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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Thanks for your helpful suggestions everyone, Best Service has now sorted me out now (great service btw - thanks!). I have multiple machines and apparently I registered my original version of The Orchestra with an older email account - all sorted now! Early days, but really liking it so far - I...
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Thanks for your response Simon. Yes, I've already registered the code on the Best Service site - which gave me the download links. I tried re-registering on Best Service - just to make sure - but it tells me I've already registered the code. The code clearly looks like a Kontakt Library...
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Has anyone else experienced any problems with the Upgrade from The Orchestra v1.1 to The Orchestra Complete v1.0.1? I bought the upgrade and my serial code isn't working - says it can't find the base product (even though I already have The Orchestra registered under my Native Access)?
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    Audio Imperia Photosynthesis I-IV Bundle - $80 - Worth it?

    Hi @jeremiahpena - congrats on these libraries. I already own the first two volumes which are really fun. Will the discount code work if I wanted to pick up Embers or Realms individually - or is there some way of completing the set without having to pay for the volumes I already own?
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    Only 3 Days Left! - VSTBuzz: 89% off “Maliki” by Audiority - Normally €88 Now Only €9.99!

    @VSTBuzz Hi, thanks for message - after some perseverance I finally managed to download Maliki. The new version of Pulse wouldn't let me pause/resume and the app hung after downloading. I ran the installer as "administrator" and this seemed to fix things (mentioning this in case anyone else...
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    Only 3 Days Left! - VSTBuzz: 89% off “Maliki” by Audiority - Normally €88 Now Only €9.99!

    I'm still trying to get at this - but finding the pulse downloader a real chore (so much so it makes using the Spitfire or Continua downloaders seem like they are amazing). Firstly had to update to the latest version and lost all of my existing Pulse libraries (very intuitive!). Then at the end...
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    Spitfire Audio - Kepler Orchestra - Available NOW

    Does this improve if you change the value of your Kontakt buffer? I had a similar problems with eDNA and changing the buffer fixed the issue. Worth a try?
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    I don't think they are anywhere near as flexible, but they may trump Orchestra in the realism stakes (this is all purely subjective on my part).
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Haha, yeah - this was a quick throw together just for fun - Bond songs are all about holding notes for a ridiculous amount of time aren't they (ideally by a Welsh vocalist at the end). I definitely used a couple of other libraries, I can't recall which ones - but Orchestra is definitely really...
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    I find it quite an inspiring tool. If you are looking at using it for the instruments themselves, then you can definitely do better elsewhere (that isn't the main selling point of the library). What I love are the animated/colour arp patterns - I love these textures (they are fantastic for...
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    Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?

    Keyswitches aren't super-intuitive to me as they differ depending on which library is being used. I tend to split articulations up into separate patches. That said if you are scoring and have to keep re-timing things - key-switches can help make that process easier to manage (it depends how much...
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    Channel Robot announce Orchestral Dust - an orchestral underscore and pad instrument

    Orchestral Dust in text (also Orchestra Dust once on Kontakt Hub) but the logo typography is Ochestral Dust. o_O :) Is there going to be a patch walk-through video?
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    50% OFF Heavyocity Novo, Forzo, Gravity and (almost) all their expansions via Native Instruments

    Great thanks (suspected this, but know they sometimes update libraries to a later version with their NKS deals). It's not a problem either way, just got confused as some libraries (eg. Forzo/Synthetic Strings) say they run on 5.8.1, but then the Kontakt Player and system requirements links take...
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    50% OFF Heavyocity Novo, Forzo, Gravity and (almost) all their expansions via Native Instruments

    I know these are all player instruments, are these for Kontakt 6 now rather than 5? I just don't want to mess my system up whilst 5.81 is working okay and I'm mid-project...
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    Using Aliases for Kontakt Library Organization

    Ah, thanks - I've just been using the Kontakt browser. I'll give this a try! Also is there any way to customize the order of patches in a folder so I can put my favourites at the top? It looks like it sorts A-Z only? It would be lovely to see Kontakt adapt a customisable tag based approach, but...
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    Recommend Soundiron libraries!

    I really recommend the Iron Pack although you'll need the full version of Kontakt. These have some wonderful sound-design potential. They aren't deep sampled, some of these are taken from their other sound libraries, so if you love a particular pack it might be worth upgrading to the full...
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    Using Aliases for Kontakt Library Organization

    Yes you can do this, but only on a patch by patch basis I believe?
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    Using Aliases for Kontakt Library Organization

    I hear you pain, I originally started by using a folder structure like you. Mine was done by instruments types rather than company - eg. folders for things like Brass, Chromatic, Guitars, Percussion, Pianos, Strings, Synths, Vocals, Woodwinds etc. All I can say is don't do it! :) It worked okay...
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    Love for Windows 10

    Generally I quite like it and find it reasonably intuitive/customizable to use. Not a fan of the updates though.
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    91. Academy Awards Best Original Score

    I've seen Black Panther and I can't even remember any of it - was just typical slam-bam mickey-mousing Marvel fare. To me this was nothing more than a PC point scoring exercise. One score which gave me chills and I felt was criminally overlooked was Justin Hurwitz's First Man - it didn't even...
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    SF Albion One or EW SO Gold?

    Albion sounds good out of the box, but all the orchestration is baked in making it limited. EWQL offers a lot more orchestration options but it will take a little more work and has a big hall sound baked in. I've got both, if I was starting over from scratch today - I'd probably consider...
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    Zero G Spiritoso Live Cello Phrases. Anyone have this?

    I have the whole series. First thing - they go on sale regularly - don't feel the need to jump until the price is really low (or better yet until you have a personal need for it)! Like others, I don't use this often and it's limited in what it does. That said it can add a bit of backing colour...
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    Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score

    Well I'm sticking with my Basic Instinct, my daughter hums Gremlins all the time. Great Train Robbery is a great shout, forgot that one! Anyone mentioned First Knight or Sleeping With The Enemy yet (love the scores more than the films)?
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    Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score

    Basic Instinct all the way for me - perhaps the only classy thing about the film (aside from some of the photography). Absolutely love this score! I also have a soft spot for Omen 3: The Final Chapter and Total Recall (like many others).
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    Samples Spotlight RIP

    I'd just like to share my support with others here for @The Darris - personal attacks of this nature are totally unacceptable. I hope a short break lends some perspective (this is essentially just one idiot ruining it for all of us), but in the meantime please report the incident(s) to the...
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    'Wanderland' by Will Bedford

    Yes, the chords are a bit 'walking in the air' - but that is no bad thing in my book. If I had only one comment it's that the part at the end feels a little too strong/loud. That said, the orchestration is amazing and the melody sublime - well done! Thanks for sharing this Will, feeling in the...
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    Thank @TRKStudios - this confirms some of my suspicions after watching the walkthroughs. Feeling relieved - was struggling to justify cost vs usage and it sounds like this was the right decision (for me)
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    Which Harp library for EXPOSED solo harp music?

    I have both Elysium and Glissando - very different tones so it depends what you are going to use it for. I think Glissando sounds slightly sharper so I prefer it, Elysium is nice when you need more of a "fairy tale" tone. Value in owning both in my opinion. They both have some nice additional...
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    Which Harp library for EXPOSED solo harp music?

    Love harps, I'd go Chocolate Audio Glissando is forced to pick - but it's a personal "tone" thing. Angelic Harp and Elysium are pretty nice also.
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    Windows 10 Hangs on Boot

    Mine does this from time to time also (it's a boot problem - but I find it works if I hit the button again!). On an O/S level - can't seem to use "Sleep" now either without it completely crashing and needing a reboot. Rather frustrating, but working fine aside from these "quirks".
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    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    Not been following in too much detail, but just watched/listened to the walk-throughs. From what I heard I'm slightly relieved, it didn't demonstrate enough to properly sway me. There were some parts I liked but it ultimately came down to getting $400 of value out of this library (either in...
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    Budget Woodwind Library

    Not as polished or "tweakable" as some of the other suggestions here - but a nicer price if you have the full version of Kontakt :)
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Same boat, although in the downloader it say "Open Kontakt Format" and it's allowing me to download... so let's see! :)
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Think I broke through, it's now appearing as an invoice, just without the serial code?
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    Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

    Ah - this is tense! :) I'm guessing everyone is trying and the website is really struggling. Not sure if I got this or not... it didn't confirm and hasn't appeared in my Sonokinetic account or in the downloader. Will try with my secondary account but may give it a moment as the site is...
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    Orchestral Tools - Metropolis Ark 4 - New Demo online!

    Really hope the video walk-through is underwhelming or arrives after the introduction period ends (ala Glory Days) - otherwise my bank balance will hate me for a bit and I'll need to cancel Christmas!
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    Heavyocity DM-307 - thoughts

    I didn't go crazy for it (it's one of the Heavyocity libraries I've used least). This might be down to my composing tastes rather than anything else. There is a lot of material here, but I found the kits "okay" yet nothing exceptional (plus they tend to feel harsh and same-y after a bit). The...
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    Mallet Flux | Demo

    I love the idea of this library - @chillbot : doesn't it use Kontakt Player - or am I missing something really obvious? I think the main thing which might affect sales is 'no introductory discount' to get us onboard - hence no urgency to pick it up immediately.
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    What developers are Insta Buys for you?

    Never instabuys, but definitely insta-ttentions... Orchestral Tools is perhaps top of the tree currently (seems to be for some others also). I just wish they would release their walkthroughs a little earlier than a few days before the product's launch.
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    Best soundtracks lately?

    I find a lot of scores either bland or noisy these days (must be getting old). That said - I really really liked the retro style of Benjamin Wallfisch's King of Thieves score (even if the film itself wasn't that great):
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    Short mega-disturbing film I scored! Irreparable

    Congrats on the score. I'm a filmmaker who also composes on the side, and also currently the director of a short film festival (shameless plug which nobody is probably interested in: - so this post is very much my kind of thing right now! I'm watching hundreds of...
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    Male shouts - are they cliche?

    I'd argue they are less cliche than braaams, risers, epic drums and ostinato strings are in trailer tracks... It all rather depends how and where you use them
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    [OUT NOW] - EPIC BABIES - Unique Hybrid Scoring Instruments

    Awesome, thanks! Look forward to playtime and seeing what you produce next...
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    Albion 1 vs updates - Why so many prefer the old version?

    I've seen other threads here asking the same question. Albion 1 just has a wonderful warmth which I keep turning back to, I tend to use it for slower more reflecive pieces. ONE feels more sterile and processed, better suited for writing faster puncher trailer music (and it's not my first choice...
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    Frozen Crotales by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    Yes, this happened to me on Firefox too (didn't happen with my previous Fracture Sounds purchases, so I guess this is a new thing).
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    Mojo 2

    I'd just like to echo what many others are saying here about your Famous Horn Lines @Przemek K. - this is really awesome work! I was just getting into that Bond rendition - did you do the full thing? :)
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    Beyond the orchestra - 73% off!

    I'd be interested in picking up the other instruments separately as I don't have them - but already own the Chamber Orchestra (the main reason to get this bundle). Not sure if @APD or Sam can offer a deal? There is a lot of material in Chamber Orchestra. Some instruments certainly work better...
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    Spitfire Earth Edna...Thoughts?

    Brilliant, this now works (although I'm not quite sure what the knock-on effect of doing this will be) - thanks @storyteller !
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    Spitfire Earth Edna...Thoughts?

    Still having sample cut out problems, even after batch resave. Will try a defrag but have to say I'm close to giving up and finding it completely unusable. :(
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    Spitfire Earth Edna...Thoughts?

    I haven't - I'll give it a try and fingers crossed (thank you for the tip)!
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