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    How much to create a high-end Sample Library

    Why wont someone finally reveal how much it actually costs to do a quality sample library? I keep seeing videos online of how much everything else is to make and produce..... why not sample libraries? Studios, scripting, musicians, time, marketing, updates, software.....
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    How much is a Conductor in London for a 3-hour session?

    What are the normal rates for a conductor in London for a 3-hour session? Let's say everything has been orchestrated, arranged and fixed. Strings only for a commercial album. Roughly how much?
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    Abbey Road 2 costs

    Can someone give me a straight answer to a straight question please. How much is Abbey Road 2 with an Engineer for 8-hours. I've tried emailing with no reply. Thanks
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    Anyone here recorded Live Orchestra in sections?

    Hi there, Has anyone here recording live orchestral parts in sections? everything separate, strings, brass, winds, harp, percussion etc etc how does things work in terms of mixing with decca trees? any mixing / audio examples? thanks!
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    Spaghetti Western?

    What are the essential sample library sounds for creating Spaghetti Western style film scores? Thanks
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    Recorded in PT, how to transfer into LogicX?

    Recorded a MASSIVE session in ProTools. How do we import into LogicX for mixing so everything is still lined up? OMF? Please help.
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    Classical Orchestral Mixing

    Are there any videos out there of mix engineers mixing pure classical orchestral music (not hybrid film music) in LogicX? Just tutorials, tips and tricks... Thanks
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    London Studio with a Grand Piano

    Thanks - I'm looking into Angel Studios too.
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    London Studio with a Grand Piano

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a studio in London that has a Steinway Grand setup and a nice room to record in - it's solo piano work so it needs to be top-notch. AbbeyRoad & Air come to mind - has anyone here used these studios for Solo Piano before and are there any other studios you can...
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