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  1. TGV

    Sunt lacrimae rerum - piece for two violins, viola, and cello

    Very nice, indeed, and the quartet has such an intimate, melancholic sound, it fits the track like a glove.
  2. TGV

    What programming language is Kontakt Scripting based on?

    I originally thought that it had evolved from a super simple scripting language to something akin to Anomalocaris Canadensis under the pressure of demanding library developers, while not losing backwards compatibility, but your explanation makes more sense.
  3. TGV

    Logic Pro 10.4.6 released

    Lots of bug fixes, which is not a surprise after the dynamic (un)loading feature. I also saw that it now should properly recognize a Nano Control (I've got one, so I'm curious). And it's nice to see they keep up the accessibility for the visually impaired. Kudos for the Logic team, as ever.
  4. TGV

    Logic Sudden Crash getting a Bit Desperate ! Help !

    What Jay suggests sounds sensible, certainly if there have been other problems with Slate. I notice there are many Slate plugin instances in your project, but also others: Eiosis, Blackhole, Altiverb, Spectrasonics, and tons of Kontakt 5: I think I count 239. You might also have reached a memory...
  5. TGV

    Logic playback issue with piano and keyboard VIs

    It's a combination of two things causing this, AFAIK: you've got "note chasing" enabled, and the sustain pedal is on at that point in the track. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it should really work like this (to me, it sounds as if too many notes are triggered at once), but try disabling...
  6. TGV

    A waltz for you /work in progress

    There are a gazillion ways to orchestrate, but if you like the piano best, piano it is. It's a nice musette like piece, with a few nice surprises. My first attempt would be: open with piano, at 19s have a longer rit., add low strings for the accompaniment, at 25s let a clarinet or oboe play...
  7. TGV

    Goodbye everyone, see you on Mars in 2021!

    Pretty cool, indeed. Happy for you.
  8. TGV

    Can i Link Logic X Plugs ?

    The link button keeps the windows at the same play position, or opens the corresponding plugin when you change tracks. The only way I know to group gain, is by routing them all to the same aux bus, but that obviously only works if the gain is at the end of the plugin chain. You could also copy...
  9. TGV

    My first live-orchestra-experience

    Fine work, and you judged the player's capabilities well.
  10. TGV

    Big band & swing - study suggestions

    The other day I encountered this. It's not deep or anything, but it gives a glimpse of how that sound is built up. There's a PDF to go along for $15.
  11. TGV

    Apple introduces first 8-core MacBook Pro

    That's so ... desirable.
  12. TGV

    Remorse, an exercise in synth programming

    Quite decent. The work well together; nice layering. Your version of the braaaam is a bit loud (IMO), but can be effective in the right context.
  13. TGV

    Star Wars: Battlefront II - Gordy Haab

    Shades of Hindemith in that opening. Nice.
  14. TGV

    Isn’t sampling an instrument and selling the recordings the same as reverse engineering?

    Reverse engineering would actually be building a violin by listening to (custom-made) recordings of it. Granted, this is its hardest form, black-box reverse engineering, but that's what reverse engineering is.
  15. TGV

    Very cool new tool for inspiration - currently $27

    For $99 you get the entire set of Captain Chords plugins, which do considerably more than this, so $67 is very overpriced, IMO.
  16. TGV

    Aria player on mac OSX

    I've got Garritan GPO (v4?) and Garritan Pipe Organs, and Karyofer's Secret Agent Guitar, and ARIA Player works pretty well (macOS 10.14.4).
  17. TGV

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    You are a bit selective in your indignation. What the killer obviously wanted was other people to follow his example. If the killer had wanted attention for Pewdiepie, as you imply, then OP is equally if not more deserving of your scorn. But however you look at it, it's still very insensitive to...
  18. TGV

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie!!! (T-series is nr 1 atm!)

    Worse. The Christchurch mosque killer literally said "subscribe to pewdiepie". I don't know how you can be so insensitive to post the literal same message so shortly after. Disgusting.
  19. TGV

    Fugue for Orchestra

    Not only props for writing a fugue, but what a sumptuous, up-to-date sounding orchestration. Very evocative.
  20. TGV

    Hollywood Choirs vs Symphonic Choirs

    I can only tell that getting SC to sing acceptably with WB is very much work. If you only need short phrases, or staccato vocals, things are a lot easier (though, as always: perfection requires effort).
  21. TGV

    Computer security. Admin vs separate user account.

    I always work in a non-admin account (on macOS), and I make sure my family does too. It's too easy to run something malicious, and a non-admin account provides a little bit more protection. It also protects you from accidentally deleting applications and system files. It does cause problems...
  22. TGV

    What do you think of this?

    My first thought was also: NOPE. But the music is good; clean mix, too. I only thought the metal/low choir staccato bit didn't fit well. The part before its first occurrence, there's a sort of soaring melody, which fits the images well, and the contrast with the metal/choir section is just too...
  23. TGV

    Alchemy problem in Logic

    You can set up "virtual" midi and audio connections between DP and Logic, I think. In the Audio/MIDI Setup app, you can create virtual MIDI connections with the IAC driver. Hook one up to a track in DP, and to an Alchemy track in Logic, and you can write your track in DP. Sending audio back...
  24. TGV

    Your Somewhat Obscure Classical Recommendations

    I'm a great fan of Martin too. A few more: Franz Berwald, a Swedish composer from the early Romantic period, e.g. his piano concerto in D. Walter Braunfels, writer of the best opera ever, Die Vögel (bizarrely enough entirely online). Ernest Chausson, French Late Romantic-ish, e.g. Poème de...
  25. TGV

    Kontakt 5 is too old to load this patch... *SIGH*

    I can only see an image with the version number of the stand-alone app. AFAIK, the finder doesn't show the version of an NKI. But perhaps I don't see what you see.
  26. TGV

    Kontakt 5 is too old to load this patch... *SIGH*

    5.8.1 is the version of the Kontakt stand-alone executable, and –presumably– the plugin.
  27. TGV

    Kontakt 5 is too old to load this patch... *SIGH*

    Contact the maker. Perhaps they accidentally saved it in the wrong format?
  28. TGV

    Nine Variations on an Original Theme for Violoncello and Piano" by Guy Bacos

    Nice work and a great recording. I particularly liked the faster variations: the higher register of the piano adds such a sparkle to the sound. BTW, during one or two bars, the theme reminded me of the Dreigroschenoper.
  29. TGV

    Best Scam Emails

    Got a similar one, which was a good translation from an English version I found online, but with a few dumb errors. My laptop does have a webcam, but since it is almost always the living room, I was quite sure there would not be such a video. It's pretty low to play on people's fears like this...
  30. TGV

    Andante moderato in the classical style for bassoon and orchestra

    Lovely piece, young Mozart/Haydnesque in style, but a bit more fragmented than one of their movements: it's almost as if you tried to put several into one, but then again, it also sounds like a "variations" movement. It's a good combination of grace and surprise. Very believable rendering, BTW.
  31. TGV

    Alchemy problem in Logic

    The folder itself is not enough: all files inside must have those permissions as well. Try "apply to enclosed items" (from the cog in the lower-left corner of the "Get Info" window).
  32. TGV

    A contest - please give your answer

    I liked the relaxed version, but the continuous sub-bass was a bit too much, IMO. The last third was cutesy, too sweet. Detail and melody of the epic version are completely obliterated by the percussion in the first half; while they can be heard in the second half, the 4-to-the-floor is tiring...
  33. TGV

    U-he Diva & Repro on sale for 50% - redundant if i have Arturia V collection 6?

    I had already played with Repro when u-he was testing the filter implementations, but back then I considered it a bit "meh": better than what I had, but only just so, and fairly limited in its scope. I always thought Diva would be of more use. For this sale, I demoed them again, and I have to...
  34. TGV

    The Ukulele | indiginus

    Bought it, good sound, useful patterns: Indiginus is trustworthy. While it's fairly intuitive, you've gotta read the manual, though, because that anvil button caught me off guard. So let's rockIndie!
  35. TGV

    What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Media Composer...

    I don't know what happened, and I don't want to know, I'm just happy that one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and experienced people in this sector (re)joined.
  36. TGV

    Action/Sports “Epic” cues (Super Bowl LIII)

    Sounds good to me, but the second one feels much shorter, more interesting than the first.
  37. TGV

    2nd try with this piano quintet

    Fine work, well structured and developed, although I thought the 2nd movement was more coherent than the first (which –if you permit– sounds a bit like you can't really choose between Rachmaninov and Ravel!); it was certainly more lyrical. The first mvmt, of course, feels more energetic, and...
  38. TGV

    Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity feat. OB6, Modal 002, Prophet X, and Deckard's Dream

    Great arrangement, indeed Tomita-like (I have his sound largely associated with slightly exaggerated pitch envelopes, rapid, quacking filter ADSR, and accentuating dissonant notes). It sounds sellable to me, if you would perhaps master it a bit louder: I had to turn up the volume to hear it...
  39. TGV

    Microtonal breakbeat in 15/4

    Also not my thing, but it sounds interesting. The different tuning doesn't do much for me: it gives a slightly different sound, but the song wouldn't have been essentially different with equal temperament. The missing 1/4 does seem essential to the song. So much even, that some of the 4/4 bars...
  40. TGV

    Parody music

    Not bad. The Rocky theme sounds a bit weak; perhaps because the original song seems to use synth brass (at least as support). But very much in the modern Hollywood style: the sequel of the son of part 2.
  41. TGV

    68% off - EastWest Sounds Complete Scoring Package - APD Exclusive!

    SO is very usable. The main thing it lacks in comparison with its Hollywood counterparts is sampled legato, and its sound is a bit wetter and warmer. SC is a good sounding choir library (with no less than 5 sections and a few soloists), but it is very hard to make it convincingly sing words.
  42. TGV

    Is the trombone a phallos symbol?

    What have you been smoking?
  43. TGV

    Natural Classical Orchestral records...

    Try this channel: it's from a Dutch broadcasting organization that organizes a concert every Saturday in the Concertgebouw, one of the finer venues, and broadcasts it live. There are also recordings in other venues, with some of the best ensembles and conductors. Here's a nice example:
  44. TGV

    Opening credits music for a horror/suspense film

    Lovely Romantic opening, tasteful use of glitchy effects. The vocal could be considered a bit too noticeable.
  45. TGV

    Scale of 'Nar (31-tone)

    Nice. The harmony does sound like a conventional one in the 12-tone scale, which keeps the track on "safe" grounds.
  46. TGV

    Help me to analyze this track orchestration

    It's a rather hybrid track. I can certainly hear strings (perhaps layered with synth strings for that bright sound?), synth (one bass and one higher arpeggio), some low and mid brass (rather muffled), percussion (probably acoustic and synth), a male choir bass line, and soft female choir chords...
  47. TGV

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    And from me too. May our loved ones be in our hearts.
  48. TGV

    Did HZ ruin film music ... or did Bernard Herrmann already start it?

    I blame Domenico Alberti!
  49. TGV

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    I do think that Beethoven was not the greatest colorist. He couldn't of course have written anything like Ravel. Beethoven subjected the orchestration to the form, IMO, but still did so with great effect, albeit less subtle than e.g. Mozart. But Bernstein's other points are highly exaggerated...
  50. TGV

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - live video

    Nice, laid back playing. And not everything has to come out of a computer. Have yourself a merry little Christmas too.
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