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    VEPro 7 now available!

    I have now been tinkering with the VEP 7 trial for few days and I'm not still sure what to do while the introductory offer ends tomorrow. Basically I would be paying 120€ for smoother enabling/disabling automation from Cubase and losing one (currently unused) license.
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    Help Needed: Certain Instruments not playing in Cubase

    Is it possible that you have accidentally recorded some MIDI CC data (for example 7 or 11) on those tracks? My old expression pedal used to do this by itself.
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    MetArkII Strings Sustain Release?

    Do you have the updated version of MA2? There were some improvements to the sustain releases, I think for the Mid Strings. More info on this thread:
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    Novo Packs compared to Novo - new samples or just presets?

    New samples. Rhytmic Textures and Intimate Textures are a chamber sized ensemble and Synthetic Strings is... synths.
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    EW Voices of Opera...Opinions?

    It's not really that simple. The line between falsetto and head voice is quite blurred with male rock singers who have perfected this technique and that's why people are using terms like "super head voice" and "reinforced falsetto". Plant was the pioneer in this (well, until he ruined his voice...
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    Omnisphere 2.6 now released

    Wow, the new arpeggiator is :2thumbs:
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    Hollywood Choirs vs Symphonic Choirs

    Hollywood Choirs only have two sections - women and men - while Symphonic Choirs have SATB sections, boys and soloists (soprano, alto and boy) The wordbuilder is much more convincing and easier to use in HC and it's also more modern sounding in general.
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    10 years ago PLAY 2's features would have been awesome!

    Well, one out of three is not a bad record. Too bad the Solo Cello is pretty much useless, though.
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    10 years ago PLAY 2's features would have been awesome!

    At some point Play 2 became Play Pro and at some point Play Pro became sci-fi.
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    Thoughts on EW Hollywood Orchestra

    It’s a good library if you have the rest of the Hollywood Orchestra, otherwise “not bad” is a fitting description. All the patches are usable but none of them are really “go-to”. I actually prefer The bass drums and cymbals of SO unless the piece features HO heavily.
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    Logic user trying out Cubase. Curious about MIDI editing.

    There is of course more than one way to do these things, but here's my take: How do I make all selected notes the same length? Select all, type in the new length to the info line at the top of the screen. Cmd+Enter sets absolute value, just Enter relative. There is also the MIDI -> Functions ->...
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    Hollywood Choirs and Voices of the Empire bundle

    I was also thinking of purchasing this today and now the price is 400+ euros without any warning :sad:
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    Explaination of HZ01 Percussion patches?

    Actually the JXL mixes were not included in the initial release but were released in a later update as per this thread:
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    Explaination of HZ01 Percussion patches?

    I still have the original HZ01 and I have never used the anything but the invidual patches. Spitfire probably tried to be too clever with the keyswitch patches and totally revised the system for HZP.
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    I need a library that can do brass clusters ASAP!

    Hollywood Brass has some nice low brass clusters plus its otherwise a great library as well. And it's currently -60%
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    Orchestral Tools - Metropolis Ark 4 - New Demo online!

    The fact that OT is currently selling the other Arks for a lower price than ever might affect their decision to not to have any loyalty discounts this time. I mean that probably 90% of their potential customers already have at least one Ark now, especially as Ark 4 seems to be a "complementary...
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    I think they ran out of street names around Teldex, hence no more goofy names.
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    Question about audio files location

    Depends how many voices you are streaming, how many audio tracks you are playing and how many audio tracks you are recording. In general I would definitely keep sample libraries separate from project files and audio, but with small projects this might work.
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    Question about audio files location

    What do you mean with “recording”? Bouncing VI’s to audio?
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    Mod Wheel Dynamics Issue

    I had the same problem, especially with Ark 1 choirs. Turned out my expression pedal had gathered some dust and was sending CC1 all the time. If you’re on Cubase, insert a MIDI monitor on a track and see what is coming in. Other DAWs should have something similar.
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    Orchestral Tools - Metropolis Ark 4 - New Demo online!

    The mixed brass & woodwinds seems interesting but more strings, choir and percussion? Really? I thought Ark 1, 2 & 3 would have covered these already.
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    Previous announcments: Dec 4 2015 Friday Dec 6 2016 Tuesday Dec 8 2017 Friday
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    Interesting. I wonder what this could be and how much it will overlap the three previous Arks. For me MA3 was already a bit of a niche library.
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    VEPro Disabled Template Question

    Interesting. I use lot of disabled Kontakt and Play instances in VEP, enabling them as needed, so loading stuff in certain order is basically impossible. I haven't had any crashes in VEP in few years though. Please do tell us of your findings.
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    VEPro Disabled Template Question

    I think the whole thing was originally due to memory management of Kontakt and it was also recommended to load all Play instances and patches before Kontakt. I haven't seen anyone mentioning this since the times of Play 3 (2011?) and I guess even then it was unclear if it was a Mac thing only...
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    Save up to 63% on orchestral tools

    Ark Collection 499€ o_O Makes me wanna click "buy now" even though I already have all three.
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    Gravity for horror?

    The stings and some of the pads can definitely be used in horror-context. Probably some of the risers as well. The hits on the other hand are quite distinctly "trailerish" although having the subs and tails as separate menus gives it some flexibility. I would consider it with the -50% sale.
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    BF2018: The cigarette after it. How do you feel?

    I spent whooping 35 EUR for Toontrack's Metal Foundry SDX and bought few courses from Udemy. I had a budget ready, but nothing really interesting came up.
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    November 2018 Sales - Alphabetical List

    My point was that if you don't need the box, you can hire an "agent" to buy Omnisphere from EU (or wherever it's being sold cheap), just register the serial and download Omni from Spectrasonics site. But yeah, getting slightly OT here.
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    FS: Native Instruments Evolve R2

    Bump from the past as the GR5 is now sold. Also reduced price from 60 EUR / 70 USD to 50 EUR / 60 USD.
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    November 2018 Sales - Alphabetical List

    There is a Finnish music store that sells Omnisphere 2 for 298€ (340$), normally 395€ (450$). Delivery inside EU is 25€ and they are unfortunately not delivering to outside of EU. Then again if you only need the license and not the box / flashdrive I might be able to help. Upgrade from...
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    Choirs wanted! Surprise, it's not for Trailers!

    Metropolis Ark 1 would be an an obvious suggestion for the louder parts, but of course you would need to buy the whole thing which makes it a rather expensive just for the choirs.
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    I paid ~$1200.00 for Hollwood Strings and apparently I have to buy Gold if I want to save HDD space

    Yes, or 5 times the size of Gold as there are five times more mic positions. EDIT: the bow change articulations increase the size a little as well
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    I paid ~$1200.00 for Hollwood Strings and apparently I have to buy Gold if I want to save HDD space

    I honestly think people are mixing up EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Hollywood Orchestra
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    Cubase 10

    I didn't have much of expectations but still this seems rather underwhelming. Mixer snapshots seems to be pretty much the only new feature that I would use on (almost) daily basis. The updated color selector is a nice bonus if it supports 256 colors and more. I have bought every single upgrade...
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    East West Hollywood Brass, bigger sections for epic sound?

    Yeah, I saw your preparation thread. There's still over two weeks to go till BF, and you have already used over 700 GB. How long will your M.2 last at this pace? :)
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    East West Hollywood Brass, bigger sections for epic sound?

    No problem. Even though the Woods and the Perc are not as good as the Strings and the Brass, for 18 bucks it's a no-brainer. I just hope you don't need to buy a new SSD because of me ;)
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    East West Hollywood Brass, bigger sections for epic sound?

    You can get the whole Hollywood Orchestra Diamond now for $372.80, just saying.
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    EastWest & Contact License Locations with VEPro

    You transfer you license to your computer instead of (physical) iLok, but you still need the iLok License Manager to be installed. Not all developers support this.
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    EastWest & Contact License Locations with VEPro

    You can also use machine license with EW libraries. For example I have Hollywood Orchestra on a slave with the machine licenses and other EW stuff on my DAW with iLok.
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    This was not really the solution I was looking, although it makes sense. And JRR site also has still Empire and Soul -60%. Probably will be taken down at some point.
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    I don't think they do. I don't think they have had any products before like Spaces, where newer version contains the content from the older one as well. But at least the upgrade path for Hollywood Series is just as (il)logical now during the sales: HS Diamond full license - 159$ HS Gold ->...
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    To put it nicely, that's just BS. Per Eastwest website, the regular price for Spaces II is 399$ even though it has been on sale (299$) through the whole lifespan of the product so far (199$/149$ for the upgrade). Now they are selling it for less than 149$ through vendors. Nice way to piss off...
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    Easy conversion of 4/4 to 6/8 in Cubase?

    No magic-button I'm afraid, here's how I would try to do it: -insert signature changes at the beginning and end of the part (for your own reference) -cut the MIDI parts so that they end at the right point, this is the trickiest part and might require a few tries. It's best if parts are exactly...
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    Easy conversion of 4/4 to 6/8 in Cubase?

    Sizing Applies Time Stretch will work. Bit of a hassle if you have ton of tracks though.
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    Maybe I didn’t explain properly but I already own Spaces and the regular upgrade price from Spaces to Spaces II is 149$. So for me this is not so good deal.
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    EW Spaces II - Anyone upgrading?

    Seems to be around 150$ now on many retailers, which is excactly the same as the upgrade price. I guess only EW offers the upgrade. Nice that loyalty is rewarded.
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    Best way to add modifications from updated Template to current session

    I would try to do the other way around: import the MIDI data to the new template. Just create a new project with the new template, have the two projects side by side and move/copy stuff from the old project to the new one. Helps if you copy stuff from signature, tempo and marker etc. tracks first.
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    Make two audio tracks with one mic ?

    I think in Inputs the orange speaker means your default input when creating a new audio track
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