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  1. LexDu

    Glossary of VI-C Abbreviations

    Soothing Things For You.
  2. LexDu

    Sample Library Demos by Lex Du

    Latest addition, "Gigacities" for 8Dio's Blendstrument Hybrid Pulses expansion.
  3. LexDu

    Payoff of Social media and your Youtube Videos

    What Jdiggity1 said. I think I have a couple of tracks inserted in some videos with 200-300k views (and a bunch with a few dozen thousands or less), and quite frankly I don't know how they managed to get there, but I don't mind and nor do I have the time, patience or appetite to go against...
  4. LexDu

    Peculiar Pianos

    I got the Harmonics 2 by VST Off, with a bit of work or layering, it can do wonders. Thank you for the review, Don! P.S: have you reviewed the Felt Piano from Spitfire Labs? That one's a beauty as well.
  5. LexDu

    DNA of the Oscar winning soundtrack ?

    I've talked to a bunch of directors, some hooked up to Hollywood through various means (and producers), and what has been said before I can confirm: it is a matter of politics. It sucks, but it is a chunk of the broader truth. Of course, all the lobbying and politics in the world won't save a...
  6. LexDu

    A big greeting from a small blue dot floating around the Milky Way!

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and recommendations taken, Silence and Higgs!
  7. LexDu

    Sample Library Demos by Lex Du

    Who: In my country, there are a lot of Alexanders. I mean a lot. So Lex is what people call me (no, not Superman's arch-nemesis). I think of myself as a futurist, an idealist and a constant work-in-progress 'till death do me part. What: I had and have the pleasure of collaborating with various...
  8. LexDu

    A big greeting from a small blue dot floating around the Milky Way!

    I have been lurking around the forum for more than a year now, but kept discretion as I didn't think I was worthy enough to share my humble cents with this wonderful community. Long story short: music saved my life, quite literally, and I owe her what I am and will become. It is a genuine...
  9. LexDu

    Thoughts on Sample Logic's Havoc

    Personally, I couldn't miss this one. The patch list itself is quite extensive, and the possibilities are always connected to the creative force each individual has. The sound is high-end, of course, and as Emmett mentioned above, it is indeed oriented towards the more discrete-end of the...
  10. LexDu

    Free and cheap experimental libraries for Kontakt

    The sounds are indeed organic! Quite unique work you have here, Mato, got Lost Horizon because it was an instant hook to my ears. Best regards.
  11. LexDu

    [fundraiser] vi control celebrates 2015 annual spring fundraiser! huge sample library giveaways! big

    I didn't expect to win anything at all to be honest, but I guess luck does strike sometimes. Congratulations to everyone present on this forum! Much appreciation and regards to anyone involved in the well being of this wonderful forum and community!
  12. LexDu

    [fundraiser] vi control celebrates 2015 annual spring fundraiser! huge sample library giveaways! big

    Glad to have been able to finally make a contribution. May this forum live forever!
  13. LexDu

    Mixing for mobile

    Completely agree with your points. Marius. Regarding the format, the engine is Unity so it is converting to a proprietary encoding method (rather mysterious to me), therefore it's not much of my concern, all I was asked was to keep my track duration strict to a certain length, for the rest of...
  14. LexDu

    Mixing for mobile

    A huge greeting to the V.I Control community! Since mobiles nowadays are common commodities and tools, and more and more applications require its audio to be handled adequately, I think this thread might be of some use. I have to finish a few tracks for a mobile game (sound design...
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