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  1. ceemusic

    Plugin for protecting my precious ears...

    This issue was fixed about 2 years ago, if you hit them too hard you'd get an excruciating loud burst of noise. It would typically happen when you'd try driving a pre-amp like h/w. Still AA's plugins need to be gain staged or you'll get chirps, weird noise, artifacts. I still use ice9 because...
  2. ceemusic

    Plugin for protecting my precious ears...

    Also Ice9 here used to safeguard against Acustica Audio plugins.
  3. ceemusic

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    Plus don't forget many send or dl links via email, those can be hacked or fraudulent as well. I always pay attention when dealing with anything online related whether it's my daw or personal computer.
  4. ceemusic

    Keeping your DAW off Internet

    My daw is on a separate computer. I only go online to download & authorize plugins or upload to deliver material. It's disconnected otherwise plus I don't surf the net with it either. Use Windows Pro & Group Policy Editor to shut down unwanted items Cortana or auto updates. I only have Windows...
  5. ceemusic

    Synchron-ized Special Edition

    I read SSD for sample content under Rystem Requirements/ Recommended on the product page here-!System_Requirements I think that's pretty much standard these days.
  6. ceemusic

    VEPro 7 now available!

    Mine either, none of my VSL libraries are.
  7. ceemusic

    Cubase vs. Reaper.

    If you're not using Reaper after all this time what makes you think you'd use Cubase? Every DAW has a certain learning curve which can be learned in about of week or two if you spend the time & effort. You say you don't need another DAW so why consider buying it in the first place?
  8. ceemusic

    VEPro 7 now available!

    $ 159.00 at Best Service
  9. ceemusic

    VEPro 7 now available!

    After installing VEP7 I get a VEP6 pop-up every time I open any of my daws & it scans for new plugins. (can't open the program) I'm also receiving a pop-up ad to upgrade every time I open VEP7 itself. There's a check box option to stop the upgrade ad but how do I stop the VEP6 notice from...
  10. ceemusic

    Great update but do I really need it?

    I try the demos to find out if there's any reason to upgrade or not.
  11. ceemusic

    Simple great compressor recommendations (like Valhalla)

    There's quite a few of varying types out there. If you want good/ simple why not use the one that comes with your daw?
  12. ceemusic

    Pro-Q 3 worth the hype?

    Pro-Q3 is excellent, the other I'd recommend would be DMG's Equilibrium. Would depend on your abilities & needs, for the average user Pro-Q3 might be better, it's quick & easy to set up plus loaded with nice features. For e.q. enthusiasts Equilibrium might be a better choice, you can turn it...
  13. ceemusic

    Multiple VST folders bad ?

    I currently use 4. Although I no longer use 32b I still have a folder for those that need to be installed. So it's x64, x32, VST3 (in the typical C:/Program Files/Common Files) plus I use a separate folder for my Acustica/ Nebula plugins which I install on one of my SSD drives.
  14. ceemusic

    My tracks are too quiet...

    Learn how your audio interface operates!- YES, not only is the gain knob for input levels relevant but it's KEY!. Getting nominal levels set is the first & most important factor you need to address before going forward. If not suggestions like normalizing might make the track louder but the...
  15. ceemusic

    My tracks are too quiet...

    Do you set your levels up before recording? Play your piano so the loudest peaks are around -6/-8 db, record & mix. Now have it mastered so it fit's in with the relative volume other any tracks in the project, album or based on where you plan on having it streamed or broadcast.
  16. ceemusic

    Waves is Relentless with Their Sales

    I've used Waves plugins since they were released. I have them all & my real only go-to these days is L1 on tracks. I still use some every so often but most of them have been replaced with others I prefer. Their prices started coming down several years ago when more competition with equal or...
  17. ceemusic

    Favorite Rhodes VST?

    Scarbee - EP-88s, Lounge Lizard
  18. ceemusic

    When to use 7/8 Time Signature

    Yes, Don Ellis! although both were amazing.
  19. ceemusic

    When to use 7/8 Time Signature

    Bill Chase used all types of sig. changes in his music, very challenging material. Then there's playing over the bar like this 4/4 F.Z. piece. I use time signatures in writing as part of the creative process rather than 'when to use.' Still one could use time signatures for creating certain...
  20. ceemusic

    Bass guitar library that sounds like... (Please help)

    Only listened on laptop. You could use a clean jazz bass or similar with a distortion or saturation plugin on the audio track.
  21. ceemusic

    MetricAB today for Sale at Plugin Alliance - Anyone using it?

    Many have reported problems with not receiving their vouchers or promo emails even if subscribed to the newsletter. You might try re-subscribing or contacting support if the problem persists.
  22. ceemusic

    MetricAB today for Sale at Plugin Alliance - Anyone using it?

    I mainly use the freq. feature (filters) to compare ranges with reference tracks or suss out problematic areas (via ear). Works great when needed, no problems, stable. I use it along with Izotope & a few other similar tools. Try to demo if possible.
  23. ceemusic

    Superior Drummer 3

    I started with AD1 years ago, then BFD3 about 6 years ago, didn't care for SD2 but SD3 is fantastic & now my go-to used in templates & projects.
  24. ceemusic

    Plugindiscounts....has anyone purchased anything via here?

    Probably the first online web-shop for plugins, bought many from Tony throughout the years. I got a killer deal on Mercury years ago way before Waves started discounting heavily.
  25. ceemusic

    VEPro 7 now available!

    thanks C-Wave, that's a decent deal.
  26. ceemusic

    VEPro 7 now available!

    thanks, I might use my points for the upgrade too.
  27. ceemusic

    VEPro 7 now available!

    That's for the additional license, not the upgrade correct? Or with points?
  28. ceemusic

    RESOLVED - Soundcloud is Removing my Mockup of a Public Domain Song

    Same with YouTube, an algorithm is used. I can upload a video containing my music using a totally different name/ title & I'll get a notice.
  29. ceemusic

    RESOLVED - Soundcloud is Removing my Mockup of a Public Domain Song

    I've had the same problem with my own music. I used the contact option, explained the situation & they published it.
  30. ceemusic

    Your Favourite Compressor Plug-in?

    FabFliters Pro-C covers a lot of ground while still being a good bread & butter comp.
  31. ceemusic

    Sketching orchestra-Vienna smart or Red room palette?

    You might want to check out Amadeus too. Unfortunately the sale has ended.
  32. ceemusic

    Favorite Beatles song?

    No, I can't pick just one favorite. I like their whole catalog with one or two exceptions.
  33. ceemusic

    One SSD to load them all - Good idea?

    2 because for streaming samples it yields better performance.
  34. ceemusic

    One SSD to load them all - Good idea?

    Also I'd go with two 500GB SSDs than a single 1TB SSD. 2 drives sustaining ~540MB/Sec instead of a single sustaining ~540MB/Sec.
  35. ceemusic

    Cubase 10

    thanks! VEPro 6 too
  36. ceemusic

    Cubase 10

    didn't read this entire thread, sorry if I missed it. Synchron Player's UI is blank in C10 / Windows. Anyone else, fixes? thanks
  37. ceemusic

    Black Friday 2018 - What's on your Wish List?

    Picked up the new Acustica El Rey comp- nice one
  38. ceemusic

    Free x64 plugins

  39. ceemusic

    Variety Of Sound Plugins

    Herbert Goldberg (VOS) Tokyo Dawn Labs (Vladislav Goncharov, Fabien Schivre) why not try
  40. ceemusic

    Using "old" libs again

    I still have Dan Dean, Opus converted from Giga & Sam brass on an internal drive.
  41. ceemusic

    Steinberg Iconica Ensembles: exorbitant saving times in Cubase 9.5.30

    I have a similar problem using UVI Workstation & the Bohemian v+c.. drives me nuts, can't get it to save faster. A loaded project with 30G's of other samples saves faster than when using just one instance of either one of those.
  42. ceemusic

    Distrokid - Any disadvantages in comparison to Tunecore/CDBaby?

    I've used & like everything about Catapult except for their take down fee..Keep in mind they don't support distribution to the classical genre.
  43. ceemusic

    Woke up to hearing troubles

    Thanks, yes antibiotics plus vaccines but there's still long term effects. I'm not a diet freak but believe it or not I stopped getting migraines when I started using vinegar to control border line high glucose levels. For 10 years after contracting Lymes I used to get 1-2 migraines a month, I...
  44. ceemusic

    Distrokid - Any disadvantages in comparison to Tunecore/CDBaby?

    here's an older comparison article-
  45. ceemusic

    Woke up to hearing troubles

    I live in Ct. & had Lymes, there wasn't any ring. I went to the doctor after I started hallucinating & throwing up. It accelerated my arthritis, affected my concentration & I started suffering from migraines & vertigo.
  46. ceemusic

    What's on your Master Bus ?

    on my project mixing templates 2bus for the past year: Acustica's Diamond, Lift, Tim-Petherick's Vari Level or L-Bus, clipper, Alex-B MFC console mixbus Other plugins get swapped in / out depending..
  47. ceemusic

    What is everyone using for SURGE PROTECTION?

    My old APC Back UPS Pro still works fine with a Furman PL-PRO DMC. If power goes out it remains on w/o interruption. Then there's a 25,000w generator that starts after 1 minute if there's an outage plus surge protection in the basement tied into the mains for the entire house. Lightning rods on...
  48. ceemusic

    The most realistic guitar vst?

    It all depends on the track, material & mix. Ample Sound gets used the most although not exclusively. They all have their pros /cons.
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