best studio monitors for price/quality?

    My new room has some problematic frequencies, so I plan to address this with some calculations, a measurement mic, speaker/sub and mix position variations, bass traps, broadband absorptive panels, and scatter blocks. If any of that fails, I will deploy the strategically placed velvet painting...
  34. KMA

    Best studio monitors for price/quality?

    Yamaha and JBL are solid choices in the lower price bracket. But an untreated room is a dishonest room.
  35. KMA

    RME or UAD?

    I've used both UAD and RME. Although there is overlap, they're different beasts. The best reason to use the UAD is the DSP. The Apollo opens you up to a world of amazing plugin emulations, including the ability to track through them. When it comes to drivers, preamps, converters, connectivity...
  36. KMA

    Your Favourite Compressor Plug-in?

    I just picked up the ACME Opticom and the Townhouse, both from PA and on heavy discount. The bastards got me again.
  37. KMA

    .. bx_console N / Star for One Day at $79. with VIP Code _Today Only

    It sounds fantastic, and it's ultra light on CPU resources. My default channel strip has FF Pro-Q3 and Console N, in that order.
  38. KMA

    U-he Diva & Repro on sale for 50% - redundant if i have Arturia V collection 6?

    I'm enjoying watching these. Thanks for the links.
  39. KMA

    Your Favourite Compressor Plug-in?

    I've definitely heard good things about Klanghelm, although mainly about MJUC. I'll check out the DC8C one day.
  40. KMA

    Waves - CLA MixhHub

    Ok, so it looks like it's a cpu pig. This is one of the things that drew me to the BX Console N. Not only do I like the sound of it, but I loaded 72 channels (with filters, comps, gates, everything on) and barely scraped 30% on a laptop cpu. I demo'd their SSL G emulation as well and although...
  41. KMA

    Audio Interface Advice

    I'm a longtime RME user, from the very old days of the Nuendo-badged Hammerfall, through the Fireface 800, to the UCX I've been using for the past 5 years or so. They're rock-solid.
  42. KMA

    Your Favourite Compressor Plug-in?

    FabFilter Pro-C is on sale at AudioDeluxe for 108.99 (in cart). You'd be hard pressed to find a better all-round compressor. If you're looking to emulate hardware, there are many dozens in each of the main categories (VCA, Opto, FET, etc.). UAD is fantastic if you don't mind paying for...
  43. KMA

    Waves - CLA MixhHub

    That’s fair. I have RX Elements, and although I was a little suspicious that it came free with my colonoscopy, I can’t deny that it sounds good. (In all seriousness, it does work well. I’m just always wary of something that’s perpetually on sale.)
  44. KMA

    Waves - CLA MixhHub

    It does look interesting, but while Waves was busy trying to sell me massively discounted bundles of ancient plugins, I was busy checking out other vendors. This isn't to say that their new stuff isn't worth a look - I genuinely do like the Schepps Omni Channel, for example. But I think...
  45. KMA

    Waves Silver bundle

    I don't think Waves Silver is worth it at all. As many others have noted, these are very old plugins and most haven't aged well. I own Waves Gold and the only plugin from that bundle that I still use is the Renaissance Compressor. The stock plugins in your DAW will be far better.
  46. KMA

    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    Checking out the walkthrough now. Unfortunately, it sounds beautiful.
  47. KMA

    Plugin Alliance _ Maag Audio _ Magnum_K ( Dual Compressor w/ AIR Bands(R)

    I've been playing around with it a bit, and although it sounds decent, I'm not really above the threshold of having to have it. I already have Maag EQ4 and a bunch of clean compressors. I'll keep playing with it to see if my mood changes. Incidentally, there's a conversation over at Gearslutz...
  48. KMA

    How well do you know your tools, and how do you learn them?

    I can't count the number of times I've bought a new toy, and then found out that I already had something that would have done the job, whether it's been a plugin or some functionality in the DAW that I was too lazy to have looked for.
  49. KMA

    How well do you know your tools, and how do you learn them?

    I don't think I've read a better ode to being prepared. That's goin on my wall.
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