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  1. Britpack50

    What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Media Composer...

    Lovely. Nice one Christian/Paul/Loren. Spitfire is an inspiration.
  2. Britpack50

    Cinematic Studio Brass VS Spitfire Studio Brass

    From listening to demos only, I think the CSB sounds polite and creamy but a bit 2D, but perhaps thats about production given it's a drier library. The SStB sounds more dynamic, with a greater palette, plus more instruments (Pro version)...CSB offers very good integration with strings and of...
  3. Britpack50

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Honestly interested to know on what basis, from the walkthroughs, this is deemed to be such a rushed job? Not saying anyone is wrong but curious to learn. I think folk here are right that they probably bumped their timelines up. But I suspect its hard to keep launches a secret and developers...
  4. Britpack50

    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    wrong thread but SF Brass walkthrough is out. I'm not the expert but sounds great....
  5. Britpack50

    Afflatus Retro Piece

  6. Britpack50

    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    wow fantastic. I am inspired
  7. Britpack50

    Albion 3 Iceni - Thoughts?

    Also interested, OT Arks get much love and I’m sure rightly so! But harder to find comments on Iceni or Logeria.
  8. Britpack50

    Considering Berlin Strings

    I thought OT was la creme de la creme but maybe that is more the ARKS?
  9. Britpack50

    Comparison VSL Orchestral Strings, Dimension Strings and Synchron Strings...and Appassionata

    really interesting comparison. thanks everyone
  10. Britpack50

    So, if not Eric Whitacre library, wait or go for Dominus?

    Agreed on the horses for courses points being made with choirs. I have Voxos, Dominus and Olympus, but still see a place for Whitacre and Wotan/Freya. How much they cut through an orchestra, the choir size and recording environment, and the availability of phrase/word building are all...
  11. Britpack50

    Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Strings 24 Hours Left! ENDING Tuesday 5th June 23:59 BST

    Thanks, well, strange then, I'm my view, to criticise them for effectively being a business. They're in a competitive environment. To the apple analogy, everyone knows Apple will bring out another phone, another computer, but not what it will look like or what the detail will be. In the same way...
  12. Britpack50

    Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Strings 24 Hours Left! ENDING Tuesday 5th June 23:59 BST

    Thanks Christian. I dont think anyone could reasonably doubt the integrity of the Spitfire project. As an amateur, the whole ethos and culture you have generated around Spitfire, as well as the excellent, humourous high quality content, is what got me into orchestral composition in the first...
  13. Britpack50

    Convolution reverb plugin - what to buy?

    OK, just went to hear the 2CAudio apps....OMG (to coin a millennial phrase). Great deal on the whole lot for $499
  14. Britpack50

    Convolution reverb plugin - what to buy?

    agreed. I demo'd it and sold my hardware Bricasti. there were slight tonal differences, but I could easily put that down to a run doc DA/AD conversion, but otherwise it was 98% there, and you can have multiple instances. Not a CPU hog either to my surprise.
  15. Britpack50

    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    Just commenting on the sound colour. I like the first best. 2nd and 3rd are more muzzy/less defined, 4th is more buzzy, 5th softer but more clarity, 6th nice, probably my second favourite
  16. Britpack50

    I think it has to be this... moving from Mac to PC... :sad face:

    Apologies if this is a little cathartic but I've just come out of a long journey... I made the move to PC 15 months ago. I'm on pro tools, hobbyist. Running on a cheese grater Mac Pro. Firstly, why did I move? 3 reasons. Firstly I wanted a PC at least as powerful as the latest mac with...
  17. Britpack50

    Piano In Blue Discussion

  18. Britpack50

    Tablet/Lemur/TouchOSC - How do you use yours?

    This is a whole new world ( to me). Interesting thread. Thanks and hope to learn more.
  19. Britpack50

    Windows 10 updates...

    Interested in going off grid myself with Win10. Does it bug you to go online and check for updates? Thanks
  20. Britpack50

    Favorite or most used Spitfire Library?

    Very interested to hear more from those that have used this, the darkest and most secretive of Spitfire libraries!
  21. Britpack50

    Spitfire Symphony Orchestra as a first library?

    SSO, so you can grow into it like a school uniform. I think the more sophisticated toolkit is inspiring rather than overwheliming.
  22. Britpack50

    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    I think the tone of the library is gorgeous, and on that I'm personally sold. But I'm a newbie and finding it hard to get any sense of an impartial view on this (surprise, I know). I do think the lack of synchron player is a key issue and it is hard to ask folk to go for the early bird without...
  23. Britpack50

    Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

    Thanks, Christian. Excellent as ever. Have a good one. (Or two)
  24. Britpack50

    Metropolis Ark 3

    Excellent. Socks blown clean off.
  25. Britpack50

    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    No question the detailed mixing possible with VE/VI Pro are something else. If synchron player lives up to expectations it will be hard to resist. Making older libraries compatible withe SP would of course be too much to expect...wouldn't it? Bigger question, I have is whether to invest (more)...
  26. Britpack50

    Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

    Its endemic with some pop/rap etc. Either women having to perform like pole dancers to get a record sold, which is often described as ironic or empowering, but rarely is. Or male artists with with women draped over them performing... like pole dancers. But back on topic. Another factor to put...
  27. Britpack50

    Metropolis Ark 3 - Last Chance for Intro Special!

    As a non-ARK owner, how much overlap is there in the drum sections between this and the other 2. I already have a lot of percussion, and that seems to be a major focus?
  28. Britpack50

    Metropolis Ark 3 loyalty discount

    Ouch. Seems harsh.
  29. Britpack50

    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    Again, new here, but I also thought the Cello Video increased my interest. The VI Pro interface is complex, but I really like the use with the app (I think I missed that one), and as people are saying the new Synchron player could allow easier access to these incredibly detailed options. The...
  30. Britpack50

    8Dio Century Ensemble Strings

    Yes, is it windows 10, there is an issue with the latest update affecting load times.
  31. Britpack50

    VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)

    Is it because they don't include Con Sordino, so the final price will be double?
  32. Britpack50

    8Dio Century Ensemble Strings

    Have to say the sardino arc patches sound gorgeous. I'm a novice but I can see the pros and cons of the spatial approach 8dio have taken. Feels like they do need to some additional reverb to put the sections together if you try to hard pan them. Also I think what I'm hearing with the panned...
  33. Britpack50

    Evolution Series - End of Year Sale 2017- Up to 50% off! Finished!! :)

    Just snuck an order in. Thank goodness for the UK/US time difference!
  34. Britpack50

    Load times are 2 to 3 times slower after windows update

    I had the same problem with Kontakt libraries taking an age to load though it seems to have sped up with time. Intersted to know if anyone gets a fix with this 'defender' thingy'. Really trying to believe in staying on a PC, c'mon Windows 10 help me out!
  35. Britpack50

    New iMac Pro - Released this Thursday

    Here here! The redundancy baked into Apple's strategy (driven by both their hardware and software) is not of its time.
  36. Britpack50

    New iMac Pro - Released this Thursday

    Made the move to PC last year. Running pro tools has not been fun. USB issues on an ASUS motherboard, thunderbolt took a degree to solve. A year later, pro tools is OK but for orchestration I moved to Cubase and all is well. So, swings and roundabouts, but I put up with it all because I refused...
  37. Britpack50

    Albion ONE: 10th Anniversary Edition Promo Price Ends TOMORROW!

    Must also add my huge thanks. I was inspired to try orchesteal writing by the wonderful family that is Spitfire Audio. Truly unique, and wonderful to be part of. Now just how to ditch that day job...?
  38. Britpack50

    Albion ONE: 10th Anniversary Edition Promo Price Ends TOMORROW!

    free to existing owners of Albion One. But thankfully an add-on download (12GB) rather than the whole thing again!
  39. Britpack50

    Albion ONE: 10th Anniversary Edition Promo Price Ends TOMORROW!

    Here's what's new... In the latest edition of our flagship product - updated in celebration of Spitfire Audio’s 10th Anniversary year - we’ve expanded beyond our recent “ONE” re-recordings of the initial Albion “legacy” product to include: New UI design and NKS-ready integration Orchestral...
  40. Britpack50

    Albion ONE: 10th Anniversary Edition Promo Price Ends TOMORROW!

    1 hour to go. Not that anyone's counting...
  41. Britpack50

    Favourite Library of 2017?

    JB Violin Fluffy Dominus Novo intimate textures From comments so far regretting not getting Spitfire Audio LCO Strings
  42. Britpack50

    Your favourite Brass Library of 2017?

    Thanks, very interesting. I guess the question with the upcoming Synchron libs is whether they will differentiate from the other wet libraries (Spitfire, CSS, OT etc.). I guess the player pro and MIR could be important there, although MIR less of a requirement? Pricing of course is the other...
  43. Britpack50

    Your favourite Brass Library of 2017?

    It's interesting, as a noob, that VSL seems to get relatively little mention of late when these kinds of comparisons are being made. Is it perceived as having been the at the vanguard but now left behind, or actually so ubiquitous it's almost forgotten about? No criticism, just an observation...
  44. Britpack50

    Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

    A pair of ATC SCM25a Pros...Phwoar. Not sure if they classify as Vanity speakers by the CH definition, but rather nice.
  45. Britpack50

    Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

    Excellent episode, the openness, generosity and honesty in your vlog is inspiring.
  46. Britpack50

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    Think I will do the same. I am also (still) hovering over Insolidus at 40% off, and of course (still) waiting for the Spitfire/Whitacre Lib...
  47. Britpack50

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    I'm surprised there is only $100 between the 8GB 16bit Gold and 56GB 24bit Diamond editions. Will await the walkthroughs with interest, gone a little choir crazy this past Black Week. Particularly interested to put it next to Olympus and Stormchoir.
  48. Britpack50

    Black Friday Spitfire Deal or Cinematic Studio Strings

    Having had the SA Symphonic and Chamber libraries for a while (and now the bundle with Masse and evolutions), unless this is your living it's hard to find libraries that sound so good, complex in depth if you want, yet playable, and very enjoyable. For the professionals, of course a variety of...
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