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  1. FourFour

    Mix as you go?

    Agreed. Plenty of WIP for the client to review helps too.
  2. FourFour

    Just another HZ "Time" soundalike...

    Pretty damn close I'd say. Those CCs are vital. Perhaps the original is little more lush sounding.
  3. FourFour

    In Style Of Vocalise

    Beautifully done.
  4. FourFour

    Superior Drummer 3 - On the fence...

    +1 on the Bob Rock SDX.
  5. FourFour

    Thrilling (not epic) Orchestral

    Cool stuff, reminds me of Mission Impossible. Definitely could do with some percs tho.
  6. FourFour

    How to make a children's choir as airy as possible

    Could try blending a dry/dryer signal with a superwet one like the above example.
  7. FourFour

    New ambient/jazz piece (LABS Soft Piano, Soniccouture Brush Kit)

    Nice chord choices. I agree with ilja, perhaps you can throw a little more of the drumkit in there. Piano is also too loud compared to the drums I think.
  8. FourFour

    Chase Through Cairo

    Dat neuro bass. Yes if it works, it works. Interesting thing you did with the Toms and the filters, gonna have to try that out. Overall a very varied sounding piece, lots of contrast between sections. I dig it.
  9. FourFour

    Noise in the Right Order

    I like the piece and your "strategy". +1 on the part around 2:00. Piano sounds really nice too, but perhaps the sustain is a little too soft.
  10. FourFour

    Second effort at jazz with Audio/sample modeling

    Really liking the clarinet. Perhaps a bit of automation on the volume might help prioritise either the guitar or the clarinet when they are playing together. And a bit less aggressive panning.
  11. FourFour

    Transcribing string sections

    Timbre: A violin will sound different from a viola even if playing the same note. Part: You can gauge by listening to what kind of lines they are playing. Particularly the range. Soundstage: Sections of an orchestra are typically seated a certain way. Feel: Usually when you get it down, it...
  12. FourFour

    Orchestral libraries for pop music?

    Probably the NI stuff.
  13. FourFour

    Help! I need a decent, light, and inexpesive keyboard!

    Been looking at getting a Nektar Impact too. What about it did you like more than the Keystation?
  14. FourFour

    Could it finally be the choir?

    S**t just got Cirrus.
  15. FourFour

    (Free Samples) Whooshes and Weapon Swings

    Wow, these are nice sounding! Thanks for sharing.
  16. FourFour

    Forest Fairytale

    Beautiful piece. And yes, it is too short. Would love to hear more.
  17. FourFour

    How do you clear out the low end to make your drums massive?

    It's all about having the right amount of low end, at the right frequencies, at the right time. Sounds slightly philosophical but yea. Try sidechaining and cutting little EQ notches in your bass elements to let the percs punch through.
  18. FourFour

    If I use a D.I. instead preamp? (For getting rid of noise recording Mic. directly into a.interface)

    Not sure how a DI box would help. They are used to go from Instrument lvl to Mic level. Preamp won't help too. The noise is already present in your chain. Solution is probably just to get a better mic.
  19. FourFour

    Fear Not Tomorrow

    I dig it. Yeap would make a nice underscore, though it personally makes me think of RPG games.
  20. FourFour

    W&W - Bigfoot (Orchestral Interpretation)

    Agree with Aaron on the trombones and the counterpoint, otherwise it sounds really interesting. I like it!
  21. FourFour

    Epic Orchestra for game

    Sounds amazing! Music and Mix both great.
  22. FourFour

    CSSS as a quartet

    Reminds me of the theme song from 'Mafia 1'.
  23. FourFour

    Uncanny Radiance (17 EDO)

    Whoa, haunting! Makes me wanna go try it out too.
  24. FourFour

    Changing from 48.000 to 44.100Hz? (What to expect)

    Technically, yes. The quality of your audio will drop. Especially if the source material was recorded at 48k. Whether one would be able to hear the difference? Most people probably won't be able to.
  25. FourFour

    Greetings from Singapore.

    Oh, cool US Navy. C-c-cooler? I wish!:shocked:
  26. FourFour

    Celtic - Circassian Circle

    Love it, feels so happy. Sounds very natural too, so great job on the programming.
  27. FourFour

    My take on the Jurassic Park theme (with a string quartet)

    Nicely done. +1 on the James Bond bit at the end.
  28. FourFour

    Mixing orchestra suggestion

    There is a chart somewhere out there which contained all the various instruments we're used to and detailed the main bulk of frequencies they each cover. If you can find it, it'll be a good starting point.
  29. FourFour

    Greetings from Singapore.

    Thanks, LowweeK. Glad you had a fun time here haha! ok_tan, hi neighbour :)
  30. FourFour

    Updated: 15/8 time signature – 2 very different versions :)

    Liking the soundscape parts in the beginning and end, middle part sounds too out of place. Reminds me of early 2000s cartoons actually haha. Which isn't a bad thing, just doesn't quite fit I guess.
  31. FourFour

    Greetings from Singapore.

    Thank you, NoamL!
  32. FourFour

    The Result of my HZ Mockup Journey (So Far)

    Totally agree, it is one of the best ways to learn. Much respect, Ashton. Thanks for sharing!
  33. FourFour

    Do I need a DI box for my guitar going into my focusrite scarlett?

    The main thing would be the levels. As long as it isn't clipping, you should be able to get a good tone plugging straight into the Hi-Z input.
  34. FourFour

    Greetings from Singapore.

    Hello friends, Glad to be part of the community now! Background: -Been actively involved in music production for over a decade now. -Primarily doing mixing and mastering for Rock and Metal, really like Progressive Metal. -Delve into EDM for a few years too. Prog/Future/Tech house mainly...
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