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  1. tmm

    WTB: ProjectSAM Lumina

    Always loved it... finally going to track it down! Does anyone want to sell? Thanks! Tom
  2. tmm

    Looking for instrumentalist's (any instrument)

    Emailed you ein fisch, a few times actually, not sure they’re going through? I have quite a collection of interesting / obscure / not easily identifiable instruments, along with some more standard instruments... ukelin, tiple, gamelan, bowed zither, handful of flutes, 1800’s silver trombone...
  3. tmm

    Berklee (Boston) compositional instruction - know anyone?

    Trial lesson with Thaddeus next Friday! I’m really excited. Thank you again so much guys!
  4. tmm

    Berklee (Boston) compositional instruction - know anyone?

    Messages sent to both Thaddeus and Enrique, thank you very much guys! I’ll post back if anything happens. If I don’t hear back, I’ll try reaching out to the faculty like you’re suggesting, Sean.
  5. tmm

    John Carpenter - How had I never heard before?

    I was absentmindedly browsing through Apple Music the other day, and found a playlist “If You Like... Stranger Things”. I do, more or less, so I listened. Setting the scene - I’ve somehow made it my full 36 years without actually seeing a movie scored by John Carpenter. I’ve heard plenty of...
  6. tmm

    Berklee (Boston) compositional instruction - know anyone?

    I wasn't sure which of the forums to post this in, so please move if it's not in the appropriate place... I'm relatively close (around an hour away) to Berklee, and I'm hoping to find someone to take private compositional lessons from. I'd really like to learn more about writing for RnB...
  7. tmm

    Prophet ‘08... doesn’t suck?

    Just picked up an ‘08 PE rack for a crazy price. I’ve read so many reviews that complain about it being thin and or buzzy. And 95% of reviews of the REV2 comment on how much better the REV2 is than “that Prophet ‘08”. The factory presets are meh, but that statement holds true for almost all...
  8. tmm

    Anyone Else Think 8dio Adagio Violas Kick Ass?

    Yep, my fav of the Adagio series... actually, possibly of any string library. The tone of the Adagio Violas is just heart wrenching. They have their limitations, but for the things I use them for, nothing else will do.
  9. tmm

    What’s a reasonable price / pricing schedule for mixing + mastering work?

    Thanks for all the tips everyone! It's really helpful! @chillbot I'm a perfectionist, but I've been working with my tools / DAW long enough that I'm generally very quick at perfecting :) There's quite a lot of mixing involved in my regular work, I've just never been paid for that...
  10. tmm

    What’s a reasonable price / pricing schedule for mixing + mastering work?

    hey all, just looking for some guidelines all the paid work I’ve done so far has been either composing or sound design (or both), and all have been just as a % of the total song sale price + royalties. I have someone asking me for mixing / mastering work. They’re asking me how much it would...
  11. tmm

    Which is Your goto VI for analog synth sounds?

    I would have said Diva for years before, but now I have Repro, and can't stop using Repro. It's awesome.
  12. tmm

    Modal 008 patch libraries / forums?

    Not 100% sure this is the right spot to post this - please move if not - Is anyone aware of any good resources for Modal 008 patches? Any online patch-sharing forums for these, or even patch libraries (free or otherwise)? I got one today, and while the build quality and sound quality are both...
  13. tmm


    Great, smooth transaction on Bazille, thanks tosza!
  14. tmm

    Pianos that inspire

    +1 on that. I also have way too many piano libraries, but I use Hammersmith for just about everything. I also like 8Dio's Studio Upright, too, for a really good light touch piano, and SoundDust Ship's Piano for something with a different sort of character Agreed w CGR, too... the Hammersmith...
  15. tmm

    FS: Waves Power Pack £40

    Can Altiverb be registered to your computer via iLok, or is it one of those dongle-only types?
  16. tmm

    Need a good, but small hardware mixer - recommendations?

    BTW, the project at hand was stacking a handful of SE Boomstar modules using the MIDI overflow to create a massive analog poly. Really excited to see the results! Shouldn't be so different from the concept of a FVS, or the like. I was thinking to add some more tweakable, character-inducing...
  17. tmm

    Need a good, but small hardware mixer - recommendations?

    thanks for all the info and recommendations guys! after some consideration, I think I'm going to take Nick's original advice, use more inputs on my interface, and handle the character adding ITB. Lots and lots of tools available for that, and plenty of them work well. Much faster, easier, and...
  18. tmm

    Need a good, but small hardware mixer - recommendations?

    Not sure yet. I’m not opposed to paying for the right piece. I’ll definitely look up Speck. I’m not looking for something that’s going to give me the most pristine, clean mix. I want character. Anyone watch SonicState? And see that Friday Fun where Nick is playing his dusty old CS15...
  19. tmm

    Want to try my hand at selling my homegrown samples / VI’s... advice?

    I posted here a few years ago looking for advice before I started composing for a producer in the LA area, and got a lot of great feedback (thanks especially to JohnG!). Great, helpful community here! That’s been going well enough for me... definitely can’t live off of it yet :) but I’ve made...
  20. tmm

    Need a good, but small hardware mixer - recommendations?

    Have a bit of a sound design project going on, and I would really like to track down a great sounding mixer with at least 4 channels, need to mix down to stereo. Ideally I’d like something fully analog, with good built-in preamps, maybe some EQ, etc... something that will have some additional...
  21. tmm

    Do I need a DAC with a MAC?

    I personally really like the DAC in my Mac (lol’d typing that). I didn’t realize how much I liked it until recently doing a mix on a MS PC, and realized how nice the sound out of my Mac really was by comparison.
  22. tmm

    WTB: Studio Headphones for Tracking Orch and Home Mixing

    Another contender into the mix - my HiFiMan HE400s are some of my current favorites for mixing. They’re open-backed planar headphones, reasonably priced, and my mixes in them translate pretty well. Still not 100% as well as with monitors, but beats the mixes I’ve done with any other cans.
  23. tmm

    WTB Output Analog Strings + Analog Brass

    title says it all - want to sell? Thanks!
  24. tmm

    Output everything bundle?

    :rofl: grass = brass, shaking my fist at you autocorrect!
  25. tmm

    Output everything bundle?

    Seriously considering picking up the everything bundle from output. I really liked the demos for the strings and the brass. However, right now I’m about 50% success rate liking products I have purchased from output -I really liked exhale, but ended up returning substance. Does anyone have the...
  26. tmm

    Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Strings 24 Hours Left! ENDING Tuesday 5th June 23:59 BST

    The adverts are pretty short on details about what’s in the book? Can’t find anywhere... how can I know if I care to get the book if I don’t know what it contains?
  27. tmm

    Physical modeling synthesis resources?

    I wasn't really sure which form to post this in, so please feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place. I really want to try my hand at building some of my own "physical modeled" sounds. I have a Waldorf micro Q , Which I'm fairly certain is pretty good for this, but I don't really know the...
  28. tmm

    Flash Sale - Maximo 33% Off - ends tonight at midnight CET

    Bah, can't believe I missed this!
  29. tmm

    Bt phobos update 1.1.4

    Awesome, Teasefire
  30. tmm

    Hardware synth that allows pan per oscillator?

    Thanks guys! The more I think about it, the more I think I will finally try out the modular route. Seems like there are eurorack mixer modules, too, so I could get that panning per oscillator element in there, too. Recall is important to me, so what it will probably end up looking like for me...
  31. tmm

    Output Analog Strings

    All... the... time. My ratio of [useful libraries / total libraries] is pretty dismal, and it seems like diminishing returns.
  32. tmm

    "Rolling my own" - how to work toward eventual sales?

    Thanks so much for the feedback David! Shows how little I've really dug into Kontakt, I didn't realize that. I'd wanted to build my own Kontakt instruments for a while, but the things I wanted to do with them weren't immediately intuitive to me in Kontakt. Then I got Falcon, and everything...
  33. tmm

    Hardware synth that allows pan per oscillator?

    Thanks for all that! I think what I'm aiming for is somewhere in-between those 2 possibilities; creating unique sounds / textures / SD not easily accomplished with integrated hardware synth THAT have a familiar foundation tone. Not sure if that makes sense. Something I do a lot of is creating...
  34. tmm

    Output Analog Strings

    +1 exactly my thoughts
  35. tmm

    "Rolling my own" - how to work toward eventual sales?

    Hello! I just recently (last 6ish months) started "rolling my own", creating my own organic, synth, and hybrid sample library by multisampling acoustic, electric, and (hardware) synth instruments I have (yes, multisampling the synths, too, every key, sometimes multiple velocities, etc). I'm up...
  36. tmm

    Output Analog Strings

    Haha, totally the same boat here. I have way too many string libraries. What's worse, I really only use 2 of them on regular basis. This seems like something different, though.
  37. tmm

    Hardware synth that allows pan per oscillator?

    Have been considering modular :) So here's the question, though, and it may be that only someone familiar with both guitar and synths could answer: In my (very (painfully?)) extensive experience with tube guitar amps, although rackmount offers a ton of versatility and flexibility, it never...
  38. tmm

    Hardware synth that allows pan per oscillator?

    Interesting... do many other DSI instruments offer this? My question was prompted as I was starting some sound design on my brand new Prophet-6, and wished I could pan the OSCs separately.
  39. tmm

    Hardware synth that allows pan per oscillator?

    As the title suggests, are there any hardware synthesizers that you are aware of that allow you to adjust panning per oscillator?
  40. tmm

    Deep Sampled "KEMENCHE" String | Coming Soon

    Interesting, as I was in the middle of looking for a real Kemenche... will wait to see what this is like, first.
  41. tmm

    FS: Altiverb 6 $200

    Can that iLok be machine-registered (meaning, iLok, but no dongle)?
  42. tmm

    Spitfire Audio - It Is All About To Change...

    I'll bet that's actually a bright, blue, sunny day, they just put the emo filter on it
  43. tmm

    Elektron Octatrack owners? I have some questions…

    Thanks for the info! Unfortunately looks like a step in the opposite direction of what I'd want (more controls! less menu diving!). I'll have to look into that MPC some, too, but I don't like that I'm not seeing any sliders / pitch wheels / anything but knobs & buttons.
  44. tmm

    Elektron Octatrack owners? I have some questions…

    The 8T works at 44.1, right? I think that's decent. Beyond that, the quality of the sounds is only limited by the quality of the samples you're putting into it, right? Have there been rumors of this? How likely are we talking? Interesting! Looking into that, too, mostly bc I hate the...
  45. tmm

    Elektron Octatrack owners? I have some questions…

    Any owners on this forum? I'm finding myself more and more wanting to do at least some of my work out of the box. This unit seems like it could potential he work very well for me. But having owned and analog four, and is not really appreciating that workflow, I'm a little hesitant to drop...
  46. tmm

    Omni 2 Xmas Sale Anywhere?

    Anyone aware of a sale on Omnisphere 2 during the holidays?
  47. tmm

    Sonokinetic 12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 - Capriccio 50% OFF !!

    Probably right... but one can hope! I missed the original release promo.
  48. tmm

    Sonokinetic 12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 - Capriccio 50% OFF !!

    Fingers crossed for Maximo on day 12. Spent time time watching all the orch phrase vids last night, and seems that's far and away the best fit for me.
  49. tmm

    8Dio's new hybrid drums

    I saw 8D8, and thought it was going to be 8Dio's take on an 808-style instrument. Doesn't seem to be the case. As an 8W owner, it sounds like an extension of the sound design drums they started there.
  50. tmm

    IOS programmable controller - single pad chords?

    yeah, both nChord and reCHORDER look awesome! A bit pricey for nChord, but it looks pretty deep. both seem pretty much what I was looking for. I should really learn how to do the work in Lemur, I'm a programmer by day :)
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