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  1. Brian2112

    Not Everyone from Texas has a horse...

    Welcome! From Houston myself (Bellaire). Live in Corpus now. No horse here, just a Camry;)
  2. Brian2112

    Recent Surprises

    Dune 3. Thought it was just for the EDM crowd. Most badass sounding soft synth I’ve found yet. Yes, like hardware good! Hive 2 was a lot better than I would have expected, and I expected a lot PhasePlant. Thought it was a gimmic just to sell you snap-ins. But Jesus, possibilities are endless...
  3. Brian2112

    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    Not an instrument but Wizzoverb W2 and W5 are my favorite reverbs to this day. Gone! Activation servers aren’t even alive anymore.
  4. Brian2112

    Your favorite "go to" patches

    The “Init” patch.:sneaky: Oddly, it’s on most of my vst instruments. (Only MOSTLY being a smart ass). I like to roll my own patches. Also,Long Flautando from Spitfire Symphonic Strings and the Ensemble String patch from Tundra.
  5. Brian2112

    Hey, what's everybody doing?!

    Lol! Meet Chillbot the instigator.:grin:
  6. Brian2112

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Jon Anderson, Ian Anderson (From Jethro Tull), Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Jean Luc Ponty and many others on this album. It’s just nuts! Prog with jazz players! There’s no link to the track “Come Up” but it’s the perfect mix of jazz and prog.
  7. Brian2112

    Moving away from Ableton (or am I?)

    I have developed a strange workflow. I boot up Ableton when I’m just screwing around on the piano. I use the capture midi thing if I accidentally play something cool. Then I move it to Studio One and rewire Ableton and screw around with the idea some more . Then if the idea is cool and getting...
  8. Brian2112

    Where’s my VE PRO 7 Dangblangitt?

    Any one know when we get it? I can’t wait for the shiny new colors and the side tabs. (And totally fukin up my templates) :Po_O:faint::sneaky:
  9. Brian2112

    Eduardo Tarilonte DARK ERA

    Sorry, just have to say Hi to Tari!:)
  10. Brian2112

    Help! I can’t make myself use loops!

    Wow. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful input. Interestingly as I was reading your responses, I realized a few things. I think my reluctance to use loops may be limited to things that I can’t actually play. For example, any drum loop I’ve ever heard, I could probably think of and perform...
  11. Brian2112

    Help! I can’t make myself use loops!

    Please don’t think I am being judgmental. I have absolutely no right to be. Many if not most professional musicians use loops these days and there is an art to assembling them into an original and artistically legitimate work. I was just emailed a rather funny add from Native Instruments...
  12. Brian2112

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    As a former Sonar refugee myself, I usually start to compose and arrange in Studio One. If the thing gets too heavy I just port it to Cubase. A lot of CPU intensive stuff I have running in VE pro anyway and have track templates of those in both so it’s just a matter of transferring the midi...
  13. Brian2112

    Waves - Worst Installation & Activation Ever

    I got maybe hundreds of waves plugs. The shell sometimes works with my daws and ve pro. Sometimes not after a waves update. Not going to shell out the ridiculous upgrade fee. They basically give away their plugins on the cheap then kill you with the update plan to maybe keep it working. Screw...
  14. Brian2112

    MONOLITH updated to v1.1 - Reduced price for a limited time!

    Yup. They have done it again! Just fantastic!
  15. Brian2112

    MONOLITH updated to v1.1 - Reduced price for a limited time!

    Keep em coming lads! I’m away from home but will be first thing I do Friday is grab the bundle! Love your stuff!
  16. Brian2112

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Great film composer too! (Remember the Titans etc.)
  17. Brian2112

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    I think the 9th is the single greatest achievement in human history. The instrumental section of Freewill by Rush is up there too. :sneaky:
  18. Brian2112

    What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

    He’s probably on 6. Also note that I tried loading the patches but they won’t work in the pro edition (Technically a different library).
  19. Brian2112

    What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

    Studio Strings Professional and the new Choir. Kinda surprised with the Studio Strings Professional. Didn’t think I needed yet another string library (especially one that doesn’t seem to have an ensemble patch), but I rolled my own multi and am very happy. You can be intimate or epic and the...
  20. Brian2112

    Now that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator....

    Democracy may not be a religion, but a Jeffersonian Democracy is my only religion. Out founders didn’t expect it to last 50 years and they NEVER would have believed it could work with 300 million people. But Jeffersonian Democracy with rule of law has done pretty well despite vast changes. It...
  21. Brian2112

    Steinberg updates Cubase to v10.0.10

    Wonder if it fixes any media bay isssues. I have issues. Some are related to media bay. :sneaky::grin:
  22. Brian2112

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    Saw that coming yea.:) Anything but Whataburger and Ill leave it at that.:P:P
  23. Brian2112

    Most Disappointing Library Purchase?

    I’m from Texas. Can’t throw a rock without hitting a fat, stupid, non compliant type 2 diabetic, or a Whataburger. Still eat them though. It’s all we got.:sneaky:
  24. Brian2112

    Your best 2018 purchase?

    Roland TD17 KVX with Superior drummer 3 and the Prog Rock SDX. My wife made me get it. Thought I would be to old to get my chops back. Coming along. Mapping the kit to Hans Zimmer percussion and Heavyocity’s Damage has been a blast. No more finger drumming for me. :) Plus I play super-imposed 7...
  25. Brian2112

    Spaces or Seventh Heaven

    Love Spaces 2, all the Valhalla stuff, Sparkverb, and..... Melda Mturbo Reverb for “Roll your own stuff” (doesn’t get enough love if you ask me).
  26. Brian2112

    Cubase 10

    I’d settle for removing the daylight savings time vst rescan and fixing the browser,media bay etc and making it easier on the eyes. Oh and maybe editable frozen tracks like studio one.
  27. Brian2112

    Tried the new NI S88 Mark 2. Keyboard still doesn't feel good.

    Ah. I wondered what that little keyboard icon was for. It’s weird, I had tracks in VE pro that worked with browser/ light guide etc. just fine when I brought them up. Others didn’t. I’ll just click the keyboard icon and see what happens. THanks for that.
  28. Brian2112

    Tried the new NI S88 Mark 2. Keyboard still doesn't feel good.

    Yup. Got mine. Feels mushy. But being the nutcase that I am, I like the mush! I think this is the first keyboard I’ve had with aftertouch so I’m jazzed about that. Big screens are great (I’m old and blind now even though I use a 47 inch display.). Works great with Cubase. Very inconsistent and...
  29. Brian2112

    Heavyocity Novo Pack 03 Synthetic Strings

    Novo and the other packs were sampled strings meant to sound like hybrid synths. This one is sampled synths meant to sound like hybrid strings. Or something like that. :P Cool stuff though. :grin:
  30. Brian2112

    Kontakt 6!

    It Works! @EvilDragon and @Sample logic you guys are awesome! Thanks!
  31. Brian2112

    Kontakt 6!

    You might be right ED but both of those libraries use custom preset locations in their scripts which I think are only supported by player compatible libraries now. Just a thought... Have you tried either of those libraries in K6? Again, thanks for all your help ED:) EDIT: I should clarify...
  32. Brian2112

    Kontakt 6!

    I notice Sample Logic Expeditions and Arpology Cinematic seem to be Kontakt 6 casualties (i.e. they don’t work in Kontakt 6). Anybody found any others?
  33. Brian2112

    Spitfire Earth Edna...Thoughts?

    I’d like to add that EDNA is about the most bad ass engine you can throw your own samples in (through Kontakt editing of course).
  34. Brian2112

    Spitfire Earth Edna...Thoughts?

    I had to use an NI unreg tool from Native Instruments (somewhere on the ni site I think..I’m away from my computer now). Then just re-install using native access. You don’t need to delete or download anything new, just enter the serial and locate the library on your HD. Then it shows up in KK.
  35. Brian2112

    Kontakt 6!

    Wonder if there are any improvements to quick load. Like auto refresh of directories.
  36. Brian2112

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    This might be the happiest guitar player I've ever seen... Brilliant composition too! An all time great!
  37. Brian2112

    British Drama Toolkit - unofficial voice your honest opinion / critique thread

    Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions is what I meant yes. Sorry!:blush:
  38. Brian2112

    British Drama Toolkit - unofficial voice your honest opinion / critique thread

    Make a Kontakt Multi Step 1: load BDT Step 2: load SSE in Kontakt slot 2 (same midi channel). Adjust volume 1/2 of BDT Step 3: load your favorite piano.Again same midi channel. (Preferebly, Galaxy Vintage D with the Taj Mahal IR) Step 4: rout the first 2 to QL spaces2 default program. step 5...
  39. Brian2112

    I ran out of creativity

    Hope you didn’t burn one of yours off with that post. :grin:
  40. Brian2112

    ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Bundle - Now Available at a Discounted Price!

    Sweet! Just purchased. I’m loving it as always.:) Now, I’ve got to set aside some dough for Dark Matter...3?:grin:
  41. Brian2112

    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Yes - Gates of Delirium My wife :“ Turn this off, it makes me nervous!” Me:”It’s bloody Gates of Delerium. You’re not going to get it on the first 100 listens! :grin:
  42. Brian2112

    J.S. Bach Appreciation Thread

    Famous Greek mathematicians use to think that God was a mathematician and that music was a subset of math. As we all know, Bach proved the morons were exactly wrong. God is a composer and math is a subset of music. Chew on that Michio Kaku!:P;):grin: *completely unbiased opinion as I am an...
  43. Brian2112

    FBI to America: Reboot Your Routers, Right Now

    We need to reboot the Asian continent. This time with no internet access for the Russians. :P
  44. Brian2112

    Dark Matter vs Dark Matter 2

    Have you tried a batch re-save? Don’t. Unless you know how. But that might do it. Still, six convolution engines requires a bit of power but I’ve never had any issues. Not a big cpu hog on my system. In fact, I kicked the default voices up to 128 with no problems or issues.
  45. Brian2112

    Dark Matter vs Dark Matter 2

    This is indeed what they did with the new Alchemist Cinematic Textures 2. It comes with two versions, One has the old presets, and the other one is all new. The issue I think is that Dark Matter 1 snapshots are not compatible with the newer engine. It’s not a big deal really. I just made a lot...
  46. Brian2112

    Dark Matter vs Dark Matter 2

    Well, Dark Matter 2 contains all the samples from Dark Matter 1 plus about 15gb of new samples and a better engine. So yes DM2 is better than DM1. That beings said, I like a lot of the presets better from Dark Matter 1 (plus the ones I made) so I’m glad I have both. Also, DM2 has 6 layers while...
  47. Brian2112

    Not a Peep re. String Audio Alchemist 2 ?

    Already bought. Downloading (taking forever). Got everything they make. Absolutely my favorite libraries. I can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t use these sounds. Ultimate secret weapon.
  48. Brian2112

    50% off cinemorphx - epic insanity!!!

    I paid full price for CinemorphX and Morphestra 2. No regrets - love/use them both. Wouldn't get rid of either. Same engine/idea but different samples. just double the fun. A no brainer at this price imo.
  49. Brian2112

    SPITFIRE - The Spring Wish List! LAST Chance! Use your codes by 23:59 BST TONIGHT!

    I got the Zimmer Percussion Professional. Next up, I’m going to get a Roland TD 17 kit to play it with. I keep forgettting that I was trained as a drummer. :dancedance: Need to take a break from this melody and chords shit and just hit stuff.
  50. Brian2112

    SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional

    Can’t believe I got this for 99 smacks! Well worth it.
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