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    Fretless Bass...which one ?

    I haven't tried it but the Ilya Effimov sounds really good in the demo tracks, I've been eyeing that one for a while (and on sale now for 30% off). I have one of his fretted basses and it's really playable and sounds great, so hopefully the fretless is just a good.
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    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    Really cool, I'll be picking this up at some point.
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    All Things Funky

    Blue 3 for a great Hammond sound
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    Omnisphere 2.6 Arpeggio Playback different than 2.5

    Thanks for the info. It sounds like that will fix the problem with a multi, my issue is with a regular (non-multi) patch. I followed the same steps for a non-multi patch and it doesn't seem to fix the issue.
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    Omnisphere 2.6 Arpeggio Playback different than 2.5

    Yes I'm having the same issue. One of the bass arpeggios in the Plugin Guru Beautifully Broken pack is completely different with 2.6, kind of ruined a song I was working on. Is this something we can report as a bug?
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    Any thoughts on the Focusrite interface/ Scarlett

    I've had a 1st Gen. 18i8 for about four years and have had zero issues with it. I recently bought a 6i6 for my live rig and it's been great so far as well. Seems like quality stuff.
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    Synth drum libraries (is there an Omnisphere equivalent?)

    Sound quality is top notch, I find the workflow pretty decent. It's easy to tweak the patterns and there's a full mixer with separate channels for each drum part. The midi drag and drop is nice also so the patterns can be tweaked in the DAW. One thing I still need to do is figure out how to get...
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    Synth drum libraries (is there an Omnisphere equivalent?)

    I use Wave Alchemy Revolution all the time now, tons of great presets and patterns. It's on sale at Plugin Boutique right now insanely cheap:
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    I'm beta testing the new version of N, it is apparently a complete overhaul of the product except that it's built on the old code base and the UI looks identical and there are no new features or bug fixes. It somehow also has a bigger CPU hit and only runs in Windows XP now. Still great bang for...
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    Windows 10 settings / stuff you can turn off for music?

    The Cantabile developer Brad has a free e-book on how to optimize windows for audio:
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    Windows 10 Home = Awful. Is Pro much better?

    I've had updates in Window 10 Pro turned off for a couple of years now and I've had no issues with the operating system in that time. Just set your connection type to a "Metered Connection" and that disables the automatic updates.
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    Plugindiscounts....has anyone purchased anything via here?

    I've purchased from them several times and never had any issues.
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    Omnisphere in a Hard Disk

    I've been using it with an internal hard drive (non-SSD) for a while now and no problems.
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    Middle Eastern Strings & Articulations

    I don't own any of his stuff, but the Avarim Dayan Arabic strings sounds really good to me (kind of expensive though):
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    Best drum libraries for brushed jazz drums?

    The EZ Drummer 2 Jazz EZX has a pretty good brush kit. There are midi patterns that include the brush swirl
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    Favorite Piano Books and Exercises?

    As others have mentioned Hanon all day lol. For different types of seventh chords play each type in all inversions and arpeggiated, get the inversions under your fingers without having to think about it.
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    Christmas Tracks! hohoho

    @Polkasound - thanks man, I chickened out and deleted it lol. Like I said I'm new to this. Here it is again.
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Yes I had the same issue with Native Access telling me my serial number was already used.
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Got the invoice in my email also after many tries, thanks again.
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    I've tried for a couple of hours and even made it all the way to the "Process Payment" button before getting a "Bad Gateway" error each time.
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    Best Bob Dylan covers

    Might not be everybody's cup of tea but I like this version of You Ain't Going Nowhere:
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    Deal Ends Tonight at 11:59PM! Embertone's Cyber Week Deal

    I just wanted to follow up to my previous post, I opened a support ticket on the Embertone site and received an almost instant response from them with some alternate download links. That's some seriously good customer support, cheers to Embertone!
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    Deal Ends Tonight at 11:59PM! Embertone's Cyber Week Deal

    Thanks for the reply. I've been using Continuata on this same machine for a couple of years now with the same destination drive/folder and no issues. I'm running as administrator and the error happens as soon as I click "Download" (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error). I downloaded the latest...
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    Deal Ends Tonight at 11:59PM! Embertone's Cyber Week Deal

    Is anyone still having problems downloading the 1955 Steinway D Lite? I'm on Windows and I get an error every time I start the download with Continuata. I can't tell based on this thread whether or not the error was supposed to be fixed or if they were still working on it. I PM'd Alex at...
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    November 2018 Sales - Alphabetical List

    I was checking out an Audio Damage plugin and noticed this sale, I didn't see it listed here: Audio Damage plugins 35% off with code YOLO:
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    SNARES... looking desesperatly for snares

    There's a pretty good selection here:
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    Yep, that’s a new ad on the right side

    I actually enjoy the ads here so banner away
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    What are your favorite plugins for improving male vocals?

    I agree I always like to hear what plugins other people are using for certain tasks, I usually end up learning about plugins I wasn't aware of.
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    Should we be outraged at Apple for this, or is there an explanation?

    This guy is actually doing pretty well with just his iPhone:
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    Recording Studio - get the best out of the singer

    An engineer I used to work with would tell the vocalist that we were just laying down a guide vocal or checking levels and have them sing thinking it wasn't a "real" take. This would usually result in a much better performance than when they were told it was the real take.
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    Renegade Acoustic Guitar | Free Update

    Here you go, thanks.
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    Renegade Acoustic Guitar | Free Update

    Patterns in the style of The Church, Oasis, etc. would be very cool
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    Orange Tree codes.

    Do they send out the codes on twitter? or are they emailing them? I can't seem to find any
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    Some questions about LA

    What an amazing thread, thanks for posting. There goes my morning reading through all 30 pages...
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    Forum for VST Live Performance

    I sometimes use backing tracks with Cantabile, I can start/stop the tracks with a midi pedal so it's pretty useful in that way. I agree the UI is not the most intuitive but it is pretty powerful and the developer Brad is very engaged and helpful
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    Rare electric Piano free

    I actually used this in a track already and donated. I like it, it's very Zeppelin-y. Would like to see what else you guys come up with.
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    Forum for VST Live Performance

    Definitely nice to trim down the gear, sounds like you have an easy haul and setup/breakdown. I have to look into a replacement for my heavy old Roland FP-8 that I'm using as a controller.
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    Forum for VST Live Performance

    I'm almost completely virtual now also, I'm only using my Nord Electro 3 for the Hammond sounds, I haven't found a suitable replacement for the sounds and playability (esp. the "drawbars" and waterfall keys)
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    Forum for VST Live Performance

    I would like that also. I use Cantabile to host my VST's for live playing. Would be nice to have a place to discuss the general topic other than the Cantabile forum.
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    My new Steel Guitar, what do you think?

    I agree the second sounds like the VI, but it's really good. You'll have my money once you release it.
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    Thanks, I've tried to uninstall in the past but there were problems with old Waveshell files left over somewhere on my drive and it turned into a bunch of work trying to get a clean installation. I'll give that a shot though.
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    I accidentally said yes to updating all plugins in Waves Central when I installed a new V10 plugin a couple of weeks ago, and now none of my V9 plugins work. I've heard Waves support is good so I'm going to call them next week and see if they can help me get my V9 plugins back. I definitely had...
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    Cheap heavy metal bass solutions

    I find it hard to not have the NI Rickenbacker bass sound heavy. It's a very ballsy bass, would be great for metal I think
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    Sorry yes I forgot to mention that you need to uninstall the newer version of Waves Central first and then install the legacy version.
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    Thanks, I actually found a youtube video that was very helpful. I needed to run the legacy installer for Waves Central and that let's me install the V9.2 plugins with the offline installer, the V10 Waves Central doesn't recognize the V9.2 offline installers. So it looks like I'm good now. Thanks...
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    I'm trying the offline installer for V9.2 but unfortunately Waves Central doesn't seem to find any installers in the in the v9.2 offline package that I downloaded from the Waves site. Any plugin directory I select in the offline package is giving the message "No installable products were found...
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    Awesome, thanks for breaking it down like that.
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    I'm confused about this myself, I haven't had the time to sit down and read through the FAQ yet though. I think what I'm hearing from other people is that you'll be presented with an option to update all plugins to V10 or stay at V9 after you login to Waves Central. So I'm assuming that the...
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    Anyone install Waves plugins since the V10 upgrade?

    Thanks for the info everyone, I still haven't actually tried Waves Central either, I'm going to go through all of the steps people mentioned above first
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