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  1. kmaster

    Just got Keyboard Maestro...what should I do with it?

    Are you talking about Standalone or Plug-in?
  2. kmaster

    East West Strings Gold - How to get consistent volume across patches?

    You can try changing the "volume knob" inside Play itself to balance the relative loudness-relationships between articulations, and/or with a Gain plugin on the articulation audio return channels (that is if I understand you correctly, and that each one is different). If you want to control...
  3. kmaster

    To transcribe or not to?

    "Slow and with much guessing" is how everyone starts off their transcription abilities. It's the repeated mistakes that train you how to be quicker and more accurate! Why not transcribe straight onto paper? Use your DAW to check the sounds, but there is something to be said about internalizing...
  4. kmaster

    LogicPro + VEP and AU3

    Not in 10.4.5 they weren't - Thus, the new bug fix: So that officially takes care of that issue. Are there any other issues that anybody has noticed?
  5. kmaster

    LogicPro + VEP and AU3

    VEP Update 7.0.851 from July 3 fixed the AU3/audio ports bug. Does this fix the whole AU3 template thing? Or were there other problems noticed?
  6. kmaster

    I am desperate help needed - crackles all the time with VEP and Logic

    That is the buffer multiplier. Experiment with greater and smaller sizes. This takes your DAW's buffer (in this case, 512) and multiplies it anywhere from 0-4 (so, 0/512/1024/1536/2048), which is then the additional buffer VEP uses to process whatever it's holding. I've found that it helps to...
  7. kmaster

    I am desperate help needed - crackles all the time with VEP and Logic

    What is your buffer multiplier in your VEP instances?
  8. kmaster

    Why JW is so Fucking good !!!

    Yes, complexity alone does nothing. Where Williams's true strength is is his absolute control of that complexity.
  9. kmaster

    Articulation maps vs. template balancing

    It's also quite possible to create custom macros in the Environment to do the same thing, and I'm not sure that this is limited by any bugs. ::edit:: I should add: conjunction with the articulation sets commands. It's a powerful combination!
  10. kmaster

    Logic Sudden Crash getting a Bit Desperate ! Help !

    Took a look here. Some more questions: - What audio file format is the audio that you are importing? - Does this happen on all projects with many tracks, or only a few/one?
  11. kmaster

    Removing unused items from the "not installed" section of Native Access

    AFAIK you should be able to remove items from NA by (if you're on a Mac) going into your user library's Preferences and deleting whichever com.native-instruments.Unwanted Libraries.plist you have.
  12. kmaster

    EastWest must haves (beyond HO)?

    The QLSO Marimba might be my favorite VI patch of all time. Just so fun to play!
  13. kmaster

    A small gift to Logic & Wavestation users

    This might only help two or three of you, but: If you own a Korg Wavestation SR and use Logic (10.4.5), I've created an Environment for you with all the stock SR factory patches properly named. Just import it into your own project and make sure the MIDI port is the right one for your system...
  14. kmaster

    Huge MIDI Input delay when adding plug-in in Logic

    It’s a mastering plugin, so it’s going to have a good bit of look-ahead to do what it needs to do. This look-ahead is latency. If you mouse over the plugin instance you will see how much latency it is adding. Only way to really deal with it is to not use it the way you’re using it and reserve...
  15. kmaster

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    Out of curiosity, have you tried deleting your control surface preference file? That behavior sounds like the typical symptoms of a corrupt .cs.
  16. kmaster

    Do you use Kontakt's Factory library at all?

    The KFL is basic, but I think most people undervalue it. I know I do.
  17. kmaster

    Infinite Woodwinds — Welcome to the Next Generation

    As a (recovering) woodwind player... this is amazing. Well done!!
  18. kmaster

    LogicPro + VEP and AU3

    Thanks for all your work!
  19. kmaster

    Soniccouture: 50% Off Everything. It's all over now.

    @soniccouture Do you have anything still available for EXS24? :whistling:
  20. kmaster

    Upcoming Indie Game (New Music - DAW Cast Added)

    Already unavailable? :(
  21. kmaster

    Why has it been a decade and a half...

    I have nothing against commercial libraries, and I think that many developers are doing a fine job of locating needs. Most of this is just curiosity! But I'm happy to foment discussion on it - I wouldn't mind seeing another one :)
  22. kmaster

    Why has it been a decade and a half...

    ...since VI-Control members (or at least a portion of them) have banded together to create a bespoke sample library? I can't find anything since the VI-PRO project of this forum's early days! Is it too expensive? Do commercial libraries fill the gap well enough now? What's the deal? :geek:
  23. kmaster

    Korg Volca Modular - newbie question

    Here are a few versions some kind people have made (bottom one is also from that Reddit thread)
  24. kmaster

    Korg Volca Modular - newbie question

    Make a blank line-art diagram of everything and use pencils. That’s the old-school way (and it is incredibly more self-educational than just a picture)
  25. kmaster

    Now that Logic can handle 1000 Instrument Tracks...

    Does anybody know if there is any way to acquire the now-ancient VSL Pro Edition for EXS24? R3Audio's got a Performance Tool replacement for Logic Pro X that is supposed to work quite nicely.
  26. kmaster

    Now that Logic can handle 1000 Instrument Tracks...

    @charlieclouser this is an amazing series of posts! Thank you so much!
  27. kmaster

    Now that Logic can handle 1000 Instrument Tracks...

    ...I'd like to build an EXS24-only template a la @charlieclouser to take advantage of the "VEP preserved/decoupled"-like behavior EXS can do. I don't mind simplicity and things like lack of mic positions and true legato, as long as it sounds good and musical. What is the best option for doing...
  28. kmaster

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    per-project, File>Project Settings>General>Opening Project
  29. kmaster

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    Sure, but I’m talking about when playing things in. Both channels (with their respective plugins) are off, but then only one works, when performing a part with the option enabled (thus making them both "necessary for playback"). That seems like a bug to me.
  30. kmaster

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    There is a funny bug I've been noticing; I wonder if anybody else has experienced this? Now that "only plugins needed for project playback" is enabled by default on a per-project basis, one multi instrument channel track connected in the Environment to two instrument channels only activates the...
  31. kmaster

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    I'm calling it the Cheese Greater
  32. kmaster

    Looking for rock/metal drum for JPRG battle music?

    What modern JRPGs are you trying to approach the sound of?
  33. kmaster

    Video Game Music: Micro Loops!

    Thank you! Is there anything you'd like to hear next?
  34. kmaster

    Video Game Music: Micro Loops!

    As a child of early 1990, I love the sound of fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-generation video game music (basically everything from the Genesis and SNES through the Gamecube and PS2). I've been slowly collecting ROMplers of the era and have been using them to build a playlist of what I call "micro...
  35. kmaster

    Logic sending RPN to VEP on initialization?

    I should mention that this same behavior happens when hosted natively in Logic too; I don't know why I only mentioned VEP.
  36. kmaster

    Logic sending RPN to VEP on initialization?

    Hi, It seems that when I have a VEP template full of, say, Kontakt, and open up a Logic project built to connect to that template, Logic sends RPNs to each and every MIDI channel. I assume this is just a "check" or a "reset to init" sort of message, and normally it's fine - from watching the...
  37. kmaster

    VEPro 7 now available!

    Quick question: I’m building a clone of a rig that needs to stay on VEP 6 for now. VEP 7 is the only license available I can find to buy. Would a VEP 7 license allow use of the VEP 6 installation, or am I out of luck?
  38. kmaster

    Sid's Retro Corner

    Backlit and biverted is the way to go in 2019!
  39. kmaster

    Understanding Synths for a classical musician

    What's the difference between an "old circuit" and a wooden box with taut entrails? Or a wooden tube with holes in it? Or a wooden hoop with taut skin? Pleasing, useful, and satisfying sounds can come from anywhere, no matter how simple or old.
  40. kmaster

    "Chamber" Libraries

    Not quite, it's also about ambience, detail, and space, which is why I said It's an aesthetic beyond mere number of players.
  41. kmaster

    Question about mixing in audio vs. midi

    Are you using the Logic/VEP "multiport" template?
  42. kmaster

    "Chamber" Libraries

    All right, so there are a decent amount of smaller strings libraries. What about Brass? Woodwinds? Percussion? Etc.? It's not just about having a single instrument; Hollywood Brass's "Solo Trumpet" is not going to work as a chamber-style Solo Trumpet without some mixing wizardry. Here's...
  43. kmaster

    "Chamber" Libraries

    As fun as large orchestral ensembles are to write for, budgets for real musicians these days are often geared toward much smaller forces. What libraries do you turn to to mock-up for, say, 30 or fewer players? I'll get the list started: VSCO SCS (though the ambience can still make this sound...
  44. kmaster

    Just got Keyboard Maestro...what should I do with it?

    Isn't that what I'm doing? :rofl: These are great so far!
  45. kmaster

    Just got Keyboard Maestro...what should I do with it?

    Basically every composer I've ever done any work for in LA uses Keyboard Maestro, so I finally decided to get it myself. Im interested to know what you all use macros for (with KM or any other macro program) to help speed up your workflow!
  46. kmaster

    Are you (or were you ever) a composer's assistant in LA??

    Thanks to all who submitted! Here's the link to the first edition: It will be free to download until the evening of May 5th.
  47. kmaster

    How much RAM for 2019 iMac i9

    Here's an example: I have a 2015 iMac with 64 GB of RAM and what I would consider a minimum viable orchestral template - I have one of each instrument, but not (for example) HS and CSS and LASS. Why? Partly because I like the simplicity, but partly because my template takes about 45 GB all told...
  48. kmaster

    Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart

    Do you mean we can test-drive a beta of full K6 for the purposes of resolving this issue?
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