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    Trailer for New Spitfire Library

    Yes! I 'll get it for free too as i own both Enigmas. Main difference is that it's now housed inside the EDNA Engine. Some new content & also lots of new presets.Thank you Spitfire!
  2. S4410

    Most unique libraries?

    Sound Dust, SonicCouture, Cinematique Instruments, Atom Hub. Spitfire Audio also has some extraordinary libraries like Leo Abrahams Enigma,some odd percussions or Olafur Arnalds Toolkit
  3. S4410

    VEPro 7 now available!

    Synchron player with Smart Orchestra in Cubase (WIN10) works fine as a vst3 instrument
  4. S4410

    Dorico 2.2 released

    A major update for Dorico 2 was released today from Steinberg At last -among other things- we got real-time Midi recording.The list of new features and improvements is impressive for a free update. More info here
  5. S4410

    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    Albion One VSL Special Edition Sound Dust Selection SonicCouture Selection Pettinhouse guitars Also Pianoteq 6 - Omnisphere - Reaktor but these are not sample libraries
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    Your Favorite Reverb?

    I use UAD reverbs (Lexicon 224, Ocean Way, Plate140), sometimes Waves & Valhalla and the exceptional 2C Audio B2
  7. S4410

    Steinberg is not going to receive any more money from me until...

    Sorry,not going to happen, i own Cubase,Wavelab and Dorico... They 're not perfect but they moved the music software industry forward
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    VSL protection plan

    I suppose this plan is acceptable for those who invested a vast amount of money on VSL libraries. But it's BAD service because now we know that they can disable a dongle that's stolen. Sorry but this whole licensing thing punishes us customers, it 's almost offensive .
  9. S4410

    Pettinhouse ClassicGuitar 2.0: Released 10/18/18

    Great news, i love Pettinhouse guitars, good sound and super easy to use
  10. S4410

    VSL protection plan

    Well, that's a clever way of earning €35 each year from their customers, like a small subscription fee. I don't know what's worse: this or Spitfire Audio's not allowing me to resell their libraries.
  11. S4410

    New Soniccouture instruments

    Glad i ve found this thread, i upgraded to Guzheng2 for 14.5 euros with the discount.I believe the samples are the same so i wouldn't have upgraded otherwise.
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    Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Strange thing (not strange really,as Cubase Pro is a beast) it works in Reaper and it works through Vienna Ensemble IN Cubase. So i may keep it. As for the product itself and its sound, it's nothing exceptional but good for the price (95e) as a sketching library
  13. S4410

    Vienna Smart Orchestra

    will do that, thank you
  14. S4410

    Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Hi, is this for sure? Is it stated somewhere in their site? I am having constant crashes in Cubase with VSO (as i wasn't aware that a ssd disk is needed) and i m regretting my purchase now
  15. S4410

    How's Dorico Now?

    Let me add my voice to those that find - in this day and age - the lack of real-time Midi recording (ok, not insulting but seriously) frustrating . I also bought Dorico from day 1 to support Daniel Spreadbury 's team. I hope it gets implemented soon
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    Characterful soft piano sounds - like Una Corda

    Check out Sound Dust Kontakt libraries. It has some interesting "pianesque" sounds like Ships Piano 3,Plastic Ghost Piano, Flutter Ep, Prepared Pianet
  17. S4410

    Sound Dust - Comments?

    I love Sound Dust libraries,unique stuff.Also nice, SonicCouture, Cinematique Instruments
  18. S4410

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    I usually don't regret buying a library especially if I can resell them. Usually I stop using 'old ' libraries for example Halion Symphonic Orchestra is outdated- but still gets its use with Dorico.
  19. S4410

    Bt phobos update 1.1.4

    Yes, Phobos must have one of the worst UI I ve come across in a vst synth. Makes the user unproductive Spitfire should take note and fix it
  20. S4410

    FS:Embertone Friedlander Violin-$55

    I am selling Embertone's Friedlander Violin for $55
  21. S4410

    Library you regret you didn't buy in 2017

    No regrets here.In fact this year i bought more libraries than ever (from Spitfire Audio mostly and the excellent Embertone's Joshua Bell violin)
  22. S4410

    How Many of You Use the Full Version of Kontakt?

    Full Kontakt 5 of course. Plenty of sounds work on full version only
  23. S4410

    Get 82% Off PRECISIONSOUND Massive 10-in-1 European Bundle

    Got my eye on that, seems interesting! Anybody got any of these libraries?
  24. S4410

    Halion Symphonic Orchestra ($50.) Special Price Worth it ?

    It comes free with Dorico (Steinberg's scoring software).
  25. S4410

    Soniccouture Estey Organ free with purchase

    Soniccouture makes some exceptional libraries,i have a dozen of them,including this Estey Organ (which i got for free after purchasing Box of Tricks or something). Very happy with the quality of their samples (if you like that kind of sounds) and their offers as a loyal customer.I usually...
  26. S4410

    Xsample Strings, wow!

    I think that the discount for Xsample AI Library Part IV (Strings) and AIL Extended Edition Solo Strings is 25%. The 35% discount is for Acoustic Instruments Library Complete (this does not include extended versions). You can send an email to clear things out for prices and VAT
  27. S4410

    Out of this world effect processors

    Reaktor fx and other NI effects like Molekular,Soundtoys,Valhala UberMod,Grm Tools,2Caudio reverbs (Aether&B2),Exponential Audio Excalibur
  28. S4410

    Xsample - latest releases

    Yes, absolutely refreshing stuff, mr Focsaneaunu is a very talented composer and shows the library's potential!
  29. S4410

    Xsample Strings, wow! It's the last post in the 1st page by Hans Josef (the creator of the library)
  30. S4410

    Xsample Strings, wow!

    I think VAT is already included in these prices.But of course,if unsure you can always email them
  31. S4410

    Xsample Strings, wow!

    For example (Kontakt download version):Xsample Acoustic Instruments Library Complete(€419,33) upgrades to Xsample AIL Extended Edition Solo Strings for €83,19.If you also want Woodwinds Extended you pay another €83,19. But you can also buy single instruments (prices at the bottom of the page)
  32. S4410

    Xsample Strings, wow! Here are the various libraries and their prices in english & german
  33. S4410

    Xsample Solo Strings Extended Edition - available now! ail player edition.htm There is only a test version for the player edition,at the bottom of the page
  34. S4410

    Xsample Solo Strings Extended Edition - available now!

    Yes, i would also be interested if there will be a discount for the solo strings extended version
  35. S4410

    Xsample - latest releases

    As an owner of Xsample Complete (or is it Acoustic Instruments?) i surely am interested in news from Xsample. You can inform previous customers by email or create a newsletter also.I may go for the Solo strings extended if a discount is planned in April - always in search for the perfect &...
  36. S4410

    New template. Chris Hein Orchestral Winds.

    Please note that i am only referring to what i own and tried,that is,CH Woodwinds 2&3 (oboes and clarinets) as solo instruments comparable to solo instruments that exist in VSL Special Editions.Both libraries are capable of convincing results depending on the material.
  37. S4410

    New template. Chris Hein Orchestral Winds.

    As solo instruments,compared to Chris Hein libraries,VSL SE lacks expressiveness.Good usage of reverb is needed but it's not a problem for me
  38. S4410

    New template. Chris Hein Orchestral Winds.

    I already own VSL SE but took advantage of Best Service 2for1 deal and bought CH Winds Vol 2&3. For that price it's a steal.I prefer working with Vienna Ensemble/Instrument than Kontakt but CH Winds are superior i think and easy to play
  39. S4410

    Your best orchestral purchase in 2016?

    Spitfire Albion One and Tundra
  40. S4410

    Your favorite under-the-radar VST synths

    What a coincidence, i was considering taking one now :
  41. S4410

    Best piano lib

    Oops ,sorry , i was actually talking about me :)
  42. S4410

    Best piano lib

    Sorry,but i disagree..Any piano library won't make your track sound convincing if your playing technique (and your midi keyboard) are not equally good. Nowadays we have the privilege to have great affordable tools, like most of the recommendations in this topic.
  43. S4410

    Best piano lib

    A good pianist can make a mediocre piano sample libary shine.For years i was playing with my Yamaha S90ES keyboard.Now that's part of Halionsonic SE i tend to use it also.I also use Pianoteq when i m short of memory.My go to piano nowadays is Soniccouture's Hammersmith Pro and UnaCorda for...
  44. S4410 - Black Friday sale. Nov. 25th -29th - FINAL DAY

    I'm in too ! I am starting Orchestrating the Line
  45. S4410

    Your most/least favorite library?

    I love extraordinary sounds so i 'd choose anything by Sound Dust or Soniccouture.Also SpitfireAudio's Tundra is fabulous.My least favorite libraries are older ones as Ethno World or NI pianos (not the newest like the excellent Una Corda)
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