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    Reaching for "the next level"'s nice to have goals about being more proficient at using software to fully utilize it's capabilities to help realize your music. So much to little time! But if I only wanted to aspire to have a computer play my music all the time? That'd be like wanting to always make...
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    Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (control room modeling)

    I love Waves plugins; but Sonicsworks 4 does the job very nicely when used with good headphones like Beyerdynamic DT770's. Yesterday, I was re-mastering some previous work with some Waves plugs that are fantastic....but, running it all through the Sonicsworks 4 (..I was in my studio setup so...
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    Switch from Mac to PC; Logic X to Cubase Pro 10

    I've switched over to Cubase 10 after many years with MOTU DP. It's excellent. No problems at all. And the big reason to get into Cubase is because I too want to phase out my Mac-life over the next year. I'll keep what I have (2009 MacPro and 2011 MacBook Pro) at OSX Sierra 10.12.6. Everything...
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    Reaching for "the next level"

    Agreed....some fantastic electronic music out there; even going back to the '60's and the real pioneers of electronic instruments. The early Moog experimenters did some amazing stuff. Wonderful because it's a what good music should be....'organized sound'....and electronic music can take you...
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    Reaching for "the next level"

    Excellent thread! As Quincy Jones said several years ago (maybe 20 years ago, and I paraphrase what I can remember: " Now we have a whole bunch of people calling themselves 'musicians' and 'producers' who've never actually played a real musical instrument in their life. ...and the music of...
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    Midi vs notation

    Notate it! If you have a string phrase in your mind that you would like to hear being played, don't depend on a string library to give you what you really intend. Most sample libraries force you into composing what sounds best (or easiest to accomplish) for that particular library. You'd need...
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    Underappreciated....the Cubase syths and HALion content

    Nobody really mentions this....but I'm finding that the Cubase packaged-synths and HALion content, GrooveAgent, etc. are really excellent in their own right. When you get down to it, if I couldn't make/produce music by using only the factory content with Cubase (and it's plug-ins) then there's...
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    Any great Cubase pro books references out there?

    Have had the book for a couple of weeks now, and I'd give it a very good review for sure. I'm new to Cubase, but not new to 'Music and Technology'....(I've done some teaching on the subject at colleges myself over the years as an adjunct teacher). But, if the places I taught had been...
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    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    You mean me? ( pretty much my own copyist?) Years ago (when there were still pen, velum, paper, real score and parts, etc.) I was a young pro musician looking for extra work, so I did some music copying for others in the '80's. Painstaking work for me, as I would have rather have been...
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    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    Agreed....after being on Dorico the last 2 months (...and after 20 years of Finale/Sibelius)....I can't go back to the other programs. I'm loving the Dorico presets keystrokes, and program some other in 'Keyboard Maestro'. All's good!
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    Epic music possible with really synthy strings, brass and piano

    Know what you mean....when the Yamaha DX-7, Korg M1, Roland D-50, etc.etc....all appeared on the music scene, we all got very creative. Today...what with all the sound libraries, orchestral libraries, etc.; are we more creative than the original synth 'inspirations'? I don't think so. The...
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    Advice for a recently made redundant, now full time freelancer (not out of choice!)

    This may be a sacrilegious post here.... You're a composer...I'm a can't live without composing music... You've written for film and would like to do more...I've written for films, video, etc. and would always like to do more...but I'm also involved with performing live music...
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    Switching from Logic to Cubase Advice?

    Have moved to Cubase after being a long-time DP user. One subtle's much easier on the eyes than DP. Also, I think Steinberg has done a great job with the keystrokes for using an external keypad. Perfect. Don't have to set up my own! Same for the regular keystrokes on the main...
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    Any great Cubase pro books references out there?

    I've just had the same question, so thanks for the Darren Jones book link. Am new to Cubase, but have 20 years of experience with MOTU there is a bit of 'overlap' which helps in the transition. But I'm loving Cubase so far, and this is part of my transition out of the 'Apple-world'...
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    Performing vs Programming

    I wouldn't want to forget about the audience...sometimes, the most expensive libraries don't cut it when played back through a stage PA system. They might be too 'pure and real' to have any sonic impact....meaning that the nuances that sound great in the studio might make the overall sound real...
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    So, what Mac are you going to get next? (Poll)

    I've gone from 'everything Apple' for about the last 20 years, to 'screw them..' Sure, I love what they were and what they've offered, and I've loved the way I used to be able to just by a used Mac and upgrade it and have a nice machine. Didn't have to buy Logic or iMovie or whatever in order...
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    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    Or, to quote Quincy Jones...."...a good piece of music should sound great even when played with one finger at a time on a piano...." 1000 tracks?....really?....why?
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    Trying to Register Sibelius 6 on New Mac Nightmare

    I've been taking a lot of Sibelius scores into my new Dorico through XML the last couple of weeks. Nothing huge....jazz charts ranging from quintet to big band. MusicXML is not an exact science, but I'm really loving how they're opening up in Dorico. Sure, I have to do some cleanup and check...
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    Cubase vs logic... is hans zimmer right?

    FWIW....About 10-15 years ago I tried Logic 8 for awhile, but .... I switched back to Digital Performer, because I swear that I got more detailed sound coming from DP. I'll be taking advantage of the Cubase update, as I'm now a Steinberg fan due to loving Dorico and their iOS Cubasis...and, I...
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    Sampled trombones...

    Being a pro trombone player too, and having played in every genre of music possible, and having the benefit of hearing and knowing what the trombone can sound like.. some notes and observations: - it's hard, if not impossible, for any sample library to totally capture the true essence of a...
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    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    Ha! Yes...being of that age group too, I spent hours experimenting with different pencils, leads, paper, pens, ink, erasers, etc. etc. (....and, I still do...notation software is still a pale imitation of what's possible with pencil/paper for getting what's out of your brain onto a score for...
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    A big vote as well for '90's Retro Trumpets' !!!! Beautiful..
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    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    I find that between the actual Dorico key commands, maybe editing a few of them, and also using 'Keyboard Maestro' in conjunction with Dorico.....that I'm able to duplicate any 'Sibelius-like' custom keystrokes I got used to. (I have an external keypad for my left hand while my right hand is on...
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    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    I use DP as well, and will have to try some exporting/importing to Dorico. After being all over the map between my likes and dislikes of Sibelius vs Finale over the last year, and thinking I should maybe get back into Finale after using Sibelius for several years...I got the Dorico trial, and...
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    Learning Finale

    I'm all in for Dorico...if it would create a Finale-like 'Speedy Entry' (choose notes from MIDI keyboard; and then choose duration for input)... but with the automatic spacing capability like Sibelius does for the same way of note entry. That'd make it the big cheese.
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    Learning Finale

    I'd like to use 'Speedy', but I can't wrap my head around seeing all the squished-up notes in the bar-window if I actually use Finale instead of pencil/paper for some composing. So, I'm used to playing a MIDI keyboard for any notating/composing I do. Have tried to punch in notes QWERTY style...
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    Learning Finale

    I'm exactly like you....coming back to Finale after years away, and really loving it. What's helped me get back in the 'flow': - 'Finale 14' Trailblazer guide by Mark Johnson (I use Finale 25, but it's good for pretty much everything) - 'Composing with Finale' by Mark Johnson (older, but still...
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    Love for Windows 10

    I've been on Macs for 30 years, but will switch over to PC in the near future. My reasons: - I don't have 'money to burn' to buy Apple hardware - if my 2009 MacPro and 2011 MacBook Pro keep working, I'm happy - ..but... I'm stuck on OSX El Capitan 10.11.6...which is working fine and all is well...
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    Kirk Hunter Diamond confusions

    Gotta say... Kirk Hunter's 'Diamond' does have some 'diamonds in there. People love to 'poo-poo' the Hunter libraries, but maybe they're jealous of the fact that in a lot of mixes for various purposes they're fantastic... depending on the context and instruments used. I've composed/produced...
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    Moving away from Ableton (or am I?)

    Questions for Live users: - there much difference in performance or anything between a Live PC/Windows system vs. a Live Mac system? - I'm not talking about crazy hyper computers...just simple needs like for using a couple of software synths (ie: Kontakt, maybe a Play instance), a...
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    Moving away from Ableton (or am I?)

    I love Live for playing back audio files 'live' that I've composed/produced in another DAW (Motu DP). Live is so rock solid when used live. For example: We had the computer and video power plug get pulled two minutes before a live 'on air' show by a bumbling technician under a table. We...
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    Omnisphere 2.6 is Out

    So wonderful to hear the Roland D-50 sounds. After the last few years of sound designers trying to 'out-knarly' each other and 'let's-see-who-can-come-up-with-the-true-sound-of-Armagedon-nastiness- that-sounds-like-everyone-else-superhero-dark-villian-patch', this update really shows how...
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    Omnisphere 2.6 now released

    Nice!...the Roland D50's sounds take me back to being thrilled it when I first heard it way back when. And all the other synth patches and waveforms help take the Omnisphere world to a new level. Great update! Bonus!
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    New Pori fonts for Sibelius/jazz chords

    Note: am getting some weird printing problems with the slash bass not working in some scores. Had to revert to another font to print out a lead sheet for last nights jazz gig. I wish Sibelius had some of the Finale fonts to be easily used!
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    Help a lifelong Mac guy switch to PC?

    Same here, having been an Apple-crazed 'fanboy' ever since the late '90's. But...I'm pretty much done with the Apple "one-corporation-to-create-all" approach, especially since Apple is insisting on trying to mesmerize and ruin the minds of our youth by trying to get iPads into every school in...
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    New Pori fonts for Sibelius/jazz chords

    Because I play mostly jazz, and am mostly doing tons of sightreading of new/old charts, I personally don't like any 'handwritten' fonts from Sibelius or Finale for the notes. Not as easy to sightread as Opus, Helsinki, or Maestro (or maybe Finale's Broadway for certain types of music.) Getting...
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    New Pori fonts for Sibelius/jazz chords

    In case anyone doesn't know, there is a great new font for Sibelius that make Chord symbols much more 'eye friendly' to live players. Plus, you can stack alternate bass notes very easily if needed now with an angled slash. Pori Chords ASC Read all about it at 'Scoringnotes'...
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    PC laptop for live use/Omnisphere; used; but durable?

    Hi wondering if anyone has some PC laptop recommendations for dedicated useage of Omnisphere and Stylus RMX (plus maybe Ableton doing some very simple basic things....I'm not a DJ/Electronic guy) I just want a 'musical instrument' for live use...using it as a synth (the odd Multi; some...
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    Composing - what does your process look like?

    I find there are now different scenarios: 1. If the music is to be recorded by a DAW and software instruments/electronic: - I like to sketch some main ideas out first on paper - then, I expect to be sorely disappointed once I start to record and play my ideas into the DAW...because every sample...
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    Cinematic Studio Brass or Spitfire Studio Brass for Funk Horns?

    I second these: - Session Horns - Chris Hein Horns Compact - even the stock Kontakt Factory horn sounds work for funk/rock Tip from a trombone player: don't use a 'legit' trombone sound - find something that blends well with the other horns; 'soften' it up to sound like a trumpet down an...
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    The end of soundtrack composers?

    Misle Sure...that's why I started the get some thinking going....misleading?...then it served it's purpose for sake of discussion. (...not like I'm a politician or anything!)
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    The end of soundtrack composers?

    I like what Charlie says. Yeah...wouldn't most people just want to 'veg-out' and relax and watch a movie or TV show after a hard day at work? Who has the energy or interest to play these kind of 'interactive' films of shows?...really?....people do/have done that? More fun to play with a...
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    Sibelius review...

    C'mon....Sibelius just does the job fine. If anything, Finale seems like a dinosaur (for the average composer who just needs to print their own scores and parts.)
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    The end of soundtrack composers?

    Something to ponder: What Netflix’s ‘choose-your-own-soundtrack’ paradigm reveals about the future of the music industry hmmm.. if this is really so, then...
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    Notation for Composing

    A thought...if you're using Sibelius, have you checked out 'NotePerformer' from Wallendar? If you just need to get a great semblance of what your music will sound like (and to give prospective conductors, etc. an idea what it could sound like with a live ensemble) you can't go wrong with...
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    Why aren't more folks talking about Notion?

    Thanks for your info. Yes, I find the iPad good for small idea sketching....but could never do a full, lenghty piece on it (or on the computer with Notion) due to not being able to see the overall 'overview' as you can by using good old paper scores. I've used Notion for printing out parts for...
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    Why aren't more folks talking about Notion?

    You using an iPad Pro or other iPad? Notion works will on my iPad Air, but being an "old school-still prefer-pencil and paper scores" for initial writing, I'm always wondering about other solutions that don't hinder the flow. If iPad Pro, any reports? Have you found a way to use an iPad with...
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    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    I'd say 'under-rated'.... based on some pure genius, magical musical solutions that just "work" and go with the story of the film (visuals included). What's sad is that so many people on the forum (and sample library developers) are only attracted to the "epic/ominous/ostinato/" moments that HZ...
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    Limit yourself with some kind of an all-in-one-box?

    Interesting reading.... and I sure wish I'd kept my old Korg M1 (even thought the new Legacy software is pretty great at replicating it and giving you so much more in the sound department) When I listen to some old music I did using the Korg M1, the EMU Proteus modules, and my Roland XP-80 as...
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    Brass shootout

    Hmm...depends...on what kind of music you're writing/producing! There are numeous orchestral brass libraries that are all wonderful for block chords, staccato notes, etc. etc. to get that "big epic sound" that they sell a lot of these libraries for. But what will you use for a something that...
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