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    Hyperion Strings Micro: Powerful, affordable strings for everyone! (Starting Price $39.00)

    The answer I responded to in this thread was a bit misleading but fair enough. I think I will just wait for the full version then.
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    Hyperion Strings Micro: Powerful, affordable strings for everyone! (Starting Price $39.00)

    How can I combine the Omega Discount Code with my personal upgrade code for Hyperion Elements? The Shopping Cart only allows one discount code at a time.
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    Spitfire - labs! get your free library!

    I would like to also thank Spitfire Audio for their generosity. EDIT - Please disregard the text below. It was corrected after I installed the latest update to the Spitfire Audio App. I have a quick question though. On my end, the installation folder structure seems to be different than the...
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    Strezov Thunder X3M @ $124. or ( SAGA Acoustic Perc + Splash_Epic Perc) @ $115. ??

    Ended up buying the Thunder X3M. I don't see the crossgrade options in my account though. Does that mean I cannot upgrade or crossgrade to another product or the full Percussion X3M bundle?
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    WTB: ProjectSam Swing & Swing More

    As the title says, I'm looking for ProjectSam Swing and Swing More. Please PM me with your asking price.
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    The end of Albion 2 Loegria?

    Waiting for that Albion TWO announcement right now.
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    FS: Madrona Labs, NI

    Percussion Crossgrade is sold. Prices are adjusted
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    FS: Madrona Labs, NI

    Madrona Labs Aalto (becomes NFR after the transfer) - $70 NI Phasis - $20 NI Supercharger - $20 Paypal only. Please add an additional 4% for Paypal fees. SOLD: Symphony Series String Ensemble Crossgrade Symphony Series Brass Collection Symphony Series Percussion Crossgrade
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    Orchestral Tools Ark 1, 2 & 3 free upgrade

    This is not your blog and we are not interested in knowing of your mood changes based on the reports of issues within libraries. If you have nothing meaningful to contribute, I think you should spare us and go use your time for something more productive.
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    Cinematic Studio Strings

    I thought it was the other way around. CS2 would get you a discount for CSS.
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    Spitfire Solo Strings vs. Cinematic Studio Solo Strings

    This page explains the product breakdown:
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    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    That sounds nice. I already received my codes and wish I could get an additional code for a bundle I just discovered.
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    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    I think OT might have finally fixed it after 2 years. Just tested it on my end (previous non-NKS version) and I can hear the rythmic clicking/thumping on that patch.
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    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    This would be a start
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    The new demo sounds good but I think I am going to save my money for the other "4" that was teased today.
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    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    That and bad looping points on some of the samples. When you buy it, check out the mid strings sustains and tremolos.
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    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    Ah, no worries then. Sphere is easier to visualize within the Capsule interface.
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    Save up to 63% on orchestral tools

    Thank you. This is what I was worried about after my bad experience with lack of support on Ark 2. Bullet dodged, I guess.
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    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    Is there a place where I can see how the Runs Builder interface work with Capsule? If it is not too much work, may I ask you to post some screenshots?
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    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    I am on the fence with OSR and Sphere. How useful are they really? It would have been really nice to actually get a peek at the Capsule upgrade for both of them.
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    Save up to 63% on orchestral tools

    OT has "no history of frequent updates". (Based on the products I own and what I hear from the other people on this forum)
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    Save up to 63% on orchestral tools

    OT has never gone back and fixed the bad looping points in some of the patches in Ark 2. Unfortunately, part of the community drowned that conversation in "noise due to recording levels"...
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Somehow, I got the invoice e-mail and serial in between all the timeouts. I won't bother downloading now, so that there is one less person trying to login for download links. Hope you guys can get in. Also, big thanks to Sonokinetic with being so generous once again.
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    I feel bad for hammering the system on my end but I could not receive a confirmation email after clicking on Pay Now. If I could at least see the Order History under User Area, I would be satisfied.
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Seems the website is hammered with traffic. I manage to click on the Pay Now button and it has been loading since then.
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    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Does anyone know what the full price will be after the intro period?
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    Cinematic Studio Brass Expansion? When?

    How about woodwinds first?
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    Only 3 Days Left! - VSTBuzz: 74% off “United Strings Of Europe” by Auddict - Now Only €149!

    I reached out to them for that MasterBrass bundle update. Still waiting for them to contact me with the files. I am not going to buy any of their products from VSTBuzz if I will not have proper access to the updated versions.
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    Hyperion Strings Micro: Powerful, affordable strings for everyone! (Starting Price $39.00)

    Sold! I just had a first go with it and quite impressed with what is there. It just hyped me up more for the coming Elements and Full editions.
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    Hyperion Strings Micro: Powerful, affordable strings for everyone! (Starting Price $39.00)

    "You can apply your full purchase amount toward your upgrade to Hyperion Strings Elements or the full Hyperion Symphonic Strings when they're released." Will this combine with the Omega plan discount?
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    Metropolis Ark 3 - Last Chance for Intro Special!

    Detailed RR info is on the PDF below
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    The Mandolin by Indiginus!

    How long will the intro price last?
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    Symphony Series - Percussion

    I wonder if the voucher can be used by multiple people who have the Symphony Series and Komplete Ultimate registered in their accounts.
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    NI Symphony Series Brass [clicks and noises]

    Sorry, I cannot replicate this on my end. Maybe someone else can chime in.
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    NI Symphony Series Brass [clicks and noises]

    No issues on my end. Could it be your sample rate or buffer settings? Could you try with different settings? What kind of CPU/Ram do you have?
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    Fluffy Audio 6-in-1 Bundle Deal: Get 79% Off!

    Can the Solo Cello and Solo Flute from this bundle be used for upgrading to the respective Strings and Woodwinds bundles?
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    Neo-Soul Keys® Studio Launch - $79.99 Intro Price :: $39.99 Crossgrade

    Are there any updates on the new copy protection?
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    Orch. Tools Metropolis Arc II Opinions

    The bad looping issue was mentioned quite early on the Ark II Extreme Noise thread. However, some people, who didn't even own it at the time, decided to "educate" the rest of us about noise levels, completely burying the bad loop points issue under the discussion of their personal tastes on...
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    SOLD Sampletekk TVBO-Studio Grand Piano

    I can pay today if you could just upload the files to a cloud file sharing solution and let me download it from there.
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    Ark 2 - extreme noise

    Just found other thumping sounds for Mid Strings Fast Tremolo patch (TRM-F) on the notes D#3, E3, and F3. They are quite audible if the modwheel is 70% or below. If I play them in succession, I do not need a percussion on the background to keep the ryhthm :rofl: Seems Mid Strings patch has to...
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    SOLD Sampletekk TVBO-Studio Grand Piano

    Hey, Are you still selling the TVBO? What is the price now?
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    Ark 2 - extreme noise

    Is it me or is G4 on the Mid Strings patch has a soft thumping sound in the looped sample?
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    Chris Hein Woodwinds: Your opinions

    Without derailing the thread too much, what do people think about Chris Hein Orchestral Brass?
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    VSTBuzz: 60% off “Storm Choir 1” by Strezov Sampling

    Wait, so one can upgrade to StormChoir 2 Complete first and then crossgrade to Wotan for 40% off? Now, I am tempted!!
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    Best Woodwinds?

    While not out yet, the recently announced Woodwinds libraries from Soundiron/NI and Sonokinetics are what I am curiously waiting for.
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    Scream Aleatoric Orch FX Library - SOLD OUT

    Is this the promised bonus library for the early buyers of your Snap pizzicato library (that never got delivered)?
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    Trio Broz Solo Strings?

    I assume the polyphony is not there because of the legato functionality. You can try using pizmidi plugins and 2 or more Kontakt instances to work around this. Quick (generic) instructions: Create your midi track and then place midiPolyphony here Create...
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