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    Switching from Logic to Cubase Advice?

    I have to agree with you about it sounding better and clearer, I thought it was just me getting over excited, haha
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    Switching from Logic to Cubase Advice?

    I recently did the same thing and switched from Logic to Cubase. First off I spent some time getting use to the new short cuts and watched a load of tutorials on Youtube, the Cubase channel has some decent advice. After a few frustrations and minor set I think its definitely worth the change...
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    Spitfire Kelper Thoughts?

    Interested to see if anyone has purchased the new Spitfire Library and what people think of it? I really like the concept, and it could certainly add an extra musical dimension.
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    Where Should I Store My Sample Libraries ?

    I’m sure you’re probably already sorted with your SSD but just in case. I have a similar set up to the one you’re describing. Although I’m using a Samsung 1Tb T5 which has the option of either connecting via USB 3.1 or Lightning Bolt. It can easily manage my Kontakt Libraries, although I had to...
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    Hello from the UK

    Hello! I thought I'd take the time to quickly introduce myself. My names Chris and I've been a part-time composer, sound engineer & guitarist for over 10 years, working predominantly in Film and Television. I've been aware of the forum for a while and thought it would be a good time to meet...
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