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    Orangetree Guitars - how to make them sound "thicker" ...?

    Blend with a real one (0% to 100%). Done. p.s. try to overdub and hard pan parts, layer different pick-ups for different parts, use different cabs (blended or separately) - Celestion Plus cabs are the real deal, use compression emus eg. try Mercuriall/Scuffham or any other solid pre emulation...
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    Fretless Bass...which one ?

    A real one will probably do.
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    Summer Sale on NI Massive Soundset from PulseSetter-Sounds: MASSIVE FUEL for Trailer Composers

    Something like that but for Serum would have been super nice.
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    Pianoteq sale

    I have recently discovered that Pianoteq could sound like Felt Piano with some tweaking [my first demo here] - here you could hear Pianoteq 6 Blüthner with layered SF Labs Soft Piano (really far behind) + some Pro-Q 3 matching EQ on P6 (slightly matched to curve of Soft Piano) :)
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    Incorporating live Instruments while writing in larger templates

    Presonus Studio One has a solution for it with its zero-latency software based monitoring. I used to have some amp sim guitar pedals for that task in the past. But sold them after I realized that I like to record clean guitar signal with modelling plug-ins (S-Gear, Mercuriall are my favs). And...
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    FS: Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Cello - SOLD, Exponential Audio R4 - 149$, Acustica Audio Ebony - 99$

    Selling licenses for: Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Cello SOLD Acustica Audio Ebony (Dreamware Reverb Channel Strip) - 99$ (US) Izotope / Exponential Audio R4 - 149$ (US) PayPal only. Kind regards, Yury T.
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    Only 3 Days Left! - VSTBuzz: 80% off “Cinematic Bundle” by Sampletraxx (Kontakt/WAV) - Now Only €99!

    Which ones? I am pitching myself towards four: Braams, Woosh, Stutter Matter and Bleed. Could they cover a lot of Fx ground in you opinion?
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    Simple great compressor recommendations (like Valhalla)

    Empirical Labs Arousor is what you need. Truly workhorse.
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    VEPro 7 now available!

    I am just thinking that they could just add one simple feature - "arranger window" and call it a...daw.
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    Best tubular bells?

    What about Tubular Bells that comes for free with any Pianoteq license? They are physically modelled and could be tweaked further. Are they any good?
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