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    Modern scoring brass resource use?

    Do you mean like a full ensemble patch? There isn't anything like that unfortunately.
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    Modern scoring brass resource use?

    So I can't directly compare it to many other libraries as I do not own that many, but I do own MSB, so I may be able to at least give you a general idea. I would say that MSB shouldn't cause any problems an any somewhat ok system. RAM: RAM usage is going to be dependent on how you choose to use...
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    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    I don't know if you are confusing my use of resale with refund, but resale has no indication on the quality of a library. Lets say I buy a library. I then proceed to spend 6 months writing a score that will make me a boat load of money with that same, great library. Afterwards, I decide I...
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    Performance Samples 2 Year Anniversary Sale - Oceania is $99 through 5/14

    I rarely write the type of music that would require a loud shouty choir, but I also didn't own anything to cover that sort of thing so I bought Oceania at $99 when the sale was first announced. It's a blast. One press of a key and things become instantly "epic". The sound is great and the...
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    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    Personally, I don't think resale is the way to go. It seems too punishing for developers, especially smaller ones who can't necessarily afford to regularly lose sales to people selling "used" copies. With that said, I also don't feel like clicking the checkout button should feel like a gamble...
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    To any cheapskates like myself who still haven't transitioned from Sable to SCS because ~$160 felt like too much, the 50% does seem to stack with the crossgrade discount. So ~$80 to upgrade from Sable to SCS Pro. I finally decided I might as well do it.
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    Thoughts on OT Berlin Strings

    Berlin strings is a great library. It is one of the most comprehensive in terms of content (especially with the expansions), and it plays quite well. Personally my favorite thing about them (and most of OT's stuff) is the flexibility of sound the mic positions give. Their close mics actually...
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    Which Video Games to Check Out

    Ori and the Blind Forest, Abzu, and Journey are my personal top three.
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    Muzzle on Daniel James?

    Genuine question... Are there any moderators on this forum anymore? The only person I see doing any moderation these days is Mike, and while I appreciate the job he has done thus far, being the "Dorm RA" shouldn't fall under the responsibility of an admin of a website this large. That is a...
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    An idea to address forum toxicity in VI-C

    This just isn't a good idea. Like others have said, it is impractical. What about those who do not speak English well, or are simply uncomfortable speaking it? Are they no longer allowed to voice their opinion? What about people like me who are simply not super comfortable speaking at all...
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    How to program keyswitches with Berlin woodwinds, Berlin Brass, etc

    I don't own Berlin Brass, but I'm assuming that it is like any of the other Berlin libraries. In a multi, the legato articulation will not be labeled as "legato". Instead you can choose a sustain articulation (it will start with "sus") and then add the legato transitions using Capsule...
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    Suggestion of PC slave CPU

    I don't really check NG much these days, so I probably just missed it. Lots of Orchestral Tools, Sample Modeling Brass, a few Spitfire libraries, some other random libraries, and too many pianos.
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    Suggestion of PC slave CPU

    @sleepfacingwest So funny enough, I actually replied to your thread over at NG a while back (I recommended an i7) so I'll spare you from hearing more of that opinion. However, you have some misconceptions about VEP. For example, you are not limited to 16 midi tracks in a VEP instance. I have...
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    Looking for String Harmonic Tremolos.

    Berlin Strings Exp A and B
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    Berlin Strings- latest updates? Bugs ? Reassurance needed!

    It's just a GUI/Scripting engine within Kontakt. Here's an overly fancy video they made when they first introduced it.
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    Berlin Strings- latest updates? Bugs ? Reassurance needed!

    Wow, 1.0? That's a long time ago. If I recall, they fixed many of the issues with Berlin Strings in 1.6, which is when I bought it. They then introduced a new engine called Capsule in 2.0. Capsule is pretty neat, but the release was a bit rough technically with some issues with VEP and...
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    Speed Up Saving in Cubase w/VEP?

    Yes. VEP is connected as an instrument track
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    Speed Up Saving in Cubase w/VEP?

    Sure @JaikumarS. Firstly, I am unsure whether this method works for every library as it requires the ability for mic positions to be routed to separate Kontakt outputs. I know that Orchestral Tools and Spitfire can, but I can't speak for any others as I do not own them. 1) Route the mic...
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    Speed Up Saving in Cubase w/VEP?

    As far as I know, the only way to really speed up saving is to decouple. Maybe saving to an SSD if you aren't already, but I've tried that in the past and never noticed much of a difference. What sort of things are you tweaking in VEP? Mic positions? Synths? Adding instruments? Mixing? Other...
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    A full Berlin template (purged) is running ridiculously high in ram

    For the sake of balanced discussion, I use OT libraries every day (except for brass which I don't own yet), and have never had an issue. I think they are fantastic and certainly wouldn't call them unfinished or anything like that. With that said, they do use a lot of ram, and with OT having...
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    Is VSL Ensemble Pro worth it for single machine?

    I completely disagree with this. I use VEPro on a single machine with 64gb of ram, and I consider it probably the single best music-related purchase I've ever made. No more 30-45 second auto-save times interrupting my composing. No more waiting 15 minutes for samples to load every time I...
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    Earphones - what's good?

    ^ What he said Tips are very important for higher end earphones. Without a good seal, you wouldn't be taking advantage of the higher quality of the earphones anyway. It's also important for the sake of comfort. I've been using Etymotic HF5's for about 5 years now (on my second pair) with...
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    Did you update to Kontakt 5.6.5? (POLL)

    I updated from 5.5 to 5.6.1 (I think) a while back and experienced audio dropouts. Went back to 5.5 and everything was back to normal. Haven't tried 5.6.5, but I doubt I'll bother upgrading again until they either add something I find useful, or a library I want requires it.
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    Is "Reality" Important?

    For me personally, my first instinct while writing is to try to maintain a sense of reality in my writing. This is mainly because I'm young and relatively new to music, and one of my main goals is to have live players be involved in most of my music some day. My logic, flawed or not, is that...
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    Favorite orchestral piece of all time?

    Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe Pretty much solely responsible for my desire to listen to/learn/write orchestral music. Didn't really know much about the genre beforehand, but it took Ravel only 2 minutes to blow my mind. Still remains my favorite piece of music ever written. Sadly my favorite...
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    OT Berlin Strings - Automation Problems

    My knob moves from about 7 o'clock to 5 o'clock (left to right). Can you elaborate on this? I'm reading it as though you can only force Slurred, but not Agile or Fast Run. If so, this shouldn't be the case. Regarding the flickering, the GUI appears to highlight the transition when the first...
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    OT Berlin Strings - Automation Problems

    A) I just tested this on my system by quickly assigning it to my expression pedal cc, and I did not experience any issues. When the pedal was all the way down, the knob was to the left, and when the pedal was all the way up, the knob went to the right. I also tested one of the knobs on my...
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    A Friendly Rant to Sample Library Developers (aka Advice You Didn't Ask For)

    I can't help but be curious as to why you single out Spitfire and OT. Yes, they are the most pricey, but what is considered "too expensive"? Is there a specific threshold that once a price goes over, then it is too much? Or are we considering the value of a product? Ignoring subjective things...
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    OT Capsule: setting up?

    If I'm understanding correctly, you assigned CC9 to the MI-CC Switch Mode? If so, you are going to want to move CC9 to "MI-Xfade/Switch" instead. Then you should be able to switch using CC9.
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    Orch Tools Capsule Multi X-Fade, anything else out there like it?

    Hmm, that's strange. I suppose it is possible that the keyswitches are assigned in some octave that you can't see. You can change the assigned keyswitches by pressing the arrows next to "KS" on the bottom left of Capsule. Perhaps try moving it around to see if it shows up
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    Orch Tools Capsule Multi X-Fade, anything else out there like it?

    CC Switch simply switches between articulations in the same way a keyswitch does, but with midi cc. What you are looking for is CC Xfade. CC Xfade crossfades between two articulations while CC Xfade 2d fades between up to four. Once you have selected one of the xfades, just press the...
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    ***Evolution Series 2016 Mid-Year Sale! Don't Miss Out! Up to 40% Off***SALE ENDS 21st JULY!**

    How long does the sale last? This has been on my "watch for sale" list for months, but I'm out of town at the moment. Hoping to be back in time to buy it.
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings - EXPANSION PACK - Has Landed

    Is it possible to get a sense of the crossgrade prices before Sable disappears? I own Vol 1-4, but no ensembles. If I were to complete the bundle right now, then it would cost $184 which would give me the free crossgrade. However, I have no idea if that is more, less, or about the same as the...
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings Announced

    Im curious if this gives any sort of insight into why there has not been a new BML release in quite a while. The way I see it is that that it falls into two options. Option 1: The BML line isn't providing enough revenue, thus making this a typical re-branding/consumer friendly price reduction...
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    Need help with Logic/VE-Pro

    This sounds a lot like an issue I had when I first got VEP a couple months ago. The difference is mine was in Cubase. I also do not have a slave (for now), and just use VEP locally to host samples. I would load up my VEP instances, open up my Cubase template, and then SOMETIMES it would freeze...
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    Why do they want to be EPIC?

    My my, what an entertaining thread. So much so that I feel the desire to come out of my lurking hole and actually make a post. First, let me say that I agree with the idea that "good" is objective, while taste is subjective. However, one thing that I feel is often overlooked during these...
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    From Aspiring to Professional: Overcoming Insecurity

    Haha. It is not so much that I believe that artists don't have insecurities, but that those insecurities do not prevent them from taking the first step into the professional world. For example, getting offered their first gig and being able to say "I've got this" rather than frantically...
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    From Aspiring to Professional: Overcoming Insecurity

    Hey VI, I've been thinking a lot about this lately as I am in a bit of a crossroad in my life. Long story short, I am considering taking the gamble to pursue music as a career. The main problem however is that every time I think about it, it just seems like a pipe dream. An unrealistic...
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    Hoping for Input on Potential First Template

    Hello VI Control. I am a long time lurker who typically just leeches off the invaluable information this site offers in order to decide on purchases. However, I'm hoping for some input of what will be my first full orchestral template. I'm a hobbyist who may potentially want to make some...
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