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    Best Harp Library

    No worries. Glad to have helped.
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    Best Harp Library

    I do it in Cubase. I use the Midi insert called 'Midi Modifiers' with the Vel. Comp. (Velocity Compression) to 3/4. Play around with what works best for you. This helps to limit the higher velocity 'attacky' notes and enables you to tweak your playing style to suit your controller keyboard...
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    Best Harp Library

    If you scale the velocity lower (midi transform in real-time) it helps the SF harp enormously
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    Favorite CPU-light VST3 Reverbs

    Any of the Exponential Audio (now Izotope) reverbs Lexicon PCM bundle
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    How Good: Fabfilter Pro-R For Orchestra?

    Love the Pro-R GUI and workflow but unfortunately it doesn’t do realistic spaces like Nimbus or R4 or the Lexi reverbs for me. Nor is it attempting to either I suspect. I dearly wanted to love it too as I’m a massive fan of pro-q, c and mb. Ymmv of course.
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    Amp Simulators for Virtual Guitars

    Thoughts on the IK Amplitude Fender collections? Quality? Interested given the current deals that are on at the moment...
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    PC for VIs

    Anyone looked into NUCs?
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    Your Favourite Compressor Plug-in?

    Some great info above. Novatron by Kush is also very interesting.
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    PC specs for lowest possible latency?

    @Nathanael Iversen whats your configuration and setup between master and slaves. Do you spread most of your instruments to your slaves?
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    PC specs for lowest possible latency?

    Thanks Nathan I know that NUCs typically don’t have the same CPU grunt but if all they are doing is streaming they wouldn’t need to I expect. I figure, instead of upgrading my Master comp, for the same price I could get 2 or 3 NUCs, offload all VST instruments, drop my latency and delay...
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    PC specs for lowest possible latency?

    I run a large and demanding orchestral template hosted in VEP alongside Cubase on my master computer. A good chunk of my ASIO headroom is consumed by simply connecting to each VEP instance. (As an experiment for those running a similar sized template, watch the Cubase ASIO meter drop as you...
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    Checking Out: The Ultimate Sound Designer Toolkit Bundle Deal

    And I was looking forward to seeing you mess with the samples Don but that section of the vid was edited out :(
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    VSTBuzz: 62% off “Tantra” VST Plugin by Dmitry Sches - Normally €65 now €24.99!

    It’s not that you weren’t helpful. You were. It’s that you were snarky while doing it No hard feelings here. I’ve just purchased Tantra on sale. Will decide about the expansion packs (which are not on sale) once I’ve had the chance to play
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    VSTBuzz: 62% off “Tantra” VST Plugin by Dmitry Sches - Normally €65 now €24.99!

    I’d rather ask end-users how worthwhile Dmitry’s expansion pack is rather than ask the creator of the pack who, not unreasonably, has a vested interest in selling his product. Just sayin’
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    VSTBuzz: 62% off “Tantra” VST Plugin by Dmitry Sches - Normally €65 now €24.99!

    I know it’s already been asked but would anyone else care to chime in as to whether the expansion pack is worth the extra?
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    PCM Native Reverb Bundle $ 234.87

    Still sounds great. There is a reason it’s not always on special. And as said above, it’s comparatively light on the CPU which is a huge bonus
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    SSL Native Bus Compressor on special - half price

    My fave bus compressor is half price to coincide with new release. Just a heads up. (I have no affiliation with the company - in fact I'm still grumpy that they won't let me upgrade from v4 to v6 - just a fan of the compressor)
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    Show me your d...esk

    My approach was to have the computer keyboard and mouse in front of the music keyboard. On the one desk. I had to drop the desk height a little so that my arms were more or less at 90 degrees when typing / mousing. My Aeron chair has forward tilt when I’m playing piano which helps. It’s not...
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    2CAudio Precedence and Breeze 2.1

    More info from Andrew here
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    2CAudio Precedence spatialization plug - opinions

    Hi @Andrew Souter Does this mean that both Precedence and Breeze need to be insert effects? What about with Breeze as a send? B
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    2CAudio Precedence spatialization plug - opinions

    This has just been released. I’m interested in opinions, especially from people who have other positioning plug-ins like SPAT, VSS or even the new SP2016 with the positioning slider, that sort of thing. Cheers
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    Much better than compressed air to clean computer

    Let me know how you get on. I may just jump in myself
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    Much better than compressed air to clean computer Can’t vouch for...
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    What Types of Libraries Need the Speed of an SSD Most?

    Load times would be down the bottom of the list for me. Reducing RAM usage and pushing the voice count higher would be higher up. Does anyone know if it makes any difference to poorly scripted libraries or cpu hungry libs? Not in terms of load times but does the ssd reduce any burden in this...
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    Is cluster size even a thing anymore?

    Sometimes I wonder in the majority of the tweaks we still do are legacy windows XP tweaks and no longer relevant. Looks like cluster size is arguably in this category. Thanks to you both
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    Show me your d...esk

    @danbo what are the stands you are using on the right of the first pic? Also, how do you find the height of the mouse and computer keyboard given they have to be higher than usual to clear the doepfer?
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    Is cluster size even a thing anymore?

    Bump. I want to load up this SSD!
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    Much better than compressed air to clean computer

    Man we get shafted down here. $200 AUD at Amazon Aust. Cheapest I found it locally was $119.
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    Is cluster size even a thing anymore?

    Just setting up a new Samsung 860 2TB SSD for streaming samples (not OS) GPT vs MBR? (I went GPT) Cluster size? 4kb or 64kb? Or is the whole cluster size thing very 'last decade' or no longer relevant for SSDs?
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    Controller advice please

    Would you think the same way about the Physis if you weren’t gigging though Chim?
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    Waves announces version 10

    All too true. Although you may save close to that amount by not having to WUP those plugs when the time comes. Maybe... :)
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    Waves announces version 10

    Heads up! Many of you will have received an email with a 25% off code for this weekend Might be worth using it to upgrade to a higher bundle (check the boxes of ALL your plugins under the upgrades tab of your account and see what is offered) This also has the benefit of updating any of your...
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    Abbey Road Chambers

    Looks great, but gearslutz users are reporting heavy CPU usage. Even heavier than Abbey road plates (which were pretty damn hungry imo )
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    Auras - reviews

    What is the workaround to get the most from your library then? Load multiple Kontakt instances?
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    Auras - reviews

    Thanks for the vid Am I right in thinking that without an MPE controller there is no way to independently control parameters (pitch bend, cc1, cc11 etc) for more than one note at a time? Or put another way, all notes you play are affected at once? B
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    Slate + Ash Auras - Walkthrough / Review

    Nice review Will
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    In case this helps anyone, I see that Waves have posted a script to help those who wish to run v9 and v10 plug-ins at the same time. I haven’t tested it yet but here is a post from Yotam (Waves) at Gearslutz “Guys, FYI at this time - we've uploaded an script called "V9-V10 Organizer" for...
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    Auras - reviews

    Can those that have used it (or perhaps slate and ash) perhaps comment further on the CPU usage? I know people will say that the CPU usage is worth it but with a fully loaded template I can’t afford to be swallowing up 5% of my CPU per patch no matter how great it sounds. This is the reason I...
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    Spitfire kitchenware - metal and glass

    Perhaps give it another try. Obviously you have to already own PP002 and PP009.
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    Spitfire kitchenware - metal and glass

    Full marks to Spitfire. Because the sample content is the same in the relaunched product as my original 2 Producer Packs the new release was made available in my download account. Perhaps I just got lost in the system
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    Spitfire kitchenware - metal and glass

    Bump I have placed a support ticket on this. Surprised there wasn’t an announced upgrade path (unless, that is, I missed it)
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    Anyone using PSP Vintage Warmer 2?

    On sale for 50% off for the next few days
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    Favorite Kush plugs? And why?

    Ended up picking up Clariphonic, two of the Omegas and Novatron. And I only planned on getting Clariphonic... Thanks for all your comments B
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    Favorite Kush plugs? And why?

    Thanks for that X. I’ll do some more homework on omega and novotron
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    Favorite Kush plugs? And why?

    They’re on special for another day so any thoughts? I’m looking seriously at Clariphonic but educate me!
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    Cubase : how to modify the tempo of a cue without moving the others cues on a film ?

    If you want to have all cues in a single project (which happens to be my own workflow) @europa_io is correct. Once you get the hang on it it’s pretty quick
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    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional

    Those of you asking for all mic positions in the one patch should be careful what you wish for. The memory footprint, even purged, would be significant. At one stage there I jettisoned the close and ambient mics from combo patches leaving just the tree. From memory Blake has a blog post how...
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    Fabfilter's Pro C 2 on special - Thoughts?

    Do many of you use the side chain ability? Or the mid side compression options? These are features that seem to be rarely in the other character compressors
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