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  1. dexterjettser

    ORBIS - Spitfire Audio : " Get ready to expand your horizons" !?

    I can never get enough of spitfire. Though, I wish they’d release SSO pro already.
  2. dexterjettser

    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    +1 for decimator drums. Not that I don’t love Cerberus. Would love AI to at least make the sound design from decimator drums available again
  3. dexterjettser

    How necessary is it to learn sampling/kontakt?

    Hi all. I've watched a lot of Christian Henson's vlogs and he frequently mentions how necessary it is for composers young and old to be sampling and creating your own libraries. While I admire a lot of the composers and sound designers that do this, I'm not really interested in taking the time...
  4. dexterjettser

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    I’ve been reading Mastery by Robert Greene lately and it’s really solidified a lot of things for me. Learning theory, harmony, orchestration, counterpoint etc. basically ‘craft’ is vital when you’re in your formative years at a particular vocation. He makes the case that you need to learn all...
  5. dexterjettser

    Eating my words - Spitfire.

    Funny how it works out that way haha. Symphonic is still really great. I used to not like the shorts but it just took some more programming chops to get them speak
  6. dexterjettser

    Eating my words - Spitfire.

    Chamber strings are the shit. Was able to get them for about half off with this last wishlist sale. I can’t believe I thought I didn’t need them when I already owned symphonic strings
  7. dexterjettser

    Beware intransparency of the Spitfire Wish List Sale

    Yeah that’s the thing, I could get the SSO chamber edition and only pay 355 for chamber strings (which is close to 50% off) as I own the rest of the SSO, but if I go to the individual SCS page the price is 420. I can’t remember what I’d pay for the SSO-SCS if it wasn’t on sale but I know there...
  8. dexterjettser

    Star Wars: Battlefront II - Gordy Haab

    His music is so refreshing compared to what else is out there (though I still love all the other game scores). His workflow is awesome too. He writes such detailed and rich scores.
  9. dexterjettser

    Alan Silvestri and Dorico/Cubase

    Whoops! My bad. I agree the ability to move sections around on the fly is a big deal. I’ve seen junkie xl talk about this as well. Steinberg really knows their market
  10. dexterjettser

    Alan Silvestri and Dorico/Cubase

    Some great videos with Alan Silvestri. Makes me even more tempted to make the switch from logic and Sibelius.
  11. dexterjettser

    How Good: Fabfilter Pro-R For Orchestra?

    I use pro R on everything. It gives you excellent control of the tail and it’s very easy to use. Can’t beat the ui, I’m curious to see (if/when) what FF does with a pro-R 2. In terms of sound, it’s very clean, doesn’t exactly color anything in a unique way-which is sort of the point of fab...
  12. dexterjettser

    Trailer for New Spitfire Library

    At first I thought the price was way too steep, but 50gb with both the edna engine and evo grid it looks great and sounds amazing as always
  13. dexterjettser

    Trailer for New Spitfire Library

    Paul Thomson better be excited to show me this new library
  14. dexterjettser

    Sooo many reverbs but which one would you prefer for orchestral use?

    I love FF pro-R because how easy it is to use. Great ui, feels like it was built for composers. Like all the other FF plugins they’re so easy to use but you can get really detailed and advanced.
  15. dexterjettser

    Best courses or resources to learn synth programming from basic to advanced?

    Syntorial is the bomb. I will also add that taking some presets you like and learning how to reverse engineer them is really useful as well. I took some of my favorite presets from Audio Imperia’s Supernova and recreated them and learned a ton. Also reading the manual comes in handy. This blog...
  16. dexterjettser

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1-4

    Or maybe something like analog strings/analog brass
  17. dexterjettser

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1-4

    I can appreciate that (though I don’t make hip hop music). The ark series is phenomenal, but if orchestral elements are only supplementary to your music you might want to consider a much cheaper option. Maybe something like East West Composer Cloud. If you do have the money for any of the arks...
  18. dexterjettser

    How to get a gig as a new Orchestrator on the block?

    This article might be handy
  19. dexterjettser

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    I know right?! Like if I want to combine the flutes I’ll do it myself! Also I’ll point out I’m not really one for doubling woodwinds a2 (two oboes on one part just makes me uncomfortable for example). Spitfire has great samples, very resource friendly. They get the job done. And countless pros...
  20. dexterjettser

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    Not exactly disappointing but if I had to do things over again when I invested in sample libraries I would have gone with someone besides spitfire. Spitfire makes amazing samples and I have no complaints about their quality but if I had to do things over again I’d go with orchestral tools. I...
  21. dexterjettser

    How do u decide what reverb you use

    I think it all just sort of matters on what your mixing. General principles like using reverb on higher and longer notes, not using a lot of reverb on short bassier notes. Timing the decay so the notes don't fall over each other. Adjusting the pre-delay so the track doesn't get lost in the mix...
  22. dexterjettser

    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    Yeah as someone trying get my feet wet in production music I feel like I could make the mixing process a little less arduous for myself if I've got something that does some heavy lifting. I know I could recreate everything Izotope does with Fab Filter stuff, but perhaps I'd be able to mix faster...
  23. dexterjettser

    How do u decide what reverb you use

    I only have one third-party reverb plug-in so that’s all I use (FF Pro-R). I like having only one reverb though. Cuts decision fatigue and I know one it really well.
  24. dexterjettser

    How's Dorico Now?

    I'm holding out for the Tantacrul video on Dorico before I pull the trigger. Still using Sibelius, but Dorico has a very tempting crossgrade educational price
  25. dexterjettser

    Plugin Boutique hack 71% off - £179 for Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 Advanced

    Is this deal worth it if I already own a good chunk of Fabfilter's stuff? All looks attractive because of the extra features. Never used Izotope before
  26. dexterjettser

    Do I stay or should I go

    Yeah fair point. I could stay an extra year and get my masters in music Ed. I’m not sure about job ops but I haven’t really looked. I’m sure there’s plenty in NY
  27. dexterjettser

    Which path should I take?

    Definitely this, I can’t remember who said it but the most important part about music is forward motion/momentum. If you can’t keep listener interested with one instrument you won’t be able to interest them with 30. It’s not challenging to take a short 4 bar phrase and dress it up with all the...
  28. dexterjettser

    First Solo Trailer Album

    Sounds very nice and clean. Great mixes. Just curious, how long did it take you to produce the whole album?
  29. dexterjettser

    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    Still considering this library as it would be nice to have more control of each section. I have SSS right now and my main frustration with it is that it doesn’t auto-divisi. Then again sometimes I think strings sound better when they’re layered and I tend to layer SSS on top of itself quite a...
  30. dexterjettser

    What's not to like about Spitfire Chamber Strings?

    To your third point I agree. I wish spitfire would take notes from some other developers and just put all of their articulations into one patch. Their core ‘workhorse’ patches make a lot of sense but they always lack like 2-3 more articulations I use on a consistent basis. Would make creating...
  31. dexterjettser

    Do I stay or should I go

    Very good point, lots of debt and no degree makes no sense lol
  32. dexterjettser

    Do I stay or should I go

    I've got about a year and a half left if everything goes according to plan. Teaching definitely is an option-even if it's just music theory. But even that neck of the woods is highly competitive as well. I'm trying to think how much I'd regret it if I dropped out.
  33. dexterjettser

    Do I stay or should I go

    Your posts are always the best John. Thanks for your insight
  34. dexterjettser

    Do I stay or should I go

    Should add my parents really want me to stay in school, but I don’t think they really understand my degree means nothing to future employers (unless I tried to get a teaching position or something).
  35. dexterjettser

    Do I stay or should I go

    Hello all, figured I’d ask for some advice. I’ve been studying composition at an east coast university for a while. While it’s a great school with lots of opportunities I get this sinking feeling it’s not worth it for all the debt. I’m fortunate to have one scholarship, a pell grant, and some...
  36. dexterjettser

    Heavyocity Flash sale

    Is Gravity worth it if I already own project alpha, bravo, and chaos. I also own evolution dragon. Not sure what I could get out of Gravity I couldn't get out of my other libraries.
  37. dexterjettser

    So... who's got the best timpani?

    HZ timpani have so much character, but if I didn’t have them I’d probably go with anything by Orchestral Tools
  38. dexterjettser

    Trailer Music Company Seeking Interns

    When would the internship start?
  39. dexterjettser


    Very nice! I loved when the mallets came in. I only wanted that to come a little earlier. You have a snare near the end that I thought was a little boxy and didn’t cut through the mix. Overall the piece has a nice build, great production quality. I enjoyed the solo cello too
  40. dexterjettser

    Want to work for Spitfire in the US?

    I applied as well. Certainly there are others with more expertise than me, but you never know right :)
  41. dexterjettser

    Do you use a set production checklist when having a deadline?

    I'm not a professional, but I've recently been starting to write production/trailer music the past 6 months. My typical process is this 1. Compose piano sketch (Work out harmonies, motifs, especially the general form of the cue) 2. Orchestrate sketch (Nothing super detailed but it's nice to...
  42. dexterjettser

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    I have spitfire symphonic woodwinds. They don’t have prerecorded runs, but they’re apt at runs and sound great. If I were to go back I would have gone with orchestral tools, as their woodwinds cater to orchestration a bit more (being able to write separate parts for flutes 1 and 2 and actually...
  43. dexterjettser

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    I wonder if they’ll do a studio orchestral percussion library. Would be nice to have the same room as the other studio instruments
  44. dexterjettser

    Spitfire Strings Comparison (Spitfire Studio Strings)

    One of the best comparisons I've heard. Not sure why I had low expectations for the studio strings, but I actually really like the tone-will have to add that to my list. I've had my eye on the solo strings for a while now, but after this video I'm second guessing myself.
  45. dexterjettser

    What are the best / most interesting combos of instruments?

    Muted trumpet with oboe is kind of neat
  46. dexterjettser

    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    Gorgeous cue, excellent piece of underscore. What other libraries are you blending with LCOT?
  47. dexterjettser

    Library music and writing what you want to write

    I genuinely couldn’t have anticipated how this thread was going to go lol
  48. dexterjettser

    Library music and writing what you want to write

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!
  49. dexterjettser

    Library music and writing what you want to write

    Thanks for the awesome advice everyone. I think as long as I’m writing something orchestral or cinematic I’ll be content. Better to be more versatile, makes one more marketable
  50. dexterjettser

    Library music and writing what you want to write

    I like your point about usability over a specific genre-that helps to keep things in perspective...
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