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  1. Greg

    Has anyone successfully gotten a refund from Spitfire

    Extremely disappointed with Orbis, any point in asking for a refund?
  2. Greg

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    Spitfire Orbis now takes the cake.
  3. Greg

    How to promote original orchestral-style music?

    That album won a Pulitzer Prize and it still struggles to find an audience on Youtube. Certain styles of music only have so big of an audience, even if its the most beautiful and inspired work ever made in the genre. There's not much more you can do for Youtube other than try to add more...
  4. Greg

    How to promote original orchestral-style music?

    Heres a reality check.
  5. Greg

    Roli LUMI on Kickstarter

    The form factor was more important than the sustain pedal port?
  6. Greg

    Simplest solution to record midi from digital piano?

    I have a digital piano set up in a quiet corner of my home for working out ideas and am looking for something discrete to record the midi output. Is a lightning to usb cable and recording with garage band on IOS my best option, or is there a self contained midi recorder unit out there...
  7. Greg

    Reaching for "the next level"

    Have you tried asking the publisher to put the recording $ upfront, then recoup the costs from future licensing / royalty income? I've had a few contracts like that.
  8. Greg

    Reaching for "the next level"

    Totally agree. Every single time I have worked with a real musician, the amount they add to the track has been mind blowing. So much so that I was compelled to share synch fees with them, especially vocalists. Breaking out of the virtual world is a necessity to keep your craft evolving and...
  9. Greg

    So, what Mac are you going to get next? (Poll)

    Not that I can tell specifically but it sure feels like it. The automatic unloading of unused channels made a massive difference in my sessions. I have a bad habit of not deleting unused track stacks
  10. Greg

    So, what Mac are you going to get next? (Poll)

    Since the Logic update gave my machine new wings, I will happily keep the trash can for a few years and buy a used mac pro.
  11. Greg

    Sonarworks Reference 4

    I tried every setup possible and still hate it too. It really takes the life out of the sound in my setup.
  12. Greg

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    Its definitely a Logic issue to some extent too though. Libraries that cause spikes in Logic run considerably better through VEpro on the same rig.
  13. Greg

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    Yeah unless Logic addresses that with the new update this is a tiny upgrade in clock speed for us. Single core spikes from intense libraries, synths, or big effect chains when playing with a low buffer have always been the bottleneck. There are enough workarounds with raising the buffer, or...
  14. Greg

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    I think in 3 days we will benefit from the trickle of trash cans flocking to ebay :P
  15. Greg

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    Having SF logic ninja up there was by far my favorite part.
  16. Greg

    Have you ever got to this point?

    Thats when you click BUY NOW in the shopping cart right? When theres nothing left to buy? :rofl:
  17. Greg

    Exploiting Work for Hire agreements

    Has anyone ever been in a situation where their work made for hire ended up being used in a much higher profile project than originally specified?
  18. Greg

    What is a good starting place for a newbie mixer/master

    Well for me, working on trailers a lot, with absolutely massive track counts: I use an eq to cut frequencies on almost every track. Especially low mids around 300-500hz. I tame anything that seems harsh to my ear or pops out of the mix. Then I mix the general levels of instrument groups...
  19. Greg

    What is a good starting place for a newbie mixer/master

    Alan Meyerson's videos on are an amazing resource. This is a great one too Do you have any specific things you're curious about? Mixing is such a huge topic
  20. Greg

    Best Reverb for Air?

    I personally love the TC Electronic VSS3 Large Warm Hall.
  21. Greg

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    I will eat my own ____ if anyone here suddenly discovers they needed pewdiepie in their life.
  22. Greg

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    Don't even click the link or Youtube will start filling your suggested videos with pure trash
  23. Greg

    Developing longer pieces

    I struggle with this too and what I found helpful is to take a motif / rhythm / pad / whatever from the first few bars and bring the levels down so it's super quiet, that way my brain has a slight image of the building blocks but my ears aren't stuck to it.
  24. Greg

    Omnisphere 2.6 is Out

    Best purchase ever is an understatement, I think its the best virtual instrument ever made at this point. Most libraries / vsts eventually get boring, but Omnisphere seems to grow new legs every year and is always exciting to explore new sounds in.
  25. Greg

    Qualified business income deduction: does it apply to royalties?

    Interesting, been doing more research and it seems like if you engage in music as a business at all then everything should be on schedule C. Now I wonder if it matters if you're the publisher or not?
  26. Greg

    Qualified business income deduction: does it apply to royalties?

    My tax accountant said the 20% pass through QBI deduction doesnt apply to music royalties, even if they are directly from my business. Cant find any info online about this. Curious if anyone had a different opinion from their tax prep? It doesnt make sense to me that the royalty income isnt...
  27. Greg

    Eurorack scoring workflow?

    I love using Eurorack but my approach is to have that tool completely separate from my daw / template so I can get my head out of the digital world and just think about pure sound. Thats the entire reason that I got so into it. I love taking a key or tempo from a scoring project and spending...
  28. Greg

    Originality in Trailer Music

    I've had good success just writing whatever I want, and then turning it into a trailer cue after the fact. If you start with "trailer" in your head, you will realize that you're actually quite limited and might not give yourself a chance to change it up.
  29. Greg

    Best soft synth(s) for "soundtrack" cyberpunk/cinematic style of sounds/tracks?

    Omnisphere by far. They have sampled so many analog synth waveforms in there and they sound great. The lofi out of tune cyberpunk sound is a bit tricky to get in the digital world but its definitely possible with Omnisphere by using subtle modulations on the fine tune & envelopes. I love the...
  30. Greg

    Analog Summing... who, what, when, where, why?

    I would 100% upgrade your monitors to some nice 3 way ones first. I haven't used Dynaudio's but I would imagine swapping them out for some higher end Focals, PMC's, or Barefoots, would be a massive change and improve your mixes drastically more than a summing box. I was an idiot for not...
  31. Greg

    A rant on the hiss that's in so many orchestral libraries.

    One persons colossal mistake is another persons icing on the cake. I really like it. Probably because I love the productions of all the Icelandic composers like Olafur Arnalds who use copious amounts of analog gear on their music. I agree though, they should de noise them and have an option...
  32. Greg

    A rant on the hiss that's in so many orchestral libraries.

    The noise is turned off and he uses it as a multi-mono delay.
  33. Greg

    Analog Summing... who, what, when, where, why?

    Whats the rest of your studio like? I would splurge on the best monitors I could afford first. That way when you start adding premium gear, you can actually hear the difference it makes.
  34. Greg

    How do you EQ Spitfire OA Felt piano?

    The Sound Theory Gulfoss is incredible for pianos. You really need something adaptive with piano because the frequencies are different for every note. The Gulfoss is great for taming the mids and low end and couldn't be easier to use.
  35. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    Thats amazing! Good for her, finding a niche like that is not easy.
  36. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    My channel was bringing in $2k a month. Almost double my streaming and album sales. It's not really a debate, just warning other composers that put a lot of effort into youtube.
  37. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    Hey thanks so much! I don't think it has any effect on content ID. I believe I could even put claims on my own videos to monetize that way. The payout would be less than half of what I was bringing in the the channel though. Content ID pays the lowest royalty rate of any online service by...
  38. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    I mean that is one of the less crazy examples. They still allow monetization on softcore porn of girls of questionable ages trying on underwear. Twitch streamers using text to speech in public harassing people and spewing racial slurs. Prank channels harassing random strangers. Countless...
  39. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    Sorry guys I have no idea what we're supposed to do now, aside from well produced music videos with some sort of video content along with our original composition. Two steps from hell does the same thing, repetitive video content (just album art) but obviously the music is incredible and has...
  40. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    Could be for a handful of videos, but other composers have had the same issue with just posting their album cover art
  41. Greg

    Youtube demonetizing composer channels

    Warning you guys, if you post your music on youtube do NOT use a static image in the background. You must start uploading unique visual content as well due to the new guidelines. I have been posting my original music there for 8 years and today they removed the channel from the partner...
  42. Greg

    Synths used by Olafur Arnalds in his song Partial

    Most of the character in that arp is likely a Space Echo slightly overdriving at points.
  43. Greg

    Getting used to new studio monitors

    Recently got a pair of Focal Trio 6's to replace my Adam a7x's. The difference is pretty astounding and the clarity is fantastic. However, I think my ears are struggling to get used to how revealing they are. I hear so many flaws in my previous work and even in professional mixes that I used...
  44. Greg

    25-40KHZ Test Tone to Generator to Shut up Neighbours Dog??

    Lol you're probably better off just playing with the dog when he jumps over... Nothing will work other than getting his energy out..
  45. Greg

    Emotional Textural: Your choice ?

    I hear the spitfire evo's absolutely everywhere now so I would avoid those unless you do some crazy processing on them. The program Paul Stretch is basically god mode for creating textures out of anything. You can stretch a 3 second motif into a lush harmonic pad and control the harmonic...
  46. Greg

    Not asking for tax advice, but

    Totally legit. I've been studying the main theme for apex legends almost every night! hahaha
  47. Greg

    What's the scariest sound you ever heard from a sample library?

    When you accidentally rest your arms on the keyboard with any choir patch loaded. BAM ligeti :geek:
  48. Greg

    Drum machine Trance / Edm Vst

    NI Battery 4! I absolutely love it
  49. Greg

    Do clients even care?

    Absolutely true! But you stopped too soon. Now what do we as composers do when we have apathetic clients? Do the least possible to get paid, or strive to retain our passion for music and give it 100% no matter what?
  50. Greg

    Does Melody Even Matter??

    I am sorry but your advice is pathetic. Even if you do write library music, just settling for whatever idea pops into your head first to avoid "stress" because who really knows whats good or not good is total bullshit. That's how you're really trying to inspire other composers?
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