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  1. neblix

    Shreddag3 Stratus

    This doesn't have anything to do with us. Kontakt Scripting can not create directories and so it falls on the user to create the directory. They can do this manually or save 1 snapshot in the instrument so the directory is auto-generated by Kontakt. This is really on Native Instruments for...
  2. neblix

    Shreddag3 Stratus

    You can also simply drag the snapshots into Kontakt.
  3. neblix

    Shreddag3 Stratus

    Hi Leon, Here is a page that shows all that Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE has to offer. It has many song demos written entirely using only the free version, as well as a lengthy tutorial video overviewing all the different things you can do with it. There is also a chart showing how the material...
  4. neblix

    Why store scripts in the resource folder/container ?

    There's a very important thing to remember about the resource container. The NKR does not update automatically even as you are updating files inside the Resources/ folder it is based on. Kontakt will always go straight to the Resources/ folder if it is present for all of its scripts, pictures...
  5. neblix

    Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart

    When we have the next Kontakt beta available, you will want to replace your current Kontakt plugin file with that of the new one using the same file name. This should allow Logic to load using the new version of Kontakt which should load the old project files just fine. If you install it as a...
  6. neblix

    Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart

    Hi Lance, Lead Developer for Super Audio Cart here. It is not possible for any facility in Kontakt scripting to cause crashes in digital audio workstations. It is a closed ecosystem with a curated and limited set of interactions with the Kontakt engine. The snapshot functionality is also a...
  7. neblix

    Kontakt/Logic can't find my new sample drive even though it has the same name?

    What do you mean by "name"? The only thing that matters is the drive letter.
  8. neblix

    VST's in Standalone Mode over VEP

    I'm not sure how this would work. Wouldn't you have to bounce your mixdowns in real-time?
  9. neblix

    How much do you pay attention to voicing?

    Voicing defines how the music is going to feel for me. So I guess to me, it's just ingrained in how I look at the music I'm writing. But I know for un-trained musicians or hobbyists, they're adding layers of sounds together without consciously observing what registers each of their voices are...
  10. neblix

    How necessary is it to learn sampling/kontakt?

    I don't think learning how to sample is at all necessary for a composer. It's cool if they can do it, and they may be able to tap into a unique source of sounds that no one else has access to, but this isn't even remotely something I would consider an essential value of musicianship. Composers...
  11. neblix

    Sonarworks Reference 4

    The headphone calibration is okay. The studio monitor and room calibration is magic.
  12. neblix

    Kontakt 6

    If you want to keep up with new 3rd party products then get it. Developers are not going to stick with 5.7/5.8 as the market continues to move. Speaking firsthand as a developer, the amount of improvements NI has made to the experience and difficulty of developing complex products in 6 is...
  13. neblix

    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    The net price of the upgrade with shipping is still cheaper than NI Direct which is 50% off in Summer of Sound.
  14. neblix

    Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )

    I don't understand the issue with the box? You get a serial number and you can download all your Komplete products from Native Access. NI has been distributing products this way for a while now.
  15. neblix

    Running into problems with this song and could use some advice.

    Just from a first listen, you have really boomy heavy drums. That's going to eat a lot of frequency room. Notice how the BB track just has some low plucks and keeps it articulate and clear. You have to decide what's more important to you; big boomy hits or dense low register clarity. You can't...
  16. neblix

    Spitfire Chamber Strings vs Studio Strings PRO

    Replicating good room tones lies in the gear you have available. Definitely convolution based stuff with stellar early reflections are a must. But it's nice when the library just has this part taken care of for you; this is coming from a guy who only uses close mics in his mixes, in every single...
  17. neblix

    Checking Out: Shreddage 3 Virtual Guitar Instrument Line by Impact Soundworks

    Hey Don, awesome reviews. Just wanted to quickly point out, in the written review it says Abyss is Drop-G; it actually is Drop-A, this was a printing mistake in the manual.
  18. neblix

    Very nerdy, low-level question about conditions in KSP ...

    I have created some of the most demanding Kontakt scripts on the market right now, such as Super Audio Cart's modulation matrix. It took a lot of optimization not to break people's older computers with just one instance. None of it happened in small little areas like changing orders of...
  19. neblix

    Very nerdy, low-level question about conditions in KSP ...

    Short circuit evaluation is a well documented computer science concept. It goes left to right after all other precedences are taken care of. Your highest resolution of timing is microseconds in realtime with KSP timer. You will find that optimizing short circuit conditions will not save you...
  20. neblix

    Does blip-note trick work inside on release callback?

    Probably nowhere. But that's all you really need to know: 1. Make a ui_switch (made an error before, has to be a switch). 2. Go to Kontakt Automation tab and drag a CC like 122 onto it to map it. This has to be saved in every nki you want to use this scripting technique in. 3...
  21. neblix

    Amp Simulators for Virtual Guitars

    Mercuriall Reaxis and the Neural DSP's Fortin Nameless are top quality high gain amplifiers (Go Fortin NTS if you want really aggressive modern metal). If you want to go cheap, Kuassa has good quality amp sims. Caliburn is a Marshall for a more classic rock sound, Creme is a Mesa Boogie. For...
  22. neblix

    Does blip-note trick work inside on release callback?

    @olmerk Blip notes don't work in the RCB. Use a hidden ui_switch attached to a CC instead. Use set_controller() to fire the callback.
  23. neblix

    MIDI Plugin in VST Format?

    Use JUCE (C++) or HISE (JavaScript) frameworks for building VST's. They have a lot of professional support.
  24. neblix

    Which reverbs can turn off ER?

    I think absolutely you should only work with one reverb. I use SH in my template on two sends (one for ER and one for LR) but I always make sure they are set to the same exact configuration and source IR. This way the send levels are merely to control blend but it's still the continuous reverb...
  25. neblix

    Which reverbs can turn off ER?

    Seventh Heaven is an emulation of the Bricasti M7 with a Fusion-IR approach. Included is the ability to control the blend of ER and LR. Naturally you can go 100% LR to remove the ER entirely.
  26. neblix

    How do you use Your reverb on orchestral samples?

    If you double a signal, it doesn't phase cancel. The phase correlates. This is basic signal theory. Perhaps you should ask questions instead of conjecturing on something you haven't tried or seen for yourself. I'd be happy to explain how everything works in further detail. I am not happy to see...
  27. neblix

    How do you use Your reverb on orchestral samples?

    For reverbs, I use Seventh Heaven, a fantastic Fusion-IR emulation of the Bricasti M7. So it's convolution based, but lets you manage reflections, decay time, and other neat parameters. My template is set up like this: 1. All tracks by default are set to output to a Null bus (-inf dB, so...
  28. neblix

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    It really is understated how powerful the "Import Song Data" feature in Studio One. You can import entire chunks of other projects (or if you're clever, a "source" project template) complete with bus routings and fx chains. For example I can start an empty project to doodle whatever, then...
  29. neblix

    Aiva - Artificial Intelligence Composition: beta starting today

    For the lot of you shouting against the "replacement" of creative human art, consider you have already egregiously took part in this if you have used sample libraries in your productions. If you have found the need to record live sessions despite the advances of realism and expression in sample...
  30. neblix

    Improving Elec Guitar Sound

    This is not correct, Shreddage libraries are recorded DI. There isn't processing done beyond our normal sample editing processes such as normalization and noise reduction. The quality of your DI signal is greatly dependent on the quality of your pickups. For example if you listen to a set of...
  31. neblix

    Shreddage 3 Stratus - FREE VERSION

    You can do this by simply using the "Unison Bend" knob.
  32. neblix

    Shreddage 3 Stratus - FREE VERSION

    Hi, I've never heard of this workflow and my demos use a single instance for leads. So it is not necessary to do this method you lay out. It simply takes an understanding of how guitar players play melodies, and working that into pitch bend and mod wheel for vibrato (or aftertouch if you prefer).
  33. neblix

    Creating Your Own Room Mics

    Yes, I have adopted this workflow. It completely changed the way I mixed music, with way better results, seamless and effortless blending between libraries recorded by different developers, and prompted a complete ground-up new template to ensure all of my productions going forward do this...
  34. neblix

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    I'm always a huge fan of Alex Wallbank and this library does not disappoint, and lived up to the other ones in the series. Great sound, easy to use, and doesn't consume half of my sample drive.
  35. neblix

    How I Enhance Cinematic Studio Strings For A Closer, Crisper Sound (It's Not Eq, Compression, etc)

    Very interesting trick. It's worth mentioning, for those that have it, that Cinematic Studio Solo Strings is programmed & cut at a 1:1 behavior with its big ensemble brother. If you duplicate the midi of CSS into CSSS instruments to layer them, and then bring the solos slightly more front in the...
  36. neblix

    Sonarworks Speaker/Headphone Calibration WOW

    Sonarworks is the best investment you can make into your production.
  37. neblix

    Eric Whitacre - thoughts?

    Have you heard the work of Eric Whitacre, the composer it was designed for?
  38. neblix

    Impact Soundworks Archtop

    Someone made a custom setup combining separate instances of Archtop with the ROLI seaboard. Sound in action:
  39. neblix

    Eric Whitacre - thoughts?

    The Eric Whitacre choir is fantastic if you want to write the kind of music it was designed to be used for. I do! But if you don't, you will probably not like it.
  40. neblix

    SHREDDAGE 3 STRATUS - Now available from Impact Soundworks!!!

    It doesn't help that the name of the first Shreddage 2 series guitar is Shreddage 2, so let's clarify this some more. :) If you want to buy Shreddage 3 Stratus, it is the full price of Stratus ($119 + $30 KP serial) minus $20 if you own any Shreddage 2 series guitars. In other words, Stratus is...
  41. neblix

    SHREDDAGE 3 STRATUS - Now available from Impact Soundworks!!!

    Hi Polka, I'm not sure if that's fair to say at all. A small pocket change upgrade fee is pretty fair, in my opinion, to cover the work needed to remap all of the samples, develop new graphics, set up the engines for each guitar, develop the snapshots, testing phase, Native Instruments encoding...
  42. neblix

    SHREDDAGE 3 STRATUS - Now available from Impact Soundworks!!!

    I would love if we did this. Up to Andrew though.
  43. neblix

    Eric Whitacre Choir

    I find this library tailored to my exact needs for the kind of music I write. The sample quality and expression are wonderful. As others have said, it handles clusters very well. I did a short doodle this morning just to test out the sound. I am only using the Close mics and my own reverb sends...
  44. neblix

    RELEASED: Straight Ahead Jazz Horns, revamped for 2017 by Impact Soundworks! Demos & video inside!

    Yes, the same thing you had to do when purchasing the library. You have to move the graphic files into the necessary folder in My Documents/; you have to do it again because Kontakt 6 is installed as a different program on your computer than Kontakt 5. It does not overwrite and share the same...
  45. neblix

    RELEASED: Straight Ahead Jazz Horns, revamped for 2017 by Impact Soundworks! Demos & video inside!

    @Rasmus Hartvig I've had a look at the Alto Sax 2 and can't seem to replicate these bugs. - All Falls Long articulations are triggering correctly, both in the saxes multi as well as by itself. The only thing I can see is that lower notes in the bottom of its range trigger nothing, because...
  46. neblix

    Impact Soundworks - Our Summer Sale Has Begun! Up to 50% off our entire catalog

    Dive in to a sea of huge discounts! Now through July 31st, we're hosting an across-the-board sale on our entire line of virtual instruments, samples, plugins, and presets! With savings of up to 50% on individual instruments, plus double-discounts on bundled products, you are sure to find the...
  47. neblix

    RELEASED: Straight Ahead Jazz Horns, revamped for 2017 by Impact Soundworks! Demos & video inside!

    Hi guys, Nabeel here. Trey (from Straight Ahead Samples) is still very busy with his other work and so the Jazz Horns update is being pushed further and further back. The Smart Voicing standalone system idea is still on the table, but honestly we have to figure out the best way to sell it...
  48. neblix

    Library Recommendations?

    BBB is also circa $1700 ;)
  49. neblix

    Query regarding this string attack sound

    Those are very easily fake. And to get that kind of sound in samples, what you might look for in libraries is an articulation called "marcato". For example, Cinematic Studio Strings lets you select marcato, and then still play passages with legato (it will do legato scripting on all notes...
  50. neblix

    Comparing VSL Trumpet in C, VSL Trumpet in Bb and VSL Cornet

    A score doesn't tell you everything, nor is it a good instruction manual for using samples, because samples are limited in use compared to what a real player would do if he saw an equivalent notation. Just in the very beginning of your clip, this is apparent. The notes are bleeding into each...
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