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  1. String-for-sale

    90% OFF: Sektor by Initial Audio!

    I tried the demo. For the price, I found it actually pretty decent.
  2. String-for-sale

    76% OFF: Ethnic Instrument Bundle by ISW!

    I already own this bundle and all the libraries sounds great. The GUI is dated on some of them, some have been updated, but after all, it's the sounds that matters and as always, Impact Soundworks delivers.
  3. String-for-sale

    Albion ONE is Half Price!

    Already own Albion One. I would have voted for something else to get it at 50% if I had known.
  4. String-for-sale

    Ivory Piano vs Pianoteq - Steinway D

    I have many pianos, including Pianoteq which I love, but my favorite of them all is Ivory II American Concert D.
  5. String-for-sale

    Strezov Thunder X3M @ $124. or ( SAGA Acoustic Perc + Splash_Epic Perc) @ $115. ??

    I have Thunder X3M and it’s a very epic library. With the current sale, it’s a great deal for what you get.
  6. String-for-sale

    60% Off: Virtual Drummers Bundle by UJAM

    I guess this kind of bundle can complement a regular drum library. Don’t think it can totally replace something like SD3 or AD2.
  7. String-for-sale

    SFX Suite Libraries

    You can check Native Instruments Rise and Hit, Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions libraries, and many others. The market is flooded with this type of libraries.
  8. String-for-sale

    70% OFF: Front Row Violins by Kirk Hunter Studios

    I really like the solo violin in this library. I use the rest for layering. Great price for this.
  9. String-for-sale

    Why does 'Crossgrade' mean different things?

    I will accept any meaning, as long as I end up paying less.
  10. String-for-sale

    Falcon expansions : Pulsar [UVI]

    Really great sounds, Falcon is a beast!
  11. String-for-sale

    65% off - Aviram Arabic Strings by Aviram Dayan Production

    With those lovely Arabic sounds, I'm in!
  12. String-for-sale

    Favorite String Ensemble Patches/Libraries?

    I like the strings in OT Ark 1.
  13. String-for-sale

    65% off - Aviram Arabic Strings by Aviram Dayan Production

    Sounds intriguing. Is this similar to Sonokinetic Sultan Strings?
  14. String-for-sale

    75% Off – Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion by Impact Soundworks!

    The term "no-brainer" has been made for deals like this.
  15. String-for-sale

    Advice for a synth newbie

    My comment was not about fanboy. Many people are listing Synthmaster as their desert-island synth. I guess to each it's own...
  16. String-for-sale

    Advice for a synth newbie

    At the same price range, you can also look at Synthmaster.
  17. String-for-sale

    Favorite Piano Books for a Beginner?

    Instead of a book, you could look at Playground Sessions.
  18. String-for-sale

    ProjectSAM deals?

    They recently had some big deals with Native Instruments. Let's hope they run similar sales in the future.
  19. String-for-sale

    60% off: Mountain Dulcimer by Embertone

    Very nice walkthrough. Insta-buy!
  20. String-for-sale

    60% off: Mountain Dulcimer by Embertone

    Anything from Embertone is great stuff, and the Mountain Dulcimer looks like it will not disappoint.
  21. String-for-sale

    ABD: Up to 70% off EACH product in BUILD YOUR OWN Omnisphere Expansion Bundle 2 & donate to Charity!

    I thought it was the previous bundle on sale again. It's great that it's another bundle for Omnisphere.
  22. String-for-sale

    93% OFF: Ultimate Sound Designers Toolkit - Must Have - No Brainer!

    I'm using Loopcloud. No problem tagging the bundle.
  23. String-for-sale

    Too much time spent on tech?

    For me, I'm spending too much time updating plugins than playing music.
  24. String-for-sale

    93% OFF: Ultimate Sound Designers Toolkit - Must Have - No Brainer!

    I can tell you that the sounds are excellent. And with WAV files, I like to play and modify the sounds with libraries that can import WAV sounds.
  25. String-for-sale

    Guitar chugs and rhythmic effects

    Hans Zimmer Strings inside of Amplitube 4. You already have the first..
  26. String-for-sale

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1, 2 & 3 free upgrade

    I had problem after the NKS update to get it showing in Maschine. Here's what is working for me: - Use NI unregister tool to remove the Ark product you just updated from your NI database. - Open Native Access. The Ark product will show as uninstalled. You only have to specify where your...
  27. String-for-sale

    Versatile and realistic choir

    Emperium is only available to 8Dio loyalty program members. I agree that Hollywood Choirs is the best with the Wordbuilder.
  28. String-for-sale

    [New Release] Markus 88 by Sampleson

    Sounds are similar with the Pianoteq electric pianos, at a much cheaper price.
  29. String-for-sale

    Get 77% off The Essentials Bundle by Sampletekk!

    Thanks for the infos. Also, from what I have heard, the flutes are also sounding great.
  30. String-for-sale

    VSL Black Friday Deals up to 50% (Ensemble, MIR, CFX)

    I'm interested in VEPro, seems very useful.
  31. String-for-sale

    Get 77% off The Essentials Bundle by Sampletekk!

    How does the Steinway D compares to others in the market?
  32. String-for-sale

    Heaviocity is having a sale! Novo anyone?

    I'm also interested by Scoring Guitars 2 and Punish. Does Punish is worth it as a plugin effect?
  33. String-for-sale

    EzKeys is right for me?

    It's around 65$ at Best Service:
  34. String-for-sale

    Beyond the orchestra - 73% off!

    I tend to agree with you. This is a unique library, distinct from the regular standard orchestral libraries. It complements well any other one.
  35. String-for-sale

    Anything in K10U that can do ethereal/ambiant pads?

    You can also check Evolve Mutations for some pads too.
  36. String-for-sale

    Beyond the orchestra - 73% off!

    All those feedback got me seriously tempted.
  37. String-for-sale

    NI managed to piss me off

    Not true. For the last Komplete releases, when it was released around fall, the first upgrade sale was around summer, then another one just before the release of the new version.
  38. String-for-sale

    LoopLoft Sale at NI

    I would wait for a better deal. Loop Loft used to have better deals before they were bought by Native Instruments. Sometime they have some really great deals, so I would wait for that. Meanwhile, if you're looking for quality samples, I would recommend going with Noiiz. One year subscription is...
  39. String-for-sale

    NI managed to piss me off

    Yes, I know, I'm waiting for this. Thanks.
  40. String-for-sale

    Beyond the orchestra - 73% off!

    Is it really a chamber orchestra or more like a full orchestral library?
  41. String-for-sale

    NI managed to piss me off

    When there will be a sale on KU12 CE, I will upgrade and sell my current expansions, which will probably pay for the upgrade price. No brainer...
  42. String-for-sale

    NI managed to piss me off

    I got Maschine Jam on a promo with 7 free expansions this summer, and recently, the retail price went lower. With NI, you have to check sales to get a good deal.
  43. String-for-sale

    UVI releases Drum Designer - Modern Drum Workshop

    That's an interesting library, but I already have similar libraries (Stacker, Geist 2, Beatbox Anthology 2, etc.). It might be overkill for me.
  44. String-for-sale

    SPITFIRE - Reintroducing eDNA Earth! Now Available on Promo Price!

    That's a great update, especially for free.
  45. String-for-sale

    Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO

    I already have Tundra, so I'm not sure I will get this even if it's sounding really great.
  46. String-for-sale

    Just 1 Week Left! Get 79% off The Sound Solutions Bundle by Composers Tools

    First time I hear about this developer. Any user have some feedback to share about these libraries?
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