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  1. Svyato

    How often do you write with your emotions?

    Hi :) I was just wondering the next thing about the members of this forum: - How often do you feel your own works (by crying on it, or feeling somewhere else, or feeling joyful whatever the way...)? - And so, what are your personal ways for managing your inspiration in order to give all the...
  2. Svyato

    What best synth for trailer music(hybrid\orchestra)

    What's your thought on the various eDNAs (in Spitfire Audio's products)? :D
  3. Svyato

    Cry of a cello [Original]

    Thanks for the reply, may I ask you what compressor do you use? :)
  4. Svyato

    Dies Irae *Updated*

    About the choir problem : It might depends on your vision and your aims; even if it not physically possible to sing like this, do you personnaly like it? It's V.I. so you can have fun with it, I like the idea of new possibilities by doing impossible things with V.I. . But if the piece has to be...
  5. Svyato

    Cry of a cello [Original]

    Nicelly mixed: do you use an automatic compressor, or do you make it manually (with automation for example)?
  6. Svyato

    [Kontakt] Make the samples quieter when velocity is soft (percussion basic)

    Hey everyone :D I'm making a little percussion sample library. The problem is that, even if I make rythmic lines, with velocity variations it always sound with the same volume in my DAW... :( (I put 8 Round Robins at the same dynamic level... So I want the volume to simulate the dynamic...
  7. Svyato

    Sample Library Concepts - Put Yours Below!!

    I'm sampling bass guitar harmonics in order to be able to play a bit like Michael Manring here Because I haven't found any Bass guitar harmonics sample library yet
  8. Svyato

    How often do you use your own sample libraries / samples ?

    Hey there ! I was just wondering is recording stuff for use it in your own music, is something common here. :) Do you think it's important? Do you enjoy using your own material for creating music? :) If you don't, so why? Lack of time? :) Thanks ! :)
  9. Svyato

    Modern (?) lullaby for godson

    You use emotional cello? :p yes some parts are touching, especially with the strings. you could make the part at 0:45 more dynamic in order to contrast and increase the rythm of your track. But if you did this with your heart and you love your godson, surely it will sound that you have something...
  10. Svyato

    Piano and guitar track

    I like the atmosphere and the simplicity of it ; but it's a bit repetitive, you could contrast your track with a bit more dynamic part , or with some inpredictable pauses:) hope it make sense
  11. Svyato

    Mussorgsky mockup

    I like it, the choirs would deserve to have a bigger volume in the mix for me (I'd the feeling that I heard some) :) you can increase the dynamic contrasts in some parts (for example between part a 0:33 & part at 00:37) in order to sound more realistic and profund . I don't hear that your...
  12. Svyato

    Johann Johannsson's sound...

    R.I.P. his very last (known?) works... & his very last (known?) works...
  13. Svyato

    This vocal mix? :D

    Ehi everyone :) I would like to learn how to mix vocals but I find this a bit difficult. I made an attempt in order to practice. Could you give me some feedback about it please? :) It came me to the following questions: 1°) Is it better to use side-chain compression? 2°) The volume of the...
  14. Svyato

    What do you think? New Orchestral/Jazz track!

    great music, I like that the average dynamic range is neither soft or hard: it's in between, and that make the high strings sound good. And the mixing is good :) How long have you been practicing DAW music?
  15. Svyato

    Does your own music make you cry?

    Being touched by your own work is a feature of a worthwhile music, because if you aim to touch the others, you first have to get something to share.
  16. Svyato

    Hello from France

    Hi and Cheers from Poitiers ! ;)
  17. Svyato

    Does your own music make you cry?

    It's a bit surprising, I thought I wasn't the only one and that would have been a very common thing anyway.
  18. Svyato

    Does your own music make you cry?

    Hi :) It is something said that a factor of good music is that it makes travelling the composer himself in various way. So, for example, does your own music make you cry easier than other music? :) Would you say that it is rare or rather common that your music make you cry?
  19. Svyato

    [Studio One Artist] Can we score with it?

    Thanks you very much for your fast answers, both of you. Have a very great day !
  20. Svyato

    [Studio One Artist] Can we score with it?

    Hi, I recently saw this black friday offer : And I have two questions: - with this version, can we score ? Can we work with videos? - if I need in the future to upgrade my Studio One version, can I...
  21. Svyato

    Spitfire Choirs

    Wich video are you talking about? :)
  22. Svyato

    ALBION(S) One thru V Preference Order _ TODAY ??

    Nice would you have some favorite track you made in wich Evo Wind's library is well present? :D
  23. Svyato

    ALBION(S) One thru V Preference Order _ TODAY ??

    I have Action Strings, And I'm interested by the Evos with winds... ;) If you'd be interesting in making an exchange... ^^
  24. Svyato

    Anybody know if you can sell sample libraries?

    Wich libraries do you sell?
  25. Svyato

    How to make jazz music with Spitfire A's strings

    Hello :) Have you ever tried to make some jazz music Spitfire Audio's strings libraries? I'm looking for making it, I got Chamber Strings, Mural, Tundra & Evo 3. Have you ever tried? Have you some examples? :) I put the CLOSE mic in order to make the instrument sound more or less in the same...
  26. Svyato

    Which Spitfire library for fantasy magical stuff?

    I think Albion One can be good for making epic fantasy music
  27. Svyato

    Little fantasy theme, just to relax

    I like the atmosphere :) you could make sound the strings more realistic, by making their attack and release more quiet, and by waving their dynamic
  28. Svyato

    "A Dream on a Train"

    I like the piano and how does it match with the xylophone. The panning waving (at the beginning) is a bit disturbing / harch for me, but it can be a choice. I expected that the rythm at 3:00 were going to be more developped in order to swing such a little drum solo, and give a contrast with the...
  29. Svyato

    Which Spitfire library for fantasy magical stuff?

    would you advice some? :) thks
  30. Svyato

    Ascent - Need feedback please

    Simple and cool. I'd advice you to lean some dynamics in the strings beginning, as they sound to me a bit too linear in terms of dynamic. You could also spatialize more your mix, for example by putting the strings on one side (middle-left or middle-right) and the synth effect (at 0:40) on the...
  31. Svyato

    Your "I don't know what to do with this" compositions

    Here's two very short theme unusued. :)
  32. Svyato

    A 4:43 piece that I wrote in... 4:43, and share your improvisation, raw and all!

    I think it's a good idea. It could also become a contest of the best impro made with orchestral samples libraries. :P I would also be a good contest idea, to set a time-limit for a personnal compo; for example one hour / 30 minutes / 10 minutes...
  33. Svyato

    Disney/Fairytale Wedding Piece

    The strings legato and dynamics sound very good and realistic, congratulations. The piano sounds a bit mechanic at 1:48 in terms of dynamic (not soft enough for my ears) and rythm (it sounds midi-quantized) . :)
  34. Svyato

    Poll: Is the computer an instrument?

    I think computer and art of mixing / D.A.W. can easily be taken as proper musical instruments. At least, I do.
  35. Svyato

    Why Don't All Films Have Memorable Themes? Junkie XL answers

    today with all the affordable technology for making music, the "sound" (finding a personal one) might be more important than finding a memorable melody.
  36. Svyato

    What are your favorite sounds in ERA II?

    the winds have sometimes an interesting timbre... otherwise even if they're a lot of patches, this library sounds "synth" too often for me. But I might not know how to use its strong points yet. x)
  37. Svyato

    Let me hear your low reed writing!

    a little piece based on bassoon
  38. Svyato

    Are orchestral libraries ever used professionaly?

    V.I. + humans solists = orchestral realism + human emotions = greatest deal ;)
  39. Svyato

    Are orchestral libraries ever used professionaly?

    I'd agree with you. Skyrim's score (composed by Jeremy Soule) is 95% made with VI (Jeremy Soule's statement on Fb)
  40. Svyato

    Are Spitfire Solo Strings the best choice to go with Albion One?

    yes Emotional Cello & Spitfire Audio strings libraries fit very well in my opinion
  41. Svyato

    Little problem when opening a thread

    thanks for answering; I use Google Chrome on a laptop :)
  42. Svyato

    Little problem when opening a thread

    Thanks for answering; on most of the thread I open (those wich have more than one page) it occurs ^^
  43. Svyato

    Little problem when opening a thread

    Hey everyone, I got a problem when I navigate on the forum. When I choose a thread to read, and I click on the title, I directly go on the last page and on the last message. This is pretty annoying because when I open a thread I always have to go back to the first message for discovering it...
  44. Svyato

    Bt phobos update 1.1.4

    (when will the choirs library will be released?) :p :p :p
  45. Svyato

    A good compact/mini MIDI keyboard

    Hi thanks for answering :) sorry for the lack of precision, I'm just discovering the differences between MIDI Keyboard. So, I'm looking for a 49 keys, with hammeraction featured and semiweighted (and with a small footprint if possible) :) do you have an idea? :)
  46. Svyato

    A good compact/mini MIDI keyboard

    Hey everyone :) I'm looking for a compact midi keyboard, with some faders wheels (3 for example) and great covering of the velocity ranges and modwheel ranges. Edit: ideally it would be 49 keys, with hammeraction featured and semiweighted (and with a small footprint if possible) Would you have...
  47. Svyato

    Learning to structure

    Thanks for you answer Smikes77 :) I have two question: what does "MIDDLE 8" mean? And also, would you have any track/ piece example that would have the A A B A format you speak about? Thanks a lot :)
  48. Svyato

    Learning to structure

    Hey everyone :) Before getting started in making score and orchestral music with a D.A.W. , I was used to play improvisation music as a bassist, a keyboard player and a drummer. I enjoy feeling incoming ideas. But putting those ideas into a structured and progressive track is a new challenge...
  49. Svyato

    Anyone using Native Instruments Form?

    I got it and used it for sound designing (creations of magical FX) and it helped me a lot. Not very hard to learn ; a lot of possibilities.
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