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    "Orchestration 1: From Sketch To Orchestra" Lite Course sale

    It's being revamped but Alain walks through this with orchestration 1 in scoreclub. He has three videos at the end of that course where he talks and sketches his choices
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    Question about school teaching and music career

    Do what you have to do to keep composing and creating. IMO elementary thru high school is a big commitment. I'm an artist but come from a family of school teachers, married to a college professor, and home school my non-teenage children. I am biased given the state of affairs in the US, but...
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    1920's music

    completely forgot about this library given the Broadway Brass and Swing sales going on. Thanks
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    To those who read the "study of orchestration"

    yup. Same issue. I cannot get the answer key from the publisher. Makes sense as I could sale the answers BUT frustrating to say the least lol
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    Thoughts on exponential audio Verbs?

    I've been demoing Nimbus, after a recommendation on another thread, and really like it. A co-worker on my current gig says as an assistant on some studio work the lead engineers would use Pheonix verb.
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    Protools for MIDI sequencing

    I use the instrument tracks. I'm on the subscription service and Ver 12. About to begin experimenting with VEPro. I have 64 gigs of ram. Similarly to you I've always had Pro tool at the day gig. Started with Opcode Vision, moved to Logic (got overwhelmed by it) and in the last few years have...
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    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    I appreciate the Bill Nye samples
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    Sonarworks Reference 4

    Got it at the end of last year. It's now permanently on my mix bus
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    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    there's always folks on this forum for lessons too. Also,
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    Sooo many reverbs but which one would you prefer for orchestral use?

    do mean to derail, but is Virtual Sound Stage Better per instrument/ track or one instance pre sub group?
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    Hi from Los Angeles

    I haven't googled. I was serious
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    Hi from Los Angeles

    is this really you. . .?
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    Such A Simple but Great Trick

    ok somethings going on I was just looking at: The Schillinger System of Musical Composition in 2 volumes by Joseph Schillinger (2003-05-04) Hardcover – 2003
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    "In Depth" Walkthrough Video Series

    I love it. Tedious and helpful at the same time. Just picked these up for my writing. Good to hear the mic positions with all the playing sizes. Which reverb plug are you using? Altiverb?
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    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    My perception is not that video game isn't real music, but the comment is in relation to sample library developers putting out large section epic sounding instruments.
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    Large tablet/touchscreen MIDI controller options?

    Thank you. I look forward to updates
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    Large tablet/touchscreen MIDI controller options?

    Is there a plan to develop this on other platforms? Pro Tools or Logic or live?
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    Hi from Los Angeles

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    Ehm. Hello!

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    Alexanderpublishing is reopen with sale

    Miss Him. I keep the spectrotone chart handy. Good resources
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    50% OFF Heavyocity Novo, Forzo, Gravity and (almost) all their expansions via Native Instruments

    Thanks for the link I thought it was just me I've reinstalled it three times with the same result Sincerely Jonathan Parham
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    Workflow of A-List Composers

    \ Depends on what you've heard. Silvestri is talking here, then about 45s later, Jackman and Zimmer mention suites.
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    Favorite MIDI CC controllers?

    is it easy to control articulations for say Cinematic Studio strings or Spitfire Chamber Strings? Can you 'play in' what you want?
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    Hey, what's everybody doing?!

    welcome. I think you can perceive the 'humor' from the above posts.
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    Scoreclub Essential Composer Training Foundation - is it right for me?

    you lost me on your quote from Alain. Not sure what you meant. As an artist and parent, I've learned people learn music a lot of different ways. (which has been debated ad nausea on this forum). Like you said, 'some people.' Some people need an online course, some a book, some a private...
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    Scoreclub Essential Composer Training Foundation - is it right for me?

    you remind me of an alto soloist in the big band I was a part of in college. Really good, but majored in computer science lol. I studied music but I was looking for a way to review what I studied almost 2 decades ago without dropping 1K in an online orchestration course I may or may not have...
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    Hello from California

    Welcome. Never too late to be musical
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    Ssl six new, $1500

    me want. don't need it but want it. A client just walked by as I had the web page open and said, "wow"
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    Did the internet ruin music schools and teachers?

    Have you listed your contact on the Remote Recordings thread?
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    I need to work with a team like this!!!

    I agree with leveraging skills to get more licenses, gigs, contracts. I guess I'm pessimistic, I would want to see 'everything equal' in 'Writing.'
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    I need to work with a team like this!!!

    Yes. if you can agree who owns.
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    Lyrical string libraries.

    Agreed. I was following this thread and was looking at the Afflatus PDF and trying to figure it out.
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    Art of the Score Podcast

    Thanks. I'll start at the beginning on the Stitcher app
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    Lyrical string libraries.

    well you never leave, you just kinda move to other gigs right lol
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    SENFINE by Wavelet Audio - Cinematic & Atmospheric

    Thanks. There are other applications that do this but I appreciate how simple yours is. Seems you can dial in lots of things very easily. In the first example, what were you recording? Was it the sound you created?
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    E.I.S. Has a New Site

    Good the sound cloud and testimonials are all in one spot
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    André Prévin - 1929-2019

    Ah another great one has left. The book 'No Minor Chords' is worth a read. It's from his first hand perspective of what the studio was like then. Also the title comes from his interaction with a client. Still very apt in some musical situations today.
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    SENFINE by Wavelet Audio - Cinematic & Atmospheric

    Very nice. It seems like a really good toolkit. I especially like the ambient guitar and ambient pianos. I also like how you've laid things out in this post. Possible on more demos on the ambient pad designer?
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    A definitive guide to practicing modes on piano? I have android so this isn't going to work on my mobile devices, but could be a good starting point and resource
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