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  1. nas

    Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (control room modeling)

    Just get Sonarworks Reference 4 and be done with it.
  2. nas

    What's the deal with templates?

    Templates, especially for large orchestral mockups can take quite a bit of time to setup and tweak until you find a workflow that suites you. For me it's always a work in progress as I find new and more efficient ways to enhance my workflow. I think one thing I try to remind myself is not to...
  3. nas

    What strings lib for mocking up this piece?

    Another honorable mention that works very nicely for legato type work is Musical Sampling - Soaring Strings. It's also very user friendly out of the box.
  4. nas

    What strings lib for mocking up this piece?

    I love Abel Korzeniowski ! His work on the Penny Dreadful series was sublime. To me it's a larger ensemble and not dark sounding so I would consider SF SSS.
  5. nas

    Cinebrass Bug

    Yup, Ive had the same problem with stuck notes and it's very annoying! I've contacted support several times done the updates and batch re-saves etc.. but the problem has not subsided. I do wish they would seriously address this issue. I love the library but it's a pain to have to deal with this.
  6. nas

    [QUESTION] Which Orchestral Libraries are a must-have for film/game scoring?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and advise you not to get a whole bunch of libraries at once. The problem with this is it can get very overwhelming trying to get to know the deeper functions and idiosyncrasies of each library and the task is compounded when you have so many new libraries you...
  7. nas

    I've Bought My Last String Library

    Here... here! I totally agree with you. Sure there is absolutely nothing like the real thing.. IMHO that's already a given... and it also need not be mutually exclusive, but man have things come a long way in the last 20 years and making music today is an absolute joy. It's nice to hear a...
  8. nas

    Spitfire kepler. . .

    Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was genuine... I honestly though it was SPAM or a hack didn't open it in case there was a virus so I deleted it! You never know these days.
  9. nas

    VEPro 7 now available!

    I'm on VEP 6 running Kontakt and Play on my PC slave w/ Window 7. It has been rock solid and so I've decided to hold off on VEP 7 until a few more updates and the dust really settles... no rush since VEP 6 has been performing flawlessly. BTW I should mentioned that I ket getting disconnection...
  10. nas

    I've Bought My Last String Library

    I think you may have mentioned that somewhere, but for the life of me I can't remember where exactly? More power to you... and may they bring you hours of inspiration and music creation.
  11. nas

    I've Bought My Last String Library

    Strange how these threads can start to go South for no apparent reason.
  12. nas

    Best Solo Cello?

    Good post and I agree with you. I found for example that the bumpiness of some of the swells in Bohemian Cello could get distracting and sometimes difficult to sit in a phrase at certain tempos, however, some of the forced key switches can help to alleviate some of that quirkiness...
  13. nas

    Is layering strings something common ?

    Depends on the library (or live players) and if some "help" is needed.
  14. nas

    Is layering strings something common ?

    It is common. Either for fattening up the sound, or to blend the different sonic characteristics of the two libraries (i.e a darker warmer sound from one library with a brighter sound of another). Or to add a level of detail and expression by blending a smaller ensemble or solo strings with...
  15. nas

    I've Bought My Last String Library

    For me it was a toss up between SF Studio Strings or Chamber... at first I was a little concerned that if I just used the Close mic on SCS it would not be dry enough and I would still get too much of the hall. Ultimately I ended up going with SCS as it is so comprehensive and the hall really...
  16. nas

    Legato Strings comparison - one phrase, eight test runs

    Yeah I heard some of the demos with CSSSSSSSS :) blended in with CSS and it does sound really more expressive. I also sometimes do that with larger sections and will blend a solo string section or smaller ensemble section for the added detail and a touch more of expressiveness... but less so...
  17. nas

    Legato Strings comparison - one phrase, eight test runs

    Totally agree, CSS gets a lot of love around here but I personally can't connect with their darker sound - regardless of playability. I suppose you can never have too many string libraries and that sound could be just the thing for a specific project, but I much prefer the sound of their CS2...
  18. nas

    Best Solo Cello?

    Another voter for Virharmonic. It has a gorgeous sound and I think they really hit on something with the bowing control. It's easy to play out of the box and very expressive but when you start to gain more facility and fluency with the forced key switches, you can get even more control and detail.
  19. nas

    Which Spitfire Libraries besides the main orchestra are worth it?

    I love LCO and Tundra V but two libraries that rarely get mentioned on here are Soundust vol. 1 and 2 which are amazingly creative and inspiring libraries (especially vol. 2) as well as Glass & Steel.
  20. nas

    VEPro 7 now available!

    Although things have been off to a rocky start, kudos to VSL for getting on it right away and interacting with everyone here to get things back on track. Also kudos to those of you who took the plunge early and having been weathering a few storms but have kept providing feedback to everyone...
  21. nas

    How Good: Fabfilter Pro-R For Orchestra?

    Over the years I've used Altiverb, Ircam Verb Session, EW Spaces, ReLab LX480 and a few other for orchestral. They are all excellent but honestly these days I'm loving Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven (which has less tweakability than Seventh Heaven Pro) but sounds every bit as good and is much less...
  22. nas

    It is almost there now (bh violin expansion2)

    Totally agree with this. The player does a pretty good job in interpreting and applying articulations on the fly but I think this instrument truly reveals its power when you start to use the forced key switches and different bowing keys manually... then it really shines. It's definitely worth...
  23. nas

    It is almost there now (bh violin expansion2)

    I believe there was a blog on the Composer's Input page that mentioned they would be releasing Vln Exp.2 before the Viola, but that when the Viola is released it will go straight up to Exp. 2
  24. nas

    Your Favorite Reverb?

    Lots of great reverbs out there now... my current favorites are Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven and Relab LX 480. EW Spaces and Valhalla Room also get used quite a bit.
  25. nas

    Just HOW Important are Extra Microphones?

    Yes alternative mics are nice to have, not only for blending with other instruments and libraries, but also being able to tweak the mic settings for different articulations - shorts, longs, decorative, etc... is very handy. Then something like a master reverb (or two) can help glue it all...
  26. nas

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    I really like SF Symphonic Woodwinds. They do have the Air Studios sound baked in, although you can alter the ambience with mic mix settings. If you want a drier library that may offer more sonic versatility SF Studio Woodwinds may be worth checking out. For a larger symphonic sound I think...
  27. nas

    Looking for Pulse Library (not synthy)

    Impact Soundworks Momentum
  28. nas

    My conclusion regarding new libraries

    I think if you can make better sounding or more expressive parts as a result of the quality or new technical features a new library offers, that may not have been as easy to achieve to even possible before... then it's worth getting.
  29. nas

    Orange Tree?

    Orange Tree Bass is my goto for... you guessed it.... Bass! Good stuff.
  30. nas

    Please recommend an external 3.5 HDD enclosure for sample lib. backup

    Yes same here. As my system and libraries have expanded over time and I'm streaming everything off SSD's, I find myself with extra HDD's that I've moved over for backup and archiving. I think I will eventually just consolidate everything onto 4 drives or so... similar to what @JohnG mentioned...
  31. nas

    Please recommend an external 3.5 HDD enclosure for sample lib. backup

    Yes a network drive does make sense in this scenario and seeing that I have a mobile rig as well I think it's a good way of doing things. BTW How are you storing your drives? Do you wrap them in one of those anti-static pouches?
  32. nas

    A rant on the hiss that's in so many orchestral libraries.

    It can be a little distracting when soloed but usually isn't a problem in a mix. I found some the other day in one of my percussion libraries on a Celesta instrument and it really bugged me because it kept coming in and out every time I struck a key and sounded quite unnatural. I just put an...
  33. nas

    Please recommend an external 3.5 HDD enclosure for sample lib. backup

    Thanks for the links! Yes, I think either the first USB 3 option or the network drive option will fit the bill. Cheers.
  34. nas

    Elementary Kontakt velocity question

    Are you in Logic? If so LPX has some velocity modifiers in the MIDI fx plugins. Not sure if Cubase, DP or other DAW's have that as well... I would imagine some do.
  35. nas

    Please recommend an external 3.5 HDD enclosure for sample lib. backup

    Thanks for your feedback. I actually finished reading the thread you started some time ago about backup/archiving and I agree that using drives is more practical for sample library backups rather than a cloud service (although I do use Backblaze for projects and other data). I do have other...
  36. nas

    Please recommend an external 3.5 HDD enclosure for sample lib. backup

    I'm looking for a solid and reliable enclosure for use with a 4TB WD Red HDD to back up my sample library. I don't need to mount multiple drives or a RAID system, just a single capacity HDD enclosure is fine. Any suggestions? Thanks
  37. nas

    So... who's got the best timpani?

    I really like the timpani in Berlin Percussion by Orchestral tools. It's an expansion pack to the main library but I believe it's also sold as a separate library.
  38. nas

    VEpro 6 disable instruments and decouple

    I work in decoupled but during the session I will save a copy as coupled. This way if I have a crash I can load the coupled version and have all my instances up and running with my latest work all intact.
  39. nas

    Anyone compare SF SSS Performance Legato vs. Soaring Strings?

    Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that thread. It seems there isn't a sample of SSS doing the run (but I know how they respond and sound as I use the library). I'm actually pretty impressed with how well HW Strings still holds up.
  40. nas

    Anyone compare SF SSS Performance Legato vs. Soaring Strings?

    I'm wondering if anyone has both and compared the two. Strictly for Legato and a soaring line... especially for faster legato passages, which one do you prefer? which do you find easier to work with and the more agile of the two? (I know SF Chamber is very agile but Im interested in a...
  41. nas

    VEPro 7 now available!

    Unless there is a real compelling reason to upgrade (i.e. features that are very useful or vastly improved efficiency etc..) then I see no reason to pay for extra licenses when I already have 3 that I use on VEP 6 and everything is running smoothly.
  42. nas

    Impact Soundworks - Momentum

    OK, so my preliminary impressions are that these are great sounding samples. I've been a fan of ISW for a while and the Turkish Oud library is hands down the best Oud library I have played (I record live Oud players frequently), so I was expecting a high standard of audio quality and this...
  43. nas

    Amp Simulators for Virtual Guitars

    I've had good results with S-Gear. It also works well if you mix it with analog pedals in front.
  44. nas

    Impact Soundworks - Momentum

    Thanks for the link! Just purchased the bundle :)
  45. nas

    Best Kontakt library for 80's synthwave sounds?

    I recently picked up Synapse Audio's The Legend soft synth with the Modern Analog Expansion pack and I'm really impressed with the quality of the sounds. The Legend is probably the best software emulation of the classic Moog Modern D that I've heard and the Modern Analog expansion pack has some...
  46. nas

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    You will need some sort of a D.I. to match the impedance from your pedals to line or mic-pre level on the patch bay. If you don't match correctly, you will get a weak and noisy signal... and it will not sound that great.
  47. nas

    Incorporating guitar pedals into DAW set-up?

    This is good:
  48. nas

    Kontakt 5.8.1 compatible with mojave?

    No problems here.
  49. nas

    Considering SF Chamber Strings or SF Studio Strings... which would you choose?

    Thanks for that - it's quite helpful. I too tend to only use the CTA mics on my other Symphonic Series libs. The thing is that with a chamber ensemble I can see myself using both larger spaces for certain pieces and wanting a smaller tighter space for other pieces. I know the temptation is...
  50. nas

    Spitfire Studio Strings Pro + British drama toolkit vs BHCT, LCO

    I agree with @KMA. LCO is a fantastic library but is better suited as an add-on. You definitely need a core string library like SStS or (SCS or SSS if you want the sound of the larger hall baked in). I actually started a thread asking for feedback and comparisons between SCS and SStS as I am...
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