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  1. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    I've asked by email and Alex kindly reply the end of this year for the woodwinds, but without promise.
  2. leon chevalier

    Best Harp Library

    I know that feeling too mate !
  3. leon chevalier

    64% Off: Adventure Brass by MusicalSampling

    Whoooo !!! AWESOME!!!!
  4. leon chevalier

    What's good from Sample Logic?

    Cinematic guitar Infinity, even without the "endless randomization" engine, has a lot to offer!
  5. leon chevalier

    Cubase - make Key Editor show position of cursor by default

    I press twice very quickly the space bar to bring back the view at the cursor position. That play/stop do the trick. Now I'm used to do that it does not bother me. But it's not the greatest solution...
  6. leon chevalier

    CSS/ CSB Hanging Notes

    @Alex W I'm a cubase 8/win10 user and it happened to me a while ago. And I've found a work around, but not a fix. I noticed that it only happen when I grab some midi notes in the piano roll and move them up or down with the keyboard arrows, with notes playback on ! So the group of notes is...
  7. leon chevalier

    Great update but do I really need it?

    The vi I'm using the most is the kontakt factory Library ! And it's old, but to me it's still the best rompler ever ! :roflmao:
  8. leon chevalier

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1-4

    Then you're a composer, welcome to VI-C ! :)
  9. leon chevalier

    New SNES-like Sample Library: "Magical Box"

    All the sound in the demos seems to come from the ff6 sound track ! Good stuff !
  10. leon chevalier

    Hello from France

    Welcome !
  11. leon chevalier

    IsK mics = incredible value

    If I may, Beat meant that they all have their particular own sound... It's a friendly message, not here to argue :emoji_blush:
  12. leon chevalier

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

    Sound great !
  13. leon chevalier

    Cinesamples: Cineperc. Still worth the money?

    It's on sale !
  14. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds?

    I have the feeling that we will not wait as long as CSB. But not in the next months. Maybe around september. Hopefully.
  15. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds?

    Cinematic studio bumping is an art, and if you do it, please respect that art. You should write : "Cinematic Studio Bump". Nothing more. The good news is : it's never too late to improve. So wait a couple of days until this thread disappear and then do it properly ! ;)
  16. leon chevalier

    Looking for dark, distorted piano-type sounds

    Maybe Cinematic keys :
  17. leon chevalier

    Amplifying a live chamber orchestra

    Hello Mason ! I'm not giving you any advise on recording but if I may, I very friendly advise on this thread. I feel that the way you handling this thread is leading people that are willing to help you in the wrong direction. Reading you're initial post made me though that you were trying to...
  18. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Brass - out now!

    Ok then, you may have a look to some multi script transposition. As multi script happen before the instrument handle the incoming midi. You may try this : (Not tested myself) Edit: I read too quickly your initial post, as you...
  19. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Brass - out now!

    I don't use expression map but to have the instruments on the right octave on the piano roll, I transpose one octave up in the midi track and write the notes one octave down on the piano roll (at the real octave). So the midi notes arrived in kontakt as they supposed to arrive. And my bass lines...
  20. leon chevalier

    "Correct" use of non-divisi libraries

    You may also check this : And that : Very informative about divisi
  21. leon chevalier

    Installing CSS on New Computer

    Yes do copy the file and locate them with Native Access. They will pop up in Kontakt.
  22. leon chevalier

    Yep, that’s a new ad on the right side

    It depends, if their is some frogs on it, it's fine...
  23. leon chevalier

    Did you ever expect to adopt a cat when buying a VST? *lol*

    I hope it's true too... But I could have written this kind of review just for fun, so I guessing someone did ! It even could be someone from 8dio :grin:
  24. leon chevalier

    Let's define what being a composer is

    Hearing the perfect melody Woke up Forgetting the perfect melody
  25. leon chevalier

    Guitar chugs and rhythmic effects

    Daniel made a choice, but for anyone interested in that topic, there is also Goth from Big Fish Audio, that is very sweet for adding metal vibes into score. I did a short demo a few years ago : It's easy to use and sound good on tracks but it's not a deeply multisampled instrument. I would not...
  26. leon chevalier

    My take on Cinematic Studio Brass (with a strange Hanz Zilliams vibe !?)

    I just tested it again and no vibrato :crying: a bit of a bummer. And there is no setup part for it : Compare to CSS Happily my SM brass are still there for the mellow lines !
  27. leon chevalier

    My take on Cinematic Studio Brass (with a strange Hanz Zilliams vibe !?)

    On my nektar LX88 there is that horrible "Setup" button right in the middle of the keyboard... once he clic on it, every button/key he touch configure something! A real nightmare to setup back :mad: :grin:
  28. leon chevalier

    My take on Cinematic Studio Brass (with a strange Hanz Zilliams vibe !?)

    Now I'm wondering if my controller was still working properly. My 4 years old son love to push every buttons on it every time I'm leaving the room... I let you guys know tonight.
  29. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    I made a short demo :
  30. leon chevalier

    My take on Cinematic Studio Brass (with a strange Hanz Zilliams vibe !?)

    A quick feedback on the lib : Very very surprised by how this lib can sound big and epic (yes I said the E word) and crisp/adventurous at the same time Even more surprise by how it sound good out of the box. It sound great even with a flat CC1. I like the spatialisation of the mixed mic. I love...
  31. leon chevalier

    My take on Cinematic Studio Brass (with a strange Hanz Zilliams vibe !?)

    Hey dear VI-Controller ! As some of you may has noticed, I'm a bit of a Cinematic Studio Fanboy. (With a bad addiction for "Cinematic Studio Bump") Unfortunately I couldn't buy CSB at it's release, so I'm a bit late on the "Hey check my demo! -secretly hopping this 1 minute things will make me...
  32. leon chevalier

    Botdog Samples - Frog Guiros

    Thanks from France. It can get annoying after a while.
  33. leon chevalier

    Expand upon the idea that music is just tension and release.

    Too me, it's really telling a story that need tension and release. And writing music is telling a story. But that applies to everything : book, cinema, painting, architecture. If nothing happens, no change in angle, in color, in motif... You loose your audience, your public. Yes it's not an...
  34. leon chevalier

    Help a lifelong Mac guy switch to PC?

    Welcome to wonderland my friend !
  35. leon chevalier

    Udemy or Mike Verta?

    Don't choose ! Pick Uderta
  36. leon chevalier

    How to mix orchestral music - what plugins?

    You guys said everything ! Perfect answers for a start !
  37. leon chevalier

    Why do people mono libraries? (e.g. BWW)

    And for the "less space in the mix" mono mean same signal in the right and left chanel. Not less space. Usually bass and kick are mixed in mono in Rock/RnB/pop/EDM and they are not small in the mix ;) Edit: the oldest videos from this channel are full of fantastic mixing advises, even if it's...
  38. leon chevalier

    Why do people mono libraries? (e.g. BWW)

    Too me, It depends how sample are recorded. If your woodwinds are too much "in the face" reducing the stereo width may help to place them in the virtual stage. But it would be one of the trick, as long as using some early reflections and reverb FX and more importantly : adjusting the volume to...
  39. leon chevalier

    Is Ludwig Van Beethoven Overrated as a Composer?

    Beethoven does quantize too much, and use too much compression on his master bus : unrealistic music !
  40. leon chevalier

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    Nice :)
  41. leon chevalier

    Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

    Thanks for the tip
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