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  1. lux

    Be Kind - orchestral

    nice and narrative, liked the writing a lot. Thanks for sharing it Boris.
  2. lux

    Hired to write a style you dislike/don't care about?

    thats what collaborations are for. Much better than delivering a barely convincing style that you never experienced or enjoyed enough. There are hundreds small details that only people involved in a style can get thus they sound authentic.
  3. lux

    Mockups vs. Live

    It totally depends on the writing style and the inner nature of written material. Going live means expecting the (potentially beautiful) unexpected. Sometimes is harder to blend with synths and stuff though. Harder to get well in-sync with other sequences. And expecially harder to set up...
  4. lux

    Where Should I Go To Get These 80s Sounds?

    Hey Tom, hows goin? Long time no talk :) I'd go for Zenhiser 80's drums serie which has a cool selection of "already produced" drums from the eighties. Arturia Collection, the already mentioned Tal Uno LX and stuff from Rhythmic Robot can be more than enough to cover the synth part. Although...
  5. lux

    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    yeah, I used those for such a long time layered with Sonic Implants Sordinos. Some of the freebies at the time were great as well, like the classic Gtown percussion samples, the original Project Sam free instruments and the fun R.A.W. Ethnic collection by Herman Witkam
  6. lux

    Short impro with Spitfire Studio Orchestra

    Hi, recently I got Spitfire Studio Orchestra and found the time to give it a short test spin, which I'd like to share here. Strings, Brass and Woodwinds are from Spitfire Studio Orchestra, there's a couple notes from British Toolkit at the very end. Percussions are from EWQLSO, shakers from...
  7. lux

    Cubase question: inactive Vst and latency

    Thanks a lot, it worked, Alt+Click did the trick!
  8. lux

    Cubase question: inactive Vst and latency

    Hi all, I was wondering if there's a way to get my latency back when I turn off a vst in insert panel on Cubase. I turn the vst off but I still get the same latency, I only get rid of it by removing the VST from the insert slot. Is there any setting which releases back the latency once the VST...
  9. lux

    POLL: An idea for VI-Control sponsored sample library reviews

    I understand although we often end up disagreeing with my own friends which are amazing composers and producers on such topics. So, while I'm a "give me light patches and two mics" type of guy, I have friends which find having plenty of mics really a plus. Just different views on a same subject...
  10. lux

    POLL: An idea for VI-Control sponsored sample library reviews

    I think it's just being human, not a matter of bad reviewers. I find most reviews out there informative and I made more than a few decision based on what I saw/heard. People like Cory Pelizzari, Don Bodin, Dirk Ehlert, Daniel James, Reuben Cornell, Ashton Gleckman, Meena Shamaly, Thorsten Meyer...
  11. lux

    Why so much hate against USB security dongles (like iLok and Steinberg key)

    my issue with dongles is that I use two computers in two different places, it's always me but I use alternatively two setups, one for studio and one at home. I'm such a disaster in keeping things in good shape and moving a dongle between two setups means loosing the dongle or destroying it in a...
  12. lux

    POLL: An idea for VI-Control sponsored sample library reviews

    My work is happily full of libraries which reviewers couldnt 100% understand and use properly, thus a bad review. That's just human and perfectly understandable. The idea that a review can be "definitely" good only when the reviewer isn't biased is somewhat misguiding to me. I can take my own...
  13. lux


    Hi all, just liked to share a simple and short track I made a few days ago. It's mostly Lass First Chair layered with NI Session Strings, some NI accordion and piano and a few other bits here and there. Thanks for listening Luca
  14. lux

    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    I have to say I disagree with that. On a personal standpoint, walktroughs made by skilled mockupers and naked demos are the key to understand if a product will work for me or not. 99% of times that is enough. I tend to refer to user opinions only to spot programming bugs or other technical...
  15. lux

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    I changed the panning myself intentionally, it's not straight out of the library. The flute probably makes it more prominent on the right side, while on left the clarinets and oboe are a bit on the soft side.
  16. lux

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    for what it worths I just got it and, while the sound may be considered definitely a bit clinical, I like the library and I'm glad it's part of my arsenal now. It has kinda an old fashioned feel to me. I just made a quick and stupid 30secs ww test choir using just the lib and Reflektor reverb...
  17. lux

    My first official 8dio Demo! (Intimate Studio Brass)

    I like this a lot Lionel, it tells a story. Nice as a demo for the brass as well.
  18. lux

    Full orchestral library with split instruments?

    I'm a single computer guy. You may consider having a "basement" library with little or no legatos and then adding something on top to get more performances. I don't have The Orchestra, although I love the concept of all-in-one small footprinted libraries. The demos had a bit of a "narrowed"...
  19. lux

    If you had to choose 3 synths amongst these.

    Honestly it totally depends on the style involved. If you're excluding to use any of these for "real" pop/electronica/alternative...(put your style here) and stick to cinematic virtual instruments based styles, I'd maybe get those who have the best bottom end and overall richness. The prophets...
  20. lux

    Bye bye Kontakt?

    I can't do without Kontakt. I'm so glad I purchased many libraries before they went their own player (well, partly it means that I'm old enough, so thats definitely less nice...), basically because I can really get into deep with finetuning patches, apply scripts, mapping the whole thing...
  21. lux

    Do clients even care?

    I think all clients, even the most apathetic, have their secret hype buttons. You can do your own 100% thing and still looking to hit that button using both words and music. Temp references and briefs often help to spot client's preferences. It's no secret sauce, every time is different. Imho...
  22. lux

    Do clients even care?

    I don't think there's just "clients" out there. It's such an hetherogeneous amount of people you can deal with professionally. Depending on what your career strategy is you'll find yourself more comfortable with clients who don't care or alternatively with those who indeed care. Composers who...
  23. lux

    Crackling noises with NEW SUPERCOMPUTER!??

    well, it's hard to spot crackling issues on Windows 10, i ran into this as well a couple years ago. A few minutes is ok. You'll need to exclude one cause at a time until you get the result. First thing I would do is assuring i'm not using a library which creates scripting issues or such. If you...
  24. lux

    Crackling noises with NEW SUPERCOMPUTER!??

    how much time did you let latencymon run?
  25. lux

    What are the best / most interesting combos of instruments?

    what about that nice classic Horner's combo Harp+Tremolo violins/violas
  26. lux

    Is the "analog synth" sound created by slight fluctuations in voltage within the synth?

    This is so true. It applies to quantization as well. It kinda hurts that sometimes I enjoy classics from the 60-70-80-90's and I spot amazingly upfront time inconsistences, stuff played off-beat and such. And it's not just the Stones' style of recording, where you get that tambourine hits...
  27. lux

    How to add music to video files (what software?)

    I'm currently using Magix Video De Luxe for this kind of things.
  28. lux

    Favorite Beatles song?

    Something, Here there and everywhere
  29. lux

    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    the one thing I've learned from this (hopefully dying soon) thread is that a giant of modern film music can actually take the time and effort to keep himself into a crowd of digitally living dead for the sake of contributing to a community. Which is, without any doubt, admirable...even honestly...
  30. lux

    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    Maybe that's just me, but speaking in third person about an active member of this community and launching a poll about how it would be overrated or not sounds plain rude to me. Something that in real life and with real people I would mark as totally unappropriate and of a terrible taste. Why the...
  31. lux

    Amp simulation: Guitar rig 5 and other options

    As pointed out before it widely depends on the styles and playing techniques involved. After a while I personally ended up using only external gear. Basically I found myself getting nice tones both with my pedals chain like OD/Boost->Head emulation pedal->Cab emulation pedal->Delay->Reverb...
  32. lux

    VSL Demo - Ravel - Daphnis and Chloe

    Fantastic work Jay! Expecially loved the dynamics
  33. lux

    Rey's theme - what is the instrumentation?

    funny thing is that in a quantized world this thing would sound completely different. To get that magical mallet/key texture you need to play everything by hand and leave it unquantized.
  34. lux

    Why did John Williams not score all of the Harry Potter movies?

    yup, while I disagreed with many of the critiques expressed in the videos, I too found myself watching all of them and enjoying the memories of so many nice themes and musical moments. So thanks for posting it. Btw, I made a typo, I mean I lost the author on the critique of the intro of HP7pt1...
  35. lux

    Why did John Williams not score all of the Harry Potter movies?

    I watched all of them, and while it's definitely an interesting work I found the whole analysis lacking completely the concept of evolution. The characters change a lot in the serie. I remember myself how being 17 was completely different from being 11. "My" music was different, the music around...
  36. lux

    Oeksound southe : User feedback ?

    I personally use it often to quickly fix heavily unbalanced or ringing tones which are likely to hog the mix. Used with a grain of salt can be really helpful when you're short of time and need to tame a track or two in your mix to get the right juice.
  37. lux

    How to reproduce guitar harmonies live

    Most times it's rearranging. It widely depends on the styles involved. For rock band there are good chances that songs are composed and/or developed in rehersal stage, so basically they are recorded in studio as they were played before. Sometimes bands do think about future live version while...
  38. lux

    Musical Sampling last Sale of the Year

    I think this is a must have collection for anyone enjoying detailed writing for orchestra. It allows me to just think to music as it responds so well and it gave me back much of the fun I had in the early days of orchestral sampling. You can basically sketch and sequence at the same time, easy...
  39. lux

    Do you make ANY money from streaming?

    Even established artists sometimes do not earn a living from streaming. It's fair simple, streaming doesn't pay a dime to artists. Before streaming, things were different. Niche artists had their fan base, perhaps small and limited. But a large majority of fan contributed to the cause with a...
  40. lux

    Best libraries for Sketching, Mockups, Quick Inspiration

    Cinesamples Cinesymphony has a pretty nice sound.
  41. lux

    Best Windows Laptop

    I've had so-so experience with Asus, which, while having overall nice performance, it took me quite a while to get low latency as some of the inside components add unwanted latency to the system causing dropouts and clicks.
  42. lux

    Danny Elfman "Goosebumps" Mockup !

    yup, very nice
  43. lux

    New Laptop with pops/clicks - Help!

    other than turning wifi off also try temporarely disabling the internal wifi device in hardware manager. I had to disable it on my Asus and use an external usb device.
  44. lux

    New Laptop with pops/clicks - Help!

    also try turning off windows update service in the services panel and see how it goes without it running.
  45. lux

    Payment schedule? Up front pay?

    This is correct, but imho depicts a scenario where your client is high enough in the food chain, like the names above. There, one just follows what's the deal-of-the-house (which is basically what all composers do). When I happen to deal with, let's say, a major network here in my country I'm...
  46. lux

    Best options of lo-fi (ish) 'drum machine' libraries

    I also like It's Dangerous Drums: for a bit of an unusual tone
  47. lux

    Summary added: Death Bug in Windows Update (W10)

    I've had a nice present as well from Windows update in April. My main user got lost and I just found a fresh new installation after the update.
  48. lux

    Resources on Main/Theme writing?

    Fully agree here. Teaching someone how to write great themes or melodies equals in my opinion just to transfer a few cliches-in-a-box from a composer to another one. Which is something really different from being able to write a memorable theme, that's definitely a natural gift added with good...
  49. lux

    The T2 Score: Under the Skin

    yup, another fantastic work, so fun to watch.
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